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  • ross1948 21:02 on December 13, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Election Post-Mortem 1 – Vermin Party Wins Fermanagh…Really? 

    I see the Vermin Party continues to ‘represent’ the electorate of Fermanagh and Tyrone.

    By the narrowest of margins, one of Sinn Fein’s most bitter bitches –


    -was voted back into the House of Commons…


    Michelle Gildernew
    Michelle Gildernew


    …except that, like all MPs elected as adherents of the IRA murder-gang’s “political wing,” Michelle Gildernew MP will not attend parliament.

    As  enemies of their Queen and Country, the Sinn Fein scum abhor the institutions of British democracy, though they do contest elections( in convenient electoral deals these days with the so-called ‘moderates’ of the SDLP…

    ..nothing new about SDLP collaboration!


    …and the so-called ‘non-sectarian’ Alliance Party – strategic withdrawals of candidates, they call it!) a shameless coalition of those who care nothing for loyalty.

    But who’s going to get to the bottom of this!

    There had been reports that a ballot box arrived at the Omagh count but that the related paperwork ended up in Ballyclare and some votes couldn’t be verified.

    However the Electorial Office said this was not accurate. It declined to give any further information.


    Who the Hell do they think they are?

    What’s the ‘further information’ that they are  so shy of telling us.

    These people are paid public servants and tax-paid flunkeys, so when asked a question, they should snap to attention and answer it!

    Reeks of something going on!

    • Billy King 22:12 on December 13, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Well spotted, Ross.
      It was always a case of vote early, vote often in Fermanagh, with dead folk coming in to vote too.
      They’re worth watching.


  • ross1948 16:01 on November 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    True Colours- SDLP Give Murder-Gang’s Political Wing A Free Run! 

    Below we show you a question that was published in Belfast this week

    Sean Kelly has been canvassing for Sinn Fein in North Belfast but will he now be canvassing on behalf of the SDLP too? 

     accept everyone can have a past and can change but Sean Kelly has shown no remorse for murdering nine innocent people, including two children, in the Shankill bomb.  Do the SDLP endorse his involvement in support of their pact?

    A good question. Like all Sinn Fein supporters, Sean Kelly is the scum of the earth.

    But the aim of the question, the wider question, what is the SDLP all about, has long since been answered.


    The IRA


    All the drivel and dross sprayed out by the ‘moderate’ SDLP in Ulster has now been dispersed with their announcement that they are giving the IRA murder gang’s “political wing” – Sinn Fein, if ye’d forgotten –  an unhindered run at defeating Nigel Dodds – DUP deputy leader in his North Belfast constituency.


    IRA vermin, strutting down a deserted road- if the Brits showed up, they’d run like the chicken-sh-t they always were!


    John Finucane, the scumbag S.F. candidate, has to overcome the small majority the DUP man holds there.

    The SDLP has never been reluctant about collaboration with the scum party.


    We have noted their treasonous aspect before…

    Vermin At Play In Newry? Why Are You ‘Shocked,’ Sir? 

    Should British Kids Have To Play in IRA Play-Park?

    Ulster’s Enemies Stick Together, Honouring Terror Scum! 

    We have shown you the picture before, but best have another look, at the moment when that  po-faced hypocrite John Hume…



    …embraced the ‘pan-nationalist’ pact with Blood-Beast Adams and the Eire PM Albert Reynolds.

    The SDLP are, morally speaking, skunks!


    • Billy King 20:28 on November 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The SDLP are not moderate, not good, not people we should work with.
      If they work with Sinn Fein, they cannot be trusted.


  • ross1948 17:15 on August 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Nice Passport, Nigel – Now Fix Ulster Driving Licences 

    How pleasing to see at least one small step forward, new British passports with the reference to serfdom erased.


    ‘We got our passports back!’ Twitter erupts as Farage poses with new ‘EU-free’ UK passport


    • Billy King 21:07 on August 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Aye ready, Ross.
      You never let us down.


  • ross1948 19:25 on December 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Ulster’s Enemies Stick Together, Honouring Terror Scum! 

    Here’s a photo of a play-park named in honour of a terrorist scumbag who died in the service of Sinn Fein/IRA treason.


    Park sign


    No need to review the career and character of the terrorist traitor McCreesh again –

    convictions included attempted murder, conspiracy to murder, possession of firearms with intent to endanger life and IRA membership..

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-northern-ireland-42349506 –

    …because we’ve covered that before!


     Ulster Moron Compares IRA Vermin to Nobel Prize-Winners 

    One expects the vermin party to favour their own, but the so-called ‘moderate’ SDLP on Newry and Mourne District Council had given a solemn undertaking that they’d support a move to change the name.

    But when it came to the crunch this month, they followed the example of their late and extremely unlamented leader, John Hume…


    Heinous Hume shakes Blood-Beast Adam’s hand,with Eire’s arrogant PM Reynolds in the middle of the ‘pan-nationalist’ – i.e. expansionist – conclave


    …and readily joined with the vermin.

    SDLP councillors voted against renaming it!


    ” to avoid stoking community tensions”


    No need for me to say it.

    Here’s the fitting response from a spokesman for the patriot community.

    UUP councillor David Taylor said the SDLP had “failed to heed the concerns of the victims of republican violence and those of the unionist community”.

    He said there was a danger that the ground could be transferred to the local community, who could decide to keep the name.

    “It is inconceivable that in any civilised world that any portion of ground would be named after a convicted terrorist…”

    I wondered ( and thus decided to provide his email address) if any readers might wish to send their comments to the leader of the SDLP on that council, who defends their dirty sell-out vote….


    Hasil gambar untuk gary stokes sdlp newry

    Sell-out Stokes – Email:Stokes Gary John

    • ….

    …on the grounds that the property would no longer be under council ownership in 2018..

    Which, as noted, does not mean the evil name will be altered.

    And it’s this year that it’s his responsibility, of which he chooses to wash his dirty hands!

    • Billy King 23:05 on December 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      SDLP are not to be trusted.
      Never were and never will be, and no unionist should have anything to do with them.
      Thanks for your support as always, my friend. ,


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