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  • ross1948 14:22 on September 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘A Man’s A Man For A’ That?’ Not In Sicko Scotland! 

    Scotland’s national bard once wrote those famous words, his forthright defence of individual rights against misrule.

    But under the decadent regime run by the nauseating Nicola Sturgeon, the leftist SNP separatist leader….

    ‘Freedom!’ Shouted Braveheart – But Not On Sturgeon’s Watch! 

     “I believe passionately in free speech but..” she said.

    Separatist Socialist Sturgeon – Biden’s Trans-Atlantic Twin? 

    ….in close collusion with the Greens, any muscle-bound woman can declare herself a ‘man,’ and any maladjusted man can purport to be a ‘woman,’ with no need even for surgical emasculation.

    All that any such aberrant individuals need to do is say so!


    And lo, it is so!

    We shouldn’t be surprised that it’s come to this.

    SNP Commons Cabal – Foul-Mouths AND Foul Minds 

    The SNP isn’t fussy about what it puts into parliament.

    Read the link from C4M and if you’re in Scotland, get stuck in and fight back!



    • Jock Tamson 16:17 on September 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Scotland is going downhill but if Sturgeon gets her breakaway republic, the downward pace will accelerate faster and faster.
      Scottish weather is never that great.
      But in the Scottish People’s Republic, it’ll be a cold climate for people with values


    • Tam Birnie 18:12 on September 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      You just need to look at some of the SNP MPs to see where all the sick law-making comes from.
      Scotland is facing a bleak future if they get their separatist way.

      Not that the rest of the UK is a lot better off, but even so..


  • ross1948 16:45 on August 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Scots Can’t Burn Witches At The Stake, Alas! 

    Burning at the stake is illegal so we cannot call for Sturgeon to suffer such a fate.



    Yet in a healthier age, angry parents would not be blamed were they to set upon the far-left separatist ‘First Minister” Of Scotland – along with all those in the Scottish ‘Parliament’ who endorse her regime’s plan…



    … to permit 4-year-olds to ‘choose’ maladjustment in the matter of ‘gender. ‘

    For pity’s sake, we don’t let 4-year-olds choose their dessert!

    Read it, and its invocations of UN agencies and the Soros court in Strasbourg, and please note…

    Mrs. May Set To Poison Tots’ Minds 

    ….how it also uses the Theresa May’s Tory ‘equality’ legislation.

    Parents, needless to say, are not permitted to disallow such perversion of their children’s ‘sexual identity.’

    • Media around the world have reported this outrage against decency.

    Here’s part of a report from one major Canadian newspaper.

    One section of the guidance says children simply need to tell others informally that they want to use a different name, and it won’t be formally recorded on their record.

    It also says staff should ask if their family is aware they are considering changing their gender identity, but it does not suggest parents should be contacted.

    Students will be permitted to choose which washroom and change room to use in both primary and secondary schools, and it is also recommended that books featuring the transgender community should be added to the curriculum….



    My God!

    Brussels Wants Kids Exposed To Porn? 

    This is a stunning reminder of how wise are the Hungarians, facing the Fourth Reich’s fury because they dare to safeguard children!


    ….Students will be permitted to choose which washroom and change room to use in both primary and secondary schools, and it is also recommended that books featuring the transgender community should be added to the curriculum.


    • Tam Birnie 18:13 on August 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Makes me furious, and my kids are grown up. What’s wrong with parents whose children are facing this sick plan.


  • ross1948 10:44 on December 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Charity?’ But Christians Not Welcome? 

    I have in the past written about vicious anti-Christian intolerance here in Indonesia…

    X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’Mayor Denies They Exist!’ 

    Christ’s Ascension Day – Savages Pelt Congregation With Sewage, Urine and Rocks 

    …but today, sadly, it seems our focus has to be on the land whence my ancestors migrated and where I spent many happy times.

    “Definitely not the Free Church, anyone but the Free Church, they don’t believe in same-sex marriage”.



    That’s the kind of hateful rant one might expect from some malevolent marxist, mincing along on one of those revolting so-called ‘gay’ so-called ‘pride’ marches….



    …cheered on by fellow maladjusts, their stubbly faces caked in make-up, snarling their hatred of decent people’s values.

    But not at all!

    It’s allegedly the outburst of intolerance heard from a woman named Shionaig Macpherson, chair of one of Scotland’s largest charities, believe it or not!

    She’s apparently a built-in part of the Scottish establishment…

    She is currently Chairman of the Royal Lyceum Theatre Company and a board member of Euan’s Guide, Futurelean Limited and the Dunedin Consort.

    “Past appointments, meanwhile, include Chairman of The National Trust for Scotland, The Prince’s Scottish Youth Business Trust, Scottish Council for Development and Industry, the Scottish Council Foundation and ITI Scotland Limited and Vice Chairman of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Limited. Ms Macpherson has also served on the Governing Bodies of the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art, the Open University, The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and Heriot Watt UniversitY..

    ….though frankly I’d never heard of her…



    ….so I dug around for more info, and it turns out she was chair of another charity, about ten years ago, and got a headline or two back then, as well!

    Call for Shonaig Macpherson to stand down immediately

    Fast forward to 2020, and here’s another part of the press release I have been sent.

    Stirling Free Church was renting premises owned by The Robertson Trust. But when Chairwoman Shonaig Macpherson discovered this, she was said to be “incandescent with anger…”



    If those quotes are accurate, Scotland needs to shame this shrill shrew.



    Good to hear that the Christians are fighting back against such bigotry – the church is now suing the multimillion-pound charitable trust.

    The freedom to defend true marriage needs protecting.


    Do read it all, and see what kind of persecution this small church is up against!

    • Tommy Giesler 14:00 on December 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      What kind of repulsive prejudice against Christian values would bring anyone to say what this Mcpherson woman’s reported as saying?
      It says little for today’s Scotland if freedom of religion is disrespected like this.
      Poor Braveheart must be turning in his grave!


  • ross1948 15:33 on September 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Freedom!’ Shouted Braveheart – But Not On Sturgeon’s Watch! 


    Remember him?

    No, not Mel Gibson, but the Scottish hero he played so well in ‘Braveheart,’ a film I am always happy to watch whenever it returns to the tv screen.

    Sir William Wallace’s war-cry was ‘FREEDOM,’ and it’s being stomped by the leftist separatist SNP leader…

    No “People’s Vote” For Scots Parents! The Separatist ‘Brat-Charter! 

    Separatist Socialist Sturgeon – Biden’s Trans-Atlantic Twin? 

    “I believe passionately in free speech but..” she said.

    Nicola Sturgeon quits BBC event over Steve Bannon invitation …https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/oct/20/nicola-sturgeon-quits-bbc-event-over-steve-bannon-invitation


     ….Nicola Sturgeon, whose record on almost everything stinks!

    Please read on, especially our doughty band of readers in Scotland, who should FIGHT Sturgeon’s gaystapo agenda..


    …and heed the C4M appeal.

    AND please check out the petition I have appended at the bottom of the page!

    It’s going to be more difficult to disagree with same-sex marriage in Scotland – and in the rest of the UK. ”

    The new hate crime Bill there seems to confuse disagreement with hatred.

    C4M is particularly concerned as there is no free speech clause on marriage (unlike England, Wales and Northern Ireland). Our sister organisation, Scotland for Marriage, has circulated the following:“The proposals, currently making their way through the Scottish Parliament, have drawn strident criticism from every corner of Scottish society because of the potential to shut down freedom of expression.

    This is because the Bill:

    ‘has no free speech clause on marriage – unlike England, Wales and NI;has thresholds so low that you could even commit a criminal offence without intending to;could see people prosecuted for things said in the privacy of their own home;

    has no free speech clause protecting discussion of transgenderism – a controversial issue which totally undermines a ‘one man, one woman’ definition of marriage; 

    has no backstop to prevent misuse of the law – unlike England and Wales where the Attorney General (or in Northern Ireland the DPP) must give permission to prosecute.”

    Judges, police, lawyers, actors, comedians, academics, feminists, secularists, Christians, left and right wing commentators, civil liberties groups and politicians from almost every party have raised concerns about the hate crime Bill’s impact on free speech.


    ”The law covers all publications distributed in Scotland.

    If Police Scotland believe an English newspaper on sale in Edinburgh “is likely” to “stir up hatred”, they could get a warrant from a Scottish Court, drive down to London and arrest the editor. 

    ”C4M defends the freedom to speak out in defence of marriage.We know that marriage can be a contentious subject and some activists would do anything to shut down the debate.

    That’s why, when same-sex marriage was going through the Westminster Parliament, C4M fought hard to get a marriage clause into the law on hate speech.“In this Part, for the avoidance of doubt, any discussion or criticism of marriage which concerns the sex of the parties to marriage shall not be taken of itself to be threatening or intended to stir up hatred.”Section 29JA, Public Order Act 1986 (as amended)This important protection, which applies in England and Wales and is duplicated in Northern Ireland, allows people to speak freely about traditional marriage without fear of the criminal law.

    It is troubling that this essential provision is missing from Scotland’s hate crime Bill, and C4M will be making representations to Scottish politicians to ensure this is addressed.


    Oh, and BTW, here’s a petition, begun by a fellow with whom I have almost nothing in common, but targetting that Sturgeon.


    Any readers in Scotland should have a look and add their names to the rapidly increasing number of signatures!

    • Tam Birnie 17:10 on September 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      She makes a lot of Scots squirm every time she opens her naggy wee mooth.


  • ross1948 16:54 on March 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Salmond Off The Hook – Fishy Questions Surface! 

    Never exactly been a fan of Alex Salmond…

    F**K Yer Votes, Jimmy!” Sore Loser Separatists Spit On Scots’ Decision 



    …but equally was never convinced that he would be stupid enough to engage in the sort of conduct that got him into trouble with the law.

    The seemingly orchestrated character of some of the accusations against him…


    Image result for blasey ford liar


    Dodgy Doorways Into Blasey’s Blurry Brain 

    …reminded me of the witch-hunt waged against Judge Kavanaugh in the USA!

    Mr. Salmond must be very relieved, but I am more curious as to why the Guardian is suppressing the identities of the coven – “all of whom are current or former Scottish government officials, or SNP politicians” – his accusers, what one might describe as a powerful collection of insiders.

    Of course, in a sex-assault trial, it is unacceptable to drag victims’ names before the public.

    But now we have verdicts that show these women were not victims of any proven crime by the man accused.

    Not only that, but we read that at senior levels of the Scots establishment, the initial developments in the anti-Salmon story fell to pieces, and the consequent developments were regarded not so much as a criminal justice case but as a ‘war.’

    Read the linked report and see for yourself, and share my bafflement why that emailed (and ambivalent) declaration of ‘war’ was ruled inadmissible as evidence.



  • ross1948 11:02 on February 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘The Scottish Government Declined To Comment?’ SICK! 

    The Scottish Government declined to comment.

    That was the final sentence in a horrifying news item about a ‘gay’ Minister in Scotland’s SNP separatist government.

    I know what comment I’d have offered!

    Fire the Queer!

    But then I found an update today!

    …the Scottish Government questioned the “justification” for the story.

    It said: “Given you yourself state that there is nothing illegal or unlawful in the messages, can you advise on your justification for publication, given the intrusion into private and family life, and correspondence including digital communication.”


    They even wanted the newspaper to identify the boy at the receiving end of the queer’s attentions.


    And SNP ‘First Minister’ Sturgeon failed to fire the creep!

    The queer was allowed to resign!

    • Alex Sarroni 12:59 on February 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      That’s what happens if perversion is normalized!
      And the gaystapo agenda is more and more of a threat to children, as this news from California tells us.

      Here’s what a top education official in the Brea Olinda School District said when a concerned parent asked why her 9th-grader was learning about pedophilia in school:

      “This is being done because we are talking about historical perspectives of how gender relations and different types of sexual orientations have existed in history,” explained Kerrie Torres, Assistant Superintendent of Curricula.



    • Mack the Knife 13:46 on February 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      What a repulsive man!’
      But the real villain in the story is Sturgeon.
      It’s distressing and disreputable of her government to have responded the way they did to what her boy-bothering colleague had been up to.
      Allowing him to leave his job by resignation, instead of condemning him and dismissing him in disgrace, tells us everything we need to know about her personal ethical standards.


    • J. Elder 14:38 on February 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      God, how vile!
      Bruce and Wallace would surely rather have had England’s King Edward run Scotland than this crew.


    • Charlie Buck 18:41 on February 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Talk in the pub, if SNP dont expel him, no more votes for them around our part of town.
      People dont like men that chase after wee boys!


  • ross1948 20:14 on December 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: ‘men don’t belong in shops’, ‘Smile!’, Cate Lawson, Lynn McGowan, misanthropy, , Scotland   

    Season Of Goodwill? A Story Of Sexist Scots Uptightesses! 

    I was going to take a break tonight, content after a day of beef, bacon, carrots, spuds, plums, mangoes and cake..

    …and beer, and currently Scotch…


    Mindless people exist everywhere…


    …but since it’s a Scottish newspaper that carries this bizarre story involving twittering moronesses –


    – hence my headline!

    I can’t imagine why the Daily Record thinks it important to report the twaddle tweets of some chick whose only apparent claim to significance is that she hangs out with a ‘comedian’ named ‘Limmy,’ but that’s apparently why a misanthropic minx named Lynn McGowan gets headlines.

    Here’s a photo of Misery-Guts!


    Image result for smile liz buchanan sexist

    A face that only a mother could love, as Scots say


    Having sexistly told the world ( or at least anyone dim-witted enough to follow her wittering)  that ‘men don’t belong in shops,’ the dumb cluck soon after went doolali because a security guard in Glasgow suggested she ‘Smile!’

    Grievously offended, the nasty bitch REPORTED him for being ‘sexist,’ – pot/kettle stuff this – and when called out for her vindictive irrationality, she bleated that she didn’t care if he lost his job as a result of her uptight snarkling.

    Since there is obviously nothing sexist about urging a passing gloom-bag to smile, some sane people’s reaction was inevitable, but you can read those logical rebukes, if you wish, on the link.



    What astounded me was another dim-wit chick named Cate Lawson, who echoed Misery-Guts’ whine, asserting that exhortations to smile were ‘underhand misogyny,’ which, when she was so urged, ‘made me feel helpless..’

    I’d be inclined to ask if Loopy Lawson is nine years old, but that would be unfair on primary school age children, who are not given to such fatuous flatulence.

    Therapy, methinks,is overdue!

    • Howie Jacklin 20:24 on December 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Ye Gods!
      I often disagree with you, Ross, at least in terms of the invective you use.
      On this, however, we are as one. These women are in dire need of restraint. Their agressive statements indicate paranoia.
      I applaud your menu and am imitating the final part, Scotch, of course.


    • Jenny Muilen 20:32 on December 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      These women give women a bad name. I took the time to read the original story to make sure you aren’t exagerrating.
      You’re not.
      I feel sorry for whoever “Limmy” is, because waking up beside that McGowan regularly can’t be good for his comedian role. Nothing for him to smile about at all.


      • Chrissie Miles 09:04 on December 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        I do feel sorry for the cheerful man this horrible woman complained about but if his manager has any sense, no disciplinary action will be considered for even a moment.
        I think you’re right, Jenny, it has to be that Limmy we should be feeling sorry for.
        His girl-friend’s face reminds me of a python about to swallow some poor rodent.


    • Keith Milner 10:37 on December 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      She looks like a fishy sort, and as much brain as the average fish too.


    • Ken Kasic 12:16 on December 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      This story would be unbelievable if we lived in any other period of history.
      Both the women named are obviously very disturbed, and disturbing, because any man who tries to be nice to them is at risk.


    • Gordon Lyon 19:05 on December 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      There are some very troubled women on Glasgow’s streets these days.
      Kooky Cate is a worry. I hope by the time I go back to Scotland she will have got herself a man and no longer be showing such obvious signs of frustration, but I have my doubts.
      I mean to say, what man would want a screwed up besom like her?


  • ross1948 14:35 on February 28, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , gay adoption, Scotland   

    Sad, Sick Scotland! ‘Charity’ Seeks Sodomite Adopters… 


    Scottish charity to target LGBT nightclubs to boost number of gay and single adopters
    A Scottish adoption charity is to target popular LGBT nightclubs for the first time in a bid to encourage more single people to adopt and foster


    How sad, how sick, can it get?

    Not a lot, the “charity’s” scheme made even more offensive, if possible,by the fact that it’s named for Scotland’s patron Christian saint, Andrew…


    Saint Andrew


    …but decent Scots must be horrified that anyone, let alone a ‘charity,’ would knowingly consign defenceless kids to the care and control of self-confessed homos.

    Nor is it a question of physical risk, though a search of info on that subject reveals sufficient cause for alarm.

    How about the issue of indoctrination into degenerate thinking?

    That aspect is glaringly illustrated by another headline this week, from Holland, where some wretched child with FOUR sexually maladjusted ‘parents’ has campaigned ( successfully, incredibly!) for Donald Duck cartoons…


    scrooge mcduck

    Will Uncle Scrooge’s kilt now be misrepresented?


    … yes, seriously,  to include a pair of perverted characters.


    • Graham Gillie 15:41 on February 28, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      It is chilling, not the trawling in queer clubs for possible adopters but who’s doing it.
      Saint Andrew must be so proud of the ‘charity’ that bears his name.
      That’ll be right!
      The story shames Scotland.


    • Russell Davidson 16:17 on February 28, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Sick is the only word, apart from some others I better not use, to describe this vomitable ( is that a word?) plan.
      How can they sink to such a level?
      If anything horrible happens to any child handed over to a pervert through this plan, it is not only the pervert who should go to jail but the ‘charitable’ facilitators.


  • ross1948 23:09 on November 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Bannon, , , Scotland,   

    Happy St. Andrew’s Day, 30th November! 

    Scotland - Prods n Papes Unite for Decency -and YOU Can Help!


    Scots everywhere will raise a glass to their big day, and why not?

    Despite attempts by ghastly separatists like Sturgeon to reinvent Scotland as a multicult mess…



    ….which sooner or later will come to grief, since younger Scots seem to have engrained instincts healthier than the haggis-bashing leftists of Sturgeon’s SNP.


    Aug 17, 2018 · Almost two-thirds of Scottish teenagers think immigration levels should be cut or remain the same …

    Yet this sensible attitude may get the youngsters into trouble, if they express their  wisdom to anyone other than anonymous pollsters. There’s a strong streak of censorious intolerance in the fake nationalism that Sturgeon embodies.

    That came out loud and clear when, rather than challenge the views of American patriot Steve Bannon, she refused even to attend an event at which he was invited to speak.


    Related image



    “I believe passionately in free speech but..” she said.





    • Gus Reid 18:51 on November 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Sturgeon is a real embarrassment to Scots who value Scottish traditions and traditional values.
      Her name is a byword for intolerance as her childish refusal to go anywhere near Mr. Bannon again confirmed
      There is an alternative explanation, that she was scared even a wee argument with Mr. B would show her up for what she is, a censorious leftwing nyaff.
      Nyaff is a Scottish word that means what it sounds like it means!.


  • ross1948 17:35 on August 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 'ignorant', Caithness, golliwogs, , , Scotland, town fair, Wick   

    Wicked Wick, A Nightmare Town ‘Unwilling To Change!” 

    Talk about wasting police time!

    Two years ago, some brain-dead leftists went whining to the cops in the Scottish Highlands because some locals dressed up as golliwogs at a town fair.


    Since there’s nothing obviously illegal about wearing any sort of costumes at a fair, these uptights were just being a public nuisance, much like the Australian dolts who organised that petition in Sydney.

    But the police unfortunately didn’t, as far as we know, charge the pinko killjoys with the appropriate offence, which is that mentioned above  – wasting police time.

    Such a pity.

    Had action been taken against the mischief-making mewlers then, we might have been spared the latest outburst of hysterical ‘OUTRAGE’ over another harmless bit of fun in Wick….


    Hasil gambar untuk wick town


    …which is a small but not unattractive royal burgh in Caithness.

    It wouldn’t be quite so offensive if the nasty shrew stirring up ill-feeling wasn’t shrilling from behind a mask of anonymity. So we shall refer to her as Nutjob Nellie…


    …a wretched wench, who is clearly a seriously disturbed individual!

    Yet it’s also disturbing that, in the absence of ANYONE other than the shrew being ‘outraged,’ the newspaper still turns her wittering into a ‘news’ story, and astonishingly treats this as a serious issue.

    There is NO evidence of anyone except Nutjob Nellie screaming ‘Outrage!’

    If there had been more than one retard  fretting, a protest march, maybe, it would be news, though probably in that protesters would have had to be imported from outside Wick.

    But let’s savour the silly season tripe, in which the journo tries desperately to make the 2015 episode as something out of a cops and robbers yarn.



    Get this for sheer guff.

    Police launched a probe into the incident after a member of the public raised the alarm over ‘inappropriate behaviour’ at the gala in 2015.’

    ‘Launched a probe?’ Into kids in fancy dress?

    ‘Raised the alarm?’ Over kids in fancy dress?

    ‘Inappropriate behaviour?’ At least the journo puts inverted commas around that silly little non-offence.

    Why not highlight the hate-speech used by the repulsive nagging bat who calls the honest townsfolk ‘ignorant?

    Listen to Nutjob Nellie’s psychotic babbling.

    “The last time people did black up people didn’t see it as an issue. They are so ignorant they have just done the same thing again.”

    If you disagree with her neuroses, you’re ‘IGNORANT?’

    Sorry, Nutjob Nellie, people who still retain a wee bit of tolerance for other people’s tastes and humour are NOT ‘ignorant.’

    It’s YOU that’s ‘ignorant,’ of the old notion of live and let live,

    “It has shocked me that it’s happened again….

    Image result for shock

    “I think Wick is so lacking in diversity, so there is no one to call them out on it.

    Aah, now we are probing the roots of her neuroses!


    • It’s wicked Wick’s fault, for not having been sufficiently multlculted!

    Lucky townsfolk!

    “They seem really unwilling to change, they just defend it by saying it’s just a bit of fun, but it’s a horrible tradition..”


    Gambar terkait

    • Jock T 18:23 on August 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Reading these attacks of yours against PC simpletons like ‘Nutjob Nellie’ is like drinking Irn Bru on a Sunday morning after a heavy Saturday night, totally invigorating.
      She’s a rude trollop, isn’t she, abusing a whole town as ‘ignorant’ just because they are not as insufferably self-righteous as herself.
      If it wasn’t for the expense involved, I’d say put it to a town referendum. Or has a local newspaper maybe done a poll of the townspeople? I can hardly see more than a handful of folk in Wick wanting rid of harmless golly fun.
      But then ‘Nutjob’ and her killjoy kind always know best, so why let us ‘ignorant’ people have our say?


    • Marie Lawson 19:32 on August 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      She’s the ignorant one, smearing a whole town like that.
      Besides that, what’s wrong with dressing up and blackening your face, it’s not as if they’re making out that there’s anything wrong with black people.
      Kids play cowboys and Indians all the time, so are we to slap the one that plays the Indian?
      This woman is well-advised to hide her identity, she’d have a cheek to show her face anywhere among the people she’s called ignorant.
      Somebody in Wick should come forward and identify her on social media and let all us ignorants know who she is.
      If she hates them so much it would be better if she moved somewhere else.


    • Petra Malley 19:54 on August 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      It is unacceptable that this newspaper allows a boorish coward to denigrate Wick or any community. We have no proof at all that she lives in Wick or comes from there.
      It is just as likely that she is some fool from Islington who passsed through while the fair was on or even only heard about it from somebody else.
      Even worse, who’s to say some journalist, like most journalists a leftwinger, took exception to the youngsters having their harmless fun and decided to create a little fake news about an ‘outraged resident?’
      I’m not saying that’s what happened but it is very unusual for a story to have no verifiable source.
      Put up or shut up, whoever the boor may be.


    • Clark Larkin 20:34 on August 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      We passed through Wick on our way to John o’ Groats, the northern tip of the British Isles.
      It wasn’t a memorable town but we stopped for a coffee and had a walk round and then we had lunch.
      Everybody was polite and friendly and none of the people were ignorant.
      It was a very British, or very Scottish if you like, little place and no boring diversity to spoil it, not a burqa to be seen! No chance of a ghetto riot because no ghettos either.
      Is that what the anonymous insulter would prefer to find in the Scottish Highlands?


      • Mel R 17:33 on August 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Yes, me too. I. Have been to Wick and it was no different from any small city or town in the UK.
        Unlike the big cities, where British people are or nearly are a minority, Wick is safe and pleasant enough to walk around of an evening.
        The Nutjob would prefer it to be different in what way?


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