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  • ross1948 09:34 on March 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Sensible Indians Have Problems With Courts Too. 

    Whilst the justice system in India may have its flaws, at least the Indians are better off than Brits, who, regardless of the Brexit outcome, are still saddled with the ECHR…


    …the European Court of Human Rights (whatever fashion dictates such rights may be!) thus, in effect, having serious criminal and constitutional issues determined by an alien elite.

    But that doesn’t mean that in India justice always gets done.



    Most readers will remember the foul crime committed against a young lady on a bus a couple of years ago, and how the vile scum who perpetrated the gang rape were apprehended and quite rightly sentenced to death.

    Yet still the vermin have not be put to death,

    Mockery of the law!’ Indian gang rape & murder convicts get yet ANOTHER execution delay, triggering rage on social media

    It seems some specious nonsense about the age of one of the gang is one reason for the delay.

    When are legislators, lawyers and judges going to wake ip to the biological reality, that a child is not definable as somebody under 16, or 15 or whatever age.

    A child is a prepubescent being.



    If a scumbag is old enough to rape, he’s old enough to hang.

    C’mon, India – string the b-stards up!

  • ross1948 23:25 on July 9, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    What’s BBC NOT Saying About The ‘Rapist Children?’ 

    The gang rape of an 18-year-old woman in Germany has sparked a dispute about lowering the age of criminal responsibility. Two of the suspects in the western city of Mülheim are aged 12 and the other three are 14. Germany does not prosecute children under 14.

    All five have been suspended from school and so far one 14-year-old has appeared before an investigating judge.

    The victim, found in bushes late on Friday, was taken to hospital. A police spokesman said the assault involved “considerable violence” and went on for a long time.



    So we know how many of these ‘children’ were involved, and where it happened.




    Can anyone else besides me think of something about the perpetrators the BBC has omitted from its report?

    • Jerry Jerman 23:53 on July 9, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, I can think of something the BBC covered up, even though it is public knowledge in Germany.
      THEY ARE NOT German.
      They are ‘Bulgarian,’ though that could mean they were Roma!



    • Annelie Neumann 00:02 on July 10, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      We all know the truth, they are migrant bad people from Bulgaria but not usual Bulgarian.
      Many come to Germany and cause trouble, will not live like good people..
      Not only BBC hide truth but also German left media.
      My opinion, hang them.


      • Simon Calder 08:38 on July 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Annelie’s solution is the best I have read here.
        Just hang them!


    • Inge S 00:32 on July 10, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      This is almost no longer news for Germans.
      Women are attacked and raped often.
      In June and I give you exact numbers, a trial was beginning for gang rape of a young woman.
      One German citizen and eight from Syria and two from Algeria and one from Iraq.
      I believe the German citizen was same kind as the non-German.
      I believe also mostly they came into Germany invited by Merkel.
      She is like a devil.


    • Keith Milner 14:05 on July 10, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      If they can rape, they are past puberty, so not children!

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      • Van Gillencz 15:24 on July 10, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        A very good point, Keith!
        If they are old enough to rape, they’re old enough to be castrated, or better just put to sleep, as you would with mad dogs.

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  • ross1948 11:32 on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    So Now 17-Year-Old Crimmigrants Won’t Be ‘Minors?’ 

    And in Canada, there’s a new Private Members Bill to reduce the age at which you’re entitled to vote to a mere sixteen?

    Private Member’s Bill C-213 (42-1) – First Reading – An Act to amend the Canada Elections Act (voting age) – Parliament of Canada
    Gambar terkait

    Whatever next?

    When the age of enfranchisement was changed to 18, we were told that if you’re old enough to fight for your country, you are old enough to vote.

    Will kids in their mid-teens now be accepted as fully-fledged members of the RCAF and other Canadian armed services?

    Of more immediate interest will be if the sponsors of that parliamentary resolution will now become active campaigners for a change to the ludicrous Brussels EUSSR definition of ‘child’ migrants.

    “minor” means “a third-country national or stateless person below the age of 18 years.


    Or the UN’s –

    Children are defined by the Convention on the Rights of the Child
    as people below 18 years of age unless, under national laws applicable, majority is attained earlier (Article 1)

    Click to access 4._Chapter_1.pdf

    NB – not later, but earlier.

    Or UNICEF Canada’s –

     UNICEF Canada is advancing a child rights-based
    framework for Canada’s immigration system affecting children (under age 18)  http://www.unicef.ca/sites/default/files/2016-09/Immigration%20and%20Refugee%20Consultation%20Brief_UNICEF%20Canada.pdf

    Given the menacing character of these poor little children, as seen in Europe…

    German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates!   

    Nine Young Women In Denmark

    Poor Little Unaccompanied Minor Migrants 

    More Merkel Victims (Age 12 to 14) In The News? 

    …the fewer admitted to civilised countries, the better.

    PS  If my reference to Canadian definitions is incorrect or out-of-date, I am sure readers there will let me know.

    But so far as I know, they are accurate.




    • Jock Tamson 17:09 on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      We had the kiddies voting in Scotland already in the SNP referendum but Sturgeon still wants to bring in so-called ‘child’ migrants.
      If she had the power, she would take all those young thugs around Calais overnight!


  • ross1948 23:15 on June 17, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Manus Crimmigrant Ingrates- $70M ‘Not Enough!?!’ 

    Having been asked by Oz readers for more on their country…

    I oblige!

    So Aussie tax-payers are glorying in the opportunity to hand out millions to nearly two thousand crimmigrant detainees?



    I doubt it. Aussies should be OUTRAGED!

    Those Manus ratbags were caught fair and square, caught in the act of violating or trying to violate Australia’s sovereign borders.

    They deserved all they got.

    Yet already we are hearing that $AU70 million is ‘NOT ENOUGH?? 

    The only good news in this NZ article is that when Manus closes down, the undesirables corralled there will either be forced to settle in Papua New Guinea…

    ….or those not given refugee status through PNG’s highly criticised immigration system could be forced back to the countries they fled.

    Manus detainee says $70 million settlement not enough

    But now MORE alien snouts are taking aim at the gravy train.

    Lawyers right here in Jakarta are contemplating separate court actions to gouge more money from Oz tax-payers’ pockets.  Indonesian lawyers note Manus case payout

    We must wait and see how that develops.

    But in all honesty, there’s absolutely no reason why Australia should have paid a penny to those migrant mongrels.

    We don’t ever expect backbone from Malcolm Turnsteer but we did think his Immigration Minister was no appeasement monkey.

    Yet Peter Dutton said this week the government refuted the allegations in the Manus Island class action and the settlement was not an admission of liability.  https://au.news.yahoo.com/world/a/36019223/indonesian-lawyers-note-manus-case-payout/

    If that’s the case, he should have stood his ground, loaded the crimmigrants aboard a handy container vessel, then shipped them off.

    Where to?

    Who gives a sh-t?

    Somalia has a long coastline, and no coastguard to speak of.

    I’m sure they’d enjoy a warm welcome from Al- Shabaab.

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