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  • ross1948 15:11 on November 8, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Lee Anderson MP Usually Talks Sense! 

    The blame lies in this place right now. When are we going to go back and do the right thing and send them straight back the same day?”



    “The blame lies in this place right now. When are we going to go back and do the right thing and send them straight back the same day?


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    Albanian Illegals – Don’t Spruce, Just Flog! 

    UK will give Albania millions to spruce up state and stop migrants wanting to leave..

    More money down the drain, this splurging of money from the public purse not only morally wrong but wrong-headed…

    …because undesirable aliens prepared to gate-crash borders will NOT be bought off – why would they?

    Quite a few of the countries whence illegal aliens ooze towards the UK tax-trough…



    …are getting millions in UK aid. That hasn’t stopped fake-‘refugee’ gate-crashers galore.

    Better by far to flog any Albanian crimmigrant caught in the act.

    Every day until deportation flight is ready and the scum are put on board.

    At the very least, a bread and water diet, no bed, just a dheet on a stone floor…




    ..and CERTAINLY no cushy comforts, no mobiles, no wifi, no tv, no nonsense.

    Make their lives such a living hell they’ll beg for deportation.



    But then to do anything near as sensible, Brits would need a British government that’s on the side of British people…



    …not a chorus line of muppets who dance to rhe ECHR tune.

    Taxpayers’ money will be spent on Balkan country’s infrastructure schemes in effort to discourage young from quitting and crossing Channel.. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/10/28/uk-will-give-albania-millions-spruce-state-stop-migrants-wanting/

    Yes, ‘infrastructure!’

    Just give ’em some new pavements, bridges, civic centres, oh, and public parks…



    ..where they can lounge about plotting their predatory incursion.

    On reflection, mustn’t be discriminatory –

    – treat ALL illegals as above.


    • Vanessa R 18:57 on October 29, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      No chance the Tories will do anything useful to stop these daily invasions.
      Just look at how many top Tories are rounding on Suella Braverman, the only voice that seems to speak for Britain.


  • ross1948 16:05 on September 15, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    ECHR, Enemy To Us All! 


    Sauron Rules, Abetted By Strasbourg Legalice! 

    ……who have once more shown their true colours.


    Honest MP Told – “Don’t Ever MentionCultural Marxism Again!” 

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    Truss CANNOT Be Trusted! 


    Liz Truss’s government has shelved plans for a law designed to give ministers the power to ignore human rights rulings from the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).


    Well, that was quick!

    Admittedly, our quote from Suella…

    “Leaving ECHR The Only Solution…”

    …was from a little while ago, but it had seemed as if, during the contest just ended, Truss was talking some sense!

    During the Tory leadership campaign, Liz Truss promised to strengthen the Bill of Rights to provide a “sound legal basis” to tackle illegal migration.

    But that, of course, was before Truss got the votes that she needed.


    …on Wednesday, Downing Street declined to guarantee that a new Bill of Rights will be introduced during the current Parliament. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-62818286.amp

    Off to a wriggling worm start, U-turning as contemptibly as her Jellyfish predecessor.….

    …I can only say what I said as far back as January, after noting that…

    Liz Truss’s department revealed as LGBT+ group’s largest donor, funding more than half the amount throughout 2020-21

    • The funding revelations come despite the charity’s value for money being called into question by Liz Truss, who urged departments to quit its diversity training programme
    •  Stonewall has received £1.25 million in taxpayer-funded grants in the past 18 months, with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office as its largest donor…. 
    • 0000
    • As Maggie famously said…
    • .

  • ross1948 16:36 on September 7, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    “Leaving ECHR The Only Solution…” 

    Leaving the ECHR is the only solution which solves the problem, and is entirely consistent with international law.” 




    That’s what Suella said, not that long ago, and we can only hope her wise words will withstand the multiple pro-crimmigrant elements…



    …both within her own party, and from the opposition parties, among which we must include ‘NGO’ and so-called ‘charities’ like…


    But let’s try positive thinking, based on her famous and very courageous public denunciation of the Enemy Within…




    …which she identified for what it is.

    She was viciously attacked for telling the truth back then..


    Honest MP Told – “Don’t Ever MentionCultural Marxism Again!” 

    ..so, as she takes over from Priti Useless as Home Secretary, fingers crossed she will crack down on undesirable aliens.  both the fake-‘refugees’ invading Britain…

    Importing Illegals – Priti Useless Splurges! 

    Told You So! Bojo Won’t Free UK From ECHR


    Sauron Rules, Abetted By Strasbourg Legalice! 


    …and the Sorosoid scum on the ECHR.

    • Mack The Knife 18:10 on September 7, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Suella does seem to be a good one.
      If she does try to do the right thing, the pack will tear her down.
      Truss won’t help her.


  • ross1948 22:20 on August 20, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Bojo’s Bogus Brexit Exposed! 

    The Tories have opened the gates for illegal immigrants. We need a Brexit 2.0 to fix it..



    Good to see people in media larger than our resistance blogs facing up to the reality that Jellyfish Johnson’s Big Lie..



    Take Back Control!”

     ‘die in a ditch

     ‘no border down the Irish Sea….’


    …was never more than another example of his rhetorical flatulence…

    ..as his treacherous abandonment of Ulster, allowing the robed ECJ rogues….


    …an indefensible role in the governance .of that part of HM’s realm.

    But while the intrusive meddling Ulster suffers at the hands of the ECJ is outrageous, the menace from the other EuroCourt extends to every inch of the realm…

    Told You So! Bojo Won’t Free UK From ECHR



    So I welcome this new call to arms!

    Whatever idiotic scheme is announced next, Britain will never get a grip on this situation unless we disentangle our nation from the ECHR https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/08/16/to

  • ross1948 14:15 on July 24, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Suddenly, Top Tories Notice Alien Tsunami? 

    Truss told the Mail on Sunday she would extend the Rwanda scheme and increase Border Force staff levels from 9,000 to 10,800.


    So who in Jellyfish Johnson’s government was resisting these ‘toughening up’ options?

    Or did she not mention them?

    Or even think of them…



    ..until she all at once perceived a need to connect with the grass-roots?

    But we know the ‘Border Force’ has long since…

    …revealed themselves as a crimmigrant cab service…

    And lo – Truss’s Damascine Revelation continues, with a pledge to…

    … bring forward a strengthened UK bill of rights to provide a “sound legal basis” to tackle illegal migration…

    …which, she knows as well as you and I know, will founder on the supranational ECHR reef.



    …UNLESS she extracts the UK from its baneful control.

    No such key commitment has been heard from Truss.

    Nor from Sunak, whose…

    …main pledge on asylum is to give parliament control over who comes to the UK by creating an annual quota on the number of refugees accepted each year with the exception of sudden emergencies.

    Whatever he defines as ’emergencies,’ of course, but skip that, because his peroration is stunningly stirring!

    “Right now the system is chaotic, with law-abiding citizens seeing boats full of illegal immigrants coming from the safe country of France with our sailors and coastguards seemingly powerless to stop them.


    Sounds exactly like what millions of patriots have been saying for years.

    “It must stop and if I am prime minister I will stop it.”

    Unlike Mr. Sunak, however, none of tjose millions had a seat at the top table while Jellyfish and Priti Useless knuckled under…

    Told You So! Bojo Won’t Free UK From ECHR. 

    Take Back Control?


    …to the Strasbourg Slugs!


  • ross1948 15:30 on June 23, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Told You So! Bojo Won’t Free UK From ECHR. 

    Take Back Control?



    Wasn’t that the promise dangled by Jellyfish Johnson about Brexit, which he promptly broke by leaving Ulster subject to ECJ diktat.

    But it’s not just the ECJ which menaces British rights.



    Millions of Brits, affronted by the Strasbourg Sorosoids’ slap-down of UK plans to kick out crimmigrants, and incensed by Jellyfish’s instant submission to that ECHR…

    ….are now being told by Tories that remedial legislation is OTW.

    Raab’s Rhetoric Fails Legal Litmus Test! 

    MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 05: Dominic Raab, Deputy Prime Minister, Lord Chancellor, and Secretary of State for Justice delivers his keynote speech during the Conservative Party Conference at Manchester Central Convention Complex on October 05, 2021 in Manchester, England. This year's Conservative Party Conference returns as a hybrid of in-person and online events after last year it was changed to a virtual event due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Boris Johnson addresses the party as its leader for the third time. (Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)



    We told you the truth.

    Read What Raab Said – Don’t Be Fooled! 

    And now Cambridge Professor Mark Elliott has endorsed our argument.


    Jun 22, 2022

    Replying to @ProfMarkElliott

    The key point is that *nothing* in the Bill of Rights changes the position in international law. The UK’s binding treaty obligations as a State Party to the ECHR will remain *exactly the same* https://www.theguardian.com/politics/live/2022/jun/22/boris-johnson-pmqs-keir-starmer-politics-latest-updates

    Get UK OUT of ECHR!

    • Edward Lamont 02:07 on June 24, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Nobody trusts Tories but there isn’t any practical alternative yet.
      Farage should take that Reform UK party and liven it up


  • ross1948 22:00 on June 16, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Sky News Again Champions Crimmigrant Scum 

    Sky News must be one of the most nauseating UK media, judging from their collaboration…

    Sky News, Pro-Crimmigrant Propaganda Agency! 

    ….with undesirable aliens like ‘Zahir,’ an illegal whose bona fides are so beyond dispute…


    Since Sky News professionalism is such that we only get a fake name for the alien faker, here’s a fake picture to match.


    ….that the hacks felt it essential to alter his name when presenting their audience with his calumnies against the men whose duty it was to get him aboard the departure which Jellyfish Johnson ultimately cancelled…



    …in his latest ‘Conservative’ kow-tow to the Sorosoid ECHR.

    I’m not sure whom the Sky slugs are trying to impress by regaling us with the slug’s pantomime yarn, how the unidentified undesirable was ‘hit, kicked and pushed’ before boarding, or rather non-boarding.


    While many readers may think the whining swine would be none the worse for a spot of hitting, kicking and/or pushing…

    …the private company in charge of preparations asserts their staff did nothing out of line, that “restraint is only used as a last resort” to ensure the safety of those travelling and its staff members.

    This includes the prevention of injury or self-harm. Our focus is on treating the people in our care with dignity and respect, and we are confident that our officers have acted professionally,” https://news.sky.com/story/rwanda-deportations-asylum-seeker-claims-he-was-hit-kicked-and-pushed-before-deportation-flight-12634525

    Why gate-crashing free-loaders deserve either ‘dignity’ or ‘respect’ is beyond me. The Sky News crew may think people fleeing the safe shores of France deserve sympathy….


    …fact is, they’re mere parasites who reckon Johnson’s Britain is a soft touch. In that belief, sadly  the crimmigrants are correct..

  • ross1948 16:30 on June 16, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Can’t Count On ANY Tory MP! 

    Well, we were all set to cheer Jonathan Gullis, Tory MP for Stoke-on-Trent North, Kidsgrove and Talke, after he sensibly said ‘the UK needed to withdraw from the European convention on human rights...

    Official portrait of Jonathan Gullis MP crop 2.jpg

    Jonathan Gullis MP

    It is clear that the ECHR prevented the flight from departing, after efforts in U.K. courts were exhausted. The ECHR has no place in the U.K. judicial system.The government needs to free itself from it entirely!”

    Hold that cheer!

    Within barely an hour, somebody up there in Jellyfish Johnson’s Fairy Circle….

    …had gotten to him, and…

    …he amended the post, removing the final sentence saying the UK should withdraw from the ECHR and instead replacing it with: “The ECHR’s role in U.K. law needs looking at urgently!”

    Wow, true grit, huh?

    Turns out that ‘Gullis’s decision to drop his call for withdrawal from the ECHR is linked to the fact that the commitment to the ECHR is embedded in the Good Friday agreement, which the government is committed to supporting…’

    And we learn how the pressure might have been applied.

    . Gullis is parliamentary private secretary to Brandon Lewis, the Northern Ireland secretary.


    God forbid that Gullis risk dismissal from power and glory by sticking to his guns on an issue of principle…like UK sovereignty.

    The saddest part of writing this, for me, is that up until today, I’d have said Gullis is exactly the kind of Tory we could hope might turn the party round.

    He’s a member of the European Research Group, has identified BLM as what it is, and talked sense on wokery of all sorts.


    Yet now he eats his words on the Sorosoid court? A little jellyfish taking his cue from a big fat one?

    And it all boils down to the UK political establishment’s obessive obeisance to…


    B.Liar’s Dirty Deal With Blood-Beast Adams!


    In the same Guardian report  we read a bizarre outburst from another Tory MP, a man whose education and profession ought to have precluded such vapourings.

    Sir Robert Buckland, the former justice secretary, has “said it would be a mistake for the Conservative party to abandon its commitment to the European convention on human rights”

    He’s entitled to his opinion – despite the many evils attributable to that convention.



    But then he justified this opinion by saying it was British Conservative lawyers who helped draft it.

    Buckland is correct, but he MUST know that the draft, and the treaty it became…

    Sauron Rules, Abetted By Strasbourg Legalice! 

    …and the court which ‘interprets’ its ‘rights,’ have been utterly perverted, that court hi-jacked and its purposes perverted by rogue judges.

    …In most countries that ratified the deal, governments had both capital and corporal punishment in use – British conservatives and all other leaders would have been hypocrites to seal a deal which outlawed both!

    Of course it did not!

    The LLegalicejust stopped reading what laws said –  they just read their own prejudices into the laws….


    …as we explained very clearly a few months ago.


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