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  • ross1948 11:01 on December 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Down-loading Religious Intolerance – Courtesy Of Google Store? 

    So what is Google playing at now?

    Image result for google liberal bias

    According to various international media reports, if Indonesians wake up feeling intolerant, they can go to Google Play store and pick up a handy app to turn their bigoted impulses into actual persecution.

    It’s called ‘“Smart Pakem,” and it lets sectarian up-tights report groups practicing religions not officially recognized by the state, as well as unorthodox interpretations of Indonesia’s six official religions…


    Image result for smart pakem


    I could dwell on the sad state of affairs in which the credibility of one’s own faith is so insecure that one feels a need, not to defend it in serious debate, but to run crying to the authorities for a helping jackboot.

    But I will resist that temptation. God knows we have covered such sorry conduct often enough.

    Adam Created By Angel?” Islamist ‘ScholarsCall the Cops

    Cops – “Islamist ‘Scholars’ Can Veto Religious Liberty” 

    But while I am no fan of Google censorship…

    Google/YouTube Gestapoids Target The Rebel – Fight Back! 

    Image result for google bias

    Circumvent Google Gag Order! ‘Russia Today’ OK! 

    …there is surely a case to be made for taking this abominable app off the shelves of their playstore.

    It’s playing with fire to facilitate the oppression of religious liberty.

    Both in  RT and France24…


    Related image



    …the origin of this informer app has been identified as the Jakarta Prosecutor’s Office, and the JPO spokesman, a certain Nirwan Anwawi, who is quite barefaced about its inquisitorial purpose – ‘to educate the public and to prevent them from following doctrines of an individual or a group that are not in line with the regulations…’  


    Indeed, there are regulations, not least the notorious Tri-Ministerial Decree, promulgated during the time of President SBY, whose ambition was to extend the country’s oppressive ‘blasphemy’ law beyond the frontiers of Indonesia….


    …and it is a great pity that President Jokowi has not rescinded that law.

    But in the lack of such a repeal, surely it would be wiser not to draw attention to the diktat, and not to use modern technology in such a way as to encourage the worst sort of fanatics – of whom there are more than enough – to use it in the same way ardent communists would have done in Stalin’s Soviet Union…

    communism tyranny

    …to inform on decent people whose only ‘offence’ is peacefully to worship God in their own chosen way.

    • Jim in Jakarta 13:52 on December 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Two birds with one stone!
      Good job!


    • Santi 15:01 on December 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Indonesia is joined with freedom of religion since it was made independent in 1945.
      The people who use this pakem app more useful ifthey mind their own business.
      Let every religion be free for worship.


    • Hasanatun 16:32 on December 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      We better to report all the extremist who demand Ahok be burned.


  • ross1948 22:03 on November 6, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Sectarian Swine Aftab Ahmed Belongs Behind Bars! 

    -Shortest post ever?


    aftar ahmed  Aftab Ahmad


    Man convicted of threatening to behead Ukip candidate

    That mangy sectarian swine should have got jail-time.

    Lots of it. Prior to deportation! 


  • ross1948 21:48 on March 6, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Who Calls People Names? Jakarta Councillors Shame Their City! 

    Relaxing tonight, off to buy a book or two tomorrow, through the hot and turbulent Jakarta I always feel at home in. It takes a bit of getting used to, but if you don’t love Jakarta, you’ll leave soon enough.
    I’ve been here for more than a decade and a half!
    So I hate to see it shamed by loudmouthed louts.
    The sorry bleating we heard from an IslamoNazi whiner a few months ago, immortalised in our headline –

    Fanatic Islamist Wails At Christian Governor – “He Calls People Names!” 

    habib salimx   Salim Alatas, Jakarta FPI Gauleiter –

    “He is not a Muslim and he is too arrogant, his words are rude and he calls people names!” 


     – may well be repeated, more rationally, if the sectarian gang leader (Salim Alatas, of the FPI ) is capable of consistency.

    But this time not at Ahok!

     I quote from the Jakarta Globe yesterday

    …council deputy speaker Abraham Lunggana of the United Development Party (PPP) interrupted, saying that Basuki was being rude to the mayor.

    “Contain your emotion, sir! Don’t shout, Mr. Governor! Don’t act like a thug, Mr. Governor!” the PPP politician shouted..

    This would be the same PPP leader, nick-named Lulung, whom we mentioned a while ago, a man who doesn’t scruple to join an IslamoNazi rally   –https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2014/10/07/jakarta-islamist-thugs-batter-defenceless-woman/  –
    – and who was last year part of a story in the Jakarta Post – Tanah Abang, the busiest commercial district in the country, is said to be run by thugs who take their orders from United Development Party (PPP) councilor Abraham “Lulung” Lunggana.  http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2014/10/01/idul-adha-livestock-merchants-brawl-with-officers-tanah-abang.html
     Anas Effendi
    Lulung’s unpleasant outburst was in response to a blunt question – not an insult -aimed by Basuki (aka Governor Ahok) to the Mayor of West Jakarta, Anas Effendi, about  an enormous amount of money spent for school equipment which, according to the schools, they neither need nor asked for…whose prices are highly inflated from retail listings. Jakarta police say they are investigating that case.
    ahok Ahok
    Sounds like Ahok’s questions were worth asking. But if you question some things too closely here, you step on sensitive toes, it seems.
    Insulting the Governor, who is the best thing that’s happened to Jakarta this century, was apparently the ‘in’ thing at the meeting.
    “This governor is a thug,” shouted one politician. “Don’t pressure your men,” shouted another.
    Reporters in the meeting room also heard the words “stupid” and “dog” being inveighed toward the governor….
    The tantrum brats were irrepressible!
    The room erupted into a shouting match with council members shouting and cussing at the governor, while others banged on the tables and doors creating more racket.
    Methinks Jokowi regards the moron element’s antics as water off a duck’s back.
    At least the Islamonazi was honest enough to admit his hostility is rooted in the basest anti-Christian bias.
    These clowns ought to skip the pretence that Ahok has done anything wrong.
    Although in their view, I suppose, he has, born the wrong colour, wrong race, wrong religion.
  • ross1948 19:59 on November 15, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    After the Bigot Mobs, REAL Jakarta Shows Its Face – AHOK OK! 

    Tandingi demo FPI, puluhan warga ini dukung Ahok jadi gubernur


    Nice to wake  up late and see morning tv reports of a demo by normal people, as opposed to the sectarian thug gangs.

    The report I saw said that the crowd included street vendors, ojeks (motor-bike taxi-drivers) and students, all out to show support for Ahok, the Chinese ethnic Christian due for inauguration as Governor of Jakarta on Tuesday. .

    Merdeka.com quoted Fanjin, one of the demo leaders –

    “Ahok is a pro-people leader  – even though he comes from a minority, based on the constitution, he is still entitled to lead the people,” said Chairman of KIB Fanjin West Jakarta in Jakarta, Wednesday (12/11).


    • ahok Ahok
    • —————————-
    • KIB which consists of various elements of society such as religious leaders, community leaders, and street vendors, considers Ahok worthy of being governor because he was rated firm and clean in leading the city.

    And a lot of people are saying those very qualities are what’s provoked such bitter opposition – not just from the bigot brutes who’ve been demonstrating against him over the past month, but also the political swamp elements.  

    Certainly, the FPI islamoNazis do detest him on sectarian grounds…

    We’re Not Racist, Just Bigots – So…About That ‘Chinese City?’ 

    …but those giving them moral (!) support likely do have other, equally contemptible agendas.  http://www.merdeka.com/jakarta/tandingi-demo-fpi-puluhan-warga-ini-dukung-ahok-jadi-gubernur.html

  • ross1948 07:25 on November 5, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Fifth of November – Burning the Pope! 

    In Britain these days, it’s usually referred to as Bonfire Night, but we used to call it Guy Fawkes Night.

    Until recently, the effigy on top of the bonfire – in at least one English town – was not that of Mr. Fawkes but of The Pope!



    I mention this today to remind us all that sectarian hatreds are not something unique to the Middle East, or to IslamoNazi thugs here in Indonesia.

    I can recall our own suspicions of ‘Catholic Quebec’ when we listened to our parents’ generation talk of the ‘Zombies,’ the Francophones there who resisted conscription  – or worse: Pierre Elliot Turdeau openly affronted our servicemen, eager to undermine the war effort against Hitler’s Germany. During World War II, instead of signing up to fight the Nazis, Trudeau preferred to dress in Nazi regalia and ride his motorcycle in the Quebec countryside. 



    trudeau-salute-w220 Traitor Turdeau


    In fact, of course, it was not religion at the root of the problem, but ethnic division, just as in Ulster, where the fact that most of the disloyal population is Catholic is more or less an historical coincidence. Their treason is an expression of their NATIONAL identity, allegiance to a foreign flag, not of how they worship.

    But it wasn’t always so. Fawkes’ fanatical conspiracy was an aspect of his creed, a belief that Protestants were apostates, who had to be quelled, converted or killed.




    This mentality was widespread in Europe back then – as I’ve mentioned before, my own ancestor, a Huguenot, was forced to leave France after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685, ending religious toleration.

    Inconceivable today in the UK or Canada or France ( except that Jews are leaving France in droves, under jihadist threat) 

    My point?

    My belief that, sooner or later, the essential humanity of most Muslims, here in Indonesia and elsewhere – but here first, I believe, because I know so many personally – will overcome the atavistic elements, the barbaric brutes who thrive on hatred of fellow-citizens merely because of how they pray.

    Bonfires have burnt here too, as when the Ahmadis’ mosque, houses AND their Koran were burned out in, Cisalada, West Java not that long ago…


    Ahmadiyah burned Koran in Cisalada Ahmadi Koran burned by Islamist primtives


    …and hatreds are still being fired up, by the likes of the jihadists currently raving about how a khafir cannot possibly be Governor of Jakarta.


    • Santi 10:12 on November 5, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Good history lesson, Ross, you give us hope here in Jakarta.


  • ross1948 09:19 on October 22, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    O Canada – Love It Or Leave It! 

     Canadians must now realise, so sadly, that there is a cancer in their country which needs to be excised. Australians are in the same boat. 



    • Canada_Coat_of_Arms
    • The brutal, and typically cowardly, hit-and-run attack on two soldiers as they walked through a parking lot in Quebec (killing one of the victims, injuring the other) has been identified as the work of a follower of what we hould define as a satanic sectarian ideology which  should be outlawed across the civilised world.

    It would be horrifying enough if it had been done by some swine originating in faraway lands, or the offspring thereof, people like Killer Khadr.


    Khadr-attending-a-hearing-at-Guantanamo-Bay Killer Khadr


     But the monster pictured below, a photo taken when when he was still a normal human being, is not only Canadian-born but, from his name, Martin Rouleau-Couture, comes from the ethnic group which has been in Canada since before my own ancestors migrated there in the early 19th century.


    Facebook The leering face of evil


    The suspect was described by Canadian authorities as someone they believed had become “radicalized.” 

    • treason

    Unfortunately, Canada has abandoned the proper penalty for treason. These satanic sectarians are traitors and should be hanged. In this case, the police who pursued the pig  did catch up with him and shot him dead – good!

    It’s time the rest of them were rounded up and dealt with appropriately. Internment is an initial option. If they resist arrest, the order should be – shoot to kill.

    One might too easily say that the only good terrorist is a dead one, but that’s not so. When they die, if there is justice in the after-life, they will burn in Hell, which is where they and their evil ideology belong.

    TarekTarek  Fatah

    I’ve just been listening to Tarek Fateh, a good Canadian Muslim, denouncing the way ‘clerics’ condemn individual instances of violence but fail to debunk the jihadist nonsense that ‘radicalises’ people. There’s much to do to cleanse Canada.

    Prior to that, in this world not the next, jihadists should not be afforded any opportunity to commit more crimes.

    Take them out, take them down, put them out, put them down.



    • Arnold 09:50 on October 22, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      It has been a while since I commented here but I still read what you write and most of the time I like what I read. Today most of all, and I was happy to hear Tarek Fatah showing us that there are loyal Muslim citizens in Canada.
      You are right, we need to get the death penalty back for treason and you are right that what these jihadists do and preach is treason or sedition.
      The more we get rid of, the better for Canada, and I think that goes for Australia and England too.


    • Walt 11:23 on October 22, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I always said that too many people have been let in that dont understand Canadian democratic principles, or our constitutional system.
      But its worse, because they dont just not understand it, they hate it.
      And now they are infecting our own people with the poison. Jihadists are like ebola, a disease.
      You cant educate it, you have to eradicate it..


    • ian 16:25 on October 22, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      All that you say is true.
      Canada is a free country but that doesn’t mean people are free to destroy our freedoms.
      If people don’t like Canadian freedom, they should go back to where they came from.


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