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  • ross1948 20:43 on May 7, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Evil Savages! AKA Taliban… 

    Afghanistan’s supreme leader and Taliban chief…

    ….or should we just say a pig-ignoramus named Hibatullah Akhundzada


    Taliban diktat being issued

    “They should wear a chadori (head-to-toe burqa) as it is traditional and respectful…”

    …has today ordered the country’s women to wear the all-covering burqa in public.


    …thus formalising the Dark Age that became inevitable when those primitive brutes swarmed into Kabul.

    The backward sectarians’ use of the word ‘respectful’ is especially offensive…

    …as their ideology deliberately treats women with contempt,  not respect.

    Oh – and earlier this month, driving instructors in another Afghan city were themselves instructed – to stop issuing licences to women.


    Nothing unexpected in this news, but it cannot be allowed to pass without comment…



    …and condemnation!

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    Women’s Sport- Taliban Rivals Biden? 

    ...the deputy head of the Taliban’s cultural commission, Ahmadullah Wasiq, said women’s sport was considered neither appropriate nor necessary....

    We expect no less from the pig-ignorant savages in Kabul!

    Listen to the drivelling barbarian!

    In cricket, they might face a situation where their face and body will not be covered. Islam does not allow women to be seen like this.. “



    He obviously hasn’t been to Indonesia, where only the most backward women cover their faces.

    But the primitives’ war on women is morally no worse…

    He appointed a transfreak to his  administration.

    Biden’s Dirty War On Women – President For All The Freaks! 

    He is making war on women….…


    Has BBC Covered Biden’s Under-Age Gender-Bender Agenda?

    …than Biden’s pandering to transfreaks!

  • ross1948 03:33 on September 21, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    How To Spot The ‘Moderate’ Taliban? 

    I noticed this a week ago but held back from commenting on it at the time.

    EU should ‘make sure’ moderate Taliban prevail, envoy says

    • Head of the EU delegation to Afghanistan, Andreas Von Brandt

      The EU’s envoy to Afghanistan has said the bloc has to make sure that the moderate forces within Taliban prevail, weeks after the extremist group took over the country at a lightning speed after 20 years of Western involvement.


    So what next?

    Do we divide serial killers into ‘moderates’ (maybe under six victims?) and ‘extremists’ who exceed that modest total?



    Do we divide Boko Haram kidnappers into ‘moderates’ who capture and rape under 50 schoolgirls, and ‘extremists’ who take more?

    What kind of rot will EU spokes-twits come out with next?

    The latest report from the sad country where the Taliban rule the roost….

    ….says that teenage girls are now prevented from attending high school.

    Meaning ‘moderates’ are at the helm, since younger girls can presumably still go to elementary schools?

    These ignorant sectarian savages CANNOT be divided into ‘moderates’ and ‘extremists.’

    This past week we saw imbecilic partitions installed in a Kabul university, to keep women apart from men.


    Females separated from their male peers in Kabul classroom | Reuters.com

    Infantile sexism in Afghanistan


    If such apartheid is imposed by a curtain, is that ‘moderate?’

    If it’s done by erecting a brick wall, is that ‘extremist?’

    It remains to be seen if each lass will be forced to wear merely a headscarf or the revolting bag-head shroud.

    Will the likes of Von Brandt say enforced head-scarfing is ‘moderate’ and head-shrouding ‘extremist?

    Any state compulsion that makes women cover their hair OR their faces is tyrannical.

    Nobody should accept any form of primitive sexism in Afghanistan or anywhere.

    Anywhere, as previously noted. Taliban Goose, Ayatollah Gander? 


    • Lois Wadden 06:44 on September 21, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      You sometimes use a slogan I like, ‘in any conflict between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man.’
      This time it’s the civilized woman, and we should support them just as much.


    • Iris 09:58 on September 21, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      All true, but do many people pay attention to anything EU spokesmen say?


  • ross1948 14:30 on September 7, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Fourth Reich Falls For Tall Taliban Tales? 

    What an outlandish article in EU Observer, or at least what an outlandish outburst it describes, summed up by their headline!


    EU should ‘make sure’ moderate Taliban prevail, envoy says

    And who is this outstandingly gullible geezer, who thinks there’s a ‘moderate’ faction within the ranks of the terrorist gang in control of Kabul?


    • Head of the EU delegation to Afghanistan, Andreas Von Brandt, told MEPs that women participation must be safeguarded in all aspects of governance 



    One might think an ‘extremist group’ ipso facto does not include ‘moderate forces’ but I suppose it’s all a matter of degree!

    Von Brandt seems untroubled by the fact that the Taliban have openly abhorred democracy.

    The Taliban plan an ‘Islamic Emirate,’ in which their Dark Age mullahs interpret what God Almighty requires…



    …and everybody else toes the line.

    Von Brandt rests his case as follows.

     “…for the moment, and this needs to be verified and confirmed, there has not been a dramatic change so far, and that is a good thing

    “. Read on »

    Except that the sectarian gang’s leaders have already made it clear that, while women may work for their ‘government, ‘ no doubt diligently separated from male employees and forced to wear shariah-compliant clothing…


    …the women, no matter how much more capable they are than the moronic mullahs, will not be deemed worthy of ministerial level work.

    • Fiona 21:13 on September 7, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      The EU has no problem about recognising and making pacts with governments that hold women to be inferior and force them into shariah conformity.
      They have been doing so with Iran for years.
      We shall soon see arrangements made between Btussels and Kabul.


  • ross1948 15:12 on June 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Thank You, Primitive Pakistan's Primitive PM! 

    Outrage after Pakistan PM Imran Khan blames rape crisis on women

    Well, not much more to be said, now that Imran Khan has confirmed our view of Pakistan, as a benighted country….

    Do The Wicked Go To Pakistan When They Die? 

    Sectarian Barbarism – Alive And Thriving In Pakistan

    ..backward and intolerant.

    One does feel sorry for what must be millions of Pakistanis whose minds are not lodged in a mediaeval sewer.

    Khan accused of being a ‘rape apologist’ after saying rise in attacks is down to women wearing ‘very few clothes’



    But there’s not a lot one can do for them.

    Sure, in the most extraordinary cases….


    Related image

    …like Asia Bibi

    Bring Bibi Out Of The Hell-Hole! 

    ..shelter should be made available in civilised countries.

    But that should never mean an open door for so-called ‘asylum-seekers,’ for the sad fact is that Pakistan has a worrisome habit, exporting filthy savages.

    Five others – born between 1983 and 1996 and said to be of Pakistani origin… 



    Ali Hassan, an 18-year-old of Pakistani origin, stabbed two persons with a meat cleaver outside the magazine’s previous office, unaware that the magazine had shifted..



    His father, who lives in Pakistan, later told a local news channel that his son had “done a great job” and he is “very happy” about the attack.

    TheJournal.ie.  Sep 28, 2016 · FOUR PAKISTANI minors have been arrested for allegedly gang-raping a 16-year- old Pakistani boy in a Greek migrant camp, police said today. “The four minors, aged 16 to 17…”

    That kind of trash should be dumped back in their cess-pool of origin, and if Imran Khan won’t take ’em back

    Pakistan Soaks Up Cash, Won’t Take Back Trash 


  • ross1948 21:40 on October 9, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Ayatollahs Shift A Little – But Does Segregation Still Rule? 

    So the backward savages who misrule Iran have decided that women are not so inferior after all?

    They have previously tried to justify their sexist discrimination on the grounds that women need to be denied the “sight of half-naked men.”



    An obvious remedy would simultaneously be to afford men the “sight of half-naked women,” but the ayatollahs would have a collective heart attack were they ever to witness anything as interesting as that!

    So maybe worth considering?

    Sorry, this is a serious issue but the regime in Tehran invites ridicule.




    FIFA, a gutless gang which has so far never enforced its own rules on the Islamist tyrants in Tehran…

    (FIFA’s own statutes hold discrimination on grounds of gender punishable by suspension or expulsion.   https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/09/fifa-iran-assures-women-attend-world-cup-qualifier-190922113806296.html)

    …is making much of a ‘concession’ by the sexist old sectarians.




    The ayatollahs have suggested that women will be allowed to attend the up-coming international against Cambodia, which is scheduled for tomorrow.

    But though I have looked at a variety of news-sites, I can see nothing that dispels my fears that the women, once admitted to the stadium, will not be segregated, like blacks in The Old South.

    Like Jews in Nazi Germany, Iran’s women are regarded as second-class human beings, not branded with Yellow Stars but with head-shrouds.

    It’s an attitude regrettably not unique to Iran – it is shared by bigots here in Jakarta, where I live.

    habib novel Supreme leadershipfpi

    Habib Novel – “women already have limitations, let alone non-Muslims!” http://megapolitan.kompas.com/read/2013/10/26/1937287/.FPIMenolak.Lurah.Susan.Harga.Mati

    But here, in Indonesia, overwhelmingly Muslim in terms of population, it’s perfectly acceptable for soccer fans both male and female to enter and enjoy a game, mingling happily with each other.

    One of the reasons for hope in this country.

     But Iran?

    Despite Al Jazeera’s own extremist sympathies, at least they included mention of that poor little girl  Sahar Khodayari, dubbed “Blue Girl” after the colours of her favourite team Esteghlal…


    Image result for Sahar Khodayari


    …who died in hospital after setting herself on fire outside a court where she feared being jailed for six months. 

    Her crime?

    Since the mangy old mutts wouldn’t let her watch her team, she had donned men’s clothing in hopes of gaining entry.

    One day, one fervently hopes, the people of Iran will rise up, restore civilised government, put the ayatollahs on trial, and hang the cruel old b-stards responsible for such evil.

    Yet even after that ‘Blue Girl’ tragedy, FIFA’s yellow flunkeys declined to outlaw Iran from world soccer.

    I hope they have made it clear that letting women into that stadium is not enough.

    There must be no segregation.

    I ask that simply because, having checked any number of photos of the rare occasions when women have been allowed in, it seems they are penned together, apartheid-style, segregated from their male friends, relatives, boy-friends or colleagues.

    Separate but equal is an affront to what sport is all about!

    NB – I’m not talking about provision of voluntary areas for women, similar to those on the Jakarta buses, where those who wish to can self-segregate, but those who don’t are free to sit in the general area alongside us guys.

    I’m talking about compulsory sex-apartheid. Unacceptable!


  • ross1948 21:58 on August 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    You may well have read about that attractive young Swede, Amanda Hansson, who was told not to board a bus in Malmo, for wearing shorts and a cute top.

    The loathesome driver, ignorant both of the bus company’s rules and of common civilty…m



    …berated her for dressing ( in ultra-hot weather, remember) in a comfortable outfit which sounds, from the description, to have been most attractive.

    What kind of man would behave so boorishly?

    Unfortunately, although the story has appeared in many media, so far I’ve found no sign of investigative journalism.

    The brute has been suspended but not identified and interrogated by any journalist – so how come the cover-up?


    Cover-Up…unfortunate term in view of the detailed events


    There are no doubt a few actual Swedish, and British, men who are sad misogynists, and get all uptight if a pretty gal dresses incool clothing like Amanda’s.


    …we need to remember that much of Malmo has been colonised by primitives who think women should be shrouded and uglified.

    More Malmo Savagery? Do Swede Cops Even Care?  

    Female Swedes have suffered much worse treatment at the hands of alien savages than young Amanda did…

    INSANITY – ‘Asylum’ Savages Brutally Rape Swede, Get TWO YEARS! 

    Crimmigrant Rape Gangs Get Green Light in Sweden


    ….but one has to wonder.



    Was this another example of uppity ingrate immigrants not knowing their place in a modern democratic country, and trying to lay down barbaric sexist rules learned back in the cess-pools whence they emerged?

    The bus company reportedly claims that the moron ‘was not acting out of political or religious motives.’

    Maybe not. But until he is exposed to proper public scrutiny, we don’t know for sure. What we do know is this –

    Any such insolence should be met with a lot more than suspension and an order that the swine ‘receive further training in customer service.’


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