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  • ross1948 19:19 on March 7, 2023 Permalink | Reply
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    Spare A Thought For Janae! 

    Spare a thought for Janae Edmonson, aged 17, fighting for her life.

    She’s a keen volleyball player, in hospital now after being struck by a vehicle driven by a criminal, who would have been behind bars…


    …were it not for that appalling woman….

    The Most Racist Woman In North America? 

    ….we discussed last year, a far-leftist, whose campaign was partially funded by the infamous plutocrat George Soros..

    Remember That ‘Most Racist Woman?’ Sauron’s Funding Her! 

    St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner Press Conference

    BLM Terror Victims Get Scolded For Their Courage! 

     Now, officials in Missouri are working to remove George Soros-backed Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner because of her failure to put the criminal behind bars.  READ

  • ross1948 20:33 on July 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Tomorrow Is The Twelfth, But This Is For Catholics! 

    Whilst I look forward to the annual display of loyalty to Queen and Country on the 12th of July, it would be a very imprudent patriot in any country who allowed religious rivalries to hinder the common cause…



    …which has to be the defence of the Western heritage against BLM’s cultural marxist barbarism.

    So here’s a petition for Catholic patriots, in the USA primarily, but I suppose any Catholics can sign up, who were as appalled as I was by the brutal attack on the decent citizens…

    BLM Hate! Christians Attacked By Terror Thugs! 

    …who were peacefully guarding that statue of St. Louis in the Missouri city named for him.

    The petition below urges the Catholic bishops in America to take a stand.

    Read it, please, and sign if you agree.


    • Lorraine Struan 20:54 on July 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Quite right!
      One thing all Christians agree on is that All Lives Matter, so unity against the BLM racists who deride that fundamental Christian truth are our enemies.

      I do understand perfectly why Protestants in Northern Ireland tend to identify Catholics as their enemies, but that is a historical thing, the anti-British minority there being mostly, but not all, Catholic.
      However, English Catholics like the Duke of Norfolk, the country’s senior peer, have a long tradition of loyalty.
      We are on the same side against the BLM mob, who hate everything about our national identity and heritage.
      In America, there are very many Catholic patriots like those in the video you show us.
      They should have our support and we theirs.


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    BLM Terror Victims Get Scolded For Their Courage! 

    Imagine if an innocent British couple found themselves menaced by a red rat-pack and did what was necessary to defend themselves, as these brave Americans did?

    Personal injury attorneys Mark and Patricia McCloskey emerge Sunday evening from their Portland Place house pointing guns at protesters who were on their way to protest in front of St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson's house.| 6/28/20

    Mark and Patricia McCloskey

    We were told that we would be killed, our home burned, and our dog killed.”


    Three cheers for the American husband and wife who took up arms to defend life and limb – and dog!

     “We were all alone facing an angry mob.”

     – when a vile BLM rabble ‘of at least 100 [protesters] smashed through the historic wrought-iron gates of Portland Place…

    ….destroying them!’


    And loud expressions of revulsion, please, not just for the street-scum but for the St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner…


    Kimberly Gardner is a registered nurse, state representative and former St. Louis prosecutor. - PHOTO BY DANNY WICENTOWSKI


    ….a Democrat of course, who referred to the marauding leftist louts as ‘peaceful protestors.’




    Since when can a hoodlum horde engaged in wanton vandalism be defined as ‘peaceful?’

    These honest citizens were having a meal in their own yard when the scum showed up, but rather than cower, they got their guns and stood up to the vermin.

    And for that, they were scolded by that arrogant woman for exercising their legitimate right to stand on guard against people who, by EVERY report, had NO right even to be on that private road!

    Lucky Americans, who have a right to bear arms!

    The more good people who take an armed stand, and better still take out any marxist mobsters who constitute a clear and present danger…



    …the better!

    As for the UK, we need no rhetorical questions.

    Any honest Brits who come face-to-face with trespass by BLM savages would have no chance if they sought to safeguard their lives or their homes with even a humble shot-gun!

    They would be collared by PC cops, who are either scared stiff of far-left senior officers or, as we have seen by grovel-policing in London, Bristol and Milton Keynes, already subservient to the evil BLM agenda.

    What do you think?


  • ross1948 09:28 on June 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    BLM Hate! Christians Attacked By Terror Thugs! 

    After yesterday’s report on the lone lady driver menaced by BLM savages…

    BLM Bitches, Male And Female, Menace Lone Woman

    …there’s a lot more the rest of the world needs to know about the reality of this evil marxist movement in the USA.

    From Twitter.

    What was it Twitter’s Dorsey said about ‘hate speech?’


    This is how racists should be treated.
    I’m not even gonna worry about blurring dude’s face cuz it’s already everywhere. He’s my hero.

    Embedded video

    This filthy savage should be hunted down!

    The Christians had assembled to explain and defend a statue of St. Louis, for whom their city was named.

    Read the story here.
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