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    Whites Need Not Apply – Nor Men! Bigot Biden! 

    If I were an employer, and advertised for a secretary, specifying that the only applicants welcome were cute young gals, preferably in miniskirts…


    • which is how I would certainly wish to word my advert!
    • ….then the Equalistapo would be after me in minutes!

    • Yet Biden has specified that the only applicants he’ll consider for the vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court must be black and female.

    • Undoubtedly, there are plenty of smart, honourable black females in America…

    • .

    • Candace Owens by Gage Skidmore 3.jpg
    • …such as Candace Owen…

    • …or Kimberley Klacik

    •   Kimberly Klacik

    • =======
    • …but Biden’s restrictive recruitment process is classically racist and sexist.

    • He should be subjected to stern questioning on his discriminatory behaviour…

    • =
    • ….but only on one of those rare days he is capable of coherent response.

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    And French Tax-Payers Subsidise This Merde? 

    ‘Detested for his campaign lies, and racist and sexist comments.

    media bias

    Objective news bulletin on France24, 1pm today, Jakarta time.


    By whom?

    France24’s fellow-parasite propagandists at the BBC?


    Not a BoJo supporter, I nevertheless do not ‘detest’ his ‘racist and sexist comments.’


    Like most people, I find them a breath of fresh air in the fetid wastes of PC politics.

    But that’s OPINION – not inserted into ‘news’ broadcast by hacks paid handsomely out of the public purse.


    • Ned A 15:09 on June 13, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Not a lot of difference, F24 and BBC.
      I leave it to you to suffer watching them. I had enough of their rubbish ages ago.


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    An Ugly Conspiracy? Witch-Hunt In South Africa! 


    That’s pretty much all one can say about the ridiculous hoo-ha in South Africa, where a shrill Twitter rabble have been hounding this beautiful young woman with the cumbersome name of Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters.


    Miss South Africa


    How come?

    Because the lissom lass donned plastic gloves when handling food for the kids in an orphanage she went to on a goodwill visit.

    Insanely, the chip-on-the-shoulder pack ululated – and who orchestrated such an outcry, one wonders…



    …that she had donned the gloves because she didn’t want to touch black children!

    Alas for the shrills, the orphanage staff say any insinuation that Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters is racist is “ridiculous.”

    “Of course it wasn’t because she didn’t want to touch black children,” says Carol Dyantyi, a spokesperson for the Orlando West Community Centre Ikageng.


    But mere facts aren’t going to get in the way of left-liberal hysteria.

    Another report tells us that despite the clear refutation of the slur, the ratbags are still refusing to back off.


    Look, NO gloves!

    Even after the exculpatory photos of the beauty queen playing with the kids, her hands visibly gloveless… this gesture didn’t appease critics – and a hashtag #MissSAChallenge began trending as South Africans mocked the “hygiene” reasons Ms Nel-Peters had alleged.

    Beauty queen wearing gloves at orphanage accused of racism


    There’s no factual basis, as we can see with our own eyes,  and no rational basis either – she obviously wouldn’t take on the job of visiting an orphanage if she was going to abhor the children’s very touch! – so what is the explanation for this hateful witch-hunt?

    These outbreaks cannot be ascribed merely to typical Twitter mass-hysteria.

    Might it be a vast international conspiracy, directed by leftists out to foment racial ill-feeling by using incredibly jealous ugly women?

    There have been indications of this elsewhere..

    Benidorm’s ‘Death Threat’ Campaign For Pot-Ugly Bar-Maids!’ 

    And for sure, we’ve seen some absolute leftist honkers active in far-flung countries, ranging from Melissa Click in the USA…


    The Walking Brain-Dead?- Sex-Obsessed Melissa ‘Muscle!

    …to Jeremy Corbyn’s ex-paramour in the UK, the outstandingly hyper-grotty Labour sour-puss Diane Abbott…


    UK Political Analysis – Cold Baked Beans V Naked Romps! 

     …so are the Twitter twits in South Africa, surely most of them just asinine uglies, being exploited by a global network  of far-left fanatics?

    Who knows?

    But we can be sure that anyone who suggests such a possibility will in turn be smeared, not as racist of course, but as…


    Hasil gambar untuk sexist male chauvinist pig



    Which in my case would certainly not be fair.

    Many and oft a time have I included pictures of ugly men in my blog output!


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    'Poor Little Refugee Children?' Yeah, Right! 

    If you are in much too good a mood this evening, wait till tomorrow before you read what these arrogant alien upstarts in Switzerland have to say for themselves!

    By the end of such an exercise in morning masochism, you’ll surely be fit to spit yer teeth out.


    tawseThe tawse, that kept Scots kids well-behaved for a century or more.


     Or better still, take a good old-fashioned tawse to the obnoxious young swine, which is what the school near Basel should have done when they started their uppity cr#p.


    We covered this display of alien arrogance a week or so back…

    Swiss School Panders To Sectarian Brats! 

    …two recalcitrant juvenile jihadists who won’t shake their teacher’s hand.

    But we learn much more by perusal of The Local. The pair come across as artful dodgers, at best.

    The brats are two Syrian brothers – the sons of an imam – and their fanaticism is at once clear to anyone wo lives here in Jakarta, where 90% of the people are Muslim but show few signs of the brat-drivel which claims Muslims may not have physical contact with a person of the opposite sex, aside from immediate family members.


    • That would, as my old Latin teacher used to say about our class-room errors, make a cat laugh.
    • —————-
      • ibitidur She’s rolling about as I type!
    • Only the most demented types of jihadist jerk propagate such a twisted interpretation.  Already the spokesperson for the civilised Muslim community in Switzerland has refuted their bigoted bullsh-it.

    There was no reference in the Koran justifying a refusal to shake a woman teacher’s hand, said the Swiss Federation of Islamic Organisations. Saida Keller-Messahli of the Forum for Progressive Islam urged the Swiss not to give in to extremist demands.     http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-35967349

    Here, in 90% Muslim Jakarta, hand-shakes are the norm, with both males and females of every age and class. Most people are polite. As said before, I can recall only a couple of times in the best part of two decades in Indonesia when I’ve encountered refusal to do so.

    A quick aside – the Swiss report does make one reflect on the judgement of the Children’s Commissioner for England, who recently shrilled that Cameron should get a move on and bring in a fresh batch of brats from the Calais Jungle!


    And who among you believes THIS?


    evil children

    ‘I only posted Isis videos because I liked the music’

    Unfortunately, the media gave these two toe-rags a platform without revealing their identities. 

    “We’re not harming anyone,” said the younger of the two brothers…it was about living according to the tenets of Islam and showing respect to women.

    By indicating that the very touch of female fingers is abhorrent?

    Yeah, right!

    But Little Toe-Rag’s big brother is quick to play the infantile Islamophobia card. He spoke of more sinister forces at work. “Politicians are using us to stir up anti-Muslim feeling.”



    Get real, brat!

    Displays of offensive arrogance are what’s likely to stir up anti-Muslim feeling, this incredible notion that the Swiss should put up with backward alien behaviour or be branded unreasonable when they object to ungrateful tykes who insult the women of their host nation.

    Switzerland is European, not Arab. The brats live in Switzerland, not Syria.

    Big Toe-Rag vaguely grasps the need to pretend to accept this reality.

     “We respect Swiss culture and of course we obey the laws of this country. We try as much as possible to integrate.”

    Yet in the same breath he flaunts what’s so deeply wrong.

    “… we have our own culture. We can’t just delete that like a hard drive,” the 16-year-old said.



    Get real!

    Your ‘hard-drives’ are unwelcome.  Delete them or sod off back to the Middle East, where women are too often accorded, by shariah law, second-class status.

    Or find some other country you’ll be at ease in, that sees nothing wrong with deeming women untouchable, with discriminatory inheritance law, with polygamy, with shrouding women’s heads but not men’s.

    It turns out that this brat’s kid brother yearns for the ‘good ole homeland.’ Since the scandal erupted, it has emerged that his younger brother posted Isis videos on his Facebook page…

     “I was 12 years old and didn’t even know what Isis was. It was just about the music. I liked it,” he said.

    Yeah, right!


    Hasil gambar untuk isis victims


    That easy listening, jihad-jazz on a summer’s day, keeping time to the sound of decapitated bodies dropping to the ground, a neat background rhythm of sobbing rape victims.  


    Silhouette weeping

    OF COURSE thescum know what ISIS is and ISIS does.

    The satanic nature of the rape/murder gang is infamous around the world.

     The wretches  explained they had learned about the prohibition on physical contact on the internet, with their father confirming its validity.
    So it’s NOT part of their culture. They just picked up the insulting nonsense-notion off the internet. AND we already know about their internet tastes.
    And Daddy Imam agrees?
    Time for a triplicated deportation order. 

    “No one can force us to touch someone’s hand!” the brothers told SonntagsZeitung, saying that any attempt in that direction was a form of discrimination.

    Aaah, ‘discrimination!’

    Now there’s a word the insolent brat learned damn fast!


    . Pity they can’t learn to delete sex discrimination from their horrid ‘hard drives.’

    • Penny 12:19 on April 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      After reading about those adolescent rapist migrants I used to say the definition of a ‘child’ should be under fourteen.
      but this little sh-t watching ISIS videos at age 12 has made me revise my ideas downwards. And yes, that Scottish ‘tawse’ or a stout cane is exactly what these two horrors need.


    • Tom Thorham 15:30 on April 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      And they want to bring more like them to England?
      Jesus save us!


  • ross1948 09:43 on February 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    February 14th – ‘International Hide-The-Yummy-Bits Day!’ 

    A fine sunny morn here in Jakarta, and further reasons to smile include arising to find a superb bacon and egg sandwich breakfast already prepared, and a risible blatter on tv, Euronews telling us it offers ‘balanced’ reporting!

    But then we realise it’s 14th February! Can I reach the garden gate though the stacks of mail?

    Ooops! It’s Sunday – no mailman..ooops, again, no letter-carrier!

    And BIGGEST OOOPS! This is not, after all, Valentine’s Day!


    Tolak (Reject) Valentine’s Day


    Hari Menutup Aurat International?

    Literal translation  – ‘International Day for Covering Aurat.’


    A matter of interpretation.

    But Google Translate often gives it as ‘private parts’ – yet what normal, sane people regard as private parts has little to do with it, though no regrets for the fun afforded me when I wrote about “No Guarantees On Miss World’s Private Parts!” MUI 

    Another common Google Translate offering is ‘genitals!’ Most of us would be taken aback if genitalia were on display, but that’s uncommon, to say the least, except in the smallest minds to be found in the archipelago. 

    Genitals?…‘Scholars’ on Scarfs – ‘Must Be Shariah-Compliant, Hide Genitals, Show No Curves!’  .

    We can review what’s a private part in a moment, but first let me remind you – aurat is a sexist concept, a form of subjugation imposed by men, usually old but often younger fogeys too.

    The poster below, which needs to be widely circulated, makes the sexism absolutely clear.



    Addressed to ayah dan suami, fathers and husbands, you can see what’s  forbidden in the lists on either side of Michelin Maid.

    Then, at the bottom, it offensively tells the afore-mentioned gents that ‘Their Aurat is Your Responsibility.’

    In other words, inspect your women before you allow them out! But you men can go bare-headed, flaunt your kees, etc…



    Instead of using the word to describe what you and I might consider ‘private parts,’  jihadist jackasses have hi-jacked it to cover splendid ( or even meagre) cleavage, thighs, mid-riffs – they hate navels!  



    And even knees Good Indonesians Denounce ArchBigot Ali’s Latest Intolerant Outburst and shoulders.

    Beautiful glossy black hair too is deemed aurat by the fanatic fringe, which is really…saaaad!

    This mentality always provokes me, but only to do something nice for readers, like find good yummy females with loads of aurat for your delectation. 

    Basically, the fanatic fogeys dislike women.

    We like ’em!

    So here you are!

    Welcome to beautiful Indonesia!






    Have a Happy!

    • Darryl 11:57 on February 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Wonderful pix, Ross. Thanks for making the morning brighter.
      And a good article, this aurat is a crock. Let women be women, the way God made them.


  • ross1948 15:56 on January 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    “They were both Afghani refugees, aged 19 and 45 years old…” 

    Another horror story, this time from Paris, and still imbecilic governments are letting primitive savages into Europe.



    Some poor Frenchwoman naively thought she could safely use public transport in the capital city of her own country, only to be near-strangled and indecently assaulted.

    And it would have been worse, had not a courageous citizen boarded the train and ‘scared them off.’



    Go on, take a wild guess!

    Around ten men…reported to be Afghan refugees!

    Thanks to CCTV, and to major dissimilarities between honest French cops and the gutless PC renegades who police Sweden…

    badcopsPeter Ågren, police chief in central Stockholm-: ‘Sometimes we do not dare to say how things really are because we believe it will play into the hands of the Sweden Democrats.’  As we now know, police officers in Stockholm are instructed not to reveal the ethnicity or nationality of any suspects lest they be accused of racism.It’s not only Germany that covers up mass sex attacks …


    … two of the filthy pigs were subsequently arrested, and identified by the victim

    Has nobody suggested CASTRATION for rapefugees yet?

    Indian women talk sense!

    Apart from being a punishment to fit the crime, it would also have the spin-off benefit that these swine would not reproduce more brats to grow up in their vile ideology which endorses subjugation of women. 


    • Joseph B. Fox 16:32 on January 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Bit of a tautology in your headline….


      • ross1948 17:03 on January 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Hence the quotation marks, my friend.
        I try to avoid messing about with other people’s words, except when non-English-speakers send in comments, when I will carry out a quick grammar job.


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    Jakarta Sexists – “We Have Rights!” – To Multiple Spouses For Men Only! 

    Amid a long-standing controversy surrounding polygamy in Indonesia, a group promoting the polygamous lifestyle has announced a plan to file a judicial review against a number of articles in the 1974 Marriage Law, as it deems the articles discriminative against those committing the controversial practice.



    Ludicrous, the backward element shrilling about the law being discriminative, when polygamy itself represents the vilest discriminatory affront to equity, giving men ample options to assuage their carnal needs but without corresponding privileges for women.


    • And interesting that these sexist fanatics invoke that 1974 law.

    If I remember right from my modern history books, it was meant to be a major reformist move but such was the rage among sectarian bigots that it was watered down. “Muslim criticism was directed at the Bill’s restrictions on polygamy and acceptance of interreligious mixed marriages.” [9] There were heated debates on the bill in the People’s Representative Assembly as well as protests by Muslim students. [10]

    Even Suharto’s iron regime quailed before Islamist intolerance.  As a result of the strong opposition and potential for serious unrest, an amended statute was enacted on January 2, 1974, that permitted polygamous marriage and excluded the provision that would have specifically allowed inter-religious marriages.[11]\http://www.loc.gov/law/help/religious-marriage.php


    • suharto_1950 Strongman Suharto
    • ————–

    So a golden opportunity to reinforce Indonesia’s position as a modern democratic nation was missed because of a pack of rowdy ‘student’ louts ( presumably barely educated pesantren primitives)and their equally intolerant elders.

    However, fast forward….

    • Here’s Fakhrul, of the Sakinah Polygamous Family Forum (FKPS) – 
    • “The one-family-one-wife rule has made it difficult for a polygamous family to obtain a family card, or birth certificates for their children. This is clearly discriminative as it [polygamy] is a part of the implementation of Article 29 of the 1945 Constitution that promotes religious freedom.” 

    Oh yeah?

    Fakhrul, who claimed to have two wives, said Islamic teachings allowed Muslims to practice polygamy. 


    Indonesia is not an Islamic Republic but a pluralist democracy, so unless and until the entire archipelago follows the primitive province of Aceh and adopts shariah law, propriety will prevail.

    More or less. .

    The Marriage Law upholds the principle of monogamy, but allows husbands to have multiple wives under certain conditions, including that of being married to a woman who is suffering from a serious illness and unable to bear a child.


    • sexism
    • Blatant discrimination enshrined in national legislation?

    What about a woman married to a man with a serious illness? Or to a man who’s sterile and unable to give her a child?

    Women like that should surely, equally, enjoy the right to an extra husband or two, if they can stand the idea!

    Time for the UN or some other body of sticky-beaks to come in and tell Jakarta to shape up? Actually, that should not need to happen. There are a lot of intelligent Indonesians, who use their brains rather than stifle them with archaic dogma. 

    The National Commission on Violence against Women (Komnas Perempuan) has urged the government to speed up an amendment to the Marriage Law to strengthen principles of monogamy. It recorded more than 70 polygamy cases involving public officials that ended up as sexual abuse cases in 2015.

    But it will be an uphill struggle.

    We reported on the bizarre sexist circular from the Defense Ministry last year…

    Happy Ever After in Jakarta? Ministry Denies Report Of Sexist Marriage Rules! 

    … and there are numerous polygamists in high places.

    The report names several, including Bin Laden fan Anis Matta.  




    You’d think with friends like Matta, polygamy would be even more abhorrent to normal folk – but Indonesia is a very unusual place.  http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2016/01/03/polygamists-file-judicial-review-marriage-law.html

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    Bugil! Bare Breasts Get Islamists Hot and Bothered! 

    An Islamic conference's debate on wife-beating was delayed when topless women stormed a stage in France on Sept. 13, 2015. (Image: Femen, Twitter)


    When I first saw this photo, on WND, I thought it had been taken in Indonesia, the uptight white-robed geezers displaying that tiresome indignation we see on the faces of sexist fanatics here.

    IslamoNazi Gauleiter – “Women Already Have Limitations, Let Alone Non-Muslims!” 

    You know, the sort of crack-pots who think that a bare shoulder or knee is akin to being ‘bugil‘ (naked) or that women should go about resembling sacks of potatoes, and that ‘fathers and husbands‘ should coerce them into such outfits…

    Sexist shariah anti-women poster- ‘Fathers and husbands, their naughty bits are your responsibility!’


    …regardless of any inclinations the women themselves might have to dress and behave like normal girls.

    But no, it happened near Paris, and shows a lass from the frantic feminist group called Femen.

    She boldly gate-crashed a conclave of kill-joys whose ‘respect for womanhood’ – the threadbare lie they deploy to justify shrouding women under their control – was exposed as a sexist sham by the vile abuse and threats as the Femen fillies (there were two of them) were kicked by jhadist cowards during their ejection.


    • 6e6cb-hypocrisyofoursociety
    • ===============
    • This dropping of the ‘holier than thou’ mask escalated into rape threats posted by rabid morons on ‘social media’ in the wake of the demo.

    Read the whole story here – http://www.wnd.com/2015/09/topless-women-pummeled-by-muslim-men/


    Mind you, I’ve got a rather un-busy weekend coming up. And some people have called my blog sexist!

    If I report myself to Femen HQ, do you think they might send a coupla gals round here to stage a similar demo?

    I’ll lay in some extra beers just in case!


  • ross1948 09:55 on June 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Aurat OK – The Moronic Malaysian War On Women! 

    Just got onto my second cup of black coffee and opened up the morning news – now I wish I’d postponed that morning chore.

    A young woman has been barred by some bone-head security goon in KL  from entering a hospital because her shorts did not extend below knee-level.



    • The hospital, exposed to international ridicule and contempt for the outrageous bigot ban, has since apologised, but the imbecilic ‘aurat’ interdiction is no one-off.

    On Monday, two women, a journalist and Selangor resident, were forced to wear sarongs to enter the Selangor State Secretariat building.

    In another incident on June 8, a woman was denied entry into the Gombak Road Transport Department (JPJ) office for wearing a skirt above her knee and was asked to wear a sarong for service.





    This offensive ‘aurat’ drivel has erupted only a week after that lovely Malaysian athlete was denounced by Dark Agers for dressing sensibly – and attractively – whilst competing in her sport.

    ‘Genitalia?’ C’mon, Facebookers – ‘Like’ This Malaysian! 

    What’s wrong with knees? Or thighs, for that matter?

    I went over to a Jakarta mall yesterday and was agreeably distracted from  my coffee and the book I was browsing by the passing displays of both.

    I’ve been to KL and saw much the same there – in both cities, there are plenty of healthy normal people, but alas, plenty of narrow minds too, who think their uptight prejudices give them the right to decree dress codes.


    ‘Scholars’ on Scarfs – ‘Must Be Shariah-Compliant, Hide Genitals, Show No Curves!’ 


    Malaysia is speeding up its descent into the swamp envisioned by that most intolerant Indonesian politican, Suryadharma Ali, who declared – whilst holding office as Minister of Religious Affairs in the SBY Government – that hiding knees was a ‘universal criterion’ which must be observed by all.

    Good Indonesians Denounce ArchBigot Ali’s Latest Intolerant Outburst

    ALL? No. The message is aimed ONLY at women.

    knees Nice knees

    Nobody is likely to complain if I walk down to the Indomaret to replenish my cigarette supply wearing shorts – well, some might, but only on aesthetic grounds, my knees being less than glorious to look at.

    Unlike those above, or these below…


    Imagine you’re convalescing in hospital and SHE came by to visit?

    Miracle cure!

    Too many benighted brutes are telling us that women are second-class citizens, that men make the rules.



    This ‘educational’ Indonesian poster sums up the fanatic minority’s sexist mentality
                                            ‘Fathers and Husbands–Their Aurat is Your Responsibility!’


    That infamous ‘aurat’ warning makes it clear beyond doubt that it’s men’s job, duty even, to tell women what to wear – and to make them as unattractive as possible!


    If you don’t like the sight of a pretty woman, don’t ogle!

    But let the rest of us enjoy what is inherently enjoyable.


    • Santi 14:38 on June 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      If we go out of our house without clothes, it is expected we shock and anger people but in a short dress, what is the big problem? If we go to office with bikini, also shock. But nobody will do that.

      These fanatic men like FPI and Hizbut hate women so much, I am very much surprise they have children.
      Ross, I think you miss the intolerant minister, not so much to write about but it is good we do not have Suryadharma Ali anymore in our government. Always he makes me embarassed to be Indonesian.


    • Jack Again! 16:39 on June 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      That poster you show us says it all. The morons do treat women like chattels. Husbands and fathers telling them what to wear.
      I’m a father and i stopped doing that when mine were old enough to vote. And in most normal countries, it’s usually the wife who says ‘you can’t go to the shops looking like that.’

      Bu tit’s no joke really, because lots of these morons are emigrating to countries where women have rights, and the morons think they can bring their moron (im)morals along with them.
      If they would join the rest of us in the twentyfirst century, or anywhere after the Middle Ages, there would be fewer objections to them joining us in Europe.
      But as things stand, the men are basicially subhuman and their women hopeless wimps for putting up with it.


  • ross1948 17:34 on May 20, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Fire The Freako Racist Queer Bahar Mustafa – Sign The Petition! 

    That freaking racist queer, Bahar Mustafa, is up against it, deservedly, after her blatant shrill prejudice was exposed this month.

    Two different petitions are out there to deal with her hate-mongering.

    You can sign this one, for the worldwide public, through this link.

    Petition · Expel Bahar Mustafa from Goldsmiths University …



    The bigoted bint, who inexplicably holds the position of ‘welfare and diversity officer,’ hit the headlines after endorsing overt sexist AND racist  discrimination at a Goldsmith’s University event in London.   


    Since then, further revelations about her hate hashtags have stoked the wrath of decent students, who want her ousted from her Student Union job.

    They have a (separate) petition which reads: “The current welfare and diversity officer has used hate speech based on race and gender,” the union petition. “For example, the consistent use of hashtags such as #killallwhitemen and #misandry, and publicly calling someone ‘white trash’ under the official GSU Welfare and Diversity Officer Twitter account.”



    Bahar’s racist spleen is something she ought not to broadcast, especially in murderous terminology. To read what she says, and sadly probably really thinks, is to get the impression she is suffering from acute mental illness.

    “I, an ethnic minority woman, cannot be racist or sexist towards white men because racism and sexism describe structures of privilege based on race and gender and therefore women of colour and minority genders cannot be racist or sexist, since we do not stand to benefit from such a system.”




    “We will not be silenced; we are militant. The world is not ready for minorities to challenge the status quo, but resistance to our resistance is futile,” she added.

    And she thinks the slogan ‘kill all white men‘ is an ‘in-joke,‘ exclusive to ‘people in the queer feminist community.’      

    “It’s a way of reclaiming the power from the trauma many of us experience as queers, women, people of colour, who are on the receiving end of racism, misogyny and homophobia daily,” she added.    





    Help give her time for therapy -sign the petition at the top of our page!


    • Enrique 13:01 on May 21, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      My God, but is she completely crazy, talking like she is above debate or criticism.


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