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  • ross1948 16:04 on July 22, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Seehofer, Like Pontius Pilate, Disowns All Guilt! 

    ‘Flood warnings are up to local authorities because they require local knowledge,” said Germany’s interior minister, Horst Seehofer.. 

    And that’s that.

    Mama Stasi Merkel’s mouth-piece has spoken.

    To use the English slang ‘wet’ meaning wimpy and useless might seem incongruous, given the context, but he is worthless.

    Once upon a time, long before the recent dire flooding,



     …but in the wake of the crimmigrant tsunami, he strutted his stuff as a conservative.

    . ..


    I am first to admit, he once had quite a few of us fooled.

    Fighting Talk On Alien Horde Riles Mama Stasi’s Rat-Pack

    But not for all that long, a least in my case.


    ‘Cutting EU funds could be one way to punish Hungary for its recent anti-LGBTI laws..’

    One expects such strident shrilling from Fourth Reich degenerates…

    …in Strasbourg, and in Brussels, who hate Hungary –  not only because Hungary wants to prevent children’s minds being soiled by gaystapo poison…

    Hungary’s Clause 28 – “Hands Off Kids! “ 

    … but also because Hungary, under Viktor Orban’s courageous leadership, has, to the best of its ability…


    Primitive savages trying to gatecrash Hungary.

    ….sturdily striven to safeguard Europe from primitive invasion.

    But who was it spat out that intimidatory rhetoric a few weeks ago?


    . ..

    “.The Hungarian law “violates central values of the European Union. We must not and will not accept this,” he added.

    German minister proposes EU funds cut for Hungary


    None other than the Bavarian ‘elder statesman’ who evidently has now abandoned every claim to be considered ‘conservative.’



    He has attained high office under Mama Stasi Merkel, but at a price, abandoning whatever sound instincts he once possessed.

    “.The Hungarian law “violates central values of the European Union. We must not and will not accept this,” he added.

    German minister proposes EU funds cut for Hungary

    • Hannelor 16:10 on July 22, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Once on a time we trusted Seehofer but not ever now.
      He has joined himself to Mama and become a friend to The Enemy.


  • ross1948 15:43 on September 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    The Schrecklich Sixteen – Pro-Crimmigrant Cuckoos In Mama’s Nest! 

    It’s no more surprising to see far-left rabble ranting in various German cities than it might be to see a dog-turd on a German sidewalk.


    Adjective. schrecklich (comparative schrecklicher, superlative am schrecklichsten) awful, terrible, horrible.


    Such things are unpleasant to behold, but a hazard in any Western conurbation.

    Only a pity that subversives are not disposable by means of a poop-scoop.

    But much more alarming than hundreds, or thousands, of extremists hollering for the further ruination of the land that’s given them such an easy life…



    …are the sixteen renegades in what the Guardian laughably describes as Mama Stasi Merkel’s ‘conservative alliance,’ who have reportedly sent a demand to Interior Minister Seehofer…


    Seehofer with Mama Stasi

    …calling for him to allow 5,000 refugees to be taken in, if necessary without agreement from other EU countries. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/10/german-protesters-ask-government-to-take-in-moria-refugees

    We have had good reason to criticise Seehofer in the past, for talking sense then refusing to turn his words into action…

    Asylum’ Savages Have “Deep Disdain For Our Nation?” So Send Them BACK! 

    …but we surely have to endorse his refusal to add 5000 more aliens to the primitive horde his boss wilfully imported in 2015…

    ‘Human Rights’ Expert Exposes Merkel -A Deliberate Plot

    …although it seems that their refusal is only in the event that they all come to Germany.

    If they were spread out through other European countries, it seems that Seehofer might acquiesce in his fuhrerin’s desire further to impose misery on what was once called Christendom.

    But leave that insanity aside for now.

    Who are these sixteen schrecklich ‘conservatives’ who want to bring in 5000 undesirables?



    Why are they not expelled forthwith from that ‘conservative alliance?’

    Probably because Merkel is quietly on their side…

    Too Little Too Late – Mama Stasi MIGHT Expel A Satanic Handful! 

    …for she’s done little or nothing to kick out even the most obnoxious fake-refugees from the 2015 tsunami!

    German patriots should act to expose the 16 rats to public scorn. They should be asked on every social media platform exactly which of the Lesbos cluster they see as fit and proper additions to German society….

    …the scum who spat at Greek cops when warned about the risks arising from the Chinese Virus?

    …the rapists?

    …or the latest filthy savages who started the fires…



    ….which have created the accommodation issue that motivates the angst felt by The Schrecklich Sixteen?

    Good Germans should demand that Merkel’s mutineers welcome those spitters, predators and arsonists into their own no doubt pleasant homes.

    I hope such a campaign has already been launched against these pro-crimmigrant ‘conservatives’ but if not, it should be!


    • Heine 18:23 on September 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      What a shame, shame on these 16.


  • ross1948 20:31 on July 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: berufsunfähig, , , Goethe, Hengameh Yaghoobifarah i, Seehofer German interior minister,   

    ‘Police Are Trash!’ Says ‘German’ Far-Left Fatty Freako 


    I used to think the Goethe Institut’s job was to promote German culture, here in Jakarta and around the world.

    In the past, when this blog was less focused, I even helped out the G.I…

    Science Film Festival, Indonesia , October/December 

       ….by plugging events I thought might interest Indonesian readers.

    Then last  month, I came across this.

    Hengameh Yaghoobifarah is an author and journalist, having studied media culture and Scandinavian studies in Freiburg, Germany, and Linköping, Sweden.

    Yaghoobifarah’s work investigates pop culture, body politics, fashion and media aesthetics from a queerfeminist perspective. 


    When you take a look at the creature named in the Goethe Institut’s blurb…


    • .
    • …and further described in the newspaper for which Fatty Freako scribbles…

    Heute arbeitet Yaghoobifarah als Autor_in, Redakteur_in und Referent_in zu Queerness, Feminismus, Antirassismus, Popkultur und Medienästhetik

    …and note those last few German words which don’t need translation, you won’t be surprised by what you see.

    Nor will you be more than mildly astonished at the cultural marxist hogwash pumped out by the fat freak!



    Further cause for minimal amazement is that it’s been writing for that notorious Berlin newspaper ‘Taz!’

    We have mentioned Taz before…

    UK Guardian Reveals German Media PC Censorship! 

    …but its relevance here is as follows!

    The article in question was published on June 15 with the headline “All cops are berufsunfähig (incapable of working)” — a play on a slogan used by groups protesting police violence — by columnist Hengameh Yaghoobirafah.


    The article discussed the argument for abolition of the police and suggested that, since they are “trash people,” they instead could be “thrown in the landfill.”


    Germany’s Interior Minister Seehofer is so incensed by the slanderous cow’s anti-police rant that he is taking legal action…


    Seehofer with Mama Stasi Merkel

    …so it’s said, even though a very chastened Taz editor-in-chief, Barbara Junge, issued a statement of regret for the column later in the week after it received a number of complaints.

    But what is amazing is that, the last time I looked, Fatty Freako has not been permanently barred from writing there again.

    And I wonder if the Goethe Institut intends to continue promoting FF’s bizarre junk as part of its mission to spread German culture here in Indonesia and around this already troubled world!?


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