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  • ross1948 21:35 on December 24, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: fake invitation, , Party free-flow beer, SNP separatists = = republicans   

    Multiple Scots Facing ‘Bad Taste’ Charges? 

    I may not be over-fussy about with whom I party, especially if there’s a free-flow on the go…

    …but if the hostess is an intolerant leftist…


    “I believe passionately in free speech BUT..” she said.

    Separatist Socialist Sturgeon – Biden’s Trans-Atlantic Twin? 

    …whose clique includes disgusting disloyals.…

    …then I’d be inclined to draw the line!

    Thus when I saw the report that somebody issued fake invitations….

    Police have charged a man after an advert inviting revellers to a Hogmanay party at Nicola Sturgeon’s house was posted on Facebook.The header photo for the party event showed the First Minister grinning widely as she sat on a park swing.


    …to a shindig hosted by Nicola Sturgeon…


    Nearly 2,000 people responded to the advert, which used Ms Sturgeon’s real address, stating they would be attending or potentially attending..

    .. and that the alleged invitation-faker is facing charges, my immediate thought was…


    ‘Ach, Jock, ah ken it’s her, but we’ve got tae get wur sherr aw that free bevvy! ‘


    ..why are the mugs who accepted not being prosecuted for infinite bad taste?


    • Uncle Oz 06:52 on December 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Brilliant! You got the Scots talk perfect as well.


    • Carly McLean 02:04 on December 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      My ancestors left Scotland long ago.
      Clever ancestors.


  • ross1948 17:01 on May 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , SNP separatists = = republicans, Sturgeonistan   

    Sturgeonistan, Where Cops Collaborate With Crimmigrants? 

    I suppose if three leftist parties combine in support of crimmigrants…

    …that might be reported as a  ‘cross-party’ cause, but while Sturgeon’s leftist SNP…



    …the Scottish Greens and Labour may differ on separatism etc, they are now clearly as one in their determination to turn poor Scotland into a cosy sewer in which fake-‘refugee’ rats may frolic…



    …secure from enforcement of the law.

    This comes after the disgraceful scenes in Glasgow…


    Glasgow Cops Appease Pro-Crimmigrant Mob

    …when Police Scotland belly-crawled to a far-left rabble, allowing two aliens, detained for deportation, to escape justice.

    No, not ‘allowing’ but actively aiding and abetting the illegals’ escape!

    Merely the UK”s most cowardly cops?

    Or collabo curs in agreement with the street-scum?

    They may fly their true colours soon, if they respond publicly to a call from a local leader of Britain’s Enemy Within.

    'The sad thing is that we don’t see the humanity when we make decisions' - Sabir Zazai on his battle with the Home Office

    Afghan agitator Sabir Zazai


    Sabir Zazai, the ‘CEO of the Scottish Refugee Council ‘ issued this pompous demand.

    We need Police Scotland to use the operation notification process to push back on the over-the-top and scary Home Office raids that have no place in Glasgow or Scotland https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/may/21/glasgow-politicians-call-on-home-office-to-halt-immigration-raid

    One could dwell on this Afghan  creature’s character, given sanctuary as an ‘asylum seeker’ by Britain and almost at once plunging into political agitation, cleaving to the swarm of leftist ‘NGO’ cliques…


    …doing all in their power to undermine curbs on the alien influx.

    But there are many such who bite the hand that feeds them.



    What Scots must surely dwell on is the nightmare future that awaits them in Sturgeonistan, the squalid republic that so many in the SNP plan to establish…



    …in which the rule of law will depend on the whims of politicsed police.

    • Jock T 18:27 on May 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I would just add, if she tries to break up the union, there are many unionists who will resist.


  • ross1948 16:25 on March 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Alba Party, , SNP separatists = = republicans,   

    Scotland's Twin Republican Menaces 

    The breaking news from Scotland, ex SNP leader Alex Salmond starting a new party, separate fron the separatist SNP but just as separatist…



    ..should make people re-examine what we know about both the SNP and about Salmond, who has never been a hero of mine.

    Salmond has been estranged from rhe SNP recently, for reasons noted in the BBC report, at the foot of our page.

    But he was expelled from the party years ago for extremism, his 1320 Club notorious for its left republicanism.

    He got back in and kept republican attitudes under wraps, but I didn’t think he had changed then…

    At Least Salmond’s OPENLY In Favour Of Eire Expansionism! 

    …and I doubt he ever has.

    As for Sturgeon, who is, IMHO, an abominable woman…

    Freedom!’ Shouted Braveheart – But Not On Sturgeon’s Watch! 

     “I believe passionately in free speech but..” she said.

    Separatist Socialist Sturgeon – Biden’s Trans-Atlantic Twin

    ….she dances daintily around the royal issue, but as we have shown…

    Lords Get Ermine, Commons Get Vermin – Two Disloyal Scots! 

    …she readily tolerates the republicans who infest the SNP at all levels, up to and including the House of Commons.

    Dangerous times we live in.

    I hope Scots look into the abyss and step back.



  • ross1948 18:38 on July 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , SNP separatists = = republicans   

    At Least Salmond’s OPENLY In Favour Of Eire Expansionism! 

    I’ve never exactly been a fan of Alex Salmond…

    ”F**K Yer Votes, Jimmy!” Sore Loser Separatists Spit On Scots’ Decision 



    …but equally was never convinced that he would be stupid enough to engage in the sort of conduct that got him into trouble with the law.

    But now?

    Former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has called for a united Ireland, claiming there are few “rational reasons” left to oppose it.

    Salmond has been through a rocky year or so, but any sympathy anyone might have had for his troubles must have vanished on reading that.

    Even more so, when, in a total turnabout of all he’s ever said about every nation’s right to self-determination, he continued as follows.

    There’s the question of Irish reunification. It may not be an immediate prospect but it can be argued that every rational reason for the partition of a century ago has either been eroded, or has disappeared entirely…”. https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/former-snp-leader-alex-salmond-calls-for-united-ireland-39394103.html

    As far as I’m aware, the fourth British nation, Ulster, has shown no more sign of ‘disappearing’ than have the other three, Scotland, England or Wales.


    Undermined, sold out, betrayed, maybe, but the Ulsterfolk, a distinct national identity, can hardly be said to have been ‘eroded.

    Rather, their iron will to survive has been reinforced by constant assaults and affronts…




    …assaults by the same Sinn Fein/IRA gang that embraced literal ethnic cleansing in the past…



    …and is now embedded in Stormont, thanks to B.Liar’s dirty deal with Blood-Beast Adams…



    …and affronts, like Bojo’s weasel words on the border!


    .Why Grant Britain’s Arch-Enemy Most-Favoured Status ? 

    However, perhaps it’s better, like Salmond, to be upfront on the issue of whether they should be handed over, bullied, cajoled, however the coercion is seen, to the inherently hostile, expansionist alien republic next door.

    Unlike the republican ‘Enemy Within’ the SNP separatist movement, the disloyals we have noticed before…

    Neds V Loyal Scots? Mini-‘Outrage’ Outbreak! 

    SNP Commons Cabal – Foul-Mouths AND Foul Minds 


     And a big march will go ahead in Glasgow tomorrow

    Fanatics Fly the Enemy Flag – Would Nazis Have Dared March in Glasgow In 1940?


    And this!

    ‘..the SNP (separatist) city council in the Scottish city of Glasgow has been allowing disloyal ‘Irish Unity’ fanatics to parade offensively around the streets.’

    IRA Murder-Gang Fans March In British City? Stop Them! 

    And this…

    …at least we now know where we stand as far as Alex Salmond is concerned.

    Each and every one of the SNP’s legislators, both in the Scottish Parliament and at Westminster, must be put on the spot and asked if they share his views on the ‘re-unification of Ireland…’



    ….an absurd concept in itself, since the island of Ireland was only ever ‘unified’ under the British Crown!

    • Tam Birnie 22:23 on July 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The SNP are no friends to Ulster and not to the monarchy.
      They get most of their votes from the disloyals that hate the Union Jack and love that Eire flag.
      Even Scots who would like more powers for the Edinburgh parliament will not vote for them because
      they are full of republicans that admire Sinn fein and the IRA.


  • ross1948 19:20 on April 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Mhairi Black MP, SNP separatists = = republicans, Steve Bonnar MP gaystapo   

    SNP Commons Cabal – Foul-Mouths AND Foul Minds 

    A revealing newspaper report last week..



    …on how an SNP MP responds to a constituent’s complaint –  here’s Steven Bonnar!


     Steven Bonnar was filmed in a spat with his neighbour

    Steven Bonnar was filmed in a spat with his neighbour


     “F*** you, ya headcase!” 


    ….confirms my opinion, that this piece of disloyal garbage should be flushed down the Scottish political drain.

    Lords Get Ermine, Commons Get Vermin – Two Disloyal Scots! 

    The SNP separatist party used to talk about their loyalty to the Crown but over the past few years they have sent both republicans and sexual maladjusts to Westminster.

    The foul-mouth Bonner is bad but what about that thing that took a drag-queen into a primary school?


    I need to remind you of another episode which we meant to cover but never got round to, which was fully discussed In this spiked.com article last month…


    To be frank, Mhairi Black MP is a blot on the political landscape, an opinion held not only on this blog but among all the loyal citizens of Scotland who take seriously their duty of allegiance HM The Queen.

    Their disapproval will have been topped up by her disgusting antics, taking a ‘drag-queen’ to a primary school in Paisley, near Glasgow.

    Any condemnation directed towards her, however, for that little stunt needs to be applied a thousand-fold to the school’s administrators who not only failed to bar the school gates against the freak-show, but actively colluded.

    Black is also a lesbian, and looks it!


    Mhairi Black MP

    The lesbian Scottish National Party MP Mhairi Black revealed she has been challenged over her gender when using female toilets.

    That’s a ‘shock-horror’ story from the UK queer media. Hell, who’s surprised!


    More off-putting than her appearance, surely, is her behaviour!

    Campaigning MPs like Black, as well as teachers like those at Glencoats Primary, appear to see the role of school not as educational but political….rather than having an argument about the rights and wrongs of the gender debate with adults who might dare to disagree with them, campaigners opt to persuade children who can’t answer back.
    Enter, stage left, the drag queen….gender-bending, outlandish costumes and crude double-entendres remain.
    But now the audience is too young to be in on the joke.
    In the hands of ideologically-inspired teachers and librarians, nothing is off limits….
    Good that opposition parties are protesting at how the SNP are acting as if Bonner’s loutishness never happened.

    But will they also excoriate the separatists who are in lock-step with the gaystapo’s revolting agenda?

    Mhairi Black’s drag queen stunt has backfired spectacularly
    • Jock T 19:56 on April 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      She makes me sick. As does he!
      What has happened to Scotland?


  • ross1948 21:05 on January 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Largs, Loyal Scots, , , SNP separatists = = republicans   

    Neds V Loyal Scots? Mini-‘Outrage’ Outbreak! 

    The SNP’s dubious allegiance to the Crown – and the class-hatreds which have always festered on the far-left of the separatist party – was on display as 2020 descended on Scotland, when a Labour councillor ‘caused anger after implying SNP MP Mhairi Black was a “ned” on Twitter.’

    To me, it seems that the voters of Largs, a pleasant Ayrshire seaside town which was once home to an elderly great-aunt of mine, so I know it quite well from childhood visits, might well be anything but ‘angry’ with their councillor, a young man called Alex Gallagher shared his video, calling out the sullied loyalties of the separatist ratbags –

    How many SNP MPs are just neds?“.


    A ‘ned’ in Scots slang, is a lowlife street lout, and while Black and her sort are not muggers or engaged in other common criminal behaviour…

    Lords Get Ermine, Commons Get Vermin – Two Disloyal Scots! 

    …her rude, crude, conditional oath of allegiance to HM The Queen must have disgusted many a Scot.

    As Gallagher said: “If people get themselves elected to the main chamber they should behave in a dignified manner when they get there rather than behave in an immature and childish fashion.

    “To my mind, it shows a deep disrespect. If they don’t want to take the vow then they shouldn’t put themselves forward to get elected in the first place. They shouldn’t pretend they can’t read the vow or cross their fingers.


    The news report claims that the tweeted video ‘sparked outrage,’ a strange way to describe a mere 200 plus leftist/separatist snarls. Largs has a population of more than 11,000 people.

    One of the snarlies was SNP councillor Alan Hill, who appears to be ignorant of his own party’s policy of keeping HM as Scotland’s head of state if they gain ‘independence,’ which would of course not be independence at all…

…since they also want Scotland to be controlled by Brussels.

Hill howled that the video was ‘derogatory and a bit insulting coming from a Labour politician to a lady from a working class background.’

So Hill wouldn’t be nearly as fretty if somebody was ‘derogatory and a bit insulting’ to a lady from middle or upper class background? Class-prejudiced oaf!

Cllr. Gallagher incidentally, advised the public that Black was actually from a ‘posh’ area…



…but it’s Hill’s other accusatory bleat that we should note carefully.

”I didn’t realise he was a monarchist…”


  • ross1948 17:16 on December 28, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , SNP separatists = = republicans   

    Lords Get Ermine, Commons Get Vermin – Two Disloyal Scots! 

    Not for the first time, the separatist SNP has let the mask slip, disloyalty to Her Majesty flaunted by new MPs as they hedged about their oaths of allegiance with self-serving verbiage…



    …which in one case the republican scumbag subsequently edited out to make sure monarchist constituents back in Scotland don’t twig to the man’s true ideology.

    Caught on camera crossing his fingers during the oath, Steve Bonnar said:

    ‘I do solemnly, sincerely, and truly declare and affirm, that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors, according to law.


    But then he amended his oath to the Crown, emphasising his lack of good faith!

    ‘I take this oath to ensure that I can represent the people of Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill in Scotland.’

    Nor was Bonnar alone in his equivocation.

    That mouthy ex-‘Baby of the House,’ Mhairi Black, didn’t mince her words about her hypocrisy..

     ‘..making her affirmation to the Queen ‘for the purpose of the job’. She said: ‘My allegiance, first and foremost, is to Paisley and Renfrewshire South…


    ….but FOR THE PURPOSE OF THE JOB, I solemnly, sincerely, and truly declare and affirm, that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors, according to law.

    For the purpose of the job?’



    Not through the loyalty which all British people owe their rightful head of state, who is, let’s not forget, on the throne because a Scottish king became king of England, not the other way about!


    We expect republican double-talk from the likes of SDLP MP Claire Hanna, with her ‘respectful protest’ against pledging allegiance to the Royal Family, stating that the affirmation did not reflect her outlook.

    After making her pledge, she said: ‘My allegiance is to the people of South Belfast in order to serve them. I’ve made this affirmation…. ‘

    Blood-Beast Adams and the Sinn Fein/IRA scum refuse to take the oath at all, but if Hanna were to get her way, as outlined in her letter to the new Speaker…


    I do not believe it serves trust in Parliament for MPs to be obliged to rehearse pledges that are not true for them.

    ‘I believe a better pledge would be one to parliamentary service on behalf of our constituents, with an allegiance pledge for those who wish to make one.’ https://metro.co.uk/2019/12/19/snp-mp-crosses-fingers-pledges-allegiance-queen-1

    ….then the path would be clear for Blood-Beast’s scum to show up, chip in and spread their hate at Westminster….



    …but then there’s precious little difference between Blood-Beast’s Sinn Fein and Hanna’s SDLP…

    SDLP? Are They Really Any Different From Sinn Fein? 

    ..as we noted earlier this week.

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