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  • ross1948 17:23 on August 5, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Do Brit Oldsters Need Their Own AMAC? 

    UK senior citizens are often used as an ‘issue’ by every political party, and last I heard there were no pressure groups purporting to speak for them that are untainted by ideology.

    Few have forgotten the vicious hatred directed by Remainers at the grandparent generation.

    Why Are Old Brits Demonised.


    Yet their problems need attention…

    BBC, VD, ‘Ignorant Things!’ UK Pravda’s Ageism Exposed!


    … and it could be, especially given how one of the current threats they’ve been facing is the leftist-run UK Pravda – aka BBC)

    Aliens Get Free Hotels – Pensioners Get No Justice!

    …that organising a genuinely conservative pressure group to speak for patriotic pensioners might be a useful move.

    Americans already have one.

    Read about it and think about it.


    First and foremost is AMAC’s conservative advocacy.

    AMAC’s advocacy team, AMAC Action, is actively fighting for you – and for America – on the issues that matter.

    With well over 2-million members by our side, AMAC Action has:

    • Worked to defeat the Democrats’ federal takeover of our elections.
    • Worked to get election integrity initiatives signed into law in states across the country.
    • Worked to get a harmful capital gains tax removed from the 2021 budget bill.
    • Demanded that CMS keep the requirement for hospitals to maintain price transparency for consumers.
    • And much more

    Second, your AMAC Membership gives you access to real money-saving benefits, including:

    • Members-only discounts on dining, hotels, cell phones and plans, and many more.
    • Access to licensed Medicare agents to help you navigate the Medicare maze – from general questions to benefits and coverage, plan selection, and enrollment in a plan that suits your needs.
    • Discounts on health products and services, including prescription drugs, vision, dental, hearing, vitamins, and more.
    • Special members-only rates on car and home insurance.
    • Access to members-only discounted rates on Roadside Assistance plans.
    • Access to a members-only credit card with perks.
    • Most importantly, a strong voice in Washington representing your love for our nation.

    Third, AMAC is a source of uncensored information that you can trust.

    By joining AMAC, you’ll continue to receive AMAC’s magazine, fresh website content, podcasts with America’s thought leaders, newsletters, news videos, and our brand-new app that delivers insightful coverage of the news and issues that matter most.

    When it comes to truthful analysis and opinion, AMAC’s Newsline team is always ahead of the curve.

    And we’re doing what others aren’t – we’re affecting the opinion leaders in D.C., forcing them to provide analysis of the real news.

    All of this brought to you by an organization that loves America.

    So join AMAC for the advocacy, join AMAC for the benefits, and join AMAC for the information. But most importantly, join AMAC because America needs you.

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    Who Places Trust In The National Trust? 

    Only woke-weasels are likely to like the leftist cabal currently in control of the National Trust…

    National Trust Cowers From A Question! 

    …but it seems there are other grounds besides the NT’s rancid leftism to make decent people beware of that organisation.

    Well done Restore Trust..

    Restore Trust

    ….for bringing this to public attention.


    Is the National Trust fleecing its senior members?


    Read, and bombard the cabal….’


    ….with demands for transparency.

  • ross1948 19:08 on January 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Tell UK Pravda To Lay Off The Oldsters! 

    We like the senior cit Brits!



    As most of you know, they were the key to rescuing the UK from the clammy clutches of the Brussels Empire!


    • So I have no hesitation in offering this petition to our readers in The Old Country!



    Take back responsibility for funding free licences for over 75s from the BBC

    The BBC has proved incapable of managing and funding the concessionary licence scheme for the over 75s.

    It axed the scheme, ignored mass protests and has no democratic accountability.

    Government should be politically accountable for benefits, not a media company. Take back control…..

    • Carly McLean 08:28 on January 16, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      It”s a shame only Brits can sign this.
      BBC likes its ‘worldwide’ reputation so overseaa viewers ought ti get a say.
      I think its mean what they are doing to these old people


  • ross1948 09:13 on August 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    But Old Folks Still Get To Vote, Comrade Antifa! 

    American nightmare…

    Article Image

    Rioters splash paint on elderly woman, get in her face when she stands up to their police precinct attack: ‘This isn’t your world anymore!’

    ..but as the Antifa Red Nazis in Portland, or was it Seattle, or any of the other cities where savages now think they rule the roost, bully and torment senior citizens…


    …let’s remember that come November the old folks will be voting too, their chance to respond to the Enemy Within!

    • Vinnie Fiore 10:13 on August 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      That picture truly sums up the Left.


    • Earl Edwardes 11:39 on August 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Grim reading, grim picture, grim future for the West if the Antifa nazis are not taken out of the equation.


    • Ben Baniek 12:06 on August 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Old people can remember when America had law and order which guaranteed freedom. The Antifa Nazi is correct about it not being their world anymore. It’s time to get that America back.


    • Petra Malley 19:57 on August 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      You have quoted Churchill in recent weeks, how he told the British people that the war was about fighting evil and those words come back to me when I look at this picture, Antifa, the new nazis, and it seems their new normal world does not include the older generation.
      This is not just a prejudice against senior citizens but fear that they were born in a time of values detested by marxists.
      God, Family Country.
      This was foreshadowedw by the Remainers in Britain, their Hate the Old rants after the Brexit referendum.
      Now in America it has reached a crescendo.
      Respect for the elderly is the mark of a civilised society.
      We are dealing with barbarians.


  • ross1948 22:57 on April 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Old Brits Sign Up To Die, As Crimmigrants Leech Off NHS? 

    ‘There are also stories surfacing of care-home administrators organising mass signings of Do Not Resuscitate agreements…’ 


    And the ‘stories’ are backed up with a quote from an MP, giving an example of such a wretched situation in his own constituency.

    I must admit dark thoughts had drifted through my mind when I read those reports from Italy, of the de-prioritised elderly…

    Image result for knitting grandma


    …which I didn’t want to believe, but which even the ‘fact-checkers’ could not refute..

    According to the Telegraph, the document’s criteria for intensive therapy in emergency cases includes an age of less than 80 or a score of less than five on the Charlson Comorbidity Index, which indicates a patient’s other medical conditions and mortality….

    The ‘fact-checker’ denies that the document applies to every part of Italy – it originated in Piedmont Region – but has to admit that….

    ..the truth is, instead, that overwhelmed Italian health officials are planning for the worst… If cases continue to surge, officials might be forced to prioritize care for those with “the best chance of success” and the “best hope of life.”


    We can each of us contemplate the morality of that ‘planning.’

    But think for a moment of another category of people who can just as easily be infected with the Chinese Virus.

    What about crimmigrants?

    What about that vicious alien rapist in the UK news last week…


    'Real risk': Yaqub Ahmed is being released back onto the streets of the UK despite fears by Judge Margaret O'Keeffe he could re-offend  as he is unable to be deported



    ….suppose he catches the virus – should NHS resources be used to save him?

    Of course not!

    The scumbag should be banned from treatment in every hospital and local health centre in the land.

    And the same goes for all the other garbage overdue for disposal, fake-‘refugees’ due for deportation whom the UK Home Office has failed to deport, because their own countries won’t have them back…


    ….or, even more idiotically, because the undesirable aliens might come to harm when they get home!

    NB – I’m not talking about legal migrants, or foreigners legitimately in the UK.

    What I’m talking about is crimmigrants, like those 72 fake-‘refugees’ intercepted by Border Force off the coast of Kent and Sussex on Sunday…


    More Than 70 New Snouts In UK Tax Trough! 



    Why were they not AT ONCE turned around and herded back to France?

    Instead, ‘all individuals were being taken to Dover to be assessed for any medical requirements before their cases are considered.’



    Assessed for medical requirements?’

    I thought British heath service staff were under horrendous pressure?

    Surely every doctor, nurse, dose of medicine or piece of medical equipment wasted on these no-good gate-crashers is a doctor, nurse or vital item that could be devoted to the treatment of a decent, blameless senior citizen Brit…

    ….and the same can be said about the situation in Italy!

    • Vanessa Reilly 23:26 on April 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I have been waiting and hoping for someone to say this and I am not surprised you are the first one to do so, at least as far as I am aware.

      It is very wrong that monsters like that Somali and all the other illegals and rejected ‘asylum’ applicants (which means they are proven to be fake-refugees) should be allowed to use national health resources from which any British could benefit.
      Well said!


    • Amanda A 23:30 on April 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Hear hear, sir.
      Illegals should have no rights to anything in the country they illegally enter.
      I couldn’t agree more with everything you say.

      They should harvest that rapist’s organs, pre-mortem, though who would want to have them?


    • JazPen 00:12 on April 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      You have stirred the pot again with this, Ross.

      I have just been watching that BBC world news. They were discussing why coloured communities in London are more affected by the virus.
      One of the conclusions was that a lot of illegals wont come forward for treatment or testing because they might get caught and deported.
      So it’s their own fault.
      Nothing to do with their colour.
      No sympathy.


  • ross1948 21:46 on June 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Suddenly, Camoron Remembers Brit Senior Cits! 

    For weeks, we’ve had to read implicit disparagement of UK senior citizens, how ‘the young’ are MUCH more likely to vote against British independence.

    As if the fact that they’ve been subjected to Europhiliac propaganda (paid for by gross misuse of public funds)  almost from the cradle makes their current voting intentions somehow surprising.

    British Schools, Brussels Brain-Wash, No Surprise – But Who’s Collaborating? 


    Goebbels Would Applaud! – EUSSR Uses Brit Taxes to Indoctrinate Brit Kids! 


    And not just young Brits, indeed, but every nation’s younger generation..

    We must educate, and grasp the evil at its roots, starting with children. The report accordingly assigns teachers a mission to “strengthen emergency education for citizenship of the Union.”





    … the report states that the aim is twofold: it is to develop “a sense of belonging to the EU and acceptance of multicultural and multiethnic societies!” Bravo, Gilles! French MEP Exposes NEW EUSSR School Brainwashing! 


    Of course many millions of young Brits, possessed of enquiring minds, teens and twenties and thirties mirroring their then counterparts behind the now-derelict Iron Curtain, are seeing through the Brussels brain-wash.

    They are making ready to stand up for freedom, fighting the Brexit battle.

    • —————————————————————
    • They, like that man in Tian An Men Square, will distinguish themselves from the submissive sheep content to be led along by lies.

    So suddenly, Camoron discovers a ‘concern’ for the older Brits, shrilling that deliverance from his supranational masters will vitiate their very means of physical survival.


    • 0d8e4-kingcameronarrogant

    Cameron Says Vote to Leave Would Risk Pensions 

    But the thing about ‘old’ people is that, ipso facto, they’ve been around for a long time!

    The older Brits are, the more likely they’ll be clearly to remember a realm which was essentially British, without the arrogant intrusions authorised from Brussels!

    Sure, ‘the young’ will be just as liberated when the votes are counted and sovereignty regained. 


    But those of that generation whose parents served their country from 1939 until 1945 ( yes, my generation!) may well be those who party hardest!  

  • ross1948 00:13 on March 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Sectarian Brutes Maltreat Disabled Brits – Fire the Swine! 

    Today I went into town. Jakarta, the sprawling capital of the largest Muslim-majority country in the world.

    I can assure readers that if I go shopping anywhere, for anything, the shop assistants are always happy to serve me. Many of the girls wear head-scarves, though many Muslim girls here don’t, but no matter!

    They don’t bat an eye-lid when I present my purchases of bacon or ham or pork chops.  Nor do waiters and waitresses behave discourteously, when I order pork dishes in restos.

    There’s no reason why they should, because –

    A  – the foodstuffs are for my consumption, not theirs


    B  – the great majority of Indonesians, Muslim or not, are polite and not consumed with the evil bigotry featured in this UK news story, about nasty sectarian bullies picking on helpless disabled folk.

    BACON BAN AT CARE HOME: Muslim staff REFUSED to serve patients bacon sandwiches


    Not a lot to smile about, if you’re a defenceless victim of sectarian cruelty!


    The callous  swine also refused to help their clients buy pork pies, the Care Quality Commission said following an inspection.

    Bradford Council was ordered to improve services at its Wagtail Close home for disabled people after inspectors said care workers restricted patients’ right of choice and denied their personal dietary preferences…

    No surprise this happened in Bradford – it’s long been colonised by Pakistanis, many of whom have shamefully refused to assimilate into civilised British ways, clinging to the backward intolerance we have covered fom tme to time.

    WIll USA/UK Seek UN Sanctions Against Pakistan? 


    Do The Wicked Go To Pakistan When They Die

     They could do with meeting good Muslims, like most of those here in Indonesia, who wouldn’t DREAM of maltreating the old or infirm and who would be horrified if they learned that Bradford’s bigot brutes were using their religion as an excuse for such disgraceful misconduct. That’s why I use ‘Islamists’ – drooling fanatics – and make sure I distinguish those from normal Muslims.

    Now we hear that the scum have been put in their place, maybe.

    “All Wagtail Close care staff have been reminded that their own lifestyles and cultural preferences should never influence the person-centred support they provide to service users.” 

    Muslim staff at Bradford care home refused patients pork products | UK

    That’s all very well, although to designate their vile prejudice as ‘cultural’ is a bit of a stretch!

    But firstly, who believes these foul fiends will readily forego the joy of  being cruel to helpless Brits. These sort of primitive ignoramuses are without conscience. They are just not teachable.

    And in any case, they should have been fired on the spot.


    out with them


    And black-listed.

    Their identities should be made known so no decent employer will even grant them an interview.

    Let them seek jobs in some cess-pool like Pakistan.

  • ross1948 16:10 on June 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Oldies But Goodies – AMAC for REAL American Seniors! 

    This is MY illustration, not AMAC’s!

    One hopes they appreciate my idiosyncratic humour!



    AMAC – The Association of Mature American Citizens is now over 1,300,000 Members Strong!

    AMAC vs AARP
    Click to Join AMAC Today!
    or call 888-262-2006 today!
    “It was quite strange, almost surreal. I had just heard the news story about Harry Belafonte, who had met with, kissed and hugged Dictator Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, calling President George W. Bush “the greatest tyrant in the world, the greatest terrorist in the world,” when I picked up an issue of the AARP magazine that I hadn’t gotten around to reading. I was shocked to see AARP had awarded Belafonte its Impact Award for doing things “to make the world a better place.” Even the staunch Democrat congressman Charles Rangel was so upset he chastised Belafonte for talking about our president in such a manner.”
    -AMAC Founder, Dan Weber, 2006==========

    I had been looking for bits and pieces to do another post on Cameron The Liar, the UKPM who is busily reneging on promises to get EUSSR treaties changed.

    His Mendaciousness is getting so much stick about that lie, people may be forgetting his others.

    So it seemed we should also focus again on the Big Lie about overseas voters. Brits absent from Britain for over 15 years will be denied a chance to take part in the referendum.

    But my search had me stumbling over this, about how senior cits in the USA are disentangling themselves from a rancid pinko front that serves as a geriatric running dog for Obama.



    Yes, I have posted on this before but that was three years ago….

    U.S. Seniors Fighting the Enemy Within! AMAC OK! 

    ..and none of our many American readers, any more than I, are impervious to the aging process. 

    So here you are! 

    That was the moment when Dan Weber – a family man, small business owner, and Air Force veteran – decided that he had seen enough from AARP. It was the final straw. He could no longer in good conscience remain a member of AARP. He looked for an alternative, only to discover that there weren’t any.

    Recognizing the need for an organization that not only provided great benefits, but also didn’t use his membership dollars – not to mention taxpayer dollars in the form of government grants – to advance a hidden liberal agenda, Dan tore up his AARP card and built an alternative: The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC).

    AMAC, the conservative alternative to AARP, has become a modern day David vs. Goliath story. While both AMAC and AARP provide great benefits, that’s where the similarities end.

    If you haven’t chosen AMAC over AARP yet, you may want to reconsider.
    Click to Join AMAC Today!
    or call 888-262-2006 today!
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