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  • ross1948 12:31 on November 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Islamist ‘Scholar’ – Red/Jew Plot Behind Jakarta Demo? 

    Oh Wow!

    I’d forgotten all about Pak Rafani Achyar, West Java chief of the MUI, the Indonesian Ulema Council – that’s the Council of Indonesian ‘Scholars.’


    • fatwa mui sholeh
    • —————-
    • He’s saying his members shouldn’t join the fanatic parade in Jakarta this Friday, at least not if they’re wearing MUI paraphernalia.

    Half-Million Fanatics Descending On Jakarta? Peacefully!?! 

    Good, I hear you say?

    Well, it might be, if we weren’t aware of his loathing for religious tolerance, exemplified by comments he made a while back about the inoffensive Ahmadi minority, citing the case of the Ahmadiyah, who are not dealt with even when their offense is very real and clear.

    Rafani Rants Again – Islamist Witch-Hunts in West Java 


    • Rafani MUI’s Rafani

    But we’ve not heard much about him since his famous rage against a VERY sexy woman – whom I wrongly identified as Miss World, when in fact she was Miss Universe!

    In fact he expanded his rant then to encompass a whole lot of very sexy women!


    Not Sharia-Compliant?


    ‘Ban Miss World!’ say Kill-Joy Clerics. Why? ‘She Ain’t Sharia Compliant!’

    Besides Inul, Dewi and Jupe, MUI West Java branch secretary general Rafani Achyar said he wanted to ban Anisa Bahar, Uut Permatasari, Ira Swara, Nita Thalia and the group Trio Macan. Trio Macan

    Trio Macan, yummy dangdut singers, like the others named above


    • One might feel sorry for the poor geezer, abhorring gorgeous girls, but now he’s zooming down loopy lane at high speed.
    • He suspects that Communists and even Jews were confusing and provoking Muslims to lead then into excessive actions.
    • Pihaknya menduga kelompok komunis hingga yahudi terus memperkeruh dan memprofokasi umat islam agar terpancing hingga berujung aksi berlebihan


    • Communism_by_the_creator_of_life



    • Mark Elstone 23:31 on November 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Is this guy going to republish ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion?’

      I am really intrigued by the goings-on in the place you live.
      I did spend some time in South East Asia but must of led a sheltered life or where I was just didn’t have all the nutty characters you write about.
      SInce reading this an hour ago, I have been trying to find any other English language coverage of Mr. Ranfani’s stunning Zionist-Bolshevik conspiracy theory but so far not been able to.
      However, I looked at the link and used Google Translate to see what it said so I know you’re not making it up. Are ALL these ‘scholars’ as downright peculiar as him?
      Please keep this stuff coming. It’s an eye-opener.


  • ross1948 18:48 on July 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre – A Tsunami of Cleavage! 

    My visitor having departed, I am left to make the most of tv tonight, as there’s not much doing downtown, though tomorrow I gotta get out and about – Ramadan was not an exciting month.

    But unlike during the Festive Season back in The Old Country, tv here does not delight the populace with a galaxy of good movies. Today, for instance, I tuned into  cable channel called Syfy, and was amazed and intrigued by a film called –

    To say it is less than cerebrally stimulating would be the opposite of hyperbole, but if you can come to terms with the realistic plot, whereby a gigantic primeval shark,  released from a subterranean ocean by fracking, terrorises a group of escaped women convicts in an Arkansas swamp, it’s not at all bad, and given the time of year, a welcome aurat treat!.


    Lucky old guards!


    The allure of the innovative prison uniforms – low-cut tops and tiny shorts, as shown above – does tend to distract one from the meaningful ecological message, but throughout the 90-odd minutes, there’s always the thrill of imagining the multiple outrage attacks among the Indonesian Board of Censors as the prisoners find novel excuses to bend forward towards the camera.


    Google has plenty of links by which you can download it.

    Here’s one of them. http://horrorpedia.com/2014/07/10/sharkansas-womens-prison-massacre/

  • ross1948 14:55 on May 14, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Shariah Goons ‘Terrorised’ – Taste of Their Own Medicine? 

    Alas, I cannot find any tears at all to shed, after reading the latest report in Aceh Tribun http://aceh.tribunnews.com/2015/05/14/wh-diteror-fpi-gelar-aksi-ke-kafe-cunda Report Saiful Bahri I Lhokseumawe

    In fact, my initial reaction was to laugh, for it describes a ‘peaceful action in the form of common prayer’ staged by a gang of islamoNazis, the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) outside a cafe on the outskirts of Lhokseumawe.

    fpi kill busddhist another ‘peaceful action’ by FPI IslamoNazis

    The white-shirt thugs are not exactly noted for their peaceful actions so I resolved to see why this once-in-a-blue-moon activity took place.  It turns out that it was a response to an occurrence a few nights ago in the cafe area when the notorious bully-boys of the Wilayatul Hisbah (WH) were subjected to ‘terror.’


    Shariah Controlled Zone_thumb[1]


    Now let’s immediately note that these shariah enforcers deserve no sympathy whatsoever- their sworn duty is to reduce everyone in the province to the level of drab misery decreed by the cruel code imposed from above (by above, I’m not referring to God Almighty but to a pack of kill-joy bigots who purport to know what He expects of us!)

    And no hogwash please about them ‘only doing their jobs, only carrying out orders..’


    • ———–
    • … the goon-squads that enforce Aceh’s shariah law can no more plead the concentration camp guards’ argument than the jack-booters at Auschwitz.

    Aceh is an evil, awful cauldron of intolerance and injustice. 


    Shariah Police Nab 35 ‘Straddlers!’ Aceh Mayor Wants Women Without Pants! 

    Islamist Inquisition in Aceh – ” Minority Religious Creed ‘Worse Than Tsunami!’ “

    Not Fasting – How About A Whipping? Aceh Slips Deeper Into Barbarism 

    Islamist Mayor – We Know Where You Live! Submit to Indoctrination OR ELSE! 


    Now if we unearthed a story of daring goons squaring up to drug-dealers or other fiendish folk into serious crimes at the cafe, a measure of sympathy might be suitable. 

    So we searched, and found!

    “This followed reports stating there was inappropriate activity in the cafe,” said the spokesman for Aceh’s bold gendarmes.

    Reminder- ‘inappropriate” in a shariah-controlled society means ‘perfectly normal’ elsewhere.

    • WH-AUT Aceh’s Shariah Gestapo, the Wilayatul Hisbau
    • Arriving at the scene at 2:15 am, the team found the cafe still playing music, and there were two women dressed sexily engaged in karaoke.”

    OMG – heinous crimes indeed. After all, in Aceh, women who dress like women are ipso facto criminal!

    The goons then asked the cafe to  stop the music, but apparently the request was not fulfilled.

    So the majesty of the law was at once displayed!

    Officers then acted.

    The women dressed inappropriately were immediately secured…Then they were loaded into the goon-vehicle, whereupon a person who was in the karaoke produced a short-barreled firearm.

    Good to see chivalry ain’t dead in Aceh!

    Don’t forget, decent Acehnese have good reason to fear for women captured by these uniformed thugs

    Against people’s will: Public Order Agency officials and sharia police take away several women in a van in Banda Aceh, Aceh, on Wednesday. These women were detained at entertainment spots on New Year Day.  The authorities imposed a ban on New Year celebrations in Aceh. More than 90 percent of Indonesian Muslims celebrated New Year’s Eve joyfully throughout the archipelago, including in many places in Aceh, without any problems. (Antara/Irwansyah Putra)

    Wilayatul Hisbah, the shariah goon-squad

    Aceh’s Shariah Police ‘Stained Forever’ by Gang Rape


    “Although threatened, WH members kept the women under arrest.”http://news.detik.com/read/2015/05/09/112414/2910504/10/diserang-saat-gerebek-kafe-1-petugas-wh-lhokseumawe-terluka

    But good news- the goons drove off with their innocent prisoners, but some 15 members of the dangerous karaoke crew took out after them on motor-bikes!

    About 500 meters from the location, the car was stopped. WH members were stoned and hit with plastic bottles of mineral water.


    • congratulationssuperjob
    • PS   – That was why the IslamoNazis were out to pray – they want the pathetic goons avenged, action taken to round up those who ‘terrorised’ them!.

    For more stories on the WH, just put ‘ Wilayatul’ into our search box – they’re a frightful band of bigots!



  • ross1948 00:12 on January 21, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    No Naked Girls? “Ticket Sales Will Be Affected!” 

    More bad news from Red China, where Tribunnews.com reports that an official with the Promotion Council for the Shanghai International Auto Showbranch will prohibit scantily clad models from the Shanghai Auto Show in April.

    This dingbat has apparently vowed to put the focus back on the car, not on models or super sexy SPGs.http://jabar.tribunnews.com/2015/01/10/model-seksi-berpakaian-minim-dilarang-di-pameran-mobil


    For pity’s sakes!

    Who the heck goes to a car show to look at cars?

    SPGs ( sales promotion girls) are the best possible reason to attend almost any expo venue, in Shanghai or right here in Jakarta, as we have noted before!

    Here are a few examples of lovelies to be found at Jakarta events.



    Jakarta Expos – iFMAC, Sofa Parts, Beauties and Similar Delights 




    Jakarta Fair – SPGs Alone Make PRJ Worth The Trip! 

    The kill-joy’s name is Yang Xueliang, wno runs P.R. for Geely Automobiles and the priggish plan is designed to create a more civilized event for exhibitors and visitors.” 
    Officials say the organizers of the car industry is under pressure from the authorities to deter the public from sex-related interest. 

    Those authorities sound as miserable as some of the Islamist authorities here in Indonesia.  An example from the Padang area –


    Sexy Dancers Detained, Islamist Hoodlums Not – More Double Standards! 

    Funny how marxist and sectarian nitwits have so much in common!

    Tribun claims that in recent years some organizers even had models in bare-naked poses with their vehicles to attract visitors.


    At this point, I should emphasise that Jakarta SPGs are not like that, in my experience. One of my most enjoyable classes when I was teaching English here was a trio of SPGs, sweet lasses who would never have dreamed of anything like that sort of naughtiness.

    But China is different, so this report would have us believe.

    Alhough only the regime -the people are evidently perfectly normal, according to Wei Xin, general manager of Shanghai Zhanxin Exhibition Service, who sorrowfully observes that ticket sales will inevitably be affected if the models are banned!

    I’ll bet!

    Please follow this story. If it comes to pass as planned by the bores, then you won’t need the following info!

    Shanghai and Beijing take turns to host the event every year. The event this year, from April 20 to April 29, will be held at the National Exhibition and Conference Centre in Hongqiao.

    • JazPen 10:24 on January 21, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks Ross. Another cheery morning wake-up call.
      You are on form.


  • ross1948 17:00 on December 31, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Boobs Galore Threaten UKIP’s Future! 


    My most popular post this year! Roro Fitria https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2014/08/04/kasihan-roro-fitria/

    BOOB 1 – a blunder; mistake. verb (used without object). 2 –  a woman’s breast:



    After Nigel Farage incensed the goody-two-shoes lobby by observing that some breast-feeding bint ought to have moved out of the lime-light and got on with feeding her infant in a quiet corner, hordes of media pinkos ran amok.


    angry breast Typical UK media harpy?


    Why all the fuss? A lot of people don’t really see the need to look at breasts on display in public places.

    On the other hand, a lot of other people do.


    • patas-ac
    • —————————————–
    • I boarded a 34 bus from Kebon Jeruk to Slipi last year, quite crowded, so when I spotted a space on the back row, I made my way down the aisle and plopped down beside a most comely wench who had found a Faragean ‘quiet corner’ and was feeding her baby.

    I politely strove to avert my gaze, but she engaged me in conversation. Noticing my endeavours not to notice her activity, the thirty-something told me not to worry – she had no problem with nursing thus in public.

    When she went on to say her spouse had done a runner and did I live alone…


    ….well, enough of anecdotal evidence!

    As to pinko wrath, here’s a sensible rebuttal from Breitbart.http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-London/2014/12/09/How-Nigel-Farage-outfoxed-the-breast-Nazis

    My point being that no matter WHAT any UKIP personality says or does, wise or foolish (speaking of foolish, I see Carswell called on the People’s Party to be ‘inclusive’ and ‘internationalist’ -the last thing we want to hear!) the rotten Grub Street gargoyles will twist things and salivate at the prospect of diminishing the counter-revolution against cultural marxism.

    If UKIP leadership is goaded thus into purges and PC censorship….Party chairman Steve Crowther then explained that “work must be done in dealing with what our members publish”http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/ukip-appointed-lawyer-matthew-richardson-to-keep-bad-stuff-out-of-public-eye-9950798.html …then UKIP leadership is playing the bad guys’ game.




    I’ve not got into this debate, much, partly because the Festive Season has distracted me, and partly because it was important to see how Farage handled himself.

    He did okay with the breasts, but….

    Mr Smith talks about UKIP’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) group and he can be heard jokingly referring to it as BLT UKIP, and adds “what the old poofter groups call themselves”. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-30467897

    The classic political execution of that archetypal Essex Man, forced out of a winnable candidacy for some fairly unexceptionable remarks, showed Farage at his worst.

    Instead of interceding at local level to save the candidate, he let it happen, then spoke up for him.

    Let’s be honest, the guy himself expressed the views of millions of UKIP voters when he voiced his distaste at his party’s allowing one of those yukky ‘LGBT sections’ formally to be established.  

    Sure, individual homos with sensible views, like their Scots MEP, can join and serve the party.  But to set up an organised ‘gay’ faction, likely to lobby within for undesirable objectives like ‘gay’ marriage and ‘gay’ adoption?




    sod that



     Loyal conservatives left the Tory Party in droves due to Cameron’s Fairy Circle fanaticism.

    And most UKIP voters, most normal Brits, probably talk just like the Essex sacrificial lamb, using the word that some left-lib media refused to publish –“disgusting p****ers” http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/nigel-farage-defends-kerry-smith-c-comment-if-you-are-going-for-a-chinese-what-do-you-say-youre-going-for-9935284.html  

    The Independent’s Rule Number One is never to let the common man have his say, even down to the vocabulary common folk use. A bit like our Rule Number One, when we founded any kind of club or society at uni . We’d draw up a constitution with standing orders and the first item would be –


    Yes, a little bit of undergraduate silliness, maybe, but we lived in a country then that still cherished free speech.



    Amazingly that pinko paper, in its own perverse way, achieves a Dorian Grey mirror-effect, refusing to let that everyday word appear on its website. PC intolerance, again.

    UKIP leaders have pandered to it too often, as we have said before.

    Farage Acts the Fool – Appeasement Ain’t a Winner!. 

     Newark’s Warning to UKIP – Stop Back-Sliding, Fire Crowther

    The Real Risk to UKIP – PC Pusillanimity 

    Over the past year, UKIP has advanced tremendously, giving hope to all those who feared Britannia might be a busted flush, that it was too late to turn things around.


    Britannia sad

    Farage and his inner clique need to shape up, or they will lose bedrock supporters in a hopeless bid to get the rotten media off their backs.  

    However, speaking of ‘busted,’ let’s finish today by focusing more festively on fun!

    To show how ABSOLUTELY non-sexist we at RRA really are, we are devoting much of our space today to at least partially unbanished breasts. You saw our top photo, of Rora Fitria!

    Now, to prove our initial point… 


    • ===============
    • jupe Indonesia’s Julia Perez.
    • Regard it as a public service and a seasonal gesture of goodwill to left-libs who think boobs should be a public spectacle.




    Oh, and BTW…….

    A WOMAN has appeared in court accused of trying to suffocate her boyfriend with her breasts. 


    • Vojo 19:49 on December 31, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Hey Ross, I ventured here to wish you at RRA a Happy New Year and another reason for you to celebrate Jan. 1, but I was pleasantly greeted by this pictorial display so I’ll just wish you a “Happy Boob Year”, and many more!


      • ross1948 08:50 on January 1, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        And the same to you, vojo, and all readers. I am taking it easy today, but you at this moment are probably still going strong in a colder clime!


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