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    Is Sweden Clinically Insane? 

    I mean to say, where else would a migration agency load 1,260 unwanted aliens aboard a cruise ship ( no container vessels available?) and then fail to sail them back where they belong?

    But – browsing through the Swedish edition of The Local after a fine morning spent with ice-cream and one of my most favourite people – who to my dismay didn’t appreciate my stuffing! My Home-Cooked Xmas Dinner – New Career In Catering? –  my mind is further boggling at the sheer scope of nationwide derangement in a country which was once one of Europe’s most sturdy and influential kingdoms.


    Tyre firm dumps raunchy adverts and boosts sales


    Tyre firm dumps raunchy adverts and boosts sales

    I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything because it had been advertised in a ‘raunchy’ way. In any case, tyres are not something I’d ever purchase in Jakarta – as a sensible resident, no car or driving for me, just good old pubic transport, cheap and no slower, really, than a personal automobile.

    But sexy girls in promotional media are always pleasing to see. As I’ve noted in my description of the Jakarta Fair more than once, those SPGs are an annual delight!

    Jakarta Fair – SPGs Alone Make PRJ Worth The Trip! 

    Oddly, the Swedish illustration in The Local is scarcely ‘raunchy’ at all, just a pretty gal lolling appealingly beside a tyre.

    Or maybe the ghoul apparently grabbing her ( one of the ‘asylum’ rapists they’ve been cosseting, maybe?) is perceived by some pervert pinkos as ‘raunchy!’ 


    Tyre firm dumps raunchy adverts and boosts sales


    However, it looks like carping lefty kill-joys are in the driving seat, mirroring some of the more bizarre aspects of life here in Indonesia. 




    Sweden used to have a grand reputation as a teeming pool of yummy girls, but nowadays it’s becoming famous for a disturbingly censorious obession with sex, even down to the names of its streets!

     Sweden slammed for ‘sexist’ street signs

    But that’s not the only sign of oddity now spreading across Sweden.

    A shopping centre in one of Sweden’s most ethnically diverse neighbourhoods has come under fire after it published a Christmas advert featuring almost exclusively blonde, blue-eyed Swedes. Is this ad for diverse Swedish mall too white?

    • Pity the poor Kista Gallerian mall  – it brazenly published a sentimental Christmas ad to get shoppers in the mood, it went to some lengths to show people of all ages and both sexes conspicuously consuming. 

      The film, called Såå Mycket Jul (‘So Much Christmas), showed an old man getting cream on his nose from his hot chocolate, adorable blond children running between fellow shoppers’ legs, a middle aged man dropping his Christmas gingerbread and young lovers embracing.

    • Young lovers? Ooops! Sex again!

    • But it sounds like a lovely ad, which, however (it’s in the form of a short film) has been taken down from Facebook because the people depicted all look like Swedes.
    • —————————-
    • Turns out Kista is the area of Stockholm with the highest ethnic minority population: 80 percent of people who live there are foreign born or have two foreign-born parents.
    • So?
    • If they’re foreign-born, they are technically Swedes, perhaps, but they’re in Sweden, chose, presumably, to move there, and should not be whining because Swedish ads portray Swedish people.
    • ——————-
    • A lot of money wasted there, and good, because the gutless creeps who produced the film have apologised, saying how much they delight in ‘diversity!’ 
    • They deserve to go broke!
    • multicult3


    And still the multicult regime is busily importing more, though they must be aware that..One In Eight Syrian ‘Refugees’ Are ISIS Rape-Gang Fans! 

    • Inside another generation, it will hardly be Sweden at all, and the film will have only historical interest, sadly.
    • If you want to check it out, I under stand it can still be found on YouTube a
    • Trent 05:25 on January 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Sweden is getting more insane by the week. I’m sending you some news jusr read that proves it.


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    PRJ, SPG, Plus Indiana Whiskey – Jakarta ‘Stoner’ Gems! 



    I’ve liked the Stones for years and years, took my offspring to see them in London about a quarter of a century ago, so would be truly happy if they included Indonesia in their next World Tour.

    However, that is a possible event, not at all guaranteed.




    So yesterday, as always, every year, I undertook the long trek to the Jakarta Fair – to see the ‘Tribut Rolling Stones!’ 

    As it says in the Good Book, ‘blessed are they that expecteth nothing, for they shall not be disappointed.’

    Actually, it doesn’t say that, but there is more than a grain of truth there, especially in Jakarta!

    Not knowing how good or bad the tribute might be, I settled down at the Panggung Gambir, in the oldest part of the PRJ complex, and at 8pm the show began.  


    SAM_9135 SPGs!.


    I should mention I was footsore by that time, having wandered round and round, admiring the Sales Promotion Girls, of whom the above are splendid examples.

    But to the music.

    It wasn’t bad at all. And all the other fans in the audience agreed. Apparently there are many here who appreciate the Stones – these afficionados call themselves ‘Stoners.’ 

    There were four bands, of varying qualities, so I will only name the best.

    Indiana Whiskey, whose singer, pictured on-stage further up the page, has perfected his imitation of Sir Mick Jagger’s stance, gestures and gyrations.

    His colleagues complement his performance ably.

    And that band did more of my fave Stones’ hits than any of the others. ‘Brown Sugar,’ ‘Satisfaction…’



    ….and the song I love best, ‘Ruby Tuesday. ‘

    I doubt any of them read my writings, but I will make one modest suggestion for improvement. 

    Get the words right!

    Instead of finishing RT with its third verse, said singer simply repeated the second.

    But that’s okay.

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    No Naked Girls? “Ticket Sales Will Be Affected!” 

    More bad news from Red China, where Tribunnews.com reports that an official with the Promotion Council for the Shanghai International Auto Showbranch will prohibit scantily clad models from the Shanghai Auto Show in April.

    This dingbat has apparently vowed to put the focus back on the car, not on models or super sexy SPGs.http://jabar.tribunnews.com/2015/01/10/model-seksi-berpakaian-minim-dilarang-di-pameran-mobil


    For pity’s sakes!

    Who the heck goes to a car show to look at cars?

    SPGs ( sales promotion girls) are the best possible reason to attend almost any expo venue, in Shanghai or right here in Jakarta, as we have noted before!

    Here are a few examples of lovelies to be found at Jakarta events.



    Jakarta Expos – iFMAC, Sofa Parts, Beauties and Similar Delights 




    Jakarta Fair – SPGs Alone Make PRJ Worth The Trip! 

    The kill-joy’s name is Yang Xueliang, wno runs P.R. for Geely Automobiles and the priggish plan is designed to create a more civilized event for exhibitors and visitors.” 
    Officials say the organizers of the car industry is under pressure from the authorities to deter the public from sex-related interest. 

    Those authorities sound as miserable as some of the Islamist authorities here in Indonesia.  An example from the Padang area –


    Sexy Dancers Detained, Islamist Hoodlums Not – More Double Standards! 

    Funny how marxist and sectarian nitwits have so much in common!

    Tribun claims that in recent years some organizers even had models in bare-naked poses with their vehicles to attract visitors.


    At this point, I should emphasise that Jakarta SPGs are not like that, in my experience. One of my most enjoyable classes when I was teaching English here was a trio of SPGs, sweet lasses who would never have dreamed of anything like that sort of naughtiness.

    But China is different, so this report would have us believe.

    Alhough only the regime -the people are evidently perfectly normal, according to Wei Xin, general manager of Shanghai Zhanxin Exhibition Service, who sorrowfully observes that ticket sales will inevitably be affected if the models are banned!

    I’ll bet!

    Please follow this story. If it comes to pass as planned by the bores, then you won’t need the following info!

    Shanghai and Beijing take turns to host the event every year. The event this year, from April 20 to April 29, will be held at the National Exhibition and Conference Centre in Hongqiao.

    • JazPen 10:24 on January 21, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks Ross. Another cheery morning wake-up call.
      You are on form.


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