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  • ross1948 18:44 on December 24, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Euro-Grovel Sturgeon Reviles Prospect Of Proud Brit Passports 

    An educated Scots accent is euphonious, and having spent much time there, I have heard many Scots talk sense on many topics.


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    The great actor Sean Connery is an outstanding example of a Scot who talks properly whilst making no attempt to suppress his origins. .

    What a contrast when we hear that ghastly separatist Nicola Sturgeon. always unpleasant to listen to because of her coarse fishwifely voice, and content that’s usually as off-putting as her delivery.


    Thanks, BBC, For Confusing Sturgeon With ‘Psychotic’ Ape! 


    Her SNP party is so far left it should move its HQ to Rockall instead of Edinburgh – we covered that not long ago in  If Scots Go, Let ‘Em Take Some Excess ‘Asylum’ Baggage! 

    And her views on self-determination tend to get a bit mangled when it comes to actually letting people determine things for themselves. Self-Determination – Northern Lights V SNP Glare! 


    Her latest tirade is her worst yet, on a par with her notorious rant during the Brexit campaign, when she said Brit tax-payers should shoulder the cost of any and every diseased alien who might wish to drop by.

    Now the demented separatist has poured scorn on plans to bring back the blue cover for the British passport as “insular, inward looking, nonsense.”

    One could easily say the same about an aspiration to resurrect Scotland as a separate state, which until the 1960s was confined to a small minority of Scots. It has since mushroomed.



    Much of the drift to secession has been a consequence of the erosion of a proudly British identity, a process deliberately pushed hard by  Westminster Europhiliacs…



    …like Homo Heath and almost all main Tory (and Labour) party leaders since.

    Sturgeon may be obnoxious, but she is no fool. She realises that if a real sense of BRITISH national pride were nurtured back to health, separatist tendencies would again be eccentricities.

    Hence of course she detests genuinely nationalist proposals.   She herself is NO more a nationalist than Theresa May.

    They often make nationalist noises but they are both subservient to liberalism and internationalism, the essential enemies of the nation-state.


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    Happy St. Andrew’s Day – Homage To Caledonia? 

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    Like most non-Spaniards, I knew nothing of Catalonia until I read Orwell’s book, but after doing so, I was curious.


    Hasil gambar untuk homage to catalonia cover


    There are echoes of Scotland, a once-independent country absorbed into a larger one, but for a very long time there was no serious interest among Scots in separatism.

    Even with the rise of the SNP there, most of its leaders have – arguably out of self-interest – refrained from making republican noises.

    It should be noted, nevertheless, that the party’s activists, overwhelmingly leftists, are uncomfortable with the leadership’s tactical reticence.

    …the loudest applause in the lively debate were for the republicans…. SNP conference: SNP prepare ground for dropping the Queen |

    This is in contrast to the Catalans, whose anti-monarchist, almost childishly petty, gesture-politics…

    Monarchists hit back in Catalonia row over king’s bust – Yahoo News UK

    ….has infuriated Spaniards loyal to the Crown.

    It may well be that royalists in Spain now see the secession of Catalonia as no bad thing, reducing the proportion of the electorate who are in favour of a republic.

    This has echoes of the animosity aroused in England, where many people are as repelled as I am by that multicultist shrew Sturgeon…


    …whose nagging strident voice is rarely put to good use.

    She was at her worst during that famous debate when she attacked Nigel Farage’s sensible opposition to importing diseased aliens to bludge off the tax-funded National Health Service.

    All brands of Briton are surely horrified by the SNP’s pro-crimmigrant policies, which are antithetical to the ‘nationalism’ the separatist party affects to espouse.

    The SNP has repeatedly called for a more relaxed approach to asylum. They have opposed the enforced removal of failed asylum seekers and have pledged to close the Dungavel Detention Centre, the only one in Scotland.  http://www.migrationwatchuk.org/briefing-paper/10.33n



    As to any rational justification for the SNP’s Europhiliac obsessions…


    …what kind of ‘nationalists’ can they be who seek to keep their country chained to a supranational entity infamous for its hostility to democratic participation in decision-making?


    Most Brits, I think, still wish Scotland well.

    It would be sad to wish it farewell.


    • Jock Tamson 12:14 on December 1, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Scotland is in a right mess in no small part due to Sturgeon’s crowd.
      I hope the majority of Scots see through that woman’s rhetoric and realise that her party is as republican as Sinn Fein at heart.


  • ross1948 18:49 on October 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Gove’s Joke? Time The Enemy Within Tried Apologising! 

    I see Michael Gove has ‘apologised’ for a joke he made on John Humphrey’s BBC show.


    “Well, I know what you mean. Sometimes I think that coming into the studio with you, John, is a bit like going into Harvey Weinstein’s bedroom.” https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/oct/28/michael-gove-apologises-clumsy-harvey-weinstein-joke-today-show

    A fair comment given that anyone labelled ‘conservative’ faces serious verbal molestation by most BBC hacks.

    And even the Europhiliac Lord Kinnock carried on the conversation without any sign of taking offence.


    Hasil gambar untuk kinnock eu

    The Kinnocks did very well out of their Brussels jaunts


    The former Labour leader Neil Kinnock, who was being interviewed along with Gove, then added: “John goes way past groping – way past groping.”

    Not hilarious, but harmless – jibes at the BBC, not women.

    But at once the shrills got into full indignation mode. That ghastly SNP shrew Sturgeon was among the first yelper to give voice.


    Women being abused and raped is not a laughing matter. And it doesn’t make us ‘humourless’ to say so…


    And she was fast followed by one Jo Swinson, who holds the ever-so-important position of  ‘deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats!’

    “No, Michael Gove it’s not like that. I have never once feared for my personal safety in a media studio. Don’t trivialise sexual assault.”


    Weinstein is a very unpleasant person and few of us would not deplore what we know of his behaviour.

    But the reaction to his gross predatory antics has itself become outrageous, to the extent that some daft bint in another Guardian story appears to have been offended by a man “would always comment on what I was wearing, he commented on my legs all the time…”


    For pity’s sakes.

    I am forever complimenting women on what they wear, how they look, etc.


    It’s called being pleasant. None of them have called the cops, or even the Guardian!

    However, back to Gove, who was not ‘trivialising’ it. He was making a humorous comment about his BBC host.

    Yet now he has been bullied by the mob into apologising.



    Funny how pinkos rarely apologise.

    Look at all the American celebrity scum who have expressed keen interest in murdering Donald Trump.


    Hasil gambar untuk trump caesar stabbed

    Look at all the British scum who celebrated the death of Mrs. Thatcher.


    Gambar terkait

    Filthy red scum in Britain


    Look at  the BBC’s failure to apologise for their refusal to call the Charlie Hebdo jihadist vermin ‘terrorists.’


    Je Suis Pravda? BBC Won’t Call Paris Savages ‘Terrorists!’ 

    Look at that CNN warthog’s failure to apologise for her blatant racism.


    Hasil gambar untuk symone sanders

    CNN’s race-baiter Symone Sanders – what a honker!

    CNN Guest Mocks White Trump Supporter Beaten By Black Mob:”Oh My Goodness! Poor White People!”

    CNN Racist Demands Limits On White Free Speech! 


    Look at the slimy William Clinton, who is known to be a sex predator from way back!

    He and his horrid wife are not much into apologies…




    ….but how about all those Democrats who knew all about his behaviour and yet welcomed him to campaign rallies.

    That’s a sick joke, at the expense of his various victims.

    And it’s GOVE who had to apologise? Oh, and there’s not much about Kinnock’s complicity in the joke.

    Double standards?

    A lot of people should grow up and get over the fact that their feelings are going to be hurt from time to time.

    Or actually DO something useful to extirpate bad behaviour and the things that cause it.

    If the separatist Sturgeon, for example, is so appalled at maltreatment of women, as one should be,,,



    …why hasn’t she introduced legislation in her Scottish Parliament to outlaw shariah law.

  • ross1948 14:01 on October 15, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Thanks, BBC, For Confusing Sturgeon With ‘Psychotic’ Ape! 

    Having a fine sunny Saturday, fave visitor come and gone, planning to do nothing, very gracefully…




    …till my next guest calls by tomorrow.


    Not every day I say a big thanks to the BBC, but on my return from a brief shopping trip, cheerfully encumbered with those yummy Indonesian pasties, I have just roared with laughter, loud and long, at this delightful story.

    Hasil gambar untuk gorilla sturgeon


    BBC Breakfast Confuses Nicola Sturgeon With ‘Psychotic’ Gorilla

    • Jock Tamson 17:14 on October 16, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      You’re not fair to laugh, Ross, that poor gorilla didn’t deserve the comparison!


  • ross1948 22:16 on April 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Vicar of Bray Fatwas Bagpipes – Another Boris U-Turn Looms? 

    I see that Tory mountebank who misrules London has singled out bagpipes as an undesirable instrument for buskers due to their ‘piercing’ tone.  http://www.scotsman.com/news/uk/boris-johnson-aims-to-ban-annoying-bagpipes-1-3754632



    Despite my Ulster-Scots ancestry, I never learned how to play the pipes, though my cousin in Perth County, Ontario, did, his tunes skirling bravely every 12th of July. Some folk don’t like the sound, but to me, it’s hard not to find it stirring. Many’s a good Scottish soldier gone into battle as the pipes echoed around the bloody field of combat.

    But Boris Johnson could scarcely have ill-timed this news worse. Scots mostly don’t play, and many have no great interest in listening, but if the national instrument is slighted, they naturally bristle.

    It’s like the kilt.

    Unworn except on special occasions, it is revered, even by my old uni pal who had little Scots blood in his veins, and what there was of that was Lowland Scots, folk who last donned kilts centuries ago, in pre-Walter Scott times disdaining it as Highland garb.






    But woe betide any Englishman who poked mild fun at Dennis’s knobbly knees when he hosted a Burn’s Supper!

    While Cameron scrabbles to retain at least a solitary toe-hold in Scotland, and people of goodwill seek to secure the Union, the last thing anti-separatists needed was some unkempt buffoon to diss the pipes.

    But with Boris, it should be no problem to retract this decree, blame it on an underling, and U-turn…

    Hat-lifter among shirt-lifters


    ,…, just as he did with the so-called ‘gays’ whom he once dissed delightfully…

    Boris – A Worm Who’s Turned Every Which Way But Right 

    …and the Islamist issue, which he once addressed forthrightly but now grovels with the best – or worst – of  left-liberal appeasement monkeys.

    • dms0001 22:57 on April 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Boris, currently, destroying the London taxi Trade in favour of Uber cheap labour transport. Also destroying the ability to move around London by creating bicycle lanes, which are causing havoc for everyone not on a bike, including pedestrians. Never allow green earthers to gain any traction within the protals of power, they will ruin everything for everyone.


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