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  • ross1948 10:16 on January 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Avanti Popolo! Will Italians Chew Up Sour Sardines? 

    We all hoped, yesterday, that Matteo Salvini…

    …and his lovely ally Giorgia Meloni…

    …would manage a double-whammy, simultaneous victories in Emila Romagna AND in Calabria, two more regions liberated from Left regimes and now under patriot control.

    As the morning breaks here in Jakarta, it’s too early to be sure about Emiglia Romagna, where the reds have ruled for 70 years, currently too close to call, but in Calabria, things are looking good.

    A patient wait for details is required.

    But no matter the final outcome – which will be available in most media – it’s clear from exit polls that the patriots have come from a minimal share of the votes last time round to make this election a hair’s breadth win for whichever side comes out on top.

    ….incumbent re-elected with between 47% and 51% of votes, according to the exit polls. The League’s candidate, between 44% and 48% of votes… https://www.wsj.com/articles/italys-center-left-incumbents-expected-to-hold-off-salvini-to-win-crucial-election-11580077821

    And that’s damn near as good as a win for Salvini!

    So a quick gloat is permissible, at least at the smarmy pinko clique that took to calling themselves ‘Sardines’ and were SO arrogant in their expectations…

    Italy’s ‘Sardines’ hope to gut populists in regional ballot


    …till the electorate told them to Fish Off.

    The challengers have not been ‘gutted!’

    Far from it, the Salvini surge is breath-taking!


    Avanti Popolo’ is the first line of an Italian red battle-song, typical marxist hypocrisy, to sing of the “people’s advance” when communists have always been the enemy of the people!

    So I use it today to announce the impressive performance of parties who really speak for the people!

    • Lorne Marzio 10:42 on January 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Now the meddia are trying to dress up the left’s incredibly narrow win in their greatest Italian stronghold as a major blow to Salvini.
      The New York Times says he was ‘dealt a blow!’
      The left have been totally dominant in rhat region since WW2, so for Salvini to turn it around so successfully that the left just scraped back in?
      Who got dealt the blow?
      My ancestors were Italians who migrated (legally!)
      If they’d had a Salvini back then, they might never have left.


      • Molly Langton 21:01 on January 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Lorne, I have no Italian ancestors that I know of but I too wish we had a Salvini to fight for us.
        He did very well in that election yesterday, a result any party leader would be proud of, in his enemies’ traditional heartland, just a few percentage points short of winning.
        Sooner or later, that useless coalition in Rome will have to face the whole Italian electorate.
        There will be dirty trick used against him but I believe he will prevail.


  • ross1948 18:50 on December 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Guardian Reveals Shock Truth – Salvini, Giorgia…NOT Italians!?! 


    The nefarious deceivers almost got away with it!

    But that ‘far right’ duo, Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni, have now been exposed, thanks to the Guardian’s Lorenzo Tondo’s intrepid investigatory skills – they are NOT Italian!

    The Guardian headline tells all –

    ‘Sardines’ against Salvini: Italy’s fight against the far right



    “Italy’s Fight!”

    Huh? “Italy’s Fight?”

    So it’s not a matter of one Italian political faction against another Italian political faction?

    It’s “Italy” against somebody else, a foreign foe, an external enemy?



    Salvini’s party according to every recent poll has the support of more Italians than any other.

    It’s not just polls – he, along with the lovely Giorgia’s party, won a very clear victory in Umbria, the most recent Italian region to hold elections, sweeping the left into the electoral dustbin.

    Another Election Today – The Good Guys Look Like Winning! 

    They stand for a proud Italian patriotism, a stark contrast to their opponents, who are a collection of multicultis, Europhiliacs and unreconstructed marxists…



    …whose battle-hymn, ‘Bella Ciao,’ we heard echoing around that piazza in Rome last weekend, proof positive that the demise of the old PCI…



    …the Italian Communist Party, did not mean that the Reds disappeared, were no longer a menace to democracy…

    Red Minitti Drops Mask – Italy Faces Fresh Alien Influx! 

    …they shifted en masse into less obviously malevolent parties, and there are plenty of leftists, like Lorenzo Tondo, plainly propagandising in the media too.

    Witness the threat to free debate posed by one ‘Sardine’ quoted in the Guardian,  – Stephen Ogongo, a 45-year-old journalist of Kenyan origin, told AFP. ‘‘We will no longer tolerate language that is racist, fascist, discriminatory or sexist.”

    And that means whatever uppity Ogongo defines by those loaded terms of political abuse.


  • ross1948 21:40 on December 1, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Can It, Sardines! Your Red Anthem Gives The Game Away! 

    Something very fishy about the claim by the ‘Sardines,’ the new Italian rabble-rousing agitprop gang ‘to be a non-partisan initiative with no ambitions to become a political party.’



    I just watched EuroNews 8.30pm, Jakarta time, 1/12/19, and even that very un-conservative channel’s reporter had to note that the Sardinoids’ latest mobilisation, in Florence, burst into song, the notorious far-left song ‘Bella Ciao.’




    I remember, even at my UK university, that aggressive anthem was the campus marxists’ big fave.

    Clearly in today’s Italy, the same applies. Up until some years ago, the Italian Communist Party was one of the largest in Europe. Although the PCI changed its name and re-branded itself, all those reds didn’t give up their evil ideology overnight. Some Italian communists ended up in very high office, like Red Fed Mogherini, who, as far as I know, never repented of her marxism.



    Now it looks like they are coming back out of the wood-work.

    Their current hate-obsession is the patriot leader Matteo Salvini.



    He has a far greater popular following than the main left party, Red Renzi’s ‘Democrats,’ so it’s not surprising that his enemies are looking at alternatives.

    But they really shouldn’t expect too many Italians to fall for this ‘non-partisan initiative!’


    • Dan Wates 23:45 on December 1, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      That ‘Bella Ciao’ has long been the Antifa battle-hymn, so we know what kind of characters were in the Florence crowd.
      According to what I have read, Salvini is still riding high in the polls, so expect a lot of left thuggery as they get more desperate to stop him winning power.


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