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    Holland’s Folly – 1000 Illegals AWOL ! 

    Dutch authorities have expressed serious concern over the “disappearance” of more than 1,000 Nigerian asylum seekers in the country…some persons have returned to Nigeria or moved to Italy, “at least 961 disappeared without a trace”.

    Well, that’s tough on Italy!

    One of the ‘benefits’ of the EUSSR’s beloved Schengen system of open borders, I guess!

    But it’s pretty damn tough on the Dutch, too!



    They used to have quite a nice little country, but now, with an alien horde prowling among them, maybe not so much.

    Although the report is about Nigerians…

    … I bet there are thousands more from other Third World zones  also on the prowl.



    Moreover, when we read the whole report carefully, it seems that these Nigerians are in fact NOT ‘asylum-seekers!’

    They were, but on examination of their claims, they were rejected.

    So the term ‘fake-refugees’ would be a lot more accurate.



    With no conceivable right to be in The Netherlands, their presence is surely illegal…

    ….so they should have been kept under lock and key until deportation.




    What the Hell is going on?

    The person to ask is Ankie Broekers-Knol, the politician in the Rutte government responsible for these matters.


    Ankie Broekers-Knol Senate of Poland.jpg

    …Nigerians have very little chance of being granted asylum here in the Netherlands. Once their application is rejected, they’re out in the Dutch streets, or drifting through Europe,” Broekers-Knol had said  


    For God’s sake!

    ‘Out on the Dutch streets?’

    Nobody knows where they are and what happened to them,” the report added…

    Hey, Ankie! Who let ‘em out?

    Why are they not confined in special quarters convenient to Schiphol or some other airport?

    Speaking on the agreement, the minister for migration in the Netherlands said the country will focus on building capacity and securing its borders.

    Building Deportation Detention Centres would be a good start.


    Something along the lines of Indonesia’s top-security Nusakambangam, perhaps?

    As for “securing borders“ – if the Dutch weren’t in Schengen, the borders would not be so porous that their errant illegals end up in Italy –  and fewer fake-refugees would be getting in.

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    Solidarity With Bihac, Tormented By Ingrates! “I.O.M. Go Home!” 

    It must have choked the BBC to report what happened in Bihac, in Bosnia, where angry townspeople, tormented by fake-‘refugees,’ organised a vociferous protest against the anti-social louts imposed on their small community.

    And these are smart people.


    .Even the BBC reports the locals ‘fear for their safety in their own town…’

    Not only were they objecting to the migrant savages, but they also carried banners directed against the Enemy Within…

    IOM Go Home!

    …., the so-called ‘UN agency’ which they correctly identify with the menace that plagues them.

    American readers may remember that IOM…

    The United Nations Migration Agency, IOM, is providing support and assistance to migrants on caravans crossing Central America…


    united natio

    Honduran migrants, part of a caravan trying to reach the U.S., gesture while arriving to the border between Honduras and Guatemala, in Agua Caliente, Guatemala October 15, 2018. 

    All migrants must be respected, regardless of their migratory statusIOM Chief of Mission in Mexico

    American Tax-Payers Funding Honduras Crimmigrants? 


    Any chance the UK tax-funded state media might have had to spin the report towards their own pro-crimmigrant bias, of which most of us are well aware…

    Again, BBC Fails To Warn Police of Criminality On Turkish Shore! 

    BBC Now BOASTs of Aiding and Abetting Illegals! 

    …was shot down in flames by their choice of crimmigrant interviewee, an arrogant Pakistani loudmouth, yammering about what the townspeople ‘MUST’ do, how they ‘MUST’ back off and put up with him and his ingrate gang.

    Whatever else the creep may be, he’s no ‘refugee’ – look at the map…

    Bosnia’s Wide-Open Crimmigrant Door Endangers Europe 

    Senior Austrian Official Exposes ‘The Mosque Route?’ 

    ‘Arabs Go Home,’ Says Brave Bosnian Muslim Girl! 


    ..and see how many countries Loudmouth passed through to inflict himself on the poor Bosnians!

    The uppity swine’s not interested in a safe place – all he wants, like so many other fake ‘refugees’ is access to the yummy tax-troughs of Northern Europe.


    And that’s why most if not all of his alien buddies are so intent on gate-crash the neighbouring country of Croatia, then fast forward  – -via the EUSSR’s insane Schengen free movement rules and ooze northwards!

    Crimmigrants Say CROATIA’S The ‘Problem?’ Give ‘Em Hell! 

    What was shocking about the BBC news item was not, of course, how bad these undesirable aliens are…




    …which most everyone in Europe now understands, but the statement that a ’24 hour’ curfew has been imposed on the centre where they get their free board and lodgings.

    24 HOURS?

    There should be barbed wire fencing and armed guards, all day, every day, until sense prevails, the lousy ‘NGOs’ expelled….

    Another Lying ‘Migrant’ Exposed? 


    ..and every parasite deported back to where they belong,

    And be told to take their IOM flunkeys with them.

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    Danes Defy Pro-Crimmigrant Commissars – Stuff Schengen! 

    On 16 May, Danish prime minister Lars Rasmussen issued his defiant response:


    Gambar terkait


    “We will continue border controls unless the EU miraculously finds ways to regain control of its outer frontiers and Italy curbs the flow of refugees … into Europe.”

    This admirable declaration is paradoxically quoted in a far-left rant by somebody called Nicolas Tenzler published in EUObserver.

    That publication invariably gives undue prominence to Europhiliac scribblers like Tenzler  (of the Paris-based Centre for Study and Research for Political Decision (Cerap) ( Not Crap!?!)

    Tenzler does make a valid point or two, notably the folly of slack migrant control over past decades.

    .…in France, Belgium, or Germany, almost all of those responsible for horrendous acts of terror lived in Europe for years prior – and, in most cases, their whole lives.

    NB – ‘almost,’ but not an entirely inaccurate comment.

    Yet Tenzler fails to draw the obvious conclusion, that stripping such evil ingrates of citizenship, deporting those whose allegiance lies elsewhere, and putting to death the scum who take up arms against the lands that gave them every opportunity, would be a giant leap forward in the anti-terror war.

    Instead he rants about how we awful ‘illiberal‘ and ‘populist‘ people represent a threat.

    Damn fool!

    The threat is Islamist barbarism, which would engulf him and his kind as  quickly as us patriots.




    Although at least a lot of us would have put up a fight, while he and his ilk sit back in their comfortable offices sniping at Lars Rasmussen for caring about his countrymen – and women…



    Nine Young Women In Denmark

    …because it’s Danish females who are most at risk from the alien horde that has settled in Denmark…



    ….not just the wasters spilling in from Mama Stasi’s Germany but those that have been there for years, thanks to sloppy immigration policy. Some even inject their poisonous ideology into simple-minded native Danes.

    Dimwit Dane Jury Gives Apostate Bitch A Slap On The Wrist 

    For a geezer who earns his bread by argument, Tenzler shows a dearth of logic- he is all for ‘open borders‘ within the EUSSR, but adduces this odd statement to support his case.

    Internal borders and controls are unwelcome vestiges of the old Europe; a continent without borders is a highly political and symbolic asset…

    Borders or the lack thereof are NOT symbolic, except if we are talking about the mere lines on the map. Frontier check-points, barriers, fences, walls, whatever, are PRACTICAL  -a ‘continent without borders‘ is an open invitation…



    …and we know not only that ‘something wicked this way comes,’ but that it has arrived, in Paris, via the ‘refugee’ trail through the Balkans, in Berlin, in the form of the Tunisian truck-killer whom police let roam, and in Italy…

    • Retired Couple ‘Slaughtered Like Goats!’  

    • 52% OF RAPES IN ROME COMMITTED BY IMMIGRANTS, 59% IN MILAN, 40% IN ITALY                                                                  ItalyInfested With ‘Asylum’ Predators!  

    • .. and in Austria…“Attacks Now A Daily Routine..:” So Dye That Blonde Hair 

    • …and this month, again, in London. Failure to man the borders against unacceptable, unwanted aliens allowed those attacks to happen.

    • But on the ranting Tenzler goes…

    • , especially when compared to the barbed-wire fences being erected in some corners of the world.

    • We NEED more barbed wire frontiers! Within the EU Empire, only smart Hungary has sensibly erected effective defences against crimmigrants.

    • Are those wise watch-towers what Tenzler detests?

    • Back in the day, before Britain joined the EU, I hitch-hiked all over the Continent, France, Germany, Italy, etc., and the lack of Schengen never hindered me, easy crossings from one country to another, happy to get memorable stamps in my passport. Honest travellers never had cause for complaint. The problem today is dishonest travellers, lying aliens pretending to be ‘refugees.’

    • As the Danes recognise, they are still pouring in, as often as not via the phoney tax-funded ‘NGO’ maritime taxi-service.



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    Erdogan Death Plan – New Excuse For Non-Deportation? 


    One instinctively abhors wannabe Caliph Erdogan, not so much for his tendency towards tyranny; that’s what one expects in that part of the world.


    • Nor even for the way he attracts adoration from Cast-Iron Cameron (remember him?)
    • ………………………
    • erdogan-cameron
    • ——————-
    • The reason we all loathe the Turk is not only the threat he poses to Europe with his irredentist claims to Ottoman Empire boundaries…
    • ———————
    • islamic-early-conquests-map

      Our Enemy, Erdogan, Claims Mosul – What Next – Vienna? 

    • ———————-
    • …., but the role he has played in flooding Europe with undesirable aliens, by refusing to do what is every government’s duty – control its borders.
    • —————-
    • The million plus crimmigrants invited into Germany could not have got there if Erdogan had not left his Aegean shore wide open for them to swarm into Greece.
    • ———-
    • map-of-greece
    • Turkish Blackmail on Crimmigration, as Greeks Betrayed by EUSSR 
    • ———–
    • Some people on the right, however, are now paying attention to his promise to reintroduce capital punishment.
    • ……….\
    • agallows
    • ————-
    • Obviously, the death penalty should be on every country’s statute book.
    • Terrorists, child-sex-predators, traitors, all those categories deserve to die.
    • The EUSSR disagrees.


    FCO never tells Indonesians that most Brits favour the death penalty


    Britain has been shamed here in Indonesia by its Foreign Office flunkeys’ intrusion into this country’s internal affairs, in pursuance of the Brussels anti-capital punishment obsession.       UK’s Jakarta Rep Frantic to Save Terrorist Skins -A Neo-Colonialist Par Excellence!  –

    But while Erdogan may wish to execute some of the deserving, his sound-bites indicate his main objective is to put down so-called ‘conspirators.’ 

    By that means, he aims to cow non-sectarian Turks who seek to preserve Kemal Ataturk’s glorious legacy. Ataturk more or less eradicated the old, primitive, Islamist society.

    So how come my headline? 

    Why will Mama Stasi Merkel and the Brussels elite publicly deplore Erdogan’s plan but privately rub their hands in glee?


    Because, if he keeps his promise to his fanatic fans, he will give the Eurocrats, and their rotten stooges on the EuroCourts, a GOLDEN opportunity to block the return of untold numbers of crimmigrants to Turkey!

    We’ve seen dumbo Danes and nitwit Norwegians  – and yes, bozo Brits too –  refuse to deport scumbags because they might get what’s coming to them!

    Merkel too allows convicted molestors and terr0r-fans to stay in Germany, on the imbecilic grounds that they’d not be ‘safe’ if sent home – who gives a tinker’s cuss if they’re safe?

    Now, if despatch to TURKEY means vermin run the same risk there?


    evil judge


    The ECHR’s robed clowns in Strasbourg will instantly disallow it, and please note their ECJ comrade-clowns have increasingly been leaping onto the crimmigrant protection band-wagon.

    ECJ puts brakes on deportation of Iraqi family


    Erdogan is wicked, but not stupid.

    Merkel’s the same – surely nobody thinks her plan to ruin Europe was some sort of blunder; she knew what she was doing when she opened the gates.

    And that’s why she will shrill about any executions in Ankara, but do so whilst quietly savouring the thought of how many of her unspeakable imports she can consequently keep in Germany on the specious grounds that they might be strung up in Turkey.





    And if they’re in Germany, that means they’re all over Europe! Brussels has been shrilling out one Schengen diktat after another, telling sovereign nations they must re-open their borders…



    Hasil gambar untuk lie down and die


    Juncker’s renegade Greek comrade, Avramopoulos, speaking for all the supranational elite, made it clear enough not long ago.

    “There will be no concessions on Schengen!”

    No concessions on Schengen‘, Avramopoulos says

    Civilised countries may not defend themselves.


     Hasil gambar untuk destroy the european union


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    Why Does Austria Blame Greeks? ‘Twas Brussels Done it! 

    Austria’s Interior minister, Johanna Mikl-Leitner –“It’s clear that that if we can’t secure the Greek-Turkish border, the Schengen border will move to central Europe.”

    • —————




    I don’t get why there’s such a fuss about preserving Schengen.

    Part of the fun of hitching around in the Sixties was getting lots of good passport stamps!


    vermin  Open borders are open not just to nice folks but to jihadist vermin.

    But never mind…

    “We have to name things by name, everyone knows we need to secure borders,” she said, adding that Greece must act as soon as possible to protect the EU’s external borders.

    Under Tsipras marxist rule, there’s little appetite for stemming the tide of undesirable aliens.

    Greece in the past DID do a lot to fight off illegal incursions. Good for Greece – Commandos Corral ‘Asylum’ Invaders! Oz Please Note! 

    But the ‘EU’ was notorious for its ingrate efforts to undermine Greek resistance. Crimmigration Cut! Greece Merits Europe’s Thanks – Instead… 

    Who’d trust Europe’s enemies in Brussels to step in now?

    After all, we all watched as Mama Stasi Merkel and her EurocRat comrades bludgeoned the Greek Government into submission –Brussels colonises Greece  –a long ultimatum requiring Athens to force the Greek people to swallow all kinds of upleasant economic medicine.


    Hasil gambar untuk brussels bullies greeks


    Everyone around that table knew very well that alien hordes were pouring in, but was there ANY MENTION AT ALL in that EUSSR ultimatum of any requirement to safeguard the seaways, OR reinforce the border fencing?.

    Brussels had a golden opportunity then to make Tsipras resume his patriotic predecessors’ anti-crimmigrant action.

    But they didn’t, although, like Miki-Leitner, they knew the resources were there and could have been re-activated.

    “It’s a myth that Greece can’t secure the borders. It has one of the largest navies in Europe.”

    Yes, the Greeks did it before, more than once.



    If they hadn’t, when the 300 stood their ground, there’d be no Europe today!

    But then the  Austrian Minister goes loopy, adding that she is “sure” Europe needs a common border and coastal guard.


    Europe already has Frontex, which has shown itself a paper-tiger, worse, in fact, scooping up thousands of unwanted ‘asylum’ parasites from the sea, only to bring them to Europe!

    Why were they not dumped back on the shores they’d left?


     Because ‘Europe,’ in the form of the unrepentant communist Moghieri, appointed by the Brussels Commissars to be their High Representative, issued her infamous decree that NONE of them should ever be returned!


    • arafat Comrade Mogherini with her comrade, Arafat


    “No refugee or migrant intercepted at sea will be sent back against their will!”  EU’s Mogherini: No Forcible Repatriation for Migrants .  

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    Calais Curs Try To Murder Brits? PUT THEM DOWN! 



    Only a day or so ago, we covered the latest manifestation of ingrate illegals’ violence, in Finland.


    We’ve seen the same this month in Berlin…Ingrate ‘Asylum’ Savages Riot in Germany – Kick ‘Em Out!   … and Italy Robbery and Kidnap Now?


    Not to mention the pending murder trial in Sweden.Has Murder Shocked Swedes Into ‘Asylum’ Sanity! 


    It’s nothing new. 

    And yesterday, a newsflash from Hungary, where a pack of arrogant intruders refused to be fingerprinted and tried to leave a migrant centre. Police had to fire tear gas to control the swarm. Who the hell do these uppity aliens think they are?http://www.voanews.com/content/german-chancellor-to-visit-asylum-center-hit-by-far-right-riots/2932711.html.

    Now we read that the Calais ‘Jungle’ scum have tried to slaughter innocent Brits.

    Family escape attack by Calais migrants who launched metal pole

    But health risks are what we expect if we don’t root out vermin nesting in our homes.




    It’s the rest of the same report that is the revelation!

    The father of the family targetted by the alien swine reported the incident to French border officials who told him they were surprised as it was ‘usually stones’ hurtled at cars.



    shoot terrs



    The man kept driving until he reached the first line of border officials he could find. They were French, and he explained what had happened….they then told him they were surprised by the incident, as in previous attacks on passing cars the hidden perpetrators would usually only use stones.

    ‘If they know that this kind of thing happens all the time, why is it allowed to continue,’ questioned Marius. 

    Good question, Marius, and for once we can’t blame Cameron for this terrorism!



    Hollande and Germany’s Merkel have been plotting their plots Merkel and Hollande call for equal spread of refugees across EU – and who knows but this ‘hands-off’ approach is related to it.

    It’s Hollande and Merkel we need to watch.

    Merkel is now, as I see one commenter has astutely observed, out to exploit the truck deaths in Austria. She’ll make that one more specious excuse in her drive to bull-doze other countries into emulation of her own folly.


    Make every European feel guilty, complicit in deaths that are in no way their responsibility.


    Don’t turn on the German people – the common folk there didn’t invite the horde, nor switch on the extra green-light – it was Red Angela who unilaterally abrogated Schengen! Now she wants Brits to suffer the overspill effect. 

    And in Calais? It’s Hollande and his leftist regime that must carry the can for failure to take out the murderous savages in the news report we began with above.  

    French police, French gendarmes, French special forces, any or all of their security services, are courageous, more than capable of putting the Jungle SOBs where they belong.

    In a compound surrounded by electrified barbed wire…


    shoot terrs


    …or, better still, in the ground.

    Clearly it’s a case of effective action easily taken, but hand-cuffed by political weasels.

    What Cameron SHOULD do – but won’t, as he prefers to keep in with the EurocRats – is demand Hollande see to the safety of UK travellers transiting French territory.  

    We all rejoiced when those terrorist savages were shot dead in France and Denmark…

    But how about the terror in and around Calais?

    • Gary Enders 09:27 on September 4, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      If they had shot a few when that attack happened, we woulnt have had all the trouble on the Channel train this week.


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    ‘ Race to the Bottom?’ Not A ‘Gay’ Marathon, Just Cheap Media Bias! 

    We covered the Danish election result, and noted that even the Socialist leader had tried to chime in with popular dismay at the hordes of parasitical crimmigrants pouring into the small Scandinavian country.

    Bravo, Denmark – And Red Faces at Red Euronews! 

    She clearly didn’t convince the voters and lost power, with the patriot party, the DPP, winning a much larger share than anyone expected. 



    I used that post to criticise Euronews, which had a special report on the campaign but completely blocked out any mention of the big issue, the alien bludger tsunami swamping Denmark.

    But EUObserver picked up on the story, and gave it considerable coverage.

    And look at their headline –

    A Race to the Bottom  


    By which, needless to say, they meant that, by standing up for, or making like they were standing up for, a Danish Denmark, rather than exalting multicult migration, somehow the rival parties were sinking to levels of civic responsibility and national pride unbecoming to a subservient EUSSR satrapy.

    Now if you read the linked story, you may find that headline was a quote from some yapping alien or even a local lefty.

    And okay, EUObserver is free to quote whomsoever it washes.


    • But NOT without quotation marks!
    • Otherwise, they are nailing their own pinko colours to the mast, in the guise of news.  
    • ===========
    • But what have we  – or rather the Danes, ended up with?
    • A new Danish Liberal minority government, led by Lars Loekke Rasmussen, was presented on Sunday. The governing programme includes a referendum before Christmas on scrapping opt-outs from EU justice affairs policies..https://euobserver.com/tickers/129349
    • Denmark’s new foreign minister, Kristian Jensen, was in Berlin on Tuesday to tell his German colleagues that border controls are coming.
      Sounds good, but listen a little longer.
      “It is important to say that even though we want sharper controls as an assurance against crime and human smuggling, it is also important that it occurs within the framework of our shared playing rules, in other words within Schengen,” Jensen said….
      “There won’t be a border barrier and it’s not… on the border. There will be checks in the border areas.” Foreign Ministry spokesman Lars Peter Levy
      The report explains that the border move is due to the DPP who got more votes than the Liberals but has remained out of the government due to the two parties’ failure to come together on key issues.
      A previous bid to strengthen the Danish border against undesirables occurred in 2011 and sparked supranational opposition from the overlords of the EUSSR.
      EUSSR red
      That fight fell by the way due to a change of government in Copenhagen, no doubt to the glee of Brussels.
      Now that they are back at the helm, Jensen said that Venstre will approach the issue differently this time around.
      It’s hard to see how they will get round Schengen, the insane pact that forces member states to accept garbage flowing in from every other member.  But Jensen says that Germany is to be reassured that what the Danish government is coming with will be within the options given by Schengen.”  http://www.thelocal.dk/20150630/denmark-prepares-germany-for-border-controls
      But let’s hope for the best.
      Arrogant aliens in Ventimiglia, flying their EUSSR flag
      We must applaud France, resolute against those parasites in Ventimiglia, who arrogantly seek to force their way in from Italy. The French stand against barbarian incursion has also been endorsed by a top court in Paris   border controls on migrants at the Italian frontier were legal 
      dignif  Empty Threats, But Cameron Will Cower From Crim-Loving Court
      But suppose those savages get some legal lice to take their case to Strasbourg – as Australians know too well, there are plenty of pin-striped lawyer leeches happy to stab their own country in the back.


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    After Charlie? Air France Can’t Yet Share Terror Info With Cops? MEP Madness! 

    First proposed in 2011 and then blocked two years later by MEPs in the civil liberties committee, the bill requires airlines to hand over details like travel dates, travel itinerary, ticket information, contact details, the travel agent at which the flight was booked, means of payment used, seat number and baggage information.  MEPs break deadlock on airline passenger bill – EUobserver

    • terrorism
    • So Ryan Air, Qantas, Air France, etc, are free to delight in perusing this info, but the security services may not? Until now, maybe, if the Strasbourg idiots don’t make more trouble.
    • ——————-
    • And those ‘civil liberties’ nitwits have held up action for four years, because they question need?
    • Maybe it wouldn’t have made any difference, maybe a little, or maybe a lot. Whichever, there’s nothing that impinges on liberty about any of those details listed above. No honest citizen would object to collection or retention of such information.


    green party red


    These MEP crackpots need their heads read. And the craziest crackpots are the Greens, who have decreed that the progress made is “a carte blanche to scale-back personal freedoms”.

    And almost needless to saythe European Court of Justice is identified as a villain in the tale. In a separate ruling, last year, those clowns outlawed the indiscriminate data collection of people not suspected of any crime…


    If you’re not GUILTY of any crime, you have nothing to fear!

    But the report suggests the same court might again reconsider whether the proposed law violates those rights. If it does, the Court may decide to scrap the law altogether.


    • judges rogue
    • —————————-
    • France, not surprisingly after the Charlie Hebdo atrocity, appears to be the driving force for sanity in this…
    • …and also  on the Schengen system. That sets out minimum and random checks on EU citizens leaving or entering the EU.   France reckons EVERYONE should have to face checks. But the Brussels Commissars are giving this a  a cool reception. 
    • France_Flag_Map_svg
    • And thus France, which would be quite capable of defending its own citizens if free to do so, is hog-tied by the supranational albatross it has around its neck.


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