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    Fund The Fight Against SPLC! 

    Now here’s a good cause to help, if you have some cash to spare.

    We have often referred to the disreputable far-left fanatics of the SPLC.





    One of their victim groups, a small patriotic organisation called the Dustin Inman Society, is taking the rabids to court.

    UK Pravda Legitimises Far-Left, Again! 


    We’ve mentioned this case before, but want to keep you up to date and….

    SPLC – A Hate Group Extraordinaire 

    ….urge people to donate, because justice ain’t cheap!

    The society is seeking $25,000 in donations to fund its legal effort against the SPLC. Supporters can contribute on GoFundMe.


    The entire Daily Signal article is VERY worth reading, especially this part, about how, in this case..

    “…..the SPLC similarly argues that its “hate group” accusation is “non-actionable opinion under the First Amendment.” The center claims that it does not “matter whether SPLC keeps track of and publicizes how many organizations it has designated as hate groups. This does not somehow mean that any of the individual hate group designations themselves are factual.”

    This represents the height of duplicity: out of one side of its mouth, the SPLC urges Big Tech and the government to block funding and visibility for “hate groups,” while out of the other side of its mouth, it defends this “hate group” defamation by dismissing it as mere opinion and not factual when challenged in court


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    Well, as the outcome of the specific case of ‘domestic terrorism’ is ‘sub judice,’ it must of course be outwith our competence to comment…


    ..but as far as the ‘staff attorney at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) arrested Sunday on “domestic terrorism” charges, with police saying he took part in a violent riot where agitators threw rocks, Molotov cocktails, and fireworks at police at a training center near Atlanta, is concerned, we may question his wisdom in working for such malevolents…

    UK Pravda Legitimises Far-Left, Again! 

    …. to whose apparatchiks rhe left-run BBC so often turns to when fellow-travelling ‘experts’ are required..

    Q-Anon – BBC Brings On SPLC Hate-Group!

    SPLC – A Hate Group Extraordinaire 

    …and remind readers of SPLC’s  record as a ‘disgraced leftist organization notorious for branding mainstream conservative and Christian nonprofits as “hate groups.”  READ

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    Exposed, The USA FedStapo Back Off! 

    The very idea that the FBI, or any federal or state authorites, might cite the ranting of the disreputable SPLC hate-group…



    …as an excuse to hound patriots who hold fast to Christian values….



    ….well, what’s to be said?


    No need for me to comment, just have a look at this.


    The FBI on Thursday rescinded a report on “radical-traditionalist Catholic ideology” one day after an FBI whistleblower published the document.

    Former FBI agents condemned the document for citing the Southern Poverty Law Center, a disgraced left-wing group that has branded mainstream conservative and Christian organizations as “hate groups” and placed them on a map with Ku Klux Klan chapters

    for more… READ

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    UK Pravda Legitimises Far-Left, Again! 

    UK Pravda is up to its dirty old tricks, again…

    Q-Anon – BBC Brings On SPLC Hate-Group!

    …embedding the notorious far-left SPLC…



    ….in a report on the groups targetted by Pelosi’s Jan 6th witch-hunt.

    Megan Squire, deputy director of data analytics at the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project, says that fractious relations are common among extremist groups.


    Megan Squire
    Megan Squire

    These groups devolve into infighting, mismanagement and bickering more than they stay together,” she says https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-64071724.amp

    …without explaining the hate-group’s record…

    SPLC – A Hate Group Extraordinaire 

    …of smearing honest patriotic citizens.



    …nor indeed what kind of rabid extremist Squire herself turns out to be….


    Antifa, the global Red Nazi movement


    …aligned with the Red Nazis,  who declines to disown left hoodlumism.


    Though she doesn’t consider herself to be part of the Antifa movement, they have been said to be among her “strongest allies” and she is “unwilling” to condemn the use of political violence.[2


    SPLC is in the business of smearing honest patriotic citizens.

    Whether or not some rightwing groups are ‘fractious’ is beside the point.

    The BBC should be seeking legitimate sources for objective comment….



    .not be quoting an ultra-left militant known to hold a senior position with a nasty hateful outfit….

    Far-Left Hate Group Aspires To Language-Police Role! 

    Exposing The SPLC Hate-Gang! 

    Big Biz Banksters Funding Hate Group – Tell ‘Em Off! 

    100 Rabbis: The SPLC Makes Life More Dangerous for Jews by Covering for Radical Islam

    ….which SPLC undoubtedly is.


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 00:23 on January 4, 2023 Permalink | Reply

      Most Americans know very well how the SPLC smears all kinds of people who hold conservative or just plain patriotic opinions.
      They even target those who think illegals should be deported.

      However, most British people probably have no idea that SPLC is so extreme left.
      So the BBC think they can get away with this kind if report, pretending SPLC is a respectable organization competent to give reliable non-biased information.


    • Lorne Marzuo 01:36 on January 4, 2023 Permalink | Reply

      Bad, bad, bad, SPLC, and so too the media that use them. CNN, NYT


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    PayPal Further Exposed As Enemy Of Decency – Boycott! 

    Thanks to C4M, a bit more about the fanatic left record of PayPal, adding to our argument that their tactical retreat….

    PayPal Wolverines Back Off – But Remain Rabid! 

    ….is only that, and they should be subjected to a total and permanent boycott.

    PayPal is well known for taking sides on marriage and transgenderism, with critics of transgender ideology among those summarily demonetised by the company, and the company having donated $50,000 to the campaign for same-sex marriage in Australia.

    PayPal has teamed up with censorious American outfits like the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center, which routinely call for the closing down of viewpoints expressing support for real marriage or opposing transgender ideology, smearing them as ‘extremist’ and ‘hateful’.

    Those two Enemy Within groups have featured here often enough…

    Chicago Witch-Hunt – ADL Schmucks Smear Jews

    SPLC – A Hate Group Extraordinaire 

    …and it’s time that good citizens helped make known that ‘southern poverty’ is not a big concern for the SPLC, whilst the ADL is more into defamation than ‘anti-defamation.


    As always when I use C4M as a source, I append their appeal for funds to help their good work.

    …you can do so using the button below.

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    Tags: crimmigrant illegals, , SPLC hate-group   

    SPLC – A Hate Group Extraordinaire 

    SPLC has a lot to answer for…

    .For USA Readers – Block Back-Stab Biden’s SPLC Far-Leftist! 

    …though the sleazy media rat-pack more so, for treating their bleating as gospel…

    …when it’s not.

    But this is encouraging news.

    A decade ago the Southern Poverty Law Center called him a “nativist”, but admitted the Dustin Inman Society wasn’t a hate group..

     “Because he is fighting, working on his legislation through the political process, that is not something we can quibble with, whether we like the law or not,” Heidi Beirich, the woman behind the SPLC’s infamous hate labeling, conceded.

    Now, the SPLC lists the Dustin Inman Society and D.A. King as an “anti-immigrant hate group” because he favors enforcing the nation’s laws. King responded by suing the SPLC.



    So the good guy is fighting back!


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    Has Biden Totally Lost It? Stop This SPLC Judicial Nomination! 



    Hard to believe that even The Dotard

    …would propose to put ANYONE connected to the SPLC hate group, which we have mentioned more than once….

    Big Biz Banksters Funding Hate Group – Tell ‘Em Off!  

    …for a job as a senior judge.

    Yet that’s what the demented old fool has been persuaded to do..

    I append a little bit of what AFA says..

    ….and urge good people in the USA to heed their alert.


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    Tags: honest publisher, , Skyhorse, SPLC hate-group, Tony Lyons, Tony Lyons publisher   

    Unlike Picador’s Pukes, This Guy’s A Real Publisher! 

    We spotlighted the lame-brain woko-censorshop cabal at Picador last month…

    …uptight mush-noggins…absurdly described as a team of experts…assembled by Picador to “detect and reform” the “problematic racism and ableism” in her work.

    … when we looked at Kate Clanchy’s surrender to PC whiners….

    Catching Up With Cop-Out Clanchy!

    ..so this month it’s pleasing to read about a man who understands what real publishing is all about.

    Cancel culture’s biggest foe: the man publishing books the mainstream won’t touch

    Tony Lyons has published books for and against Trump; books by pro- and anti-vaccine experts; even a Woody Allen memoir.

    What next?


    I don’t know!

    Skyhorse Publishing
    Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. - Logo.jpg
    Official website http://www.skyhorsepublishing.com


    But I think his open-minded approach will see his business thrive!

    And if the notorious hate-group, the SPLC, have snarled at him….

    . …he deserves a bit of sympathetic coverage.

  • ross1948 06:00 on January 18, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Biden court nominee, , SPLC hate-group, U.S. Senate   

    For USA Readers – Block Back-Stab Biden’s SPLC Far-Leftist! 

    There can be few more malevolent outfits in the USA than the SPLC.

    Anyone connected to the far-left smear machine should be regarded as anathema.

    READ on, please.

    Please forward this to your family and friends.

    President Joe Biden has nominated Nancy Abudu, a radical, political activist employed by the Southern Poverty Law Center, to serve on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Abudu currently serves as the strategic litigation director for SPLC.

    Take action now: Contact your senators and tell them to oppose the nomination of Nancy Abudu.

    The SPLC is the well from which the American left draws to ‘prove’ that groups or people they disagree with politically are hateful.

    The people who write checks to the SPLC are the same people who believe that conservative Christians are what is wrong with America today.

    Using distortion and quotes out of context, the SPLC loves to scare Hollywood and other liberals into thinking that KKK-style hatred is on the rise again, and the SPLC must keep this from happening.

    Evidently, the fear-mongering works: the SPLC, a 501(c)3 ‘non-profit,’ has raised over $500 million, much of it sitting in offshore bank accounts.

    Abudu’s previous legal advocacy for SPLC strongly indicates she will exercise unconstitutional and liberal ideology on the federal bench.

    The result could be the destruction of religious liberty and the rights of Christians across the country. Abudu’s work for such a radical organization shows how unsuitable she is for the federal bench.

    The Senate must stop her nomination. Contact your senators and tell them to oppose the nomination of Nancy Abudu.

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    Good Morning, America – Here’s A Petition Protesting Against NBC! 

    NBC is maybe not as bad as CNN or BBC, but it’s bad enough.


    Anyone who collabs with the SPLC hate gang is beneath decent people’s contempt.

    Here’s a petition for Americans to sign, if they wish.

    PETITION: Demand NBC News stop smearing pro-family groups | LifePetitions

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