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    Man Up! Ban Male Freaks From Women’s Sports! 

    If you have one or more daughters who enjoy school sports and have enough athletic talent to hope for future successes, what do you think about fake women who are disgracefully grabbing trophies they don’t deserve!

    I am not in the above situation but I am addicted to the basic concept of fair play and these male freaks make me sick with their arrogance.


    An example of the freaks’ insufferability sprang from the pages of an article sent to me today.

    Shockingly, it’s from an American ‘conservative’ site.

    I won’t quote a lot from it, since the link is there if you want to delve in, but this in particular incensed me.

    The continued success of the two transgenders throughout the year led to problematic objections that they had an unfair advantage. Rather than understanding the concern, the transgenders stated during an interview that girls should work harder rather than complaining.    http://conservativewoman.com/2019/03/11/the-debate-around-transgendered-athletes/#comment-1567

    The Hell With That!

    Rather than preening themselves on their dissimulation, and dissing real girls, these maladjusted males should be hauled off the sports fields amid derision from the crowd.




    If they won’t voluntarily seek psychological therapy to cure their delusions ( that’s assuming they really believe the rubbish notion that they’re somehow ‘women’) then they should be told they’re not welcome in any sports facilities, as either male or female.

    Sadly, the author of the article does not draw that obvious conclusion, but, while implicitly recognising their fakery by referring to the ‘transgender community of males,’ retreats into platitudes about how –

    ‘…we can only hope that the situation is resolved prior to our young female athletes feeling diminished, rather than empowered when they compete with boys who are in the process of transitioning into girls…


    The writer understands that it is down to the teams, both professional and school teams – but rather than condemn their cowardice, she tells us that they don’t want to be seen as ‘discriminatory,’ which is to say, they lack the guts to get into the ‘politics’ of the issue.

    What a craven crowd they are!

    Every race you run is ‘discriminatory!’ Fast people win, slower people lose.

    Having separate events for men and women is ‘discriminatory!’

    Discrimination is nature’s way!

    UNFAIR discrimination is another matter.

    There’s NOTHING unfair about keeping a ‘woman’ who isn’t a woman at all from lying and cheating its way into a contest it has no right to be part of.

    out with them

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    • Keith Milner 10:36 on March 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      You really cant help but despise these trannies, stealing sports prizes from real women.
      They should be banned for life.


    • Gordon Chong 15:01 on March 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Quite right!
      Fakers competing under false pretences.
      Life ban is best.


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    Hypocrisy V Hungary! UN Double-Standards! 

    UN Hero!


    The United Nations on Friday called anti-migration legislation proposed in Hungary, dubbed “Stop Soros,” an “assault on human rights”.


    …a worrying continuation of the government’s assault on human rights and civic space,” UN human rights spokesman Rupert Colville said.

    Rupert Colville is not only the UN flunkey who emitted that arrant nonsense quoted above but has served, so we are told, as a British diplomat!

    We are all too aware of the sort of arrogant dross that the FCO recruits and has been recruiting for decades…


     Loyalty To Whom? Cast-Iron Casts About for Coolie Commissar! 

    …Europhiliac creeps, public school wets, and people who readily transfer their allegiance to supranational bodies like the EUSSR and, in this case, the United Nations.

    Here’s another good link!

    Office now needs to be locked down before it causes more damage



    Theresa the Appeaser should give this toe-rag toff an ultimatum.

    Choose whom you serve, Queen and Country or the Organised Hypocrisy known as the UN!

    Oh, but dearie me!

    The proposed bill could lead to banning NGOs dealing with migration.

    First of all, are the offending agitprop outfits truly entitled to call themselves ‘NGOs‘, ‘Non-Government Organisations…



    ….or are they on the take, leeching tax-payers’ money via Brussels hand-outs?

    Secondly, do these UN ‘Human Rights’ hypocrites raise their voices against real rights violations, in individual countries, like Red China’ colonialism in Tibet…


    Red China’s Cruelty Casts Long Shadow In Copenhagen! 

    ….or on a transcontinental scale, like the iniquity of shariah law, which mandates misery for women in dozens of lands.



    Best way to get rid of sticky-beaks like Colville?

    Stop funding the UN!

  • ross1948 00:02 on December 12, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    U.S. Supremes – No Joy For Gaystapo, Microsoft Or Apple! 

     I was going to post a brief ‘good luck’ to Roy Moore, as it’s now Tuesday here in Jakarta and Tuesday in the USA will see how Alabama votes.

    However, since I suspect that my endorsement, already given…

    Alabama Senate – For Whom Will Sex-Predators Vote? 

    …will sway very few citizens of that fine Southern State, instead I choose to celebrate some good news from Washington DC!

    Great to learn last night that the U.S. Supreme Court refused to entertain an appeal by a sexual aberrant who had tried to argue that a federal law that bans gender-based bias also outlaws discrimination based on sexual orientation.


    Gambar terkait


    One might think it was an open and shut case, absurd to maintain that a ban on ‘discrimination’ against people because they happen to be male or female, should somehow also prohibit ‘discrimination’ against those afflicted with a sexual aberration for which they could seek help and very likely be cured.

    From NYC – Proof Positive, ‘Gays’ Can Be Cured! 

    After all, if the Mayor of NYC’s wife can successfully recover from lesbianism, so logically can anyone!

    As usual, I must add that, to me, no sort of ‘discrimination’ should be actionable.

    If I prefer to hire a cute and shapely secretary with poorer typing skills than a guy, why should i not?

    If a Muslim declines to employ an Infidel, or an Infidel a Muslim, or if some dimwit turns me down for a job because I’m ‘old,’ up to them!

    I wouldn’t want to work for anyone who doesn’t want me!

    But especially these days with queers, there’s the gaystapo inquisition on the march…



    ….jack-booting the rights of anyone deemed to show good taste – which is the proper meaning of ‘discrimination’ – or was, until, like the word ‘gay’ itself, ‘discrimination’ had its meaning turned inside out!

    What’s additionally agreeable is that the Supreme Court, by turning down the case…



    ….has simultaneously shown an admirable indifference  to sticky-beak big business berks.

    Gambar terkait

    No less than 80 companies, including Microsoft and Apple, sought to side with the maladjust.

    Gambar terkait

    Shareholders please investigate –  see what you can do to cause ructions; tell PC plutocrats to keep their prejudices to themselves!

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    The Scourge of Racism Blights America, Again… 

    And sexism!



    That’s the only possible conclusion we can reach after reading a piece from PJ Media this month.


    I quote the key part of an official notice, which a real  journalist, Tom Knighton, exposes to public scorn.

    Journalism grants to probe social justice issues offered through Brandeis University are open only to women and journalists of color, according to a news release announcing the opportunity.

    Gambar terkait

    As you can see from their fine badge, above, Brandeis, which I had heard was a distinguished academic institution, still places some theoretical emphasis on ‘Truth.’

    The truth is that their bare-faced racism reminds us of the worst sort of old-fashioned Southern segregation…

     Gambar terkait

    ..while its sexism is a mirror-image of shariah, irrational discrimination, against half the population, on grounds of ‘gender’ – which is how trendy lefties refer to sex.

    Backward Brandeis!

    Read the whole report, in which Mr. Knighton takes apart the specious justification for this scandalous scheme.

    Gambar terkait

    And if you think there’s something rotten in the state of Brandeis, by all means let them know!

    Phone or FAX us.
    Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism
    Brandeis University
    415 South Street, MS 043
    Waltham, Massachusetts 02453

    Phone: 781-736-3873
    FAX: 781-736-5030

    Email us.

    Visit us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


    If you wish to tell them what you think, there are a variety of ways to do so.

    • Neil Hasleton 23:00 on August 17, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Ii is very strange that the left media like CNN is not in uproar about Brandeis racism?
      White people not allotted just second class status but worse. No status at all. No place available for horrible whites in this apartheid organisation.
      As a white male, I am doubly discriminated.


  • ross1948 10:08 on February 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Malaysia Truly Arabia – Doubly Discriminatory? 

    Saturday morning.

    No particular place to go.

    So maybe take my paper-back and finish it over a coffee somewhere nearby.

    But first?

    I had been thinking I should have a look at Malaysian news.

    It’s a sad sort of place, where even God Almighty’s Name is the subject of bigoted Islamist authoritarianism.




    Malaysia, Truly Arabia! Intolerance Rules Kuala Lumpur Court! 


    Then sure enough, up pops a story in the Jakarta Post, illustrating to perfection the sectarian slither which that once-civilised country has been on, for quite a few years. 




    Come to Kelantan if you want to take on more wives, Muslim men told

    Muslim men who plan to take on more wives can now head to the north-eastern state of Kelantan instead of southern Thailand…  http://www.thejakartapost.com/seasia/2017/02/03/come-to-kelantan-if-you-want-to-take-on-more-wives-muslim-men-told.html ,



    A  -Against all the ( no doubt numerous) non-Muslim horny hounds who’d like to have their enthusiasm for multiple bed-mates approved by the authorities.

    State Family Development, Welfare and the People’s Wellbeing committee chairman Mumtaz Md Nawi’s words indicate that this intended boon is ONLY available to her co-religionists. 


    Hasil gambar untuk Mumtaz Md Nawi


    “This is to encourage the birth of more Muslim children…We will give them comprehensive information and counselling to guarantee that the children from these marriages will turn out to be good Muslims.  

    Can’t get much more blatantly sectarian than that.

    Christians of course are not meant to be polygamous. Don’t know about Buddhists and Hindus. But agnostics, or atheists, who fancy an extra wife or two? They won’t stand a chance.

    Mind you, I don’t fancy their chances if such unbelievers do stray into Mumtaz’s Kelantan, which is infamously intolerant!


    But if that’s A, how about B?

    Arguably, what’s even worse is Mumtaz’s failure to offer the same opportunities for sexual gluttons of her own sex (sorry, ‘gender’ – trendy lefties will be upset if we employ the word that normal folk prefer!)

    In any fair-play society, surely, it’s incumbent on the law to afford the same rights to women as to men.




    If the latter can have a variety of carnal delights waiting for them after a hard day’s work, then it goes without saying that women too should be allowed up to four blokes to jump into bed with, once the household chores are done….oops, sexism again!

    ( Here too in Indonesia, polygamy exists, although the Muslims I know undoubtedly share my view that one wife at a time is enough – or sometimes more than enough!

    One notable practitioner, apparently, is the former Islamist PKS party leader, Anis Matta, perhaps more notable for his post-9/11 ode praising mass-murderer Osama Bin Laden.



    Bin Laden fan Anis Matta, of PKS.    https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/07/06/brits-banned-michael-savage-but-let-in-top-jakarta-islamist-author-of-odious-ode-to-911-mass-murderer/


    But while legal in certain circumstances,  polygamy tends not be looked on as acceptable behaviour. For more details on the Indonesian situation, here’s another couple of links –



    Polygamists to file judicial review on marriage law


    Mumtaz of course would vigorously deny that this discriminatory scheme panders to horny hounds. 

    “It is not for men to take advantage of the policy by taking more wives simply to appease their lust.”  

    So why else would men take advantage of the policy?

    Does Mumtaz really believe that they’ll be motivated merely to pursue her stated goal  – to encourage the birth of more Muslim children?

    To my consternation, I have to wonder if she’s right. 


  • ross1948 21:23 on October 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Aceh’s Shariah Savagery Shames Indonesia, Again! 



    Anyone who cares about Indonesia’s reputation will have shuddered anew at the news from the barbarous province infamous for its shariah iniquities.

    • The Sharia Hell of Aceh!

      The Sharia Hell of Aceh!

    • Seven men and six women were publicly caned in the front yard of the Al Ikhlas Mosque…

    • …Banda Aceh deputy mayor Zainal Arifin and hundreds of residents witnessed the public punishment...

    • …the convicts were guilty of inappropriate acts, including khalwat (affectionate contact by an unmarried couple) and ikhtilat (intimacy or mixing) in violation of Islamic bylaws.


    Which is to say, none of these gals was probably even kissing a guy.

    According to Malaysia’s Islamic Shariah laws, unmarried Muslims who meet in private can be charged with “khalwat,” or “close proximity,” which carries fines and prison sentences of several months. Campaign against Cupid targets Malaysia’s Muslims

    That’s in Malaysia, but the fanatics there are little different from their fellow-fanatics in Aceh.

    Maybe those poor kids weren’t even holding hands, just sitting with a boy-friend, or just a boy who happens to be a friend, all by themselves on a park bench.


    Shariah Controlled Zone_thumb[1]

    Religious police have traditionally enforced a rigid separation of the sexes in public places, arresting those that commit the crime of ikhtilat, or “mixing.” Second-Class Citizens

    That’s talking about Arabs, but Aceh is in many respects more Arabian than Indonesian.

    Yet let’s be fair to the savages. They are not without some tiny tincture of humanity. 

    The caning of a 14th convict was delayed due to her pregnancy and is set to be carried out after she has given birth.


    Deputy mayor Zainal asserted that the punishment was meant to teach people a lesson so that they would not violate Islamic law.


    May God forgive these cruel creeps, because no civilised mortal should.

    I grow weary sometimes of recording the antics of the primitive authorities up there on what they delight in calling the Verandah of Mecca.

    But I feel obliged to do so.

    Decent Indonesians, I know, share my revulsion, not at the punishments, because a good sound thrashing would be work well done on various thug-gangs all over the archipelago, like the IslamoNazi hoodlums in my fave photo…




    .., but at the absurd ‘offences’ the fanatics use to provide slobbering bigot audiences with the Acehnese equivalent of the ‘circus’ element of the ‘bread and circuses’ policy operated by dissolute Roman emperors two thousand years ago.

    And the ‘bread?’  

    Well, the quite numerous gross pigs in Aceh convicted of corruption seem never to get whipped. Such welcome scenes could be televised and would probably break all records in terms of nationwide viewing figures.

    And the cheers would be deafening!

    • JazPen 22:27 on October 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      It is sickening, what they do to poor people who have done nothing wrong.
      I like Indonesia and have many friends here who are embarassed by these public whippings of women by masked men outside the mosque.
      I wish President Jokowi would step in and stop it.


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    Oz Hizbut Ruling – Questions Must Be Asked? 

    Interesting to read that one of the worst sectarian hate-gangs in Australia has fallen foul of the law.

    Not for its Jew-baiting rhetoric…


    hizbutisrael ‘Erase Israel from the world map!’ HT Indonesia


    …nor for its detestation of free speech…



    ‘Charlie Hebdo,Proof of the Rottenness of Democracy!’


    …nor for its dedicated hostility to even the most basic principles of democracy, but for its imbecilic sexism.


    • sexism
    • —————
    • 3557c-hizbut-tahrir2
    • ——————-
    • Since these jihadist jerks disdain Australian law, owing allegiance not to Queen and Country but to their archaic shariah, I rather think they’ll flout the court ruling. Since few normal people attend their nasty covens, except occasional investigative journalists, who’s going to report their engrained antagonism to women’s rights?


    But more interesting will be the response to this news of that rabid old bigot, the Grand Mufti of Australia, who isn’t Australian at all, and who is fundamentally opposed to both patriotism and most other values that decent Australians share.

    Australia, Deport This Sex-Obsessed Sectarian! 

    Another interesting question is  – what happened to the plan to outlaw this caliphofascist outfit?

    Tony Abbott seemed quite committed to a ban but then went through a weak-kneed phase when he dropped restoration of free speech to appease sectarian subversives.

    Like David Cameron’s plan for a ban, no more’s been heard.


    Australia's Grand Mufti stands with Sydney siege gunman Man Haron ... PM with malignant mufti


    Grubbing for Sectarian Votes – Labor Vies With Mufti’s Mate Malcolm! 

    Since Abbott’s fall, Malcolm Turnsteer has done little but cosy up to the malevolent mufti, who for his part seems to think these slobbering HT swine are dashed fine chaps.

    Perhaps one of our Oz readers can bring us up to date?

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    Arrogant Brum Islamist Rants At Anti-Terror Plans! 

    Listen to this creep!


    Councillor Muhammad Afzal


    The Chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque has called for a boycott of counter-terrorism programme Prevent after claims it is unfairly targeting Muslims, including schoolchildren.

    Poor Brummies. Afzal is scheduled to become their Lord Mayor in May. 

    He hit out during a meeting jointly organised with Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) in Highgate, attended by almost 100 people.

    • racist


    What’s that got to do with either pro- or anti- Islam, a creed which includes people of all races and colours. Afzal, and his comrades at that meeting, must be total ignoramuses. 

    But he does love hitting out!: “I think the Prime Minister is an Islamophobe, he never talks about anything else but Muslim extremism.”




    Well, yes, Cast-Iron has been disgracefully silent on the menace presented by Baptist extremism, Seventh Day Adventist extremism and Buddhist extremism.

    But if Afzal is in denunciatory mode, why not make a positive contribution to the debate, instead of sectarian tripe like this –  “The government wants to inspect madrassas, which is racist.”

    Madrassas are ‘religious education'( indoctrination) centres, in which any parents, black, brown, white or yellow, may enrol their children.

    So again, nothing to do with ‘racism’ if they’re investigated, and if the indoctrinators turn out to be encouraging kids to put supranational sectarian allegiance ahead of loyalty to Queen and Country, yes, of course, close them down.

    Afzal whines and whines, saying this terrible Cameron stuff is discriminatory against Muslims!


    Again, why won’t Afzal use his position of obvious authority in his community to tell children, and adults, that there’s no place in a civilised country for ACTUAL, and truly offensive, discrimination.


    • burka
    • ——–

    No head-shrouding unless it applies to both sexes.

    No sexist iniquity in inheritance law.


    • polygamy
    • ———-

    No room for archaic anti-social customs like sexist polygamy – or for child-marriage.

    Now if he stands up and LOUDLY condemns all those evils, THAT would show he’s fit to be Lord Mayor of any British city. 

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    Jakarta Sexists – “We Have Rights!” – To Multiple Spouses For Men Only! 

    Amid a long-standing controversy surrounding polygamy in Indonesia, a group promoting the polygamous lifestyle has announced a plan to file a judicial review against a number of articles in the 1974 Marriage Law, as it deems the articles discriminative against those committing the controversial practice.



    Ludicrous, the backward element shrilling about the law being discriminative, when polygamy itself represents the vilest discriminatory affront to equity, giving men ample options to assuage their carnal needs but without corresponding privileges for women.


    • And interesting that these sexist fanatics invoke that 1974 law.

    If I remember right from my modern history books, it was meant to be a major reformist move but such was the rage among sectarian bigots that it was watered down. “Muslim criticism was directed at the Bill’s restrictions on polygamy and acceptance of interreligious mixed marriages.” [9] There were heated debates on the bill in the People’s Representative Assembly as well as protests by Muslim students. [10]

    Even Suharto’s iron regime quailed before Islamist intolerance.  As a result of the strong opposition and potential for serious unrest, an amended statute was enacted on January 2, 1974, that permitted polygamous marriage and excluded the provision that would have specifically allowed inter-religious marriages.[11]\http://www.loc.gov/law/help/religious-marriage.php


    • suharto_1950 Strongman Suharto
    • ————–

    So a golden opportunity to reinforce Indonesia’s position as a modern democratic nation was missed because of a pack of rowdy ‘student’ louts ( presumably barely educated pesantren primitives)and their equally intolerant elders.

    However, fast forward….

    • Here’s Fakhrul, of the Sakinah Polygamous Family Forum (FKPS) – 
    • “The one-family-one-wife rule has made it difficult for a polygamous family to obtain a family card, or birth certificates for their children. This is clearly discriminative as it [polygamy] is a part of the implementation of Article 29 of the 1945 Constitution that promotes religious freedom.” 

    Oh yeah?

    Fakhrul, who claimed to have two wives, said Islamic teachings allowed Muslims to practice polygamy. 


    Indonesia is not an Islamic Republic but a pluralist democracy, so unless and until the entire archipelago follows the primitive province of Aceh and adopts shariah law, propriety will prevail.

    More or less. .

    The Marriage Law upholds the principle of monogamy, but allows husbands to have multiple wives under certain conditions, including that of being married to a woman who is suffering from a serious illness and unable to bear a child.


    • sexism
    • Blatant discrimination enshrined in national legislation?

    What about a woman married to a man with a serious illness? Or to a man who’s sterile and unable to give her a child?

    Women like that should surely, equally, enjoy the right to an extra husband or two, if they can stand the idea!

    Time for the UN or some other body of sticky-beaks to come in and tell Jakarta to shape up? Actually, that should not need to happen. There are a lot of intelligent Indonesians, who use their brains rather than stifle them with archaic dogma. 

    The National Commission on Violence against Women (Komnas Perempuan) has urged the government to speed up an amendment to the Marriage Law to strengthen principles of monogamy. It recorded more than 70 polygamy cases involving public officials that ended up as sexual abuse cases in 2015.

    But it will be an uphill struggle.

    We reported on the bizarre sexist circular from the Defense Ministry last year…

    Happy Ever After in Jakarta? Ministry Denies Report Of Sexist Marriage Rules! 

    … and there are numerous polygamists in high places.

    The report names several, including Bin Laden fan Anis Matta.  




    You’d think with friends like Matta, polygamy would be even more abhorrent to normal folk – but Indonesia is a very unusual place.  http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2016/01/03/polygamists-file-judicial-review-marriage-law.html

  • ross1948 10:23 on October 14, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    C’mon, You Dirty Canadian Dogs! BITE The B——ds! 

    After the Filthy French Solidarite Avec Les Filthy French and the Selfish Danes Evil Racist Danes Exposed! ‘“They’re Thinking More About Protecting Their Own!” and (worst of all, surely!) the Christian Cypriots Greek Cyprus ‘prefers’ max 300 Orthodox Christian migrants …

    • Shamelesstory_2011_Intertitle


    …now civilised Western people resistant to Islamist arrogance have been re-defined as dogs, CANINE Canadians, to be explicit.


    • Rabid-Dog-for-OS ”In all our pups command…?”
    • =======================
    • The slur comes from a Montreal journo, James Mennie, who also dislikes the democratic principle that politicians should represent, not dictate to, the people.

    If voters, for example, fear for their jobs, responsible pols respond with policies on employment. If people are alarmed about an ebola epidemic, parliament will debate medical resources.

    But if Canadians think that ghastly backward bint’s refusal to remove her head-shroud is an affront to Canada? Hell, their government should scold them for being ‘prejudiced.’




    there have been criticisms that the Conservatives are engaging in “dog whistle politics” ostensibly citing conviction and principle for their stand while appealing to the fears and prejudices of the electorate.

    In what possible way can the Canadian electorate’s disgust at the woman (whose bag-head haute couture is a personal whim, unsupported by respectable ( and even some rather extreme!) Muslims…

    ‘An Archaic Tribal Rag’ – Wise UK Muslim Imam Says ‘Ban the Burqa!’ 

    It’s on the BBC! Bag-Head Bans Do Not Infringe Religious Liberty! 

    Fiery Islamists – ‘Head-Scarves NOT a Big Issue!’ 

    …be stigmatised as a ‘prejudice?

    Forgive me if I say he needs a dictionary – prejudice means ‘pre-judging,’ deciding something without knowing the facts. The facts in this case are that burkas are a sexist, discriminatory challenge to anyone’s ‘norm’ of women’s rights – so why should normal Canadians not ‘fear’ their imposition on a modern society?

    Are we to conclude Mr. Mennie regards hostility to FGM and polygamy as a ‘prejudice’ too? 




    Not to mention that such primeval head-gear facilitates evil, crimes both electoral “Very Tall Figure – Full Islamic Burka – Voted 3 Times!”   and monstrous   (crimes that can be committed  by non-Muslims too, please note!)

    PC Burka-Grovel Condemned a Girl to Rape Nightmare! 


    Yet these factors do not seem to weigh heavily on Mr. Mennie’s consciousness – perhaps because he’s susceptible to ‘fears and prejudices’ about Stephen Harper?!?

    Or to his ‘fears and prejudices‘ about the great majority of his fellow-Canadians, the canines, whom he presumably regards as less ‘tolerant’ than the media elite of which he forms part?   

    But if that’s the case, the electorate has apparently responded with canine predictability. Mulcair’s unwavering opposition to the face covering ban has cost him and the NDP dearly in the polls, turning their campaign from a chance at government into a political salvage operation.

    I’m no huge fan of Harper, largely because he seems to have jettisoned a lot of his ‘conviction and principle’ to get the biased media off his back (NB – it hasn’t worked, Stephen!)




    But I can see no evidence at all that he doesn’t believe what he says about the revolting niqab/burka/head-shroud, whatever you want to call it. When he spoke of his abhorrence of the idea of his own daughter consigned to bag-head status, he sounded utterly sincere.

    As would any decent father, surely?  And mother.

    Young and old, parent or child, Canadians should delight in the fact that this has become a big issue in next week’d election.

    • Arnold 19:25 on October 14, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      You are too nice about this baghead. She joined the facebook group of Jamaat-e-Islami, the terrorist organization that was being funded by ISNA Canada.
      ISNA had it’s charitable status revoked by the CRA for funding the group. Jamaat-e-Islami is recognized as an officially designated terrorist entity by our government.


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