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  • ross1948 04:09 on March 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Garut Gals Will Cheer You Up – Unless You’re A Kill-Joy! 

    Pretty dismal news on all fronts, and, sadly predictably, when something very un-dismal happens, the kill-joys start braying.



    Garut is located in Indonesia’s West Java province, a source of much unpleasant news over the years… 

    Ahmadi Koran burned by Islamists in Cisalada, 2011


    …but here’s a sight to cheer up all normal people, guys at least!


    HEBOH TARIAN EROTIS DI GARUT, Ditonton Ratusan Laki-laki, Wakil Bupati Jengkel, MUI Sebut Haram

    Dancers at Garut Culture Fest, a week ago.

    Great stuff, yeah?

    But we read in  Tribunnews.com that –

    The dancing of those girls evoked controversy from the citizenry of Garut.

    The local ‘scholars’ got all fretty.

    ’The girls’ activity is deemed not to reflect the vision of Garut Regency!’

    Oh dear!

    The local Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) chairman, Sirodjul Munir, holds that whoever staged this ‘must take responsibilty, because the show does not accord with Garut culture. Moreover, the dancing could be seen by minors!’

    It’s clearly haram! It has disturbed the morality of the people.”

    Like, uh, which people?

    The audience didn’t seem at all upset, and since there is no nudity evident in the video…


    …though it’s hard to tell, because the video is blighted by the imposition of opaque intrusions, similar to the way state censors here blur cleavage when a bar-maid in a film bends forward!


    ….why bring minors into it?

    Do West Java folks never wear shorts?

    Sadly, it appears that the deputy regent joined in the whining, regrets galore!

    The MUI man is no doubt a worthy successor to the gent who held the same position nine years ago…



    …who objected to the lovely Miss Universe contestant pictured above, and we are all too familiar with the thinking of the ‘scholars…

    “A Wise And Noble Step?” Islamic ‘Scholars’ On Terrorist Unleashed In Indonesia! 

     Bali Hindu King – Don’t Kill Our Cows! Muslim ‘Scholars’ – Get Lost!!  

     Islamist ‘Scholars’ – “Don’t Complain if You’re Attacked!” 

    …and not just in West Java!

    But when people in Indonesia, just like everyone else in the world, are feeling stressed and depressed, can the wowsers not lighten up and choke back their kill-joy chorusing?

    • JazPen 16:47 on March 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Indonesian girls always cheer me up!
      I wish some of the ‘scholarly’ men were not so depressing.


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 20:07 on March 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      What is wrong with these sad ‘men?’
      No fun, no freedom, is that how they expect people to live?
      If they get all hot and bothered at the sight of pretty girls’ legs, then that is their problem.
      They should stay in and take cold showers, not embarass themselves by complaining when the audience had no complaints.


  • ross1948 12:34 on June 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Get Your Tickets Soon – Jakarta Shariah Tourism Boom? 

    We did report on Sandiago Uno’s astounding promise prior to the Jakarta election – as a  result of which he’s now Deputy Governor – that he envisioned a sharia-inspired nightlife entertainment network in Jakarta.

    But we merely noted it, in a post which covered all the issues that were alarming normal people. 

    The Ugly Face of Islamist Intolerance! 

    Not that Sandiago Uno himself is in any way unprepossessing. On the contrary, he comes across as very presentable and personable!

    =====Gambar terkait

    But now this rich, American-educated ( yes, truly!) entrepreneur has shown he’s a man of his word.

    Sandiaga Uno to establish sharia tourism zone in Jakarta


    Note, no question mark! This guy is serious about his plan, for the Senen area of  the capital.

     “I think it will be interesting if there is a religious tourism zone [in the area], which is properly arranged with tents. Hence, mobility can be ensured.”

    I welcome that last sentence. Mobility – the ability to get through Senen as fast as possible – would need to be an integral part of any such scheme, as many of us encounter horrendous traffic jams there.



    I sat on a  bus a month ago for nearly an hour, just waiting to get through the underpass beside the big shopping area.

    But what delights would await folks who flitted in and out of Sandiago’s tents?

    Many places popular with tourists who come to Jakarta feature what are invariably described as ‘sexy dancers.’



    Not just ‘dancers,’ NB, which has always made me smile, wondering if the proprietors fear that patrons would not recognise the dancers’ sexiness without being told of it!


    However, I somehow doubt that the tents would accommodate any spectacle of that sort.

    Sandiago previously talked of such joys as Koranic readings, but would that really draw shariah-fans to Jakarta when they can easily find THE REAL THING…



    …by taking a short flight up to Indonesia’s most northerly province, ACEH, proudly dubbed by some of its inhabitants as the ‘Verandah of Mecca,’ the ONLY province in the archipelago where shariah is enshrined in the local legal code of law.

    No tedious tents required there, because the quintessence of shariah morality is displayed in the main squares…




    ….young women being beaten by cowards too ashamed to show their faces, before a salivating rabble of voyeurs and fanatics.

    Nor are dancers, either sexy or otherwise, a popular phenomenon up there, where such repositories of wisdom as this kindly old gent have made plain their demerits…



    Aceh’s Mad Mullah – ‘Dancing is EVIL – It Involves Body Movements!’ 


    …to the extent that even the graceful and utterly decorous traditional Acehnese dancing has drawn disapprobation.

    Muhammad Thaib, Regent of North Aceh has  banned all adult women from dancing when welcoming guests in North Aceh, adding that only children should perform the tradition.




     “… cultural preservation should not damage Islamic Shariah values, such as dancing performed by adult women.”. http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/news/north-aceh-head-bans-women-from-dancing-in-public-2/

    •  ooooo
    • ooooo

    Nightmare stuff, yeah?

    But at least we can avoid going anywhere near Aceh, and Senen.

    How long normal folk can expect to find fun in Jakarta remains to be seen, however.


    View image on Twitter


    Sandiago’s big boss is the Governor-elect, Anies Baswedan, seen above with the currently hard-to-get –Police Add FPI Leader Rizieq Shihab to Most Wanted List -‘grand imam’ of the white-shirt sectarian gang calling itself the FPI, self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam…’




    ….and Anies may be tempted to listen to benighted FPI views such as that expressed in neighbouring Bekasi.


    There the local government’s Tourism Special Committee was told awhile back by the Chairman of FPI in Greater Bekasi that the Muslims in Bekasi reject the draft law on one point – it would legalize nightclubs.

    Enjoy A Night Out? How Dare You, Say IslamoNazis! 

    And here in Jakarta itself, there have been serious calls for a shut-down of nightlife at MIDNIGHT…



    ‘You’re Only An Adult! It’s Past Your Bedtime!’ Jakarta Rules, OK? 

    …with a senior cop having somehow decided that drug abusers are clock-watchers.

    National Narcotics Agency (BNN) chief Comr. Gen. Budi Waseso has expressed his support for the Jakarta City Council in its plan to restrict the operational hours of nightclubs until 12 a.m. as stipulated in a draft bylaw on tourism.


    It can’t happen here?

    There’s a bill going through Indonesia’s parliament which could put you in the slammer for having a beer in your front yard, or even indoors…

    Bigot Ban Hurts Jakarta Business – Creeping Shariah Continues! 

    ..and an innocent, inoffensive minority in next-door Depok is being bullied and oppressed by local government…


    “Mohon Ma’af?” Blasphemous Brutes Vandalise Depok Mosque! 

    …while national government doesn’t lift a finger to intervene on behalf of religious liberty?

    To paraphrase the pantomime audiences of my childhood days..


    • Ben Baniek 13:02 on June 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      This guy went to school in the USA?
      Trump needs to start vetting hard and fast.


    • Santi 13:06 on June 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Why would anyone come to Jakarta for this? Aceh is shaming our country every day with the sharia law so no need to make sharia tourist place here in our city.
      Every woman in Indonesia should protest.


    • Kezia 13:15 on June 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Will Sandiago Uno also put dancing ban onto Jakarta?.
      If not will he tell Aceh mullah to visit brain doctors?
      Sandiago must make up his mind.
      Aceh shows how shariah is cruel,for all but most specially for women.
      I wish Ahok was still our governor. He made mistakes but he is not in prison for that. Only for free speech.that we no longer have and soon we women will have no freedom if shariah comes. .


    • Jim in Jakarta 14:03 on June 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Congratulations, Ross.
      You said everything I wanted to say when I read this but you said it better than I could, all those quotes and humorous angles that make fun of the whole thing.
      A lot of Arab tourists come here but not to go to shariah shows. You must have seen them, chasing the working girls in the hotel bars.


    • Ati 14:34 on June 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I never go to Senen market for many years because there is too much pickpocking there. I do not want to loose my money or bag.
      Now I think even more it is good idea not to go shopping there with too many FPI who think woman is less than man.
      Better I will go to the Atrium mall near it but better still to nice place like you like at Citralan , It is safer there.
      I think only fanatic same like FPI will use the place Sandiago is making so it is no good plan.


    • JazPen 15:16 on June 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I wont be going to Senen but I never do anyway. Cnce was enough, hot and crowded and prices that rose soon as they saw I was foreign.
      Shariah tourism is a joke, who would come here for that ? If they like watching women getting hurt for holding hands with their boyfriends they can go to Aceh as you say or some other terrible place, Iran or Saudi Arabia
      More reasons to be cheerless but thats what Shariah is all about.


    • Rawel 18:49 on June 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Happy when I read this. Indonesia is not Arab and no need for shariah.
      Thank you.


    • Intan 22:34 on June 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Goodevening, Ross, such a long time I do not comment but often I read an think you are doing good work for Indonesia and so tonight I say to myself, do not be lazy to comment.
      This is all true and these FPI and the other fanatics are taking over. We lowly people have no way to stop them so we believed Jokowi will do it.
      But sad to say it, we are mistaken.
      Who will save our country?


  • ross1948 08:05 on October 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Dancing Fountains in Jakarta? Wet T-Shirt Contests Daily? 

    I was all set to applaud the latest Jakarta improvement plans announced by Governor Ahok, but it seems I misconstrued the essential outline of one of the key plans that he envisages.


    Central Jakarta to have dancing fountain, wider sidewalks


    Skip the wider sidewalks – walking along Sudirman last night, the crackpot bikers were still zooming along areas clearly designed for pedestrians, as they have been doing for years…



    Not only on Sudirman, but in Kota too..


    ….so without guarantees on effective policing of these new wide sidewalks, I reserve judgement!


    Unlike my optimistic interpretation of a ‘dancing fountain’  – impressive jets of water spraying to and fro, in which dancing girls might frolic, in t-shirts and or bikinis...


    Hasil gambar untuk wet t-shirts fountain


    … it turns out the Guv’s version of ‘dancing fountains’ is less invigorating.

    To revitalize the area, the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle (Bundaran HI) in Central Jakarta will soon encircle a dancing water fountain, which will stand within view of a park that will be built on the grounds of the former British Embassy.  http://www.thejakartapost.com/travel/2016/10/18/central-jakarta-to-have-dancing-fountain-wider-sidewalks.html

    Aaah, never mind.

    Whatever, the Governor’s plan will undoubtedly prettify the city. And after all, I should have remembered that puritanical streak which mars Ahok’s otherwise sensible approach to things. 

    ”Outrageous” Activity in Jakarta Pools? OMG – BIKINIS!

    On the other hand, maybe he’ll reconsider.

    A frolic fountain of the sort I’d imagined would at least have the merit of upsetting kill-joys, the fun-haters, of the sort we read about, bleating in the distant, intolerant climes of Aceh…



    Aceh’s Mad Mullah – ‘Dancing is EVIL – It Involves Body Movements!’ 


    …where such bizarre assertions as ‘dancing is evil’ hold sway.

    • Neil Sineri 14:01 on October 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Droll but sad too, because forty or fifty years ago, I can tell you, bikinis in a public fountain here might well have happened.
      Today, so many pollies and poiice got a jihadist stick up their ass, not a chance.


  • ross1948 07:56 on August 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Bored With Olympic Coverage? How about UNCoverage? 

    I have to say that I find the Olympic Games this year even more of a turn-off than usual. 

    It’s not that I dislike sport – the World Cup is always worth watching.

    But the way some event in Rio is given priority over real news always ticks me off, as if a terrorist mass-murder, or even a single non-terrorist murder, deserves fewer minutes of the world’s attention than a guy or gal breaking sweat in ‘The Games!’

    The bickering and the booing of Russian athletes… Russians booed at Olympics, setting up heated breaststroke finals…has further eviscerated the allegedly ‘sporting’ character of what’s going on in Brazil.

    But at least Brazilians are reminding us how agreeable it is when women show they’re not ashamed of their God-given assets.


    • burka-1
    • ……………….
    • There must be millions of oppressed women in places like Pakistan and the Middle East who wistfully wonder what it’s like to be free to dress as they please, to dress pleasingly.

    Or does state shariah censorship prevent them catching a glimpse of a happier female life-style?

    Even here in Indonesia, the dead hand of the censors can hang heavily over what we get to watch.

    Dimana Bokong2nya? – Where Are Our Buttocks? 

    So cheers to these Brazilian beauties!


    Were these scenes from Rio shown on Saudi or Iran’s TV networks?


    That Usain Bolt chap from Jamaica hardly needs further reward after his participation in this display! 

    • Baggophobe 09:39 on August 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      You show blogs can be fun and still make a good point.
      Thanks for that photo, yes, the one from Brazil, not the baggies.


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