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  • ross1948 17:36 on February 9, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Heil Soros! Unspeakable Guy Defends Plutocrat Meddling! 

    We commented on Thursday on the huge sums of foreign money pouring into one of the anti-Brexit agitprop outfits in the UK.


    Guardian Top News? Not Soros Meddling But ‘Pole Dancers!’ 

    While Brussels has long been using British tax-payers’ money to fund indoctrination of British tax-payers’ children…


    Euro-Commissar -Your Kids WILL”Develop A European Identity!” 

    …the scandalous Soros intrusion has, as one report said, caused a ‘storm!’

    So no surprise that the notorious Belgian MEP, Europhiliac Guy Verhofstadt, was among the first to scrape the gutters of Strasbourg for mud to sling at critics of the Western world’s plutocratic Enemy Within.


    Verhofstadt said the article did not belong in a mainstream newspaper.    https://www.politico.eu/article/nick-timothy-george-soros-verhofstadt-accuses-ex-may-adviser-of-spreading-far-right-theories/

    A telling comment, that, exposing the Strasbourg Slug’s true feelings of how press freedom should operate – only in the service of the supranational regime of which he’s a highly-paid agent. Grisly Guy’s censorious mentality is common among rotten media creeps….

    Guardian Bigot- “Don’t Even Acknowledge Patriot Point Of View!” 

    ….whse openly espouse suppression of anyone opposed to Sorosoid subversion.


    Verhofstadt accuses ex-May adviser of spreading far-right theories about Soros

    Of course what the ‘far-right’ –  i.e  people and parties that are patriotic and pro-democracy – say about Soros are in fact not ‘theories’ but plain truths. The vile billionaire does use his excessive wealth to meddle in many a country.


    What might, however, turn out to be a big benefit of the revelations over alien largesse funding the campaign run by (among others) that sly and secretive Gina Miller…


    – she said “everyone has a past” and it was “totally irrelevant” to the importance of the case.

    • elite arrogance-s

    …is that, once the truth is dragged into the spotlight, angry Brits will react!

    Admirably, the Telegraph has allowed one of Theresa May’s ex-senior staffers to analyse the “secret plot” to hold a second EU exit referendum with the intention of thwarting Brexitarticle in the Telegraph by Nick Timothy

    Ghastly Guy, who, has been discussed more than once on our blog…“Europe?” What’s Ghastly Guy On About Now?  …is beside himself that the UK media is at last properly alerting the people to the Soros menace.

    Too often, there’s been little interest there in what’s being done by ‘NGOs’ to friendly democracies like Poland and Hungary. The attitude seems almost to have echoed Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement indifference towards a quarrel in a far away country between people of whom we know nothing. 

    In fact the Poles and Magyars are fighting all our battles, against crimmigration and cultural marxism, and Brits ought to know all about that and accept that, in the face of a common enemy, Soros, their fight is ours!.

    =Gambar terkait


    What’s got Guy going bananas is not so much the involvement of the Prince of Darkness in Shy Gina’s anti-independence jihad but what the Politico journo strangely describes as claims that the businessman has been “interfering in the democracies of several European nations.”

    Hardly ‘claims!’

    Few assertions could be more well-documented than Soros funding of so-called ‘NGOs in Hungary, Poland, Serbia and MANY another nation’s internal affairs.

    MEDDLING! Stop Sorosoids Fouling Canada’s Democracy! 

    Smash The Sorosoids! Macedonia Stands Up To Evil! 


     George Soros, Hungary…And The American Deep State? 

    While one expects Ghastly Guy to smear and sneer because the cat’s outa-da-bag, one might have hoped for a more rational response from the Jewish Chronicle.

    But their editor erupted. Instead of applauding the article, he said the idea of a “secret plot” is “exactly the line being used in Hungary and elsewhere precisely because [Soros] is Jewish.”

    Soros is indeed Jewish, and was Hungarian, and is now an American citizen. His malevolent interference in other countries’ (and both his former country’s, and his new country’s) politics, throwing his money-bags weight around like a playground bully, has nothing to do with his ethnic heritage.

    He’s a very bad man, with a conviction in court to his discredit – Soros Is Found Guilty in France On Charges of Insider Trading –http://www.nytimes.com and his activities should be abhorred by decent patriots in every land.

    However, he’ll still be in with the in-crowd. The global elite never let anything like a guilty verdict get in the way of their camaraderie…


    Gambar terkait

    Guilty! But French Foe of Britain’s Freedom Walks Free! 

    …as we saw when the above old bat was strutting her stuff at Davos a week or two ago!

    • Hendy Henderson 19:51 on February 9, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      So many countries have been targeted by the monster. In Europe like you say but no sooner did he get US citizenship (WHY?) than he turned on us too.
      I would like to see him hanged for transatlantic treason but the old b-st-rd is probably due to meet his maker soon and wouldn’t I love to be a fly on the wall when that happens and he’s sent down the red-hot escalator to start his eternal punishment.


    • Arnold 20:04 on February 9, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Same as Canada, Britain is now meddled with.
      Soros Has TO BE STOPPED.


    • Lorne Marzio 21:54 on February 9, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      All true


    • Ollie 23:14 on February 9, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      That last bit about Lagarde was well made. I was horrified when they gave her star billing at Davos, no shame at all.
      As for ‘Ghastly Guy,’a blow-hard who lands on the wrong side almost every time he opens his mouth.
      He’s a Belgian and they are fast becoming the Continent’s laughing stock with their bumbling mishandling of both terrorism and the illegals.
      You showed us last week, their own cops are refusing to enforce the law!


    • Sandor 13:17 on February 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Soros is Satanic the way he criss-crosses the globe with his evil works.
      I like Hendy’s imagery, the red-hot escalator, tho I would prefer to think Soros descent to Hell when he dies, sooner the better, will be a lot rougher than any escalator..


  • ross1948 23:13 on June 15, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Renzi May Be Willing to ‘Hurt’ Europe – But Surely Italians Just Want Bludgers Booted Back! 

    Renzi is a leftist,and has no known record of patriotic action, He’s from the get-go been recognised as a Brussels Boy.


    • RENZI_12_resize
    • —————————
    • If he had an ounce of pro-Italian instinct in his political genetic make-up, he would have kicked the boat-bludgers off his beaches, instead of authorising their succour at enormous expense to Italian tax-payers.
    • He would too have formed a ‘war-time’ type coalition, bringing in sound and sensible statesmen like Maroni of the Liga Nord.
    • arafat
    • ====================

    He would also have demanded the removal of Yasser Arafat’s fan Mogherini from her exalted status in Brussels, a role she has grossly abused by swearing that not a single crimmigrant would face deportaiion unless he or she agreed to it.

    But Renzi’s is smart, his nationalist rhetoric honed to perfection, his latest exposition of a ‘secret plan’ to ‘hurt Europe’ a perfect axample.

    No sane Italian wants to hurt Europe. Most sane Italians,however, should want to hurt the EUSSR, after the Mogherini rant and also because of the Dublin Deal, whoch forces italy (and Greece) to handle all the grubby parasites landing on their shores. But Dublin should not be amended to ‘spread the torment.’ 

    The wise answer, of course, is not merely to scrap Dublin, but to scrap the ‘asylum’ nonsense altogether. 

    Send the garbage back.

    And recognise who’s to blame!


    Cameron and Erdogan (1) Islamist Erdogan


    It’s Turkey which is opening the flood-gates to hurt Greece, just as Libya is unleashing snouts galore to gouge the tax-troughs across the Med. 

    Libya we can forgive. They have no government. But Erdogan’s Turks deserves no forgiveness. Their bad neighbour character is a matter of record.

    Turkish Blackmail on Crimmigration, as Greeks Betrayed by EUSSR 



    Notorious. https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/06/29/good-neighbour-turkey-only-after-eussr-visa-bribe/


    What Renzi needs to do – for short-term benefit to his own political survival or, more admirably, for the long-tern survival of Italy as a distinct nation, is to focus on the third part of his ‘Plan A,’ as outlined by his Interior Minister, Angelino Alfano. 

    “I will say with great clarity: Kids, either we do equal distribution of migrants in Europe, or we organise refugee camps in Libya, or we organise a serious policy of repatriation”, he said.


    out with them

    Option 3 is the only one that makes sense. 

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