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    Perokok Yang Suka Bohem? Jangan Ke Sevel! 

    Wow, a Herculean struggle to get my act together after last night’s revelry downtown, but  now it’s time to – figuratively – stumble down the stairs to meet the day!


    bear-awake joke


    What to write about this beautiful cloudless morning? Oh, yeah, I remember.

    I used to like those 7 -Elevens, usually with some tables and chairs outside, a place you could buy a cold beer and savour it slowly in the sun.

    That small pleasure is now dened us, not through any fault of the company that runs them, but due to the government’s childish prohibition of beer sales in mini-marts.

    ‘Creeping Shariah,’ Warns Prof. Muhammed, As Jakarta Dims! 

    But I still drop in from time to time, to buy cigarettes. Sometimes I shop for smokes at Alfamart, or Indomaret, or Circle K, but just as often to Sevel, as it’s known here in Jakarta.

    Not any more.


    • seven
    • ==============
    • Every little store sells Bohem, my current fave brand, for around Rp.15,000 a pack.
    • Certainly under 16K.
    • So, previously, did Sevel.

    But last Sunday, at their recently opened branch at Ratu Plaza, I was charged TWENTY THOUSAND!


    I should pause here to advise readers that I like to publish brief shoppers’ guides like this, partly because I’m public-spirited, but also because these little warnings of unreasonable pricing almost invariably provoke an abusive pinko stuck-up to make abusive comments, which, alas, don’t get published because the poor wee thing’s too shy to use his real name.


    • dignif
    • He’s a troubled soul, whose entirely predictable rants tend to include, in roughly equal measure, loathing for  – my blog, English teachers, foreigners who mix with non-rich Indonesians and, incredibly, sleeveless jackets.

    Like I say, a right wacko!



    • Back to Ratu….
    • Outraged, I thought maybe it was a fluke, a one-off excess, but no, because, with time on my hands before the party I was attending, I wandered off to another Sevel, near Senayan City, that posh shopping mall, and was displeased  – they too had upped the price.

    Perhaps, it occurred to me, all minimarts had raised their prices since my last purchase the day before. A round of price-hikes? It happens.

    So off I went again. I knew there was an Indomaret near Binus University, just across the street from Senayan City, so another brief toddle took me there.


    SAM_9150 viewed from Mcdonalds, STC, the place discussed is at the right of the photo


    The minimart is part of a gas station.

    • And lo and behold, there were plenty of packs of Bohem, at under Rp.16,000 – YES!

    There was, moreover, a spin-off benefit to my quest, because I found that, above the shop and the petrol station, there’s a very pleasant area for smokers, an open terrace with a nice view of the posh mall opposite!

    So I settled down with my cigarettes and a paperback (always take reading material if you’re using public transport in Jakarta traffic!) and whiled away the remaining time before moving on to the party.


    • wine-women-and-song
    • ===========

    I don’t get down that way too often, so am happy to share its location with readers who share my taste for open-air venues where prices compare most favourably with anything you’ll find in Senayan City!

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    Smokers Nabbed in Bali – But How About Us Drinkers! 

     Ngurah Rai International Airport 3 Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport


    Big news on that Bali website, a raid on smokers in the airport. http://www.balidiscovery.com.

    If you expect me to deplore the action targetting my fellow tobacco-fans, stroll on. Ngurah Rai has greatly improved its smoking area, from a dank, densely-packed, little overgrown cupboard to a nice open-air place.

    And civilised smokers don’t complain ( and shouldn’t transgress) when civilised facilities are available – I only wish that new Jakarta Terminal would be as considerate!

    But how about drinkers?



    Ever since that intolerant edict was promulgated, which bans minimarts across the archipelago from selling a few bottles or cans of beer to honest citizens on a hot day (and we’re having very hot days in Jakarta at the moment – again, no complaints, I love hot weather but one does get a thirst!) there has been talk of Bali getting a special dispensation.

    Bingung Buaaanget! – Gimana Minum Bir Di Bali? 

    This is partly because of the tourist issue, but also, surely, because creeping shariah is hard to justify when the great majority of Balinese are Hindus. I haven’t been to Bali recently, so I don’t know how that’s working out. 

    Prohibition Indonesia – Bali Exempt…Sort Of! 

    Any sectarian legislation is a blot on Indonesia’s reputation, but nevertheless, an even more intolerant Islamist law is being pushed through parliament at the moment, which apparently  provides for two years imprisonment for what I’m doing now, having a drink in my own front yard! 

    No More Drink? Jakarta on Brink of Prohibition 



    I enjoy a drink, and a smoke, and by doing so, I don’t bother anyone else. Every Indonesian should have the same right to personal free choice in these matters. Even smokers are given space to relax and enjoy their pastime on the terraces of cafes, in other public places, and of course on their own property.

    So why not drinkers? .

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    Can Canucks Learn from Arabs? Anti-Smoking IslamoNazi Beheaded! 

    Well, that’s a refreshing bit of news!


    The IS police force has confiscated and burned tobacco products and punished those caught smoking. According to reports, the force’s deputy commander in the area had been captured, tortured and beheaded.


    • devil destroyed ISIS
    • ———————————

    Okay, any dead ISIS scumbag is cause for a spot of celebration.



    But for smokers anywhere to exact retribution on those who make their lives a misery…WOW!

    Not that I’d urge decapitation for the health-fascists who harass us – but the idea of a fightback has a certain appeal. 

    Especially since, according to the news I heard the other day, while that Jakarta rain crashed down outside, their shrill tax-paid propaganda is based on something of a fallacy – cancer is simply a matter of bad luck!




    So all the scare-tales we’ve been fed for decades, about how us smokers must be bashed and bullied because our addiction, to so-called ‘cancer-sticks,’ is a menace not only to ourselves but to everyone within a stone’s-throw of our poisonous fumes,  are nothing more than a crock?




    Imbued with hope that the witch-hunting might be brought to an end, I hastened to check by searching the online media.

    It IS a matter of luck, it seems …

    Needless to say, the researchers have claimed that although ill-fortune is responsible for about two-thirds of cancers…unhealthy habits such as smoking help increase the risk.https://bad-luck-is-real-key-to-cancer-say-experts-1-3649146


    After all, they’re not going to scrap years of propaganda which has cost tax-payers millions of pounds, dollars and euros. Next thing they’d have to prevail on the EUSSR to overturn its ridiculous VERBOT on menthol cigarettes!

    Now as for the Western Hemisphere…

    come on Canada


    My thanks to one of our Canadian readers (a non-smoker, indeed an anti-smoker!) who sent me news of Ontario’s latest oppressive onslaught.

    Effective Jan. 1, a number of anti-smoking laws came into effect in Ontario – mirroring versions seen in other jurisdictions across the country....the ban also includes all bar and restaurant patios… in other words, on the property of a private commercial business.

    I could get on my platform here, but the Toronto Sun makes the case so well I can just save my energy with a cut n paste!

    This is a step too far. If the 18% of people who still smoke wanted to cobble together their cash to open a bar and patio just for them, what’s it to you? Just don’t go there.

    The law then goes overboard with the nanny state by banning the sale of tobacco on college and university campuses…

    ….Many university students are the age of majority. They’re adults.

    It’s wise to quit smoking. But adults should have the choice to live as they please. Government needs to butt out too! 



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