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  • ross1948 21:27 on April 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Dirty Filthy Ingrates! Check Out These ‘Poor Refugees’ on Lesbos! 

    As we know, these fake-refugee aliens never stop whining about the free board and lodgings they get in Greece.


    They are of course free to go home, but instead…

    what makes yesterday’s incident on Lesvos shocking, especially compared to the thousands of other violations recorded in Greece, is that after police had asked the illegal immigrants to go back to their accommodation, the mostly African migrants not only refused the order, but started ridiculing Greek authorities and coughing on them.

    Illegal immigrants defying coronavirus lockdown on Lesvos cough on Greek police (VIDEO)

  • ross1948 21:05 on November 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    The Financial Times’ Big Lie – Hoist On Its Own Petard! 

    Europe cannot close its doors to refugees and migrants

    Oh yeah?

    That must be the largest lie seen in the rotten media for quite some time.

    No matter it’s presented as ‘opinion’ rather than news – its manifest untruth is demonstrably established by just one of the other headlines on its own website!

    Hundreds of migrants to be evacuated from Libya to Rwanda       

    *See below -bottom of page



    Of course the tide can be reversed, from Libya back southwards, and reversal needs also to be instituted against the hordes already inside Europe.

    Of course these illegals can, and MUST, have the doors of the Western world closed against them.


    Savages attack Hungarian border


    Savages attack Spanish border

    Of course European nations could stop them, anytime they summoned up the guts to do so.

    And another thing!

    It’s outrageously dissimulative, indeed dishonest, for any media to bracket ‘refugees and migrants’ together.

    As if deserving victims of backward shariah, like that Saudi gal who found sanctuary in Canada…   

    Enjoy Canada, Asia Bibi – But Beware Of Evil Savages! 

    …is in any sense similar to these filthy savages trying to gate-crash countries they’ve no business to be in!




    The Financial Times used to be a reputable newspaper.  I’ll have another look at its headlining soon!


    • Having said that, (above) about how wise it was to shift those illegals from Libya southwards to Rwanda, I now have to ask, were they later brought bare-facedly into Europe by some back-door, as happened with another batch that were taken to Niger – then allowed by the current craven Italian Government to be flown into Italy?
    • Jean-Paul Cavalieri, UNHCR Representative in Libya. “By welcoming them to Niger, and by arranging for their relocation to Italy, both countries have shown much-needed solidarity towards refugees…It’s crucial that other countries come forward with more places, and faster processes, to help us evacuate  more vulnerable refugees in Libya to safety.”


  • ross1948 18:41 on March 9, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    ELEVEN Years For FGM! Nice One, UK! Now Deport The Sow! 

    Just outa bed, here in Jakarta, and saw on the BBC news that a filthy alien savage has been given eleven years for mutilating a girl-child’s genitalia.

    The case is only the fourth FGM prosecution brought to court in the UK. The previous cases led to acquittals.


    Was the evil sow born in Britain? No! The report states clearly it came to the UK from Uganda.

    If that’s the case, deport it!

    The court is to be commended for the outcome, which is excellent in itself and a welcome slap in the face for the sort of gutless PC police we have covered in the past.

    UK FGM Scandal? Fire That Cop…  

    It’s also a sharp contrast to other verdicts, the soppy, sicko sort,  in other kinds of cases we have had to comment on…


    ..but there needs to be a lot more prosecutions for FGM and, in every case proven,  the bestial creatures convicted should be expelled to whichever cess-pool they oozed out of!

      • Jon Deakin 19:24 on March 9, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Of course deport them.
        We don’t want wild animals living among human beings.


      • Keith Milner 11:36 on March 10, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        We have had the same kind of dirty animals in Australia.
        The families that are implicated should all be deported along with the mongrels convicted.


    • ross1948 23:55 on January 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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      Two Dismal Cows on CNN…And A Syrian ‘Refugee’ Brute! 

      Got home from a fine night out a while ago.

      Just been listening, or trying not to listen, to a CNN harpy (Amanpour) interviewing (aka cheering on!) a UNHCR flunkey named Melissa Fleming.

      Hasil gambar untuk melissa fleming unhcr

      Flunkey Fleming


      One silly cow’s telling another that we need to know the ‘personal stories’ of individuals.

      Okay, so here’s one TRUE story, a poor desperate Syrian given refugee status in the UK.


      • c7f1d-day11-evildead2
      • ====================
      • Syrian refugee, 40, who tied a boy, ten, to a bed with a skipping rope and threatened to whip him with cable walks free from court AGAIN after allegedly hitting him with a belt 

    • ross1948 09:55 on December 5, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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      Preman2 Timor Leste – Savages Amok In England! 

      The gang of 20 from East Timor, in south east Asia, were caught on CCTV carrying out their attack in Lincoln city centre on May 15.

      =====Lincoln Attack


      Lincoln Crown Court heard how the gang punched and kicked the victim until he lay unconscious before jumping on his head.

      Eight of the gang members seen in the footage have been given a prison term for their role in the attack. 


      For you English readers, preman is the Indonesian word for thugs. Why do I use Indonesian in my headline?

      Just to alert local readers here to a topic that might interest them. East Timor ( Timor Leste) was, after all, a province of Indonesia till just about sixteen years ago, when it broke away. 

      But I’d say a better question is-


      • timor-leste
      • =======

      WHAT THE HELL ARE these Timorese scumbags doing in the UK?

      And why were those convicted given just a few years behind bars?

      They should be deported, or put down.

    • ross1948 13:07 on October 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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      France Needs To Put Down The Banlieue Beasts! 



      You’d think the monstrous attack by savages on police in Paris this past weekend might have focused even pinko minds on the evil that permeates the banlieiues, those notorious urban areas (not only in the capital) infested with aliens. 

      Hasil gambar untuk Paris attack police car grand borne

      • 0000000000
      • Yet a lot of the media somehow managed to blank the word banlieue from their headlines, substituting the (hardly equivalent) ‘suburb,’ thus, by default or design, concealing the truth of what’s wrong with those areas.
      • But one at least gives us a clue.
      • \
      • The Grande Borne estate was where Amedy Coulibaly, one of the perpetrators of the January 2015 Paris attacks, grew up, as well as a trouble spot during the 2005 riots. Police officers pelted by ‘Molotov cocktail’ in Paris suburb
      • These areas are cesspools, where police know they’re at risk of attack if they dare go on patrol within enemy territory.
      • It’s not just a matter of crime, petty or serious, but of downright sectarian treason.
      • And it flourishes because soft, soppy policies have been substituted for serious law enforcement.
      • We have seen, time and again, in the past ten years, how the anti-social savages that dwell therein have a taste for insurrectionary arson.


      Banlieue burning

      Ten years back – blazing banlieues

      If the swine had been taught a proper lesson previously, there’d be little trouble now, but so far no occupant of the Elysee Palace has had the guts to war down the barbarous brutes.

      It’s all very well for Prime Minister Vails to say that Saturday’s thugs would be “relentlessly pursued and brought to justice…”    http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/552341/Paris-Police-Attack-Molotov-Cocktail-Life-Threatening-Injury-Car-Burned

      But that’s not sufficient. Not just last Saturday’s vermin but ALL such swine MUST learn that their lairs are no longer to be deemed ‘sensitive’ zones..


      NO PARISIAN STREET must go unpacified – no sensitivity to savages.

      Streets must be cleared of masked louts like those who burned that poor cop almost to death on Saturday.

      Immediate imposition of effective curfews, defiance thereof to be met with lethal force.

      • shoot terrs
      • A few dozen – or better still a few hundred! – rabid rats shot dead on the streets they’ve been terrorising would have a salutory effect.
      • guillotinth
      • And Saturday’s thugs need to be not merely hunted down but put down – Vive La Guillotine!

      Martial law would seem the obvious approach, but it’s France’s choice.

      • Marine-drapeau-bbr
      • Friends of the French can only hope that next year they choose a President who will not only talk tough but ACT against the beasts in the banlieues.



    • ross1948 16:15 on July 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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      ‘Asylum’ Sex-Predators – Another Cover-Up? 

      It’s hardly news that ‘migrants’ will prey just as readily on other ‘migrants’ as on the women and children of their unwilling host countries. 
    • ross1948 00:36 on April 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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      Another Bengali Blogger Butchered by Pigs – Hang the Scum! 

      So yet another blogger has been murdered by cowardly sectarian swine. 


      Nazimuddin Samad Nazimuddin Samad, 28

      Secular Bangladeshi writer murdered in the street

      In this case, as before (Satanic Sectarian Savages Murder Blogger in Dhaka!  )  it’s a Bengali- please note, Bangla Desh means Bengal Land, so Bengali is the proper adjective

      This is what happens when ranting fanatics are not-

       A disowned by, and then

       B rounded up by the relevant government authorities.

      Obviously, any individual or organisation which endorses death or other physical harm to ‘apostates,’ or ‘blasphemers’ or to those who ‘insult’ some religion or belief, should be arrested immediately and held in detention until they retract their evil drivel.

      In saying this I am not having a go at the Bengalis in particular – we have seen savages in British and Australian streets demanding murder.



      Pig-ignorant primitives in Western cities -why were they not arrested -and deported?


      It is a damning indictment of the irresponsibility of the authorities concerned that pignoramuses carrying banners like those in the photo above were not seized by police and charged with incitement to murder.

      However, most of you reading this will agree with me, so I move on to the rat-bags of Amnesty International, who are up in arms over the slaughter of this poor blogger in Dhaka. They think it’s dreadful, so they say, and we all do.

      But, note carefully, Amnesty would be even noisier if the murderers got caught and  sentenced to the only penalty appropriate to their heinous crime.





      Like the UK Foreign Office flunkeys here in Jakarta, scurrying to and fro and interfering in Indonesia’s internal affairs at the behest of their Brussels masters UK’s Jakarta Rep Frantic to Save Terrorist Skins -A Neo-Colonialist Par Excellence! they are opposed to even the vilest of terrorist scum being put down.

      Damn them.

      Will Brussels Shrill for the Butchers of That Bengali Blogger? 

      • Correcticus 12:40 on April 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        So you feel sorry for the victims in Bangladesh but you still say you don’t want to give aslyum to people from there and from other poor countries?
        Please explain.


        • ross1948 20:55 on April 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

          Hello. Correcticus and apologies for not replying sooner.
          I expect everyone feels sorry for the Bengali victims of Islamist terror, and I would be preapred to see them as suitable candidates for asylum, beause they meet the actual conditions – namely they are persecuted for their political/ religious principles.
          I have also suggested in the past that Ahmadiyah people from here in Indonesia and from hell-holes like Pakistan could fall into the asylum category.
          I am not opposed to accepting genuinely persecuted people from poor countries but poverty is not any part of the asylum rules nor should it be, otherwise we’d have a billion in the queue!
          As for the strutting swine, like those I just saw on tv stoning the border police in Macedonia, to hell with them. If they like to fight, they have a country to go back to and defend against ISIS or the Taliban.


    • ross1948 16:16 on March 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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      Simple Solution to Melbourne Scum – Down Or Out! 

      Having had a lot of good times in Melbourne, I was, like most of the people who live there and no doubt the poor tourists who were visitng the city, horrified to read of the savages who ran amok at the weekend.

      There were 150 of the vile swine, who congregated in Melbourne on Saturday chanting “f*** the police” and “it’s a public space, we have a right to be here”.

      But of course they don’t have any such right. Rabid beasts have no rights, except to be put down.



      Then the primitive pigs instituted a reign of terror.

      Even more horrifying was the quote from a Salvation Army spokesman, that a fear of being labelled racist meant little effort was being done to tackle the gangs whose members predominantly hail from eastern Africa but also the Middle East and the South Pacific.  http://www.news.com.au/national/victoria/news/deep-anger-at-core-of-apex-gang-causing-havoc-on-melbournes-streets/news-story/

      If so, that’s damnable.

      But what did the man mean by ‘tackle the gangs?’

      Sane folk would imagine that requires billy-clubs, ferocious dogs, bullets and the birch, in no particular order.

      Ready for APEX animals?

      • Alas, after reading the entire story, I have now concluded that the Salvation Army, to which I’ve always donated, is not a worthy or responsible cause any longer.
      • Listen to the plaintive puke, Brendan Nottle,  who serves as Commanding Officer of the Salvation Army in Victoria, as he tries to spin a pinko yarn to explain the pigs’samok-run.
      • “I think its driven by this deep seated anger…


      Hasil gambar untuk brendan nottle


      … It’s no surprise to me this happened….”

      Mr Nottle said African youth, mainly immigrants, had suffered through a deeply tortuous journey to Australia, often spending years in camps in “appalling” conditions.

      And instead of being exemplary in their behaviour, to signify their gratitutde ot the land that let them in, they reward their hosts with mayhem?

      Sod the foul ingrates!




      But Nutty Nottle’s not finished – a lot of this unwanted garbage-gang don’t do well in school!.

      And that’s another reason for their mayhem?


      • b5300-retardalert
      • Being too stupid or lazy to do simple school-work that decent kids, normal human beings, can handle?

      “We need to have some very serious conversations, and not point the finger, about why people are so angry.”

      People are so angry?. This dimwit is seriously talking about the scum, not their victims, the people who have a RIGHT to be angry?

      • 3c1b1-get_real_big

      Gimme a break!

      Conversations? With wild animals?

      Sure, don’t point the finger…..


      …point your GUNS!

      That’s how police should be ordered to quell the next outbreak.

      But that won’t happen. Not in the current unwholesome climate of liberal permissiveness that Turnbull continues to foster.


      Other media sources are more specific about the vermin’s Un-Australian origins.  Violent Sudanese-based Apex gang blamed 

      Sudanese, West African and Pacific Islanders, we’re told!

      And they should, normal people would surely agree,  be removed to Sudan, West Africa and the appropriate islands, after an extended series of public floggings.

      out with them


      • If those countries cavil about accepting back filthy vermin, best then just to beat the beasts till they beg for mercy, then stick ’em on an island which has no human population for them to torment.
      • ———–

      Lease Rockall from the UK – sorry for the gulls, though!


      With luck, they’d eventually kill each other off.

      But again, how many MPs would even vote for the needful restoration of corporal punishment? Or for banishment?

      A bleak future.

      Nor should we ignore Nutty Nuttle’s other offensive outburst, about how –

      “It’s important we don’t drive an even greater wedge with the African community….”

      Its that ‘community’ which has failed to turn the scum into decent citizens. If that ‘community’ now takes the side of the scum rather than the police, that ‘community’ doesn’t belong in a civilised country.

      Send them packing. .

      Let’s end with a little light relief!

      Rather than tell the truth about evil undesirable aliens, Sky News fogged the issue with this PC gem, to describe the nature of the rabid rabble.

      …a loose affiliation from a range of cultural backgrounds ..



      • Ally 16:38 on March 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        So true, all you say, Ross, and a thousand thanks for saying it loud and clear.
        Australia doesn’t need garbage like ‘Apex’ and all the other wild animals that have been let in and been breeding like rabbits since as soon as they landed.
        Soon the people will need to do something if the government won’t. I never thought Australia would come to tihs

        I used to give to the Salvos too, any time I saw them out with the collection cans, but this Nottle has changed all that.
        Making excuses for animals like them in Melbourne is just not on.
        Make them suffer for what they have done. . .


    • ross1948 20:18 on February 15, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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      Lampedusa Leech Film Cheered by Decadent Drones! 

      Intellectuals are the worst sort of people, for the most part. They have seldom done any honest toil, and are generally estranged from fellow-citizens who do.

      Napoleon isn’t a great hero of mine, but he wasn’t always wrong!



      They are often addicted to cosmopolitan, supranational ideologies of the cultural marxist type. I’d guess the audience at the Berlin Film Festival answers near perfectly to that description.

       So is it worth watching? It’s about the Lampedusa route, I see.
      Ah, yes, Lampedusa – 
      Lampedusa’s mayor Bernardino De Rubeis denounced the government for abandoning the island to cope with the chaos alone, calling the migrants “delinquents” and insisting the island wouldn’t accept one more.
      He said he kept a baseball bat in his office for protection. “I must defend myself,” he was quoted as saying by ANSA. “We’re at war, people have decided to take justice into their own hands.” 
      Alas, Italy, and Europe, stopped deporting the brutes, and actually, under orders from Red Mogherini, stepped up imports! 
      I’m not going to decry Rosi’s professional skills. An award-winning director  would no doubt be able to make a technically impressive movie about anything at all, even about how old homes become infested with dangerous parasites…
      … as indeed he has!
      But it’s surely the choice of subject that attracts people, not the man’s directorial expertise.
      So I’ll not be lining up to watch ‘Fire at Sea.’ Because it’s predicated on a BIG LIE, as the next sentence of The Local report confirms.
      The film provides an unflinching look at the thousands of desperate people who arrive on the island each year trying to enter the European Union.
      That’s the give-away word – DESPERATE.

      Desperate people do not spurn wholesome free food set before them.

      Refugees protest against ‘monotonous’ Italian food – The Local

      Desperate people do not whine about the weather when they reach safety.

      Watch: Migrants Complain Europe Is Too Cold, Overcrowded

      Desperate people do not yap about their free internet connection.

      LiveLeak.com – Poor migrants complain about slow internet …

      Desperate people do not moan about lack of pocket-money to buy smokes.

      Desperate people do not complain about…huh? 

      Migrants complain about the absence of sexual intercourse …

      hands off


      These people are not in any sense desperate.

      They are despicable, arrogant, ingrate swine!

      This Italian director, and those intellectual snobs in their designer suits and fancy jewellery who applauded his cinematic appreciation of undesirable aliens, should be dragged from their luxury apartments and mansions and lodged within a crimmigrant camp for six months.

      If they come out intact and unrepentant of their collaboration, then I’ll respect what passes for their ‘principles.


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