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  • ross1948 23:45 on September 24, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Left Out! Bravo, Project Veritas! 

    How many times have we looked at the menace of leftist indoctrination in schools?

    Too many to keep track of!


    And how many times have demands for the removal of malevolent teachers been met?

     Not as many as you and I would like, shall we say?

    Now  – thanks to the invaluable undercover work of Project Veritas – one sly red ratbag has not only been outed, but is out of a job….



    …though regrettably, knowing how many schools, in your country ( I say that confidently, to every reader in English-speaking countries, and I suspect many other countries too!) the subversive sow won’t be unemployed for long.

    Thing is, she has nobody but herself to blame for her situation.



    After bemoaning the school’s disapproval of indoctrination, she brazenly boasted of her total lack of principle as far as brain-washing young minds is concerned.

    Norris was caught on video saying that she pushes an agenda for her students.
    Jennifer “Ginn” Norris is “no longer employed” by the Trinity School


    “So, we’ve been just sneaking things in [through] the cracks.”

    Her racist remarks are worth reading too.

    She was also captured on video complaining about “white boys” who don’t align with her worldview.

    “Unfortunately, it’s the white boys who feel very entitled to express their opposite opinions and just push back. There’s a huge contingent of them that are just horrible,” she told the undercover journalist.



    One down…

    …but thousands to go.

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    Update On Left-Bigot Boland! 

    After being exposed for politically-motivated and sectarian discriminatory hiring practices…

    ..that creepy Cos Cob Elementary School Assistant Principal Jeremy Boland...

    It’s subtle. They will never say, ‘oh, this is a liberal or democratic way of doing this.’ And that’s how we handle things, it’s subtle.” 

    “And this is how you get away with it?” the journalist asked.

    “That’s how you get away with it,” Boland confirmed

    Why not email him? 


    …has been placed on ‘administrative leave..


    …presumably on full pay, instead of, as one might have hoped, getting the boot from the position he boasted so shamelessly of exploiting.


    You really wonder how bad a “teacher” has to be…

    . before he or she gets fired.

    All the other left fanatics in other schools will of course be very wary, now that they fear the risk of exposure…

    …but they’ll be cautious only in what they say to people they don’t know.

    Their fundamental urge to brain-wash kids will be as powerful as ever…

    …so parents must be ever more dedicated to rooting out the truth of what the subversive swine are up to.

    Unfortunately, there are all kinds of bureaucratic tactics that hostile apparatchiks can resort to…

    …as a parent in another part of the country has recently discovered.

    Kristina Denapolis, whose daughter is in 8th grade, filed a public records request with the Fort Worth Independent School District for copies of the book lists for kindergarten through 12th grade.

    The District told her the request would cost her a whopping $1,267.50.


    Denapolis last week filed a complaint with the Texas Attorney General’s office asking that it investigate the charge, which she said is “not reasonable,” and order the district to reduce it.  READ

    Damn right it’s not reasonable.

    We know bureaucrats in the public sector in many parts of the world are overpaid…

    …but to spin through a website and email the book-lists to a concerned parent?

    Over a thousand dollars?

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    Will Catholic Dotard Condemn Bigot Boland? 

    ‘Twill be interesting to see if The Dotard, who insists he’s Catholic…



    …though given his mental condition, we probably need independent corroboration of anything he says…



    …has anything coherent to say about the avowedly sectarian discrimination being operated by Assistant Principal Jeremy Boland, of Cos Cob Elementary School in Connecticut.

    It’s subtle. They will never say, ‘oh, this is a liberal or democratic way of doing this.’ And that’s how we handle things, it’s subtle.” 

    “And this is how you get away with it?” the journalist asked.

    “That’s how you get away with it,” Boland confirmed

    Why not email him? 


    This transymp pinko creep reportedly ‘told an undercover Project Veritas journalist that the school discriminates against Catholic teachers during interviews.’


    While some Protestant teachers are “liberal” about things like sexually “transitioning” children, “if they’re Catholic, it’s unbelievable,” Boland said, calling Catholic job applicants “brainwashed.”



    When asked what he does if he finds out a candidate is Catholic, Boland responded simply, “you don’t hire them.”  READ

    In fact, of course, the decent values that Boland the Bigot hates about Catholics who abhor transfreakery…


    …ought to be just as prevalent among Protestants, Sikhs, Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus…


    NB – Project Veritas does great work!

    Truth Will Out – NYT Confirms NO ‘Insurrection?’ 



    …and many people who are not notably religious but simply object to the child abuse implicit in ‘transitioning.’


    According to Connecticut Law section 46A-60B1, it is illegal for employers “to refuse to hire or employ or to bar or to discharge from employment any individual or to discriminate against such individual in compensation or in terms, conditions or privileges of employment because of the individual’s race, color, religious creed

    • Lorne Marzio 00:59 on September 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Talk about bad teachers!
      Boland has to be fired..
      Biden will find him a new job in DC


  • ross1948 16:00 on March 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    UK Schools – Total Tory Sell-Out! 

    Sell-out is not the only word I can think of.



    I don’t mean the BAME blather.

    Ministers will drop the term black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) 

    We covered that late last year.…

    Race-Obsessed UK Media Play BAME Game!

    I’m surprised Jellyfish doesn’t insist we all adopt that ridiculous POC term…

    Colourful Language And Clarke’s Resignation!

     …like his prissy pinko back-bencher Knight…

    …who also presumably relishes the other pathetic Tory crawlwil,  the ministerial plan..




    .. beef up local scrutiny of police stop and search…

    …pandering to undesirables, who will be over the moon to learn that the cops must curry favour with their ‘communities,‘ instead of making sure they obey the law.

    But it sinks to the lowest, lousiest level of self-abasement, with this :-

    …and draft a model history curriculum to teach Britain’s “complex” past in response to the Sewell report on racial disparities


    Complex’ Past?

    British history has had its ups and downs…

    …but in general has been glorious!

    No need to ‘draft’ any new curriculum to accommodate race-obsessed ingrates.

    • Mike Nelson 16:45 on March 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Shameful, and more so when our family has voted Conservative since the First World War.


  • ross1948 16:46 on March 6, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Guardian Red Ignores Teachers’ Evil Agenda 

    A man named Michael Rosen had a very snide, ingenuous ( not ingenious, please note!) attack on the Education Secretary’s call for teachers to lay off slanting lessons in the Guardian last week.



    No mention of his background, as often can be found at the end of such opinion pieces, and when I checked, the Guardian had what I can only describe as a highly sanitised precised biog.

    He’s a children’s writer, a ‘Children’s Laureate,’ even, but who gives out such a glorious title?

    Whatever, he’s educated, so there’s no excuse for his simple-minded assertion – in respect of the new anti-bias guide-lines – that ‘they seem to have been produced without reference to what schools have already been doing under guidelines produced by your predecessors for many years.’


    Well, that’s reassuring, except that it’s hogwash.

    What have schools been doing, really and truly, after all

    Schools have been waging a leftist war on British history, and patriotic values…


    …over the past few years!

    Howden school ditches Raleigh, Drake and Nelson houses for modern heroes after ex-pupil’s racism complaint


    …and the ‘teachers’ – or those appointed to represent them – have made clear their allegiance to the “Hate Britain’s Heritage” gang…

    National Education Union report says a need to decolonise education is ‘urgent’

    …eager to denigrate the grandeur of the Sceptred Isle’s global achievements.


    But back to Rosen, because no wonder the Guardian hides the truth about his ideological commitments!


    We uncovered his exteeme kedt roots before…

    Like CNN, UK Guardian Sees Public ‘As Stupid As Sh-t!’

    …but here’s a bit more!

    Rosen is perhaps Jeremy Corbyn Greatest Fan fan, who even ‘contributed to ‘Poets for Corbyn.’



    Remember Corbyn, the wannabe London Lenin?


    In November 2019, along with other Jewish public figures, Rosen signed an open letter supporting Corbyn, describing him as “a beacon of hope in the struggle against emergent far-right nationalism, xenophobia and racism in much of the democratic world…’

    There’s a lot more in wikipedia…

    Oh, and he has been a candidate for the far-left Respect party, supports the ‘Republic’ campaign, and spoken at the far-left Socialist Workers Party conferences! .

    So might it not have just been a little more honest of the Guardian…



    ….to clarify for unaware readers how rabidly leftist this dodgy old man is.

    • Vicki 19:59 on March 6, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      What a fanatical man.
      It says a lot about the Guardian that they need to use extremists like him to argue for their cause.


    • Edward Lamont 23:40 on March 6, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      If he had got it right, his leftness wouldn’t matter, but he writes like he is wholly unaware of the NEU marxists and all those heads awokening their schools.


  • ross1948 12:05 on February 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    A Politician Keeps His Word! 

    Remember how Mr. Youngkin raised his opponent’s contempt for parents to good effect in the Virginia gubernatorial election.

    Yes, Virginia, There IS Hope…. .

    Virginia Republican Glenn Youngkin

    Sometimes, what is said on the campaign trail is fast forgotten.

    But Governor Youngkin and his party have shown they care, shaming the Democrats, only two of whom supported a sensible reform.

    The majority-Democrat chamber approved the legislation, SB 656, in a 20-18 vote Wednesday. Two Democrats, Sens. Lynwood Lewis and Monty Mason, joined Republicans to pass the bill. Republican Sen. Mark Obenshain did not vote.

    SB 656 requires public schools to notify parents of any instructional material that includes sexually explicit content and allow parents to review it. The legislation also requires schools to provide alternative, non-explicit material to any student upon a parent’s request.

    The bill tasks Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) with developing model policies on parental notification for school boards by no later than July.

    “Each school board shall adopt policies that are consistent with but may be more comprehensive than the model policies developed by the Department,” according to the bill.

    School boards have until January 1, 2023 to implement the new policies.


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    Good News! Arrogant Anti-Parent Ass Is OUT! 

    We do send out innumerable warnings of the dangers facing children in school…

    …but it’s also important to report good news, as when an unwholesome influence is suddenly no longer befouling the educational environment.

    Read this!

    Taking it to the politicians: Wyoming County Commissioner resigns after pressure from MassResistance parents over obscene library books.
    He had compared local parents to Nazis. Railed about parents’ “ignorance and hate.” An arrogant pro-LGBT liberal who got elected in a conservative area. A new pro-family Commissioner has been voted in to take his place! More

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    Poisoning Teen Minds! 

    A Massachusetts high school biology teacher is teaching students about gender identity, gender expression and intersex individuals in a unit on genetics.



    A few years ago, this report would have been incredible, but today, not.

    And although readers in the UK won’t have seen this particular news story  (the maladjust-infested BBC sure won’t cover it!)…

    BBC Pro-Homo Bias, Again! 

    Courtesy Of All You Brits – Special Bogs For BBC Queers

    ….there are undoubtedly a lot of similar sick pedagogues peddling tranny garbage in British schools.

    It’s the same war as that on British history – we know that head teachers in Britain have either collaborated with, or cowered from, the subversive woke agenda…

    Your Child’s Teacher, The Enemy Within? 

    National Education Union report says a need to decolonise education is ‘urgent’

    …over the past few years!

    Howden school ditches Raleigh, Drake and Nelson houses for modern heroes after ex-pupil’s racism complaint


    …so beware.

    Get on the school governors board – you’ll need to be as organised as your counterparts ‘Across the Pond.’ who are defending their country’s history, and waking mums and dads up to malevolent maladjusts…

    Anti-Parent Evil Stalks A School! 

    ….and start similar action to that seen in some of those schools we have written about…

    Birmingham Brain-Wash – Another Judges V People Confrontation!

    Why Has That Vixen Not Been Fired


    …but there’s no reason why YOU can’t be as strong in your resistance!

    Don’t think this evil can’t happen here – it can, just as it’s happening over there and parents there are putting up a real fight!

    “Some students at Needham High School have alleged that the teacher is “trying to show kids that wanting to change your sex is a feeling that is common throughout nature,” according to nonprofit group Parents Defending Education…

     PDF Director of Outreach Erika Sanzi slammed the move by the biology instructor to deliver “factually inaccurate” teachings on gender and debunked the claims of the presentation….
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    Is BBC Part Of New Anti-Parent Cover-Up? 

    I don’t think the in-crowd in charge of the left media actually hold video conferences before they decide to suppress (or just marginally censor) news they don’t like…



    …although it’s quite possible!

    But the pinko creeps who rule the roost at CNN, BBC, as also at Canada’s CBC and at the ABC in Australia…

    …are probably so cloned in their bias-think that they’ve no need to!

    The silence on UK Pravda, echoing the eerie suppression across the rest of the above rat-pack..


    …regarding this latest unprincipled cover-up, tends to confirm my view.

    The left-leaning American news media has so far refused to cover a bombshell report indicating that the Biden administration may have been instrumental in the drafting of a letter that compared protesting pare .

    .. Read more

    Read more and PROTEST!


  • ross1948 01:04 on October 30, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Candace Calls Out YouTube Geekstapo! 

    Here’s a message from Candace, whom many of you will have heard of.


    Candace Owens by Gage Skidmore 3.jpg


    She’s a dashed fine gal, and a freedom-fighter extraordinaire!

    I hope you will watch the video that the Geekstapo have suppressed and then spread it among everyone you know, in every country, who cares about kids.


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