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  • ross1948 12:55 on December 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Viva Ambazonia? Why Not? Let The People Vote! 

    Where the heck is Ambazonia?


    Just watched a report on France24 about the struggle for self-determination by the English-speaking people of the territory you can see on the map above!

    It made me ponder the implications of the Catalonia election results.

    Cameroon, after all, was never a nation, merely a large area ruled by numerous kings and chiefs, until it became a German colony, Kamerun. That was divided by Britain and France after WWII, hence the linguistic divide that continues today.


    Hasil gambar untuk Ambazonia

    Soccer separatism, Southern Cameroons, 2017


    But fiftysix years ago, the British Government, despite all the ‘Wind of Change’ blarney spouted from Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, turned its back on the principle of self-determination.

    The United Nations organised a plebiscite in the Cameroons on 11 February 1961 which put two alternatives to the people: union with Nigeria or union with Cameroun. The third option, independence, was opposed by the UK representative to the UN Trusteeship Council, and as a result was not put. In the plebiscite, Northern Cameroons voted for union with Nigeria, and Southern Cameroons for union with (the formerly French) Cameroun.


    So no fair play and now a big issue, which you can Google Search for yourselves. My point being, if Catalan Spaniards and Scottish Brits, and anyone else, are entitled to decide for themselves…

    Hasil gambar untuk Ambazonia

    Ambazonia – Wikipedia

    …why not the Anglophone folk of Southern Cameroons?

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    If Scots Go, Let ‘Em Take Some Excess ‘Asylum’ Baggage! 

    A mild meander this rainy Sunday night, as I continue recuperation from Canada Day celebrations.

    The post-referendum news from the UK has unfortunately been studded with sound-bites from that shrill fishwife Sturgeon, the separatist leader in Scotland.

    Her nagging little voice, forever reminiscent of shrewish haggling over a bargain in the Hogmanay sales…


    Che Sturgeon?


    …is paradoxically a likely asset to her cause, since people in the rest of the UK, antagonised by her hectoring, may well be concluding the UK is better off without Scots.

    This has to be, in my view (and, between Mainland Scots and Ulster-Scots, I must be something like 80% minimum ethnic Scots myself) a most deplorable prospect. Sensible Brits should simply bear with the Scottish bad mood, give them time to lighten up.

    We need to be aware, too, that the problem of a poorly-informed youth vote ( so obvious in the Brexit result, where too many callow kids, with no recollection of freedom, voted for continued servitude) is infinitely worse ‘north of the border.’

    Even children in Scotland get to vote! The separatists, very calculatingly, lowered the voting age to SIXTEEN to boost their prospects, and would no doubt lower it to twelve if that too would help achieve their aim.

    However, if, in the end, despite the centuries of common triumphs as part of the Great British Project, a majority of Scots choose to turn back the clock…so be it, we’ll have to say.

    It would be insane to defy a clear referendum result.

    Thousands join anti-Brexit demo in rain drenched Trafalgar Square, London - photo report, Tuesday, 28th June 2016

    One  might wish that mangy mob of demophobe disloyals in London yesterday recognised that reality!

    And yet…separatism’s logic sometimes falls short of internal consistency.

    We see that across the water, where arrogant imperialists in Dublin delight in celebrating their Eire separatism, the partition of the British Isles a hundred years ago, but incredibly still talk about ‘getting back’ what they’ve no right to, the British nation of Ulster.

    Equally, Shrilling Sturgeon should be told that, in Scotland too, a region-by-region, county by county, consultation should be a pre-requisite for true self-determination.

    Orkney and Shetland islanders, for example, if they wish to stay British, should be guaranteed that right. 


    Self-Determination – Northern Lights V SNP Glare! 

    Moreover, Sturgeon has often declared how much she dotes on all those alien parasites she calls ‘refugees.’ Scottish leader, unlike UK government, welcomes EU refugee plan

    Indeed, last year she said she’d have a random sample thereof under her very own roof.

    ‘Yes, I would be absolutely happy to do that as part of a bigger, wider, organised approach.’

    a spokesman for Sturgeon said there was no update on this two weeks after her pledge…with 26 weeks gone since her comments…she must be making good progress.  Alas, Sturgeon…is yet to do as she previously suggested.

    It’s been six months, Nicola Sturgeon. Where are your refugees …

    When last heard from, she’d reneged on her generous offer. But her party policy is well known .

    ukip migposter-Farage, smarter than Sturgeon


    The SNP has repeatedly called for a more relaxed approach to asylum. They have opposed the enforced removal of failed asylum seekers and have pledged to close the Dungavel Detention Centre, the only one in Scotland.  http://www.migrationwatchuk.org/briefing-paper/10.33n


     If she pulls Scotland out of the UK, let the UK give her a farewell good luck gift.

    Round up all these lying ‘asylum’ wasters, stick ’em on a freight train, and send them up the West Coast Main Line to Glasgow!

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    Spain – His Most Multicult Majesty Should Abdicate! 

     Back in Jak!
    And thankful for the failure of the rainy season to rear its ugly head, though as a scion of farming folk since we went to Canada in the 1830s, I understand the petani of Java would welcome a little moisture!
    I’m going out to top up my Aussie tan with Jakarta sunshine, but first, a few thoughts on last week’s news.
    EuroPoodle   Felipe VI, a disgrace to his illustrious ancestors


    What kind of sovereign betrays the very concept of sovereignty? 

    King Felipe VI of Spain also tried to halt a rising tide of euroscepticism across the EU as he used his own address to claim “there is no alternative to a united Europe”.

    Yes, Felipe is a constitutional monarch, duty-bound to preside over whatever his parliament decides. But by the same token, he is also duty-bound not to serve as a servile mouth-piece for politicians. 


    And in such illogical terms, for of course there are alternativesAlternatives to the EU – The Bruges Group  So we are led to conclude he was speaking his own mind.

    If that is the case, and I say this as a dedicated monarchist, he should abdicate.

    Or at the very least pursue his own logic, continue to denounce his country’s sovereignty, condemn the Spanish Government’s refusal to bow to Catalan separatists, who do, indeed, appear to have the temporary support of at least a plurality of Catalonia’s people.

    NB – personally, I’d regret to see Spain fragmented, just I abhor the prospect of that ghastly wee nag Sturgeon ripping Scotland out of the UK.


    • gibflag
    • ==========================
    • And what of Spain’s irrational, and anti-democratic, claim to Gibraltar, a claim that surely violates the Helsinki Treaty which four decades ago (1975, yes?) affirmed the existing sovereign borders of Europe?
    • All praise to the UKIP pair above who staged their protest on behalf of the loyal (and overwhelming) majority of British subjects in Gib!) 

    If Felipe insists that, for some reason, small enclaves are unacceptable affronts, he should call on his Government to hand over Ceuta and Melilla, tiny Spanish enclaves on the North African shore, to Morocco.



    • I add that reminder to show I am not anti-Spanish, because I have more than once expressed indignation about the attempts by savages to overwhelm Spanish forces guarding those territories. 

    Savage Onslaught Against Europe! Melilla Stormed by Migrant Mob!


    Solidarity With Spain, As Savages Storm A Border! 

    My indignation then was hardly echoed by Felipe’s beloved ‘United Europe,’ whose spokes-vixen, Malmstrom, was quick to kick Spain in the teeth on that issue.

    Invasion! So Brussels Stabs Spain in the Back! 




    The EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Cecilia Malmstrom, said she was “very concerned” about Spanish police firing rubber bullets to deter migrants.  She added that the actions of any EU state protecting its borders should be “proportionate”, and should respect fundamental rights and human dignity.

    “I expect clarifications from the authorities,” Ms Malmstrom said. BBC News – EU to probe Spain over rubber bullets fired at migrants


    I doubt that any UKIP representative would stab Spain in the back the way the EUSSR’s Malmstrom did.

    Yet His Most Catholic Majesty (do they still use that designation – or is King Felipe merely His Most Multicult Majesty these days?) bends his royal knee to worship the tainted PC goddess Europa at her Brussels altar.

    How sad his great forebears must be, as they look down from their Elysian Fields.

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