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  • ross1948 18:35 on November 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , back of the bus, Colombian-Canadian racist bigot, Halifax Pop Explosion, Lido Pimiento, segregation   

    C'mon, Canada! Stop Lousy Racist Lido Pimienta! 

    A Colombian-Canadian?

    Is that what she is?

    She sounds more like one of those old Deep South segregationists everyone used to abhor when they told black people to ‘get to the back of the bus.’


    Or more like some Hitler Youth telling Jews they were untermensch. 


    Hasil gambar untuk untermensch

    I’m talking about the racist wretch Lido Pimienta, infamous across Canada…


    Anti-White Louse Pimienta


    …because she has frequently asked her audience to welcome people of colour to the front of the stage. In turn, she requested that white people move back


    When did that idiotic term ‘people of colour‘ come into vogue? I presume she means coloured people?’

    But that’s one thing.

    What’s more important, and so utterly appalling, is the brazen complicity in her arrogant racism displayed by the organisers of the Halifax Pop Explosion, a ‘music festival’ in Nova Scotia.

    ‘Music Festival?

    Gambar terkait

    Was the Horst Wessel Lied included in their repertoire?

    When some courageous ‘people of non-colour’ dared to stand up to the mangy little bigot, the creepy ratbag management posted this!

    On Thursday, October 19 at the Marquee Club, a white HPX volunteer along with several other white people in the audience reacted to Lido Pimienta inviting “brown girls to the front” of the venue with overt racism. This volunteer was removed by Lido herself. They have since received notification from the festival that they are no longer welcome to volunteer with us.

    Overt racism?



    Telling whites to make way for non-whites is jim-dandy, but refusal to bow to such a neo-nazoid diktat is overt racism?

    It’s time to boycott.

    Or maybe, just for fun, some decent Canadians should gain access to one of these racist revivals, carrying about their persons some eggs…



    …considerably past their sell-by date, with which they might express their disapproval of the ghastly (and foul-mouthed –Lido Pimienta launches expletive-driven speech as she wins Polaris Music Prize)  little louse.

    Maybe, just for fun – just joking, of course!

    • K Hepburn 23:46 on November 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Send her to Colombia if thats where she comes from.
      If I was singing in a bar and told black guys to go sit at the back and make room for whites I would most surely be arrested.
      No danger of that cause I dont sing but you know exactly what I mean.
      This little racist treats white Canadian as second class citizens and nobody can complain .
      We live in the dark days of Canada.


  • ross1948 19:39 on October 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Datuk Mohd Tahrir Samsudin, Johor, , Muslim-only laundrette, , segregation, Sisters in Islam, Tunku Idris Sultan Ibrahim.   

    ‘My Beautiful Laundrette?’ Ugly Sectarianism In Malaysia 

    A new nadir of sectarianism in dear old ‘Malaysia Truly Arabia,’ with reports of a laundrette accepting dirty clothes ONLY from Muslims.


    The signboard placed at the entrance to the launderette. - Picture from Facebook

    ‘This laundrette only accepts Muslim customers…’


    The nasty bigot who runs the place, in Muar, Johor State, has been denounced by civilised people of all creeds.

    We read that he’s so proud of his vile sectarian self that he refused to let a press photographer take hs picture

    The sign also asked customers to remove their shoes before entering the premises.

    The wretch claims he is just carrying out his duty as a Muslim.

     Good grief!

    I have a washing machine here but in the past I’ve taken my stuff to all kinds of Jakarta laundries – the laundri kiloan are the best bet…


    Hasil gambar untuk laundry kiloan


    … where they weigh your clothes and charge accordingly.

    None of the often head-scarved ladies in charge of those little businesses has ever quibbled or asked if or where I worship.

    Happily the rancid clown concerned has been condemned by Johor royalty, Tunku Idris Sultan Ibrahim.


    Gambar terkait

    “Is this for real? This is too extreme. I’m appalled,” said Tunku Idris



    And an organisation of rational Muslim women, Sisters in Islam, has also deplored the lame-brained apartheid idea of segregated launderettes.


    Gambar terkait

    The perception that non-Muslims are considered unclean and thus unable to mix laundry with the Muslims is in simple terms, prejudism and bigotry. It should be seen as such and not as an excuse of “Islamic requirements”. 
    Segregation policy not welcome — Sisters in Islam


    No show without Punch, as they used to say, and a Dark Ager ‘mufti‘ soon popped up, to say the bigot’s move is commendable as cleanliness is a priority for Muslims.

    Unlike for us smelly Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, etc?



    Friggin’ moron!.

    Say Hello to –

    Gambar terkait

    Datuk Mohd Tahrir Samsudin, who thinks it’s just jim-dandy to operate apartheid services but, strangely, he seems to want it hushed up by the media

    “This should not be turned into an issue as it only encourages negative perception from non-Muslims towards Muslims.”


    Bloody right it will!

    Or would, except that, thanks to an educated Prince and those Muslim ‘sisters,‘ devoid of your rank prejudice, have spoken up and made it clear that LOTS of Muslims are not, like you, Datuk, backward bigots.


    • David 01:05 on October 5, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      That mufti is exactly why ‘Islamophobia’ is spreading all over the world.


  • ross1948 09:09 on March 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , black-only, , CPR training, , , segregation, , Y.U. Black Students Alliance,   

    Oh, Klanada? Racial Segregation At Toronto’s York Uni! 

    When I was a little lad on the farm in Perth County, Ontario, getting to church meant a half hour drive into town….


    Hasil gambar untuk snow blocked roads


    In the deep snows of winter this was not always practical, but on most summer Sundays, in we went.

    Among the other congregants were a black family, and I’m pretty sure they were they only black people in town. Nobody referred to them as ‘black,’ of course.

    ‘Coloured’ was the fashionable term, had been for years, and remained so until ‘black’ became the trendy word. Exactly what the PC in-crowd currently dictates I’m not sure.

    ‘Afro-American?’ In Canada, ‘Afro-Canadian?’

    We often now hear the cumbersome, rather ridiculous ‘people of colour’ – it’ll be back to ‘coloured’ soon!

    Anyway, the point of today’s trip down Memory Lane is the fact that in the Canada of the halcyon Diefenbaker Era…


    Dief the Chief


    ….non-white people were certainly a small minority – especially in small-town Ontario! – but everyone got along just fine, without equality commissars to bully us.


    All were  Canadians. Why wouldn’t they be welcome in our church, or indeed our home when they came round for a mid-week social? The idea of segregation was foreign to us.

    Not any more, according to the news from Toronto…


                Hasil gambar untuk black students cpr york toronto

    Campus racist poster


    …where good old ( founded 1959) York University is hosting a first aid training session only for black students!

    And where normal sane Canadians who object to such racist imbecility are accused by nasty black fanatics of “anti-black racism.”

    The racist bigots belong to a gang calling itself the York United Black Students’ Alliance.




    The CPR poster would have gladdened the hearts of the KKK, all those Imperial Wizards and Grand Dragons of the Ku Klux Klan!

    As one normal student observed –

    “My attention was brought to this poster because I was actually interested in getting my recert[ification] in first aid. It’s a skill everyone should know. Apparently my skin color is an issue though..”

    Canadian Student Group Offers ‘Black Students Only‘ First Aid Training

    No need to comment further on the advance of the apartheid mind-set in Ontario.

    We await demands for the installation of separate drinking fountains.


    Gambar terkait


    Or demands by trannies for unisex toilets, one each for blacks and whites, where perverted predators of each separate racial group can prowl for victims with egalitarian ease! 


    Gambar terkait


    One assumes (probably wrongly!) that the numbskull racists of the YUBSA will be disciplined for bringing discredit on their alma mater.

    But flicking through Google for details of this resurgence of segregationism, we find it’s by no means unique, with  an American example of the same backward bigotry just next door to Ontario, in the US state of Michigan.

    Michigan Students Demand ‘BlackOnly‘ Space

    And last year California saw a similar revival of apartheid when California State University Los Angeles debuted segregated housing…

    California University Offers Black-Only Student Dorms | The Daily Caller

    Exactly sixty years ago, Republican President Eisenhower famously stepped in to force school desegregation on a Democrat Governor of Arkansas.

    Will Republican President Trump similarly have to send in the National Guard to compel the Democrat Governor of California to desegregate the California State University Los Angeles?

    • Arnold 14:07 on March 12, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      How did those sht-for-brains morons ever get into university?
      The university should send them down.


  • ross1948 20:15 on December 7, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , Rudolf Hundsdorfer, Sebastian Kurx Rudolf Hundsdorfer, , segregation, ,   

    Segregated ‘Integration’ Classes! An Asinine Austrian Approach! 



    Social Minister Rudolf Hundstorfer said that he thought that at the beginning of the integration process it was acceptable to have single sex courses for refugees from the Middle East but that it “must be made very clear that life here is different.” 



    Hundsdorfer -don’t know about you, but he scares me just a tad!


    So this Socialist government minister, a colleague of that dreadful sell-out Faymann…Britannia Exemplary V Schweinehund in Wienerwald! …sees no problem with allowing sexist savages imported from backward lands at once to continue practicing their sorry segregationist customs in a civilised Western country like Austria?

    What a damned disgrace!

    They should have it made clear to them as soon as they cross the border that such ignoramus attitudes will not be tolerated. And if they don’t like it, there’s the border – get the hell back across it!

    Happily, the regime’s pandering to primitives has been called out  – and by another government minister, no less!


    • Kurz slams single sex courses for refugees

    Sebastian Kurz


    Perhaps significantly, Sebastian Kurz comes from the other party in the coalition government, the OVP, sometimes called ‘conservatives’ but rarely notable for their conservatism.

    Kurz, however, seems to have some grit.

    He has asserted that it is a “big mistake” and “absurd” to separate men and women from Middle Eastern countries. He added that the move goes against Austria’s fundamental values and sends the wrong message to refugees.

    Did he really call these people ‘refugees?’ Smarten up, Herr Kurz!

    “If we let this happen, it becomes harder later on to explain why this isn’t part of the culture here.” 


    And the excuse from one of the apparatchiks running the courses, that Mid-East women’s work experience is different from that of men, should be kicked off the park. Women raised in a cess-pool ideology that includes polygamy and head-shrouding of course have a different work experience.

    The whole point of ‘integration” is to deliver them from such benighted bunkum. Anything else is not integration at all, but multicult.




    A cancer in whatever community affords it an opportunity to grow.

  • ross1948 22:05 on May 4, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , segregation, , , ,   

    Apartheid UK- Labour’s Fatwa Five Pander to Primitives! 

    So now we have photographic evidence of the Labour Party’s grovelling to sectarian sexism, no less than FIVE pink political snouts grubbing for votes before an apartheid audience, women quite clearly segregated, just as the most fanatic shariah fatwas require.


    Shariah Controlled Zone_thumb[1]


     Segregated seating at rally
    Brummistan Labour Hustings
    Birmingham’s Fatwa Five have been identified as four official Miliband-approved parliamentary candidates – Tom Watson, Liam Byrne, Khalid Mahmood and Jack Dromey, plus one sitting socialist MEP named Sion Simon. 
    They are already in wriggle-mode, no shame about their open contempt for women’s rights but embarrassed as hell about being caught in this base act of collaboration.Mahmood, candidate for Perry Bar, was asked directly whether he thought it appropriate to address a segregated
    ———He appeared flustered and said: “I didn’t organise it. You’ll have to speak to the organisers.”   http://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/574616/Labour-Left-speakers-segregated-rallyThe clown freely chose to address that apartheid-tainted assembly, nor did he walk out when he saw the bare-faced segregation.

    There is no record of him having descended from the stage to urge that the benighted sex barrier be discarded. That would have been an act of decency I’d have applauded, no matter his party. 

    Why blame the organisers for his own despicable deference to backward bigots?

    Mind you, the organisers appear unfit to live in a civilised country, never mind vote in its elections!

    But Miliband won’t bat an eye-lid.

    If it takes the votes of people whose values are totally at variance with British rights and liberties, that’s a price he’ll willingly pay to reach 10 Downing Street.

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