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  • ross1948 00:15 on February 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    A Major Embarrassment! 

    Former Tory PM fiercely attacks Johnson and issues barely veiled challenge to MPs to remove him

    And once more, my contempt for Jellyfish Johnson….

    True Colours? Jellyfish Crawls To The Coven! 

    A Jellyfish Trapped In A Fairy Circle?

    Has Anyone Costed Bojo’s BLM Appeasement Commission

    …has to be out on hold until the arrant hypocrisy of his detractors is dealt with.

    Major really showed HIS true colours, evidently understanding how many Brits will remember his miserable failure to tackle the issue of unwanted immigration when he was Prime Minister for seven dreary years.

    So now he’s openly championing the crimmigrant cause – even whining that the current Tory governnent’s feeble proposals’to ‘criminalise refugees and asylum seekers...’

    I’m quoting the Guardian report, if course!

    …was “punishment without compassion.”

    How many fake ‘refugees’ got in between 1990 and 1997?

    How many of the undesirable aliens who got in when HE was PM committed crimes against innocent Brits?..


    Who knows?

    Where’s Major’s compassion for the victims?

    God knows!

    The Has-Been also had a rant about how democracy ‘could only be maintained through public trust and governments upholding common values.’

    Major once made it clear he shared the common values of Brits who expected discipline in schools…



    …even voting to maintain corporal punishment, but then cast aside the values he’d thus endorsed…



    …when the leftist clowns of the ECHR told him to.

    “When ministers respond to legitimate questions with pre-prepared soundbites, or half-truths, or misdirection, or wild exaggeration, then respect for government and politics dies a little more.

    “Misleading replies to questions invite disillusion…



    This from the man who told the House of Commons that the ‘very idea’ of talks…



    …with Sinn Fein’s Blood-Beast Adams, would make his ‘stomach churn….’


    Look At Major’s Record! 

    …while his posh flunkey, the oleaginous Patrick Mayhew, was up to his neck in exactly such talks?

  • ross1948 17:32 on May 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    May 5th – Sands’ Suicide – Maggie Was Right! 

    When the Sinn Fein/IRA terrorist Robert Sands committed suicide on May 5th, all those years ago, he thus violated the clear tenets of his allegedly Catholic faith…



    …yet his carcass was interred with no word of condemnation heard from any Catholic clergy, not that I recall anyway…



    While there are Catholics in Ulster who are loyal to Queen and Country, the complicity of most, if not all, their clergy was shocking.

    Moreover, Sands was an MP, elected by thousands of disloyal scum like himself.

    Frankly, those aspects of the episode showed Ulster’s British majority the extent of the evil that threatened them, a wedge of treason in the body politic..



    …an ever-widening wedge of evil, which is menacing them again in 2021.

    Maggie Thatcher was 100% correct in her response back then.

    Mr Sands was a convicted criminal. He chose to take his own life. It was a choice that his organisation did not allow to many of their victims.”

    Maggie was an imperfect human being, who made mistakes, both in Ulster and in Rhodesia…

    Ulster Brits Face ‘Zimbabwe’ Nightmare – No Surrender! 

    But would she ever have sold out to evil…



    …as did John Major, who told the House of Commons that the ‘very idea’ of talks with Blood-Beast Adams would make his ‘stomach churn….’

    Look At Major’s Record! 

    …while his posh flunkey, the oleaginous Patrick Mayhew, was up to his neck in exactly such talks?

    Would she have done that dirty deal as was concocted between the same foul Blood-Beast and B. Liar…


    Bliar and Blood-Beast


    …by which Ulster was shamefully sold out?

    I like to think not.


    • Eunice Garnett 18:40 on May 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      And did the Pope at that time not go out of his way to show sympathy to those dirty hunger-strikers.
      So much hypocrisy among these so-called ‘holy men. ‘


    • Billy King 20:04 on May 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      So much fuss was made about that terrorist Sands.
      As Maggie said, nobody forced him to commit suicide.
      A bad man and a bad lot that supported him.


  • ross1948 21:26 on July 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Europhiliac Queer MP Defends Europhiliac Darroch! 

    Eldritch but oddly entertaining scene on tv news, with one of May’s Foreign Office flunkeys ‘slapping down’ a patriot Tory who dared tell the truth about the Ex-Ambassador to Washington.

    A Brexiteer Tory MP has been slapped down by a Foreign Office minister…

    The minister, who believe it or not once put himself forward as party leader, is Alan Duncan, infamously queer – his wikipedia entry even includes a ridiculous reference to the unnatural situation that ‘he’ has a ‘husband!’


    Official portrait of Sir Alan Duncan crop 2.jpg
    Queer Little Alan Duncan MP, PC, KCMG
    Minister of State for Europe and the Americas

    Duncan’s also known for his contempt for democracy, and he’s a snobby little sh-t to boot!

    In October 2017, the queer little stuck-up denounced the 2016 referendum result  as a –

    blue-collar tantrum against immigration” – wiki ref.[60]


    Enter a real conservative, Bill Cash, bravely faced shouts of “shame on you” from the creep ranks, when he told Dinky Little Duncan the truth.

    These toxic and unjustified attacks on the president of the United States and his administration are regarded by many people as completely unjustified.


    Bill Cash, chairman of the committee, announced Lord Patten will face MPs
    Bill Cash MP

    “As chairman of the European scrutiny committee I was more than well aware of Darroch’s own prejudices in relation to the EU.

    “Surely it is not his so-called frankness which should be the issue but his lack of judgment, which disqualifies him from his post.”

    That’s telling them!

    But like the diminutive, but un-tank-topped, Duncan, they, the moronic members of the pusillanimous parliament, have no interest in listening to the truth.

    Instead they shrill ‘shame on you,’ oblivious to the reality beyond Westminster’s weasel world, that it’s an even angrier nation heaping opprobrium on the Remaniac swine who, like John Major this week…


    …have declared there’s no end to the desperate dirty tricks they’ll resort to…

    …to prevent a clean break Brexit!

    • Jordie Jones 22:36 on July 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      That Duncan has long been a twerp.
      The media use of the words ‘slap down’ is apt. I can just picture Duncan slapping somebody, the way a girl might if she got ratty. A Duncan slap must be just as inneffectual.
      Bill Cash is a real hero, been fighting Brussels rule for years. He’s right about Darroch, too.
      The Foreign Office is full of Europhiles. It would be great if they all resigned.


    • George Sellard 02:46 on July 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      How that manikin ever got to be an MP is a question beyond answer.
      Some deselection due, perhaps?


      • Lee L. 07:17 on July 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        The probllem is, George, is that the little squirt did not own up to being a queer until well sfter he got a safe Tory constituency to nominate him and had been in the House of Commons for quite some time.
        If he’d had the decency to announce beforehand to the media that he was a homo?
        But he’s a queer, so why would he do the decent thing?


  • ross1948 19:26 on January 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    So Will May Stoop To Major’s Sub-Snake’s-Belly Level? 

    John Major was infamous as UKPM.

    Not so much for calling his own patriot back-bench MPS ‘bastards,’ but more, so much more than that.

    What was most sickening about the man, whom I met once upon a time and with whom I chatted civilly – in the presence of my very young offspring I was always impeccably behaved!



    UKIP Un-British? Look At Major’s Record! 

    What incensed me was his flip-flop gutless Europhiliac obeisance, not simply in defiance of the people’s views, but of many if not most of his MPs’ views, AND of his own clearly expressed views!

    I refer (again -it’s a classic case of betrayal, referred to more than once in our blog) to his laudable support for the retention of corporal punishment in UK schools, which he abandoned overnight when the moral dwarfs on the European Court of Human Rights scolded him and ordered him to U-turn.

    …ordered by John Major to toe the Government’s agreed line, the Education Secretary told MPs: “My own personal view is that corporal punishment can be a useful deterrent …

    His latest outburst, which can be summed up in this single sentence, underscores his infidelity to the people of his country, unsurprising given recent revelations that, when PM, he was so useless that, pondering a referendum on an earlier expansion of the Brussels Empire’s powers…




    …, he couldn’t figure out what the words on the ballot paper should be, so he used that as an excuse to skip a much-needed democratic endorsement of his collaboration.

    But now?

    Old gray Major is telling T May to drop her red lines “in the national interest” and become a facilitator to find out what Parliament wants, he said.

    HOW DARE HE!?!

    Firstly, he, and we, know what ‘parliament wants.’

    Parliament wants to keep Britain shackled to Brussels. The majority of MPs are self-confessed Remainers. They were appalled when it transpired in the 2016 referendum that the majority of the electorate disagreed, voting for deliverance.

    Rather than bow to the democratic decision, they have shamelessly sought to undermine the people’s vote.

    If Major had a conscience about his previous betrayals, or if he had any interest in democracy, or anything like a tinge of patriotism in his soul…



    …he would not be babbling about what parliament wants, which is irrelevant.

    MPs are merely servants, and the current lot are slipshod, insubordinate, shameless servants, who need to be taught many a lesson in humility.

    It’s What THE PEOPLE want that counts.

    Image result for people power

    One of the few MPs who takes the job seriously – Britain need three hundred or more like her – and has a grasp of what responsibility means, Suella Braverman…


    Related image

    …has dismissed his “Remainer elite” views far more politely than Major deserves.

     “Thank you Sir John, but no thanks.”

    For my part, I’d rather tell him to just….

    Image result for get stuffed


    • Angus Coulter 00:12 on January 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Those of us who remember Major as Prime Minister are bound to agree with you. His natural lack of lustre was made more striking by comparisons with his predecessor, Maggie.
      Even had she not been the previous head of government, I would say most British people saw him as unimpressive.
      You omitted the whole Ulster episode, his dishonesty and deceit over the secret talks with Sinn Fein/IRA.
      We despised him then and despise him all the more now.


    • Jacko 02:03 on January 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      In reply to your headline..”YES!”


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