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  • ross1948 19:50 on September 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Merkel’s Pravda! DW Hands Megaphone to Pinko Prof 

    German readers will already be aware of Hans-Joachim “Hajo” Funke, whom DW carefully describes as a German political scientist and retired professor… considered to be one of the leading researchers in the field of right-wing extremism in Germany.


    What is intriguing is why DW gives this fanatic a platform, a megaphone, really, to blatter out his animosity against the patriot party. Sure, the Alternative fur Deutschland is in the news, with its stunning surge last week and the prospect of another in Berlin next week.

    But how about some conservative nationalist academic to analyse the extremism of the Green Party…


    green party red


    ….or Die Linke, the Left Party, direct descendant of the quisling cabal that ran East Germany as a Kremlin slave state, and how any rational person can vote for the likes of those far-left cliques?

    deutsche welle

    Just to make sure we understand how bigotedly anti-AfD this tax-funded Pravda-clone truly is, their headline is a quote from the arrogant old leftist pinko prof.

    ‘In the past it was Jews, and today it is refugees’

    A nasty slur, clearly calculated to tar the patriots as latter-day Hitlerites, with DW deliberately laying off the real heirs to the Nazi war on democratic principles.



     Germany’s Red NazisSPD Urge Gestapo Tactics On Opposition!

    And as ever, no inverted commas around ‘refugees,’ a deliberate conflation of any genuine refugees who may have arrived with the horde of undesirable ingrates currently leeching off German tax-payers and/or preying on vulnerable members of their host community.

    Flatulent Funke no doubt spends much time ‘researching’ his political enemies…


    • Hasil gambar untuk hans-joachim funke
    • =
    • ….but the true measure of his commitment to academic detachment and objectivity is exposed in DW’s description of his latest ‘analytical’ tract, viz.
    • ——–
    • His latest study, mainly about the AfD, is titled
    • “On Enraged Citizens and Arsonists.”

    god of hellfire


    Well, no doubt there are plenty of long-suffering German tax-payers enraged by the arson (and other crimes) committed by crimmigrants…Refugees angry over Ramadan meals set fire to German shelter ….but I rather think alien arsonists don’t get much scolding in his scribbles.

    The retired ranter has expanded his range from the AfD to include one of the few leading politicians in power in Germany who speaks up for Germans rather than, like Mama Stasi’s clique, insults the intelligence of voters by making excuses for anti-social crimmigrants.


    • seehofer-mama

    Bavaria’s Seehofer, trying vainly to talk some sense into Mama Stasi Merkel


    • The Bavarian CSU leader Horst Seehofer gets verbally whacked in the DW… 

    … Seehofer has inspired the rise of the AfD. As long as his actions are not countered by the CDU (Christian Democrats), then we continue to have a one-two pass between the AfD leaders and Seehofer. Sometimes Seehofer will call in Hungarian Prime Minister Orban for endorsement. That creates a double threat of a dismissive and migrant-hostile populism.

    …and how long will DW’s readers have to wait for a rebuttal article, from any patriotic academic – or are there none left in Germany?

    Migrant-hostile population?

    Does Old Funke really think either the AfD or Herr Seehofer is to blame for German hostility to the horde?



    …next year alone roughly €10billion ($ 11.3 billion) in extra spending for  migration-related costs.  Oh, No, Mama’s Boy – The WORST Is Yet to Come! 

    And that gobble-de-gook Funke phrase ‘dismissive populism?’

    Mere meaningless BS from a superannuated hack!

    BS and DW – initials that go together!


    • Hanno 21:39 on September 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      A very good commentary, thank you. I think there are no researchers into leftwing extremism in German universities. They are full with practicing leftwing extremists, just like German media.


  • ross1948 23:07 on October 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Fighting Talk On Alien Horde Riles Mama Stasi’s Rat-Pack! 

    Given that much of my ancestry is Scots, either direct or via Ulster, I suppose Bavaria has some claim on my affections – the Royal Family there represent the Jacobite succession to the Scottish throne; also to the British throne, of course, but Jacobites were usually more popular in Scotland than England.

    However, that’s just midnight musing.

    My esteem for the Bavarians tonight stems from that German Land’s Premier Horst Seehofer and his defiant resistance to Mama Stasi’s madness.



    Seehofer has announced what he has called “self-defense measures” against refugees arriving in Bavaria.http://www.dw.com/en/bavarias-self-defense-measures-against-refugees-cause-outrage/

    Funny how the report  puts ‘self-defence measures’ in inverted commas, to show it’s Seehofer’s opinion, but doesn’t do the same for ‘refugees,’ which is hardly an opinion so much as a brazen lie – real refugees stop when they’re in safe territory, which the primitive parasites descending on German Lander have never yet done.

    Anyway – Bavaria’s resistance strategy includes ‘integration, education and training.’

    That might be hard work. Most of these sectarian throw-backs are impervious to education if it challenges the basics of their backward ideology, such as the status of women.

    German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates! 

    And integration is fundamentally impossible if it’s about getting Dark Age creatures to adapt themselves to civilisation! 

    “On top of that there will be specific self-defense measures to limit migration, such as sending back people to the border with Austria and the immediate transfer of newly-arrived asylum seekers within Germany…”

    Now you’re talking, Herr Seehofer!

    But while this dose of sense is causing ripples across the border in Austria, it’s having no impact in Berlin, where dwells the Enemy Within!

    Or rather no positive impact – on the contrary, Seehofer’s comments have caused outrage in the government and the opposition. Merkel has rebuffed his comments…

    Of course.

    She has no interest in preserving Germany. She salivates at the prospect of changing her country irrevocably. And she can rely on the worst elements in German political life to support her treasonous mission. 

    Anton Hofreiter, leader of the Greens in parliament, said his proposals were “brazen populism.”


    green party red


    Which merely means that Seehofer has popular support, or is enunciating policies he thinks will appeal to the people.

    Yeah, brazen, right. Naughty Seehofer, to seek to accord with the democratic principle.

    And Merkel’s flunkey Thomas de Maizière, who ludicrously holds the job of Interior Minister, bleats that  he does not believe “fences at Germany’s borders” were the answer to the influx of refugees in Europe.

    Not the entire answer, no, but if the fences covered all European borders currently under attack by crimmigrants…? 

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