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  • ross1948 10:55 on May 24, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Dutton…Joyce? Who’s The Right Choice? 

    One does worry about the Australian ‘Right.



    I have applauded Peter Dutton in the past….…


    Image result for pro-beijing sydney

    Well Said, Dutton! Communists Are Vermin! 

    ….or at least applauded his words, while less impressed by his follow-up.

    And as I watched the election results coming in, I was struck by the words of one of those ABC battle-axes…

    …who remarked that, while Dutton was often seen as a tough guy, behind the scenes he was significantly less so.

    And the example she gave was disturbing, that on tbe tranny issues involved in the religious freedom legislation, he was not as eager as Scomo to fight that battle.


    Given how Scott Morrison ultimately adopted an appeasement stance, what does that tell us?

    As for the Libs’ partner in the ousted Coalition, Barnaby Joyce is facing a challenge from the left.

    Yet despite having championed him mildly, when another ABC hag abused her position and flaunted her left prejudice…..

    Just Asking- Does Red Vixen Trioli Yet Leech Off ABC

    ….I’m perplexed, as Joyce too sounds  to have become equivocal…



    …as with his comments about the Turquoise ( aka ‘Teal’) party aka gang.

    Talking about the T effect, he blamed them for the defeat of ‘three gay guys’ – Liberal queers who lost their seats – as if that was regrettable.

    But Joyce’s tone was ambiguous, and his prospective leadership challenger has aligned himself with the Climate Panic pack.

    So what should we conclude?



    Again, while I take a keen interest in Oz politics, I like to have input from Aussie comnenters.

    Over to you.


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    Oz Labor Lacks Humour? Or Truth Hurts! 

    What an ill-tempered reaction to that very attractive truck…




    .. from the Western Australian State Premier, childishly abusing those who had their truck parked near his residence as ‘morons’ and ‘idiots.’

    It seems to me the truck’s message is perfectly legitimate….



    …much more so than a lot of the biased hogwash heard on the tax-funded ABC…

    Desperate’ Scomo? ABC Probyn’s Bias Rant!

    Just Asking- Does Red Vixen Trioli Yet Leech Off ABC

    …which Labor probably adores.

    And I say that as a frequent critic of Scott Morrison.

    I used to think he was a good guy….



    …but his wibbling and wobbling have repelled me.

    Despite his colleague’s recognition of reality…


    Image result for pro-beijing sydney

    Well Said, Dutton! Communists Are Vermin! 

    ….Scomo has not, as far as we know, deported many – any? – of the red scum seen yammering for evil on Australian streets.

    Even when he turns decisive, his most recent turn was not towards the side of right, but to sabotage the rightwing lady senator who was let down so badly.

    There is, moreover, his disgraceful disdain for the rights of that school to require decent moral standards among staff and students. https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/pm-flags-amendment-to-religious-discrimination-bill-to-protect-lgbtiq-students-20220203-p59tga.html

    Easy to say he had to appease creepy leftist legislators in his own parliamentary caucus –



    – but why hasn’t he exercised his infamous “captain’s pick” against those pinkos instead of putting the boot into Senator Concetta?

    So for whose electoral success should we hope?

    Up to my Aussie readers…


    …but I still like Pauline!

    • Uncle Oz 08:50 on April 9, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Pauline is trustworthy.
      I can’t say the same for many other politicians.


    • Carly McLean 09:18 on April 9, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Scomo, Albo, neither one of them impresses, so I am inclined to agree with you, Pauline stands up for us.


  • ross1948 05:33 on February 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Shut Up Ardern – Or Tell The Turks To Hang That Vixen! 

    Our view on sexism…


    ….is no secret to readers of our small but ever-forthright blog.

    Sectarian terror scum should be put to death…

    ….no discrimination on grounds of race, creed or colour – OR SEX!

    When said scum are also treacherous ingrates, having turned on the countries that provided them with educational and all manner of other benefits…



    …and travelled thousands of mile to cleave to the ISIS rape-gang, a quick death by firing squad is arguably an overly mild measure of justice!


    Merely stripping the pigs and sows of citizenship is hardly adequate – yet it’s better than nothing. Australia has quite rightly done so, in the case of a creature detained in Turkey, whose identity is curiously concealed by the Guardian reports!

    These are sacks of garbage, in case you’re wondering!


    But instead of following suit, New Zealand’s PM Arden, a very easily dislikable woman, who can be very tight-lipped when it suits her….

    NZ’s Pinko Princess, Cowering From Cannabis Candour? 

    A close shot of a woman's head as she speaks at a press conference

    …..has taken to caterwauling against Scott Morrison.


    Because the captured bag-head also has NZ citizenship!

    Morrison defended the decision to strip the New Zealand woman of her Australian citizenship on Tuesday, saying his job was to put Australia’s national security interests first.


    “The legislation that was passed through our parliament automatically cancels the citizenship of a dual citizen where they’ve been engaged in terrorist activities of this nature.“

    And Arden’s left-liberal globalist record makes it clear she would never buck the idiotic UN ‘anti-statelessness convention’ that prevents New Zealand doing what Australia has done.


    The report notes how ‘other women have also been stripped of their Australian citizenship,‘ but probably not enough.

    What Oz and NZ and all civilised countries should be doing is repudiating that damfool UN pact…


    ….and commencing deportation of all dangerous and demonic aliens that prowl within their borders. 

    Australia Beware! Fanatic Cuckoos In The Nest! 

    God knows there are far too many, whose disloyalty is infamous…


    Hizb ut-Tahrir’s Australian leader recently called on the country to become an Islamic state ruled by Islamic law and for a boycott of Anzac Day.   http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/national/australias-generation-jihad-is-homegrown/story-fnii5s41-1226653324521

    Instead of railing at Australia, Ardern would do better to ask Erdogan to corral every ISIS fan that can be found and string them up.

    He is most unlikely to oblige, but it makes more sense to extirpate vermin than bring them ‘home’ to the ‘homeland’ they despise and detest.

    • Keith Milner 09:32 on February 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      She is a very annoying woman.
      Not being sexist. Australia’s fool Turnbull is a very annoying man and thank God he isn’t Prime Minister.
      He would probably invite all the jihadist traitors back for tea and crumpets.


    • Delise NZ 11:48 on February 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Not an Aussie but I agree with Morrison. Ardern and her type are famed for taken to their bosom that ‘Kiwi Jihadist’ given a safe haven, instead of making sure the sh-t was sent as far away as possible.
      You have the best idea, kill the lot.


    • Chipper 12:09 on February 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Why doesn’t she take the ISIS bitch back and shoot her.
      That’s fair.


  • ross1948 14:59 on January 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC Matches Oz Bias Channel’s Imbalance! 

    This morning, about 8am Jakarta time, a bulky Beeb-Bint named Freya – I didn’t catch her surname and I can’t be bothered to pore over UK Pravda’s website – took a look at tomorrow’s Australia Day…

    …and OF COURSE the BBC World News travesty gave equal time to both sides of the debate on the popular national holiday.

    Just like ABC?

    .Impartial coverage!


    That’ll be right!

    A brief video clip of Prime Minister Scott Morrison…



    ….supporting the commemoration of the first landing by British vessels, which began the transformation of a vast and undeveloped land…



    …Into the advanced, civilised, modern country it’s always a joy to visit.

    A very brief video clip!

    And after Scomo?

    A fawning interview, at least twice as long as was allotted to the democratically elected PM, with an Aborigine nonentity, a whineress named Oni.

    No need to catalogue the moans and groans emitted by the Aborigine and unchallenged by bulky Freya…


    ….but was Orrible Oni’s introduction of the idea of a ‘War Crimes’ commission some new nonsense, or was she just in repeat-grievance mode.

    Just letting you know how BBC imbalance was on display again.

    • Kelly Armstrong 15:04 on January 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, I saw that, typical BBC,
      Same as ABC.
      Hopelessly one-sided.


    • Carly McLean 15:49 on January 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      She should be a nonentity but the media keep covering her raving and I am not surprised by anything she says.
      Pity her ancestors never invented any written language, so we can’t investigate war crimes from when they had their tribal wars.


  • ross1948 09:00 on January 24, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Even Sport Leans Left On Oz Bias Channel! 



    I don’t watch sports a lot, though if Glasgow Rangers pop up on the screen, I’d sit down, reverentially, to cheer them on.

    Hence it was mere chance today, on only my third black coffee….


    …that I stumbled on a programme called ‘Offsiders’ on Australia’s tax-funded propaganda channel.



    Ostensibly aimed at Aussie sports fans, it soon became obvious that ABC had stacked the panel with a majority of pinko creeps, as seen below, one of the most obnoxious being a grimnasty named Gideon Haigh…



    ….who availed himself of the opportunity to insult Prime Minister Scott Morrison as ‘cynical and self-serving’ simply because Scomo had denounced Cricket Australia’s anti-patriotic erasure of Australia Day….




    ….from all promotional material relating to their Australia Day event!

    Cricket Australia deserves contempt, of course, for pandering to cultural marxists and Aboriginal BLM-wannabes…


    Liberal National MP slammed over 'racist' and 'grubby' Facebook post about Australia  Day – T-Gate

    …but so must ABC, for inviting this snarly ranter Haigh into their studio.

    The nasty berk went quickly onto the offensive again, sneering at the Oz Day honour due to be awarded to Margaret Court…

    Victoria’s Awful Andrews Rants At A Christian Old Lady. 

    …which Horrid Haigh, a leftwing troll if ever there was, demeaned as ‘rightwing trolling,’ whatever that might mean!

    Had ABC even a miniscule concept of fair play, it might have ensured that at least one guest with a dissenting point of view was on the scene…


    …but ‘fair and balanced’ is not ABC’s motto.

    Instead we had some bint in tight jeans, that Catherine Murphy seen above, yammering about how Cricket Australia had ‘stood firm’ in its sleazy betrayal of national pride.


    Stood firm in its PC jackboots!

    The oily-looking younger fellow, holding a yellow melon, in the photo above, wittered along leftwards too, about how the appeasement of the whine lobby was ‘one step’ towards making sport ‘inclusive!

    If people want to be ‘included’ then they should join in celebration of Australia Day!




    The only one who didn’t get his or her pink knickers (figuratively) in a twist was that geezer Andrew Gaze, but neither did he dissent from the collective cacophony.

    We’ll return to this on 26th January, no doubt, but meantime…

    What do my loyal readership in Oz think about this ‘Offsiders’ turgid tripe-fest?

    • Uncle Oz 09:59 on January 24, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Never expect fairness or balance from ABC.
      Australian people like sport. They don’t like politics mixed into sport.
      Cricket Australia should be abolished and let us enjoy cricket without their crap bias.


    • Keith Milner 10:44 on January 24, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Well-spotted, mate.
      I hate watching ABC so I appreciate it that you keep us informed on their latest shenanigans.
      They cannot keep their bias out of any subject.


    • Lois Wadden 12:02 on January 24, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      ABC makes me sick. As you say, even a sports talk-show gets overloaded with lefties.
      As for so-called ‘Cricket Australia, lets call them Cricket Anti-Australia.
      That body should be wound up and replaced with a pro-Australian body that respects the country and its history and traditions.


    • Noreen Paterson 15:49 on January 24, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Fascinating, how a country once famous for its sturdy plain-spoken common-sense people has allowed the worst sort of extremista to take control of their favourite sport!


  • ross1948 05:59 on September 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Oz People Power, Yes! But Beware GetUp Reds’ Dirty Tricks! 

    We wrote about that Lambie lady quite a long while ago…

    Senator Lambie Must Be Specific on Shariah! 


    • Senator Lambie
    • =============================
    • Senator Lambie said any Australian who supported sharia should not have the right to vote or get welfare payments.  “Anybody that is supporting or calling for sharia law in Australia should get out, simple as that,” she told reporters in Hobart on Monday.


    …but now she’s back in the news again…


    …with a promise to ‘outsource’ her decision when Scott Morrison’s sensible proposal to permit confiscation of mobile phones from detained aliens comes before the Australian Senate.

    It’s a dashed fine idea, BTW!

    No reason at all why Australia should not follow Austria’s example!

    Austria Approves Bill Requiring Migrants to Pay Fees, Hand inPhones

    Gambar terkait

    Phoney ‘Refugees’ And Phones– Calling All Crimmigrants?  

    But let’s not get diverted.

    By ‘outsourcing,’ the Senator apparently means abiding by an opinion poll to be organised on her website.

    Abiding by the popular will is a good Australian tradition…



    …for legislators are there to speak for the people, and how can they do that if they don’t hear the people’s voice?

    Tasmania’s Senator Lambie has at least one wise decision to her credit, when she supported Scomo’s removal of the absurd law that let diseased aliens into Oz from off-shore detention.

    But the way I read the piece in the SMH suggests Ms. Lambie is not going to consult only those she was elected to represent, but everybody in Australia!

    Frankly, that’s not really her job.



    Far better if Scott Morrison put the issue – and other issues, like those I suggest further down the page – to a referendum or plebiscite or whatever.

    The danger is, the Lambie poll idea throws the issue open to powerful, big-bucks fanatics like the nasty red GetUp gang….

    Oz Get-Up Mob Exposed – What Are They Hiding? 

    ….the lowest form of antipodean political excrement…


    Aussies Fight Climate Panic, Far-Left ‘Get-Up’ Freaks Out! 

    ….whom we looked at briefly earlier this year.

    Her initially appealing plan to put power into the hands of the people could easily be hi-jacked!

    GetUp are not noted for any great interest in direct democracy…

    …because they are probably smart enough to realise that, on what should be non-party-political issues, like crimmigrant bludger-boats, the death penalty, and even things like corporal punishment for bad brats…



    ..if everyday Australians had their way, the decadent bollocks-think that prevails in Canberra would soon make way for common sense.

    In a full-scale referendum battle, GetUp’s far-left follies would stand little chance.

    But on a solitary website, operated by Ms. Lambie, who has no significant nationwide organisation, think of all those marxist agitprop bad guys with tons of cash and rabid red running-dogs in every city…?

    Not an encouraging prospect.

    If she wants to ask her own constituents, registered to vote in Tassie, okay, give it a shot!

    But otherwise?

    Not so much!


    Re-reading a variety of media reports, it sounds as if she’s not binding herself to go with whatever the poll majority might turn out to be.

    I therefore reserve judgement.

    She seems smart enough to go the right way.

    • Uncle Oz 10:45 on September 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      GetUp is very bad.
      They are just an arm of the Labor Left but very well funded.


    • Lois Wadden 11:03 on September 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      We should all go onto Lambie’s poll and vote.


    • Keith Milner 12:02 on September 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I have heard nothing good about these GetUp extremists. Lambie’s heart is in the right place but Morrison should consult us, not leave it to her. If we had a plebiscite, no question the crimmigrants would be ‘de-mobiled.’


    • Mel Henderson 17:00 on September 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I have only just seen this. Lambie is a well-meaning woman but not astute.
      GetUp are marxist enemies within Australia and I am glad you are pointing this out.


  • ross1948 14:26 on May 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Beijing Bully Xi Polishes His Jackboot! 

    Yesterday I watched a rather pathetic Australian pinko named Joel Fitzgibbon, gibber away about how terribly wrong it was to be ‘offensive’ to Red China.

    The snarky little git was ranting against P.M. Scott Morrison, who had dared take a principled stand and call out the lying red rats in Beijing…



    ..and the Labor louse reminded me of those who applauded Neville Chamberlain when that UK PM was appeasing Hitler.



    And look how that ended.

    Then last night, more news, Red China’s dictator Xi, more and more recasting himself in the mould of the brutal megalomanic Mao…



    …has ‘asked’ his pack of puppet legislators to approve a new ‘security’ law aimed at crushing the remaining rights and liberties, rights which were promised when Britain surrendered Hong Kong, with no referendum, of course, to Red China.

    Then later, on BBC, that drip Chris Patten, who supervised the dirty deal back then, was whining that Beijing was not keeping its word.

    What a berk!



    It’s COMMUNISTS, innit?

    They ALWAYS lie!



    • Dan Wilson 15:21 on May 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Fitzgibbon is a fool.
      Our great grandparents watched Hitler rearm and clamp down on everyone within his reach.
      Nothing was done and the world suffered a destructive war.
      There is a new Hitler in Beijing, and he should not be left to do as he wants to anyone less powerful than his own storm-troop army.
      You put it well and I agree with everything you say.


      • Keith Milner 10:42 on May 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Thats right, Dan.
        Fitzgibbon was out of line, even by Labor standards.
        Most people in most countries blame Beijing for this disastrous situation but not many governments spoke up as loudly and rightly as Australia’s.
        The Communist Chinese must be given a lesson.


    • Mort 17:34 on May 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Good work, Ross.
      I’m sorry I hardly comment these days but am busy.
      If you watched the news from Red China, Xi’s puppet PM reading his Xi-scripted speech to about a thousand puppet ‘legislators,’ none of them democratically elected, weren’t you slightly sickened by the sight?
      A thousand glove-puppets, even applauding in unison, like a well-drilled children’s class.
      Communists obviously have no conscience about betraying their country in this way, but don’t they feel a little embarrassed at stripping themselves of even the outward appearance of thinking adults.
      Not an ounce of self-respect between them.
      Keep up the good work!


  • ross1948 08:45 on December 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Al Jazeera’s “Dark Day” In Oz! 

    In our recent previous post…

    Bravo, Australia – Stinkos Locked Up!

    …we noted the obvious slanting of the Guardian report towards Stinkos, but at least the bias is blended smoothly into that pinko rag.

    What about Al Jazeera?

    They have a long record of undesirable extremism….


    ‘I AM NOT CHARLIE!’ Leaked Emails Expose AlJazeera’s Intolerant A-Hole!

    ‘Walls of Shame?’ Al Jazeera’s Shameless Bias On Show Again! 

    …but to be fair, they do quote Scott Morrison’s sensible justification of the repeal of that damfool pro-crimmigrant ‘medevac’ accurately.

    The government has repeatedly argued that the Medevac Bill is a security concern, alleging that migrants were “gaming” the system to come to Australia. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said in February: “Someone who’s a paedophile, who’s a rapist, who has committed murder – any of these other crimes – can just be moved on the say-so of a couple of doctors on Skype.”

    Knowing how many doctors have shown disgraceful endorsement of activity aimed at introducing illegal aliens into countries where they don’t belong…


    The MV Aquarius is a former German coast-guard and fishery protection vessel (then named Meerkatze, 1977) operated since February 2016 by SOS Méditerranée and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

    NGO Imports Murderous Savages – Impound Aquarius

    …doctors not only in Oz but in Europe and elsewhere too, it’s hard to see how anyone could disagree with Australia’s PM.




    Yet the headline Al J chose to lure readers to that story?

    Dark day’: Australia repeals medical evacuation for refugees


    There are many words Australians might use to describe the reform just enacted, and patriotic citizens might choose to echo Wordsworth’s  – ‘bliss was it in that dawn to be alive!’

    Instead, the words ‘dark day’ are a quote, clipped from a Green Party senator, and we know how rabidly pro-crimmigrant that party is.

    A truly objective report would require no words in its headline prior to ‘Australia…’

    …but trust AlJ! ( is that an oxymoronic exhortation?)




  • ross1948 20:59 on May 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Scomo’s Lucky He’s In Oz, Not Austria. 

    Scott Morrison deserves credit for his victory in the Australian election.


    Bravo, Morrison! 

    I often used often to applaud him when he was in charge of resisting the crimmigrants swarming towards Oz..

    Jakarta Post Lets Oz Red Urge Show Trial for Morrison

    …and defended him against nutjobs!

    The bludger-boats were repulsed and their repulsive cargos – most of them – lodged on islands far away – whence they can still be heard whining!

    But would Scomo have won in any European Union-controlled country?

    I wonder!

    If the left agit-props could have concocted some bizarre ‘scandal’ – some Liberal MP caught in flagrante with an Aussie sheep…


    …perhaps – that would have derailed the fight-back against Labor’s Shorten!

    No such nonsense erupted, though a few of his candidates were picked off for offending PC neurotics, mini-purges justified by rubbish about ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘homophobia,’ hopefully mere tactical retreats rather than any inclination to appease the freako left.

    But in the Good Ole EUSSR?

    Exactly who is behind that Strache episode in Ibiza, we don’t know.

    There are, no doubt, plenty of Russian whores in Spain – heck, I have even run into a few in Jakarta bars…

    ‘…good-lookers seeking rich blokes, so I’d have a brief little chat then move on!

    Hiring one smart enough to play a key role in a big-time sting must have been costly.

    Who paid?


    Not boring old criminals, who would gain nothing from ruining a man’s political career!

    Ask the question, cuius bono – who gains from Strache’s downfall?

    The FPO leader, judging from that video, was unwise enough to drink too much and thus make a fool of himself, out to impress a cute chick. It happens, but when one has risen high, the consequent crash can be painful.

    And EVER SO useful, to the Enemy Within!




    All those leftist Strasbourg Slugs with their snouts jammed in the public purse…

    No Garden? But YOU Might Still Have A Slug Problem! 

    …will be making hay, posing as paragons of morality, faux horror that somebody with a political agenda might seek to buy shares in a newspaper.

    But it’s the timing that’s the give-away!

    Just before the Strasbourg ‘Parliament’ elections?

    Stage-managed for maximum electoral input?

    Who paid the whore, and the rest of those involved?

    Who’s got tons of money and hates patriots wherever they may be?

    We have NO idea!

    Any suggestions?

    Will packs of investigative journo-jerks mount an intensive pursuit of the creeps who perpetrated the sleazy set-up?



    The ‘brave’ media that splurged it are up to their necks in cover-up of the culprits.

    Also – I wonder if that Polish documentary on bad priests was also timed carefully, to put the Polish patriot party, strongly Catholic in its stance, on the defensive. The Law and Justice patriot party’s poll ratings have taken a knock.


    And we all know who hates them!

    The Brussels Empire ruling class has tried to turn the Austrian issue, in particular, into a gigantic hit-job against all the resistance parties, making wild allegations that they are ‘enemies of freedom…’

    …which ring especially untrue from authoritarian hypocrites like Mama Stasi Merkel’s Heiko Maas and his socialist comrades…


    HEIL MERKEL!   – The SPD’s pro-crimmigrant Maas

    ‘Himmler’ Maas Calls On Secret Police to Undermine Patriots! 


    PS – EuroNews offers clues –

    the German media outlets which released the footage have refused to say who gave it to them, but questions are arising about Jan Böhmermann, a German satirist and television presenter, after recent comments he made reveal he’s known about the video for a while.

    Well, we know what that leftist clown thinks, not just about the FPO, but about Austrians in general, judging from his racist comments a week or so before the ‘scandal’ broke.

    He condescendingly, in Austria, insulted all eight million Austrians, ALL the men, women and children who live in Germany’s small neighbour.

    Böhmermann told his Austrian hosts that their country was  – I quote

    now full of eight million morons…’


    It was only recently that the BBC ended another man’s career because he made a joke about a royal baby which was not racist at all but which upset race-obsessed uptights.

    Evidently insulting an entire nationality as a ‘joke’ in Germanic countries is altogether different!


    • Vanessa Reilly 21:49 on May 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I was waiting to see what you would say about this.
      You have found us a few new angles on the story..
      I’d heard about that German leftwing comedian being suspected of involvement but I hadn’t heard about his racist attack on the Austrian people.
      He’s not a very admirable person in my opinion and I’d say even more so in the opinions of the Austrians he insulted en masse!
      The way the Eurocrat crowd are using the folly of one politician from one party to smear all the patriot parties is an outrage.
      Merkel has never said or done anything about her own black sheep, for example about her man Brok, the MEP in Strasbourg whose conduct you exposed for us, and Verhofstadt too is in no position to talk morals or money. You have given us links aplenty about him.
      A lot of stones being thrown from glass houses in Brussels.


    • Keith Milner 08:59 on May 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Politics has always been a dirty business but with these cowardly stunts, and the media covering up whodunnit, we are reaching new lows.
      I reserve judgment on Scomo. I used to be a fan but with those candidates getting the chop for talking about things the left dont like, we better wait and see.


    • Saul Hooke 13:11 on May 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      We need an investigation into the extreme left GetUp movement in Australia. So-called ‘far-right’ movements are hunted and harassed but GetUp is everywhere.
      I am not acquainted with Austrian politics but if it turns out this Austria-hating joker is behind the set-up, then Austrians will draw the logical conclusion, that he is serving an agends not in line with the best interests of theit country.


  • ross1948 10:28 on May 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Aussies Vote – BBC Chooses Sides! 

    Yeah, that’s BBC, not ABC.

    bbc propag

    Biased hands across the sea.

    The UK state broadcaster had some bint from something called the ‘Australian Conservation Foundation,’ and she smugly told the global audience that PM Scott Morrison’s party just ‘made fun of Labor’s climate policies…they don’t really have any of their own…’


    Which is total hogwash.

    You may like or dislike Morrison’s policies on Climate Panic…




    …but they do of course exist.

    Yet needless to say, the BBC bint did not call out this brazen lie.

    It’s worrying that many young people in Oz seem to be more anxious about all this climate stuff than about the REAL threat, that Labor…




    ..said to be likely to win a tiny majority, might let the ghastly Greens nudge them into relaxing crimmigrant controls in exchange for parliamentary support.

    • Uncle Oz 10:36 on May 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Not surprised. BBC, ABC, biased to the hilt.
      I dont like Morrison’s climate policies either but he has them, same as Shorten does.
      It was difficult to decide,
      One Nation got my vote in the end.


    • Keith Milner 10:48 on May 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      You never gave much coverage to our election, Ross, no worries, I know you have a lot to cover.
      In Australia for now, till they shut us down, we have some good patriotic social media sites and try to do our best.
      The Liberals have some ok candidates but they kicked out one of the best where I vote so I went with Pauline Hanson.


    • Harry Dale 13:53 on May 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Labor need no nudging.
      The more migrants of no use whatever to Australia that Labor can bring in, the happier Labor will be.
      Its just that hey are too clever to let on till they are in power.
      Just wait and see.


    • Derry Wisem 16:10 on May 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      At the moment, Labor are in for a disappointment.
      The worst news so far is Tony Abbott losing his seat. He made mistakes but was a voice of sanity on so much.
      The left extremist movement massively interfered there and especially that far left gang Get Up need to be confronted more effectively. They are dangerous.


      • Hermione Brant 19:33 on May 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        True about Abbott, but consolation from Wentworth!
        That Intolerant lesbian Kerryn Phelps has lost, according to the latest count.
        She’s the one that wants parents sent to for psycho treatment if they try to protect their kids from the gaystapo.
        How she ever won that byelection God knows, but God moves in mysterious ways.
        He must have wanted her true nature to become public knowledge,
        To know her is to loathe her.


        • Rannie Reston 23:17 on May 18, 2019 Permalink

          We would all like to see the back of that horrible woman but we cant count our chickens. Wentworth wasnt declared last time I looked.


    • Keith Mlner 07:52 on May 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Phelps out.
      But it was a close result and that makes me worried what kind of people live in Wentworth. Who would vote for a far leftist like her.
      Anyway, she is gone.
      Good riddance!


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