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  • ross1948 23:44 on June 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Told You So! But Muppet Macron’s Flunkey Won’t Own Up! 

    The French aren’t stupid.

    They know that alien savages were up to their necks in the St. Denis mayhem….

    Don’t Blame Footie Fans! ‘Twas Macron’s “Migrant” Savages! 

    …as we suggested a week ago.

    But Le Muppet’s mealy-mouthed minister won’t tell the truth.

    Almost two-thirds of French citizens agree with a proposal for authorities to publish the nationality of those arrested during the chaotic scenes that occurred on the evening of the Champions League final in Paris, according to polling published by CNEWS.

    French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin has initially refused to do so, opposing suggestions before the Senate law commission.

    “I do not have to give the nationality of the people we are questioning,” he told lawmakers.

    What a pity Marine didn’t beat The Bankster.


    But legislative elections are due in just a week’s time.

    Will France wake up?

  • ross1948 11:55 on May 31, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Don’t Blame Footie Fans! ‘Twas Macron’s “Migrant” Savages! 

    Having been to St. Denis years ago, not for footie but to visit the burial place of France’s murdered royals…..

    …yet fully aware how that Parisian suburb’s population composition has been transformed from French to something other..

    Explosion in St. Denis? Obama Abets The Enemy! 

    ..in Seine-Saine-Denis, some 80 percent of students refused to honor the moment of silence, saying that the Charlie Hebdo staff “deserved what they got”

     Paris’s Midwich Cuckoos – Primitive Pigs Dishonour Hebdo Dead! 

    ..I was immediately suspicious when I read reports of gangs of ‘French youths‘ preying on the Liverpool fans.

    So knowing undesirable aliens abound in St  Denis….

    Paris Rouge – Pinko Bint Dubs Islamist Killer

     French Studies – Cartography and Crimmigrants!

    Worst was Seine-Saint-Denis in the northern suburbs, where there were 18.2 incidents of violence reported for every 1,000 residents.  http://www.thelocal.fr/20170103/heres-where-youre-most-likely-to-get-robbed-in-france

    ….I looked into it more closely…

    Some news videos tended to confirm my suspicions, but you could have knocked me down with a feather when the stark truth was revealed, not by any resistance website…..

    BUT…believe it or not…

    ….by a BBC reporter.

    Hugh Schofield told us today that real French people, and media there, were ‘sceptical‘ about the offical narrative, because they know about the ‘delinquent” population in St. Denis.

    It was ‘politically insensitive,’ he said, to make mention of  ‘migrant youths.’

    That silly woman, Macron’s minister, can blabber all she likes about fake tickets, but it’s France’s…



    ..and the weakling Muppet, always unwilling to start the mass deportation required, who lets his minions mislead…


    …for fear of upsetting the pro-crimmigrant, multicult lobby.

    • Ned 22:13 on May 31, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t know that part of Paris but I went there before the pandemic.
      It’s not clever to go into any of those suburbs round the edges, Paris people warn you they’re bad, full of Un-French, always looking for trouble.
      Big games would be better played somewhere else.


    • Vicki 00:44 on June 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      I knew it!


  • ross1948 20:20 on October 17, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Paris Rouge – Pinko Bint Dubs Islamist Killer A ‘Martyr!’ 

    This story does not seem to have spread into English-language media, except for Gatestone, which we looked at yesterday.

    It’s centred on a part of Paris called St. Denis, a historic place, which I’ve mentioned before, for its royal tombs at the ancient cathedral…


    Gambar terkait


    …although I wasn’t writing about those fascinating aspects, alas, when I was describing  French Studies – Cartography and Crimmigrants!

    Sadly, nowadays, it’s sunk to levels unimaginable to those old French kings, or indeed commoners, of yesteryear :-

    Worst was Seine-Saint-Denis in the northern suburbs, where there were 18.2 incidents of violence reported for every 1,000 residents.  http://www.thelocal.fr/20170103/heres-where-youre-most-likely-to-get-robbed-in-france

    We’ve also had cause to dwell on its appalling administration…


     Paris’s Midwich Cuckoos – Primitive Pigs Dishonour Hebdo Dead! 

    …and it’s once again the Communist Party-dominated local government of St. Denis (or Le Courneuve, as it’s technically called now) that we’re looking at.

    Gatestone covered it well, but I went back to the original French newspaper, and there’s a link which I had to get translated…   http://www.lexpress.fr/actualite/politique/attaque-de-marseille-la-collaboratrice-d-un-maire-suspendue-pour-ses-propos_1949192.html  

    …but which Francophone readers can use to check my translation!

    After that filthy savage, howling ‘Allahu Akbar,’ murdered two innocent women in Marseilles two weeks ago…

    Vermin Outbreak In Marseilles – Start Deportations Now! 

    …one of the Communist Mayor’s side-kicks, a bint by the name of Sonya Nour…


    Hasil gambar untuk sonya nour st denis


    …described the man who killed two women on Sunday in Marseilles, a “martyr!”

     “When a martyr slaughters a woman and stabs another woman, it makes a noise … terrorism, blood, civilization Bla Bla Bla…”

    The vile bitch then DENIED she was out to glorify the pig shot dead by police after his deadly rampage!

    “…the word martyr does not mean ‘the just’…I do not use it in the Christian sense but in the psychoanalytic sense of the term,



    Realising that psycho-merde  diversions wouldn’t likely work, she tried to make it into a battered women issue.

    “In France, we have the equivalent of a Bataclan every year for women … In what way is the ‘Islamist’ crime more atrocious than crime against women by their spouse or ex …?



    At least the municipality was so ashamed to be in any way associated with the bitch that they suspended her from her official duties.

    “These remarks which minimize and trivialize acts of terrorism of unprecedented savagery deserve only condemnation,” said spokesman Gilles Poux. ‘The remarks made by Sonya Nour are unacceptable and I condemn them without any nuance.”

    There’s to be a full investigation, so we need to watch that, and fingers crossed decent French folk will make sure the creature is drummed out of any role in local government.



    • Jeanne 22:39 on October 17, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      We heard much about this so it is a surprise the AngloSaxon media miss this.
      Yes, how sad that the great royal cathedral where our old kings sleep is now surrounded by communists and non-French colonists.


    • Douglas Robertson 04:46 on October 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      It’s a shame St.Denis has fallen on hard times but it is not much different or may even not be as bad as some of the other areas around Paris.
      If this woman is really worried about battered women then she can make herself useful by going around all those banlieue populations and tell them that shariah law is dangerous to women and must be disowned by every community in France.
      Macron is talking about new laws to prevent harassment of women. He could reduce that problem overnight by deporting all the bad men who preach shariah law. Instead I heard some tv commentators saying he might make wolf-whistles a criminal offence.
      There’s another noise made by bad people he should outlaw before he gets round to whistling. We hear both words of it at almost very jihadist attack.
      You know what I mean, I am sure?.


    • Sandy Bretton 12:48 on October 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Even if she is telling the truth, and didn’t mean he was a ‘martyr’ in the ISIS sense, this woman is said to be an educated professional so she must have known it was a word that should never be used about these jihadist animals.
      She does deserve to be fired.


  • ross1948 21:00 on January 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    French Studies – Cartography and Crimmigrants! 

    Here’s a map, just published, showing which parts of France are the worst afflicted with dangerous criminals.



    In Paris, and no surprise to anyone who’s gone there to visit the royal tombs in the cathedral…

    Worst was Seine-Saint-Denis in the northern suburbs, where for there were 18.2 incidents of violence reported for every 1,000 residents.  http://www.thelocal.fr/20170103/heres-where-youre-most-likely-to-get-robbed-in-france

    St. Denis nowadays, as for quite a few years, is infested with people to whom France, its history and its way of life, are strangers.

    Paris’s Midwich Cuckoos – Primitive Pigs Dishonour Hebdo Dead! 

    Look down south, too, and the area from Marseilles through Nice – IslamoNazi Intimidation…in Nice, France!   – to the Italian border (Ventimiglia   – The Ventimiglia Connection?  –   Where’s Da Media? ) is also darker than the bulk of the map.

    And now cast your eyes north, ever northwards, and the coastal zone that includes Calais, which was allegedly cleared, on Hollande’s orders, of the crimmigrant plague, but is now being re-colonised again.




    Pathetique! Savage Mob Amok, As France Fawns On Calais Curs!   –  Family escape attack by Calais migrants – Kent haulage boss tells of daily migrant attacks at Calais – Refugee crisis: Hundreds of migrants storm Calais motorway  – Calais Migrant Clash Leaves One Dead, One Wounded

    I invite my French readers, of whom we have more and more, to confirm my demographic suspicions. 

    • Jeanne 20:35 on January 5, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      it is verily so, Ross. Many parts of our beautiful Paris are not safe for French people, yes even St. Denis where our ancient kings and queens are at rest.
      Have you had chance to read the news of that traitor who has been helping illegals sneaking into France? He is on trial at last but it seems like many want him to go free.
      I think he is like the collaborateurs in 1945.
      Laval was executed.


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