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  • ross1948 21:19 on September 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Brussels Commissars’ Shortcomings Exposed! A Shocker! 

    As we have oftimes noted, EUObserver is a rabidly Europhiliac part of the media that employs some of most biased, bigoted hacks you could hope never to have to read…

    Press Freedom Day? Attack-Dog Zalan Flaunts Media’s Bias 

    Little Russophobe Rettmann Rants Rabidly, Again! 

    …including Little Red Retmann, who authored the piece we are looking at today.

    On this occasion, he has so many facts that there’s not much room for his leftist prejudice!

    Having said that, we have always given EUObs its due – its commitment to the Brussels Empire is not so blind that it ignores the viler characteristics of the numerous free-loading bums embedded in the imperial structure.


    Read This As Polls Open – Report Slams Sly MEP Swine! 


    Hence this week it produced a shocking report on the kind of characters seeking to serve as Unspeakable Ursula’s Commissars.

    Please read on, to get an idea of what the Fuhrerin hopes to be working with…

    The migration crisis is like the euro crisis because the solution is for member states to cede more power to the EU, Germany’s defence minister has said.   Germany: Refugee crisis is like euro crisis



    Nine EU ‘commissioners’ asked to clarify declarations

    ….Some of their initial filings were described as “incomplete, suspicious, or downright shocking…”

    The report says that these aspirants to power ‘have been taken to task for incomplete financial declarations’ and that we owe this ‘revelation’ to a French left-wing MEP Manon Aubry, who spilled the beans on Twitter last Thursday.

    Unfortunately, Aubry did not give out their names, but the missing IDs were listed by Polish news website Onet.pl    which, I merely note, is owned by the German Ringier Axel Springer Media AG.

    The Onet.pl list included: Josep Borrell (Spanish candidate for EU the foreign affairs chief portfolio); Elisa Ferreira (Portuguese candidate for cohesion and reforms); Johannes Hahn (Austria’s candidate for budget); Stellia Kyriakidu (Cyprus’ candidate for health); Rovana Plumb (Romania’s candidate for transport); Didier Reynders (Belgium’s candidate for justice); Kadri Simson (Estonian candidate for energy); and Janusz Wojciechowski (Polish candidate for agriculture).


    Some of those names may be familiar to RRA readers, notably Borrell, a pro-crimmigrant shrill…

    Red Fed’s Successor – Has Spain Spawned A Male Merkel? 

    …and Hahn, infamous for his shilly-shallying on the malign UN Migration Pact …


    ….and also named as one of what we described at the time as the ‘dirty sticky-beak commissars’ who ‘interfered in the formation of a government in an independent country, which is not even a part of the Brussels Empire!’

    The agreement was brokered by EU enlargement commissioner Johannes Hahn, three MEPs, and the EU and US ambassadors to Skopje. http//euobserver.com/foreign/129648

    Since when have Brussels and Obama’s Washington acquired the right to arrange foreign regimes to suit their own agenda?

    …but you should read the troubling tale all the way through, to get the full measure of how utterly unacceptable -or not? – so many leading EUSSR luminaries are!


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    Scomo’s Lucky He’s In Oz, Not Austria. 

    Scott Morrison deserves credit for his victory in the Australian election.


    Bravo, Morrison! 

    I often used often to applaud him when he was in charge of resisting the crimmigrants swarming towards Oz..

    Jakarta Post Lets Oz Red Urge Show Trial for Morrison

    …and defended him against nutjobs!

    The bludger-boats were repulsed and their repulsive cargos – most of them – lodged on islands far away – whence they can still be heard whining!

    But would Scomo have won in any European Union-controlled country?

    I wonder!

    If the left agit-props could have concocted some bizarre ‘scandal’ – some Liberal MP caught in flagrante with an Aussie sheep…


    …perhaps – that would have derailed the fight-back against Labor’s Shorten!

    No such nonsense erupted, though a few of his candidates were picked off for offending PC neurotics, mini-purges justified by rubbish about ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘homophobia,’ hopefully mere tactical retreats rather than any inclination to appease the freako left.

    But in the Good Ole EUSSR?

    Exactly who is behind that Strache episode in Ibiza, we don’t know.

    There are, no doubt, plenty of Russian whores in Spain – heck, I have even run into a few in Jakarta bars…

    ‘…good-lookers seeking rich blokes, so I’d have a brief little chat then move on!

    Hiring one smart enough to play a key role in a big-time sting must have been costly.

    Who paid?


    Not boring old criminals, who would gain nothing from ruining a man’s political career!

    Ask the question, cuius bono – who gains from Strache’s downfall?

    The FPO leader, judging from that video, was unwise enough to drink too much and thus make a fool of himself, out to impress a cute chick. It happens, but when one has risen high, the consequent crash can be painful.

    And EVER SO useful, to the Enemy Within!




    All those leftist Strasbourg Slugs with their snouts jammed in the public purse…

    No Garden? But YOU Might Still Have A Slug Problem! 

    …will be making hay, posing as paragons of morality, faux horror that somebody with a political agenda might seek to buy shares in a newspaper.

    But it’s the timing that’s the give-away!

    Just before the Strasbourg ‘Parliament’ elections?

    Stage-managed for maximum electoral input?

    Who paid the whore, and the rest of those involved?

    Who’s got tons of money and hates patriots wherever they may be?

    We have NO idea!

    Any suggestions?

    Will packs of investigative journo-jerks mount an intensive pursuit of the creeps who perpetrated the sleazy set-up?



    The ‘brave’ media that splurged it are up to their necks in cover-up of the culprits.

    Also – I wonder if that Polish documentary on bad priests was also timed carefully, to put the Polish patriot party, strongly Catholic in its stance, on the defensive. The Law and Justice patriot party’s poll ratings have taken a knock.


    And we all know who hates them!

    The Brussels Empire ruling class has tried to turn the Austrian issue, in particular, into a gigantic hit-job against all the resistance parties, making wild allegations that they are ‘enemies of freedom…’

    …which ring especially untrue from authoritarian hypocrites like Mama Stasi Merkel’s Heiko Maas and his socialist comrades…


    HEIL MERKEL!   – The SPD’s pro-crimmigrant Maas

    ‘Himmler’ Maas Calls On Secret Police to Undermine Patriots! 


    PS – EuroNews offers clues –

    the German media outlets which released the footage have refused to say who gave it to them, but questions are arising about Jan Böhmermann, a German satirist and television presenter, after recent comments he made reveal he’s known about the video for a while.

    Well, we know what that leftist clown thinks, not just about the FPO, but about Austrians in general, judging from his racist comments a week or so before the ‘scandal’ broke.

    He condescendingly, in Austria, insulted all eight million Austrians, ALL the men, women and children who live in Germany’s small neighbour.

    Böhmermann told his Austrian hosts that their country was  – I quote

    now full of eight million morons…’


    It was only recently that the BBC ended another man’s career because he made a joke about a royal baby which was not racist at all but which upset race-obsessed uptights.

    Evidently insulting an entire nationality as a ‘joke’ in Germanic countries is altogether different!


    • Vanessa Reilly 21:49 on May 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I was waiting to see what you would say about this.
      You have found us a few new angles on the story..
      I’d heard about that German leftwing comedian being suspected of involvement but I hadn’t heard about his racist attack on the Austrian people.
      He’s not a very admirable person in my opinion and I’d say even more so in the opinions of the Austrians he insulted en masse!
      The way the Eurocrat crowd are using the folly of one politician from one party to smear all the patriot parties is an outrage.
      Merkel has never said or done anything about her own black sheep, for example about her man Brok, the MEP in Strasbourg whose conduct you exposed for us, and Verhofstadt too is in no position to talk morals or money. You have given us links aplenty about him.
      A lot of stones being thrown from glass houses in Brussels.


    • Keith Milner 08:59 on May 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Politics has always been a dirty business but with these cowardly stunts, and the media covering up whodunnit, we are reaching new lows.
      I reserve judgment on Scomo. I used to be a fan but with those candidates getting the chop for talking about things the left dont like, we better wait and see.


    • Saul Hooke 13:11 on May 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      We need an investigation into the extreme left GetUp movement in Australia. So-called ‘far-right’ movements are hunted and harassed but GetUp is everywhere.
      I am not acquainted with Austrian politics but if it turns out this Austria-hating joker is behind the set-up, then Austrians will draw the logical conclusion, that he is serving an agends not in line with the best interests of theit country.


  • ross1948 08:36 on March 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Elitism – Gushing Guardian Girl Lauds Canada’s Almost Flushed Turd! 

    The political scandal engulfing the Canadian prime minister has outed him as not quite the hero we all believed he was…

    Justin Trudeau’s disgrace is like watching a unicorn get run over




    The idea has often occurred to me that one of the key mental issues afflicting liberals is that they don’t get out and about very much.

    Sure, they go to work  – in the Guardian office, perhaps, and to parties (probably not proper drinking / singing /dancing parties    – more the sort of twee ‘dinner-parties’ one sees on tv or films, where mincing twits sit around a table sipping at wine, nibbling muesli…




    …and gabbling pretentious stuff on which they all agree -otherwise they’d not have been invited – ) …


    ….but they never get to – or choose to – meet real people with opinions outside the pink – or rainbow – bubble.

    And that ‘ALL’ as used in a gushing Guardian piece by some silly little girl named Leah McLaren…

    Image result for leah mclaren

    …whom nobody I know has heard of but who does perfectly mirror the mentality of many in Canada…

    …that ‘ALL’ exemplifies the ignorance of the breed that has degraded the Dominion!

    She really thinks that ‘ALL’ Canadians EVER ‘believed Justin Turdo, the Soft-On-Terror Pretty Boy…

    In Turdistan, Decent Muslims Protest Junior’s Jihad Jaunt! 


    Kathleen Wynne truddownload

    The ‘gay-friendly’ Prime Minister infamously tried to make excuses for the Boston Bombers…

    Canada’s Enemy Within – Will Turdeau “Have To Look at The Root Causes?” 


    …..was a ‘hero?’

    Let’s play nice and assume she is intelligent enough to know that notion is arrant nonsense.

    That leaves us with the alternative, that her definition of ‘ALL’ means ideological catamites, ‘intellectuals,’ leftists, ‘progressive’ pinkos…

    Hasil gambar untuk turdo gay justin

    – ….and don’t forget all the crimmigrants he’s let in – who idolise the degenerate drip as much as she does…




    …and excludes ‘ALL’ other Canadians, who certainly number in the millions, those who recognise Turdo as a loathesome, smarmy sleaze.

    What a sad girl she must be!

    Read her infantile gushing over –

     ‘Canada’s undeniably gorgeous, halo-bound Liberal prime minister, Justin Trudeau – proud feminist, defender of minority rights, advocate for transparency, inclusivity and decency..’

    – for yourselves but make sure there’s a vomitorium handy!

    • Nairn Moore 12:21 on March 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      How old is this gushy little girl?
      She sounds like my niece who, when around 13 years of age, used to talk like that about Brad Pitt!
      The difference is that my niece grew up.
      It sounds like Little Leah is stuck in an adolescent ‘hero-worship’ mentality.
      But what a putrid hero she chooses.


    • Rena Sharpe 13:29 on March 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      She makes me sick.


    • Arnold 09:04 on March 6, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      What an empty head that Leah must have and how rude too!
      That rude ‘all’ ,as if everyone in Canada who doesn’t kiss Turdo’s ass like she does is a NON citizen.


  • ross1948 19:48 on August 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Bradford & Bingley Scandal – Brussels Collusion? 

    A lot of people suffered serious financial damage when the UK’s Bradford & Bingley Bank went down a few years back.

    Related image

    Who were the guilty men who took B&B down?


    There’s no doubt that some sort of foul play was involved and a doughty band of determined savers has been fighting a rather lonely battle for fair play ever since.

    We don’t as a rule cover banking matters here, except insofar as they impinge on our main themes.

    However today we are taking our first blog-look at the scandal, because the common enemy of all good people is now implicated…



    …as the B & B headline declares.

    Why in 2008 did the European Commission collude with the UK Government in the destruction of B&B

    Download the document below!

    Have a read!

    It’s an intriguing story, not least because of the unsavoury intrigues involved.

    Bradford & Bingley Action Group | KirktowersElmwood LaneBarwick in Elmet,
    Leeds, LS15 4JS United Kingdom
    • Fiona 21:37 on August 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      You’re right. This is very different from the usual political propaganda you offer.
      I mean nothing negative when I say propaganda. As a self-confessed Classics student, you will know that the word means that which needs to be spread as widely as possible.
      But this B&B story is one I have never heard before, and that’s my own fault, because I never had any special interest in it!
      It raises a lot of questions.


    • Malcolm S 00:46 on August 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I was one of those who had money in B&B.
      Not a lot but it was mine and what happened was covered up.
      Thanks for this.
      I will never see my cash again but somebody should answer for it.


  • ross1948 11:27 on December 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Green Gone – Lesson For May? Steer Clear Of Liars! 

    Hasil gambar untuk theresa may damian green

    PM sacks deputy Damian Green after report finds he lied 

    It’s said one is judged by the company one keeps.


    Jean-Claude Juncker profile: ‘When it becomes serious, you have to lie’


    One less Anti-Brexit agitator in high office to worry about.


  • ross1948 11:28 on January 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    RIP John Hurt 

    No idea what his politics were but his talent transcended such things.

    My personal favourite film of his was ‘Scandal,’ based on the Profumo Affair, the shocking episode which took up most of the summer of 1963.

    I was in Canada for much of that time, and watched the news with my Ontario farming kin. They found it hard to believe that their beloved ‘Old Country’ could have got itself into such a mess.


    Hasil gambar untuk john hurt skandal profumo

    John Hurt as Stephen Ward, with Joanne Whalley as Christine Keeler, in Scandal (1989)


    The 1989 movie did a masterful job of depicting the peculiar atmosphere of that era.

    The Sixties saw the eclipse of self-confidence among the UK ‘Establishment,’ which had hitherto been on the side of a traditional Britain, but which thereafter ceded ground – or sold out – to people with very different values, or with none.

    And a lot of good that’s done The Old Country.

    But Hurt captured the essence of the era, his character, who was always dubbed a ‘society osteopath,’ a parasite vaguely aware of what really mattered but gliding heedlessly through life towards self-destruction.


    • Hasil gambar untuk film scandal keeler
    • =====
    • John Hurt perfectly played Dr. Stephen Ward, who battened onto people who saw power and celebrity as ends in themselves, not as a means by which to serve their country.
    • In the end, we in the audience tended to sympathise more with the Ward character than with anyone else.
    • That was down to Hurt’s thespian gifts.


  • ross1948 15:03 on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: dwarf-throwing, , platter, Scandal!, Shock/Horror,   

    Sydney – Shock/Horror/Naked Woman Platter Scandal! 

    Arise, ye sex-starvelings of the Uptight Oppressed! Hasten ye to your destined duty, telling other people how much fun they can or cannot have, regardless of the fact it’s none of yer damned business!

    A Sydney bar has been slammed for using nearly naked women as fruit platters at a re-launch party on Wednesday night.

    Indeed, and so it should be, slammed, that is, if the poor lasses were forced to be fruit platters.


    But that appears not to have been the case.

    Models at the Cruise Bar party in Circular Quay were hired to lie on tables covered in edible fruit and also hand feed guests.

    So they were hired? I somehow think the deal was on the clear understanding that their duties would be to stretch out, get covered on food, not too heavy to be uncomfortable, and to allow guests to enjoy yummy victuals chosen from atop a yummy honey?

    No coercion involved!


    Heck, my fave Sunday breakfast delight would be enhanced no end by adapting this idea to Jakarta conditions- I usually dine out front, but such ultra-yummy enhancement would require eating indoors to avoid serious neighbour-panic!




    I suppose, on reflection, the Uptight Depressed would be a better term to describe the miserable gas-bag whiners exemplified, in this kerfuffle, by some shrill named Melinda Tankard-Reist ( described as a ‘Women’s Advocate‘ – what does that mean in terms of a real job?) who has asked people to take a stand against the bar for the action she said objectified women.




    A quick background check reveals that Melinda of the Sunny Smile was the co-founder of something calling itself Collective Shout for a World Free of Sexploitation….


    ….and I somehow doubt that the SHOUT referred to was that nice Aussie synonym for ’round,’ as in “It’s my shout!”



    “It is part of the ongoing objectification of women to use them as serving trays and just part of the buffet,’ Ms Tankard-Reist told Daily Mail Australia. “It suggests they are part of the buffet really – saying ‘help yourself to the women’s bodies.’”

    Well, no, it doesn’t, except to a youngish fogey like Mel. I’m sure the girls were unmolested, and would have slapped any galah who tried it on. Aussie girls don’t mess about. And those models probably went home with hefty wads of cash in their purses.

    What’s the big deal?



    This whole infantile fuss reminds me of how sticky-beak twits deprived numerous dwarves of a handy source of income by getting dwarf-throwing contests banned..


    Oh, and a final question, who are the sour-puss Sydneysiders referred to in this odd sentence?

    Punters have threatened to boycott the bar for objectifying women.



    • Lord Gaga 15:57 on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      On occasion I agree with you. This was a quite harmless stunt and neither customers nor models were made to do anything they didn’t want to.
      That Melinda Gasbag-Tankard must be a holy terror to date, any of the fruit-models a much better alternative.


    • JazPen 18:50 on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      You were too political last week, Ross, this is much better.
      I dont see anything wrong with these platter-girls earning a good wage.
      If you do rearrange your breakfast menu next Sunday, let me know, please.


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