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  • ross1948 15:30 on April 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Will BLM Lesbian Griner Stage An Anti-Flag Rant Behind Bars? 

    Remember that revolting leftist lesbian Griner?

    Brittney Griner’s mugshot has been released.
    Brittney Griner’s mugshot

    As far as Brittney Griner, the Phoenix Mercury center and 2019 WNBA MVP runner-up, is concerned, there’s no valid reason for playing the national anthem before sports events and she plans to take a stand by continuing to remain in the locker room while it is played.



    That was in 2020, and the Un-American has never, so far as I know, apologised.

    Many Americans may well agree with me that the louse should have been banned, fired by her club or association or whatever it’s called….

    …and relegated to the pariah status that her sort so richly deserve.

    But now she’s in a different sort of locker-room, in trouble of another kind, locked up in Russia –


    – on drugs charges.


    One really does feel compelled to ask if the disloyal vixen has been getting advice or help from United States consular sources.


    And if so, has she made removal of the Stars and Stripes from their Moscow outpost a pre-condition of accepting such assistance?

    • Jim Ex Jakarta 15:43 on April 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      The news says she can get years if she is found guilty.
      If that happens, I will have to buy boxes and boxes of kleenex to dry my tears.
      She can sing the National Anthem to pass the time or learn the words if she doesnt know them.


    • Vinnie F 16:10 on April 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      No-good woman, leave her to rot in Russia.


    • Barb Cassain 22:07 on April 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Throw away the key.


  • ross1948 01:36 on July 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Petition – Hey, Woke-Scum, Hands Off The Flag! 

    We know that woke-scum everywhere hate their country’s flag.

    We saw that with the Pimlico vermin-brats in London…


    The flying of the union jack was an area of contention for pupils

    Pimlico Brats AND Teachers Need Caning! 

    ….and now we learn from the excellent Candace in the USA that the same sort of maggots in her country are gnawing at the fabric of the Stars and Stripes.


    Horrified American readers may wish to support her petition. 

  • ross1948 10:30 on July 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Fouling the Flag – A Dirty, Deranged, ‘American’ Ass-Wipe! 

    If you have a cat or dog, you’ll know it has traditionally been a training practice to rub their noses in it, if they take a dump in the wrong place.


    • lesbian traitor
    • This might usefully be extended to handle revolting scum like this lesbian, whose inability to find a man  –  “‘Straight pride’ is like ‘white pride’. Proud of privilege and the forced trivialization of issues surrounding the #LGBTQ community.”   – has clearly turned ‘her’ mind so badly that she has taken to using the Stars and Stripes as an ‘ass-wipe’ – a term perhaps better applied to ‘her.’
    • It (hardly ‘she’ after all!) calls itself Nocturnus Libertus on Facebook.
    • I asked my most recent visitor to check on the perverted creature, and it apparently lives in Atlanta, and, maybe not surprisingly, was born on Hallowe’en.




    I can’t use Facebook myself.

    But I CAN ask WHY Facebook, which erased my link to a video of the Cikeusik Pogrom…




    …and then expelled me altogether for persisting with exposure of sectarian outrages – has failed to erase this sad pervert.

    Their double standards are troubling!

    But then the owner of Facebook is a big buddy of Obama’s.



    And we know what flag Obama honours!



    • JazPen 11:33 on July 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Bit of a let-down these posts with ugly women, Ross. As a rule you spoil us, but the ‘dirty ass-wipe’ and the ‘angry drunk’ together, one after the other, were enough to put me off my breakfast,

      Bring back the Serigala Girls, please.


  • ross1948 23:21 on June 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    I’ll Bet Obama Will Soon Demand THIS Extremist’s Flag Be Banned! 

    Foto Clint Starbuck.
  • ross1948 19:19 on March 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    A Californian Guevara? Bolivian Army ( 1967) Had The Right Idea! 

    What kind of slimy little toads infest the ivory towers of American academia these days?




    The question needs asked because the student government at the University of California, Irvine, voted Tuesday to remove all American flags from one of their rooms, arguing that the flag could be considered offensive and anti-inclusive.


    • irvine
    • Scumshot!
    • —————————–
    • =================

    Well, God forbid anyone should be induced or encouraged to idolise freedom, equality and democracy..

    This young A-Hole’s namesake spent most of his sour life warring down freedom and democracy, while HMV in Havana ensured there was no equality in the Cuban health-care system.



     The Evil Dead

    God bless those Bolivian soldiers on October 8th, 1967, whose example of how to handle Guevaras (of all vintages) certainly merits sympathetic consideration.  


    …The American flag has been flown in instances of colonialism and imperialism..”

    “….flags not only serve as symbols of patriotism or weapons for nationalism, but also construct cultural mythologies and narratives that in turn charge nationalistic sentiments.”

    Why do these morons always talk in pseudo-intellectual gobble-de-gook?

    Seems to me that our ‘cultural mythologies’ make more sense than alien ideologies! Paradigms? Is English his native language? Why not say example, if that’s what he means? Homogenised? Normal people use that word for a kind of milk! 

    Is the callow communist cur studying Cultural Marxism 101? 

    No worries, the mangy mutt will end up a fully-fledged professor soon enough.



    That’s what you get for treasonous activities in Modern America – look at Obama’s sponsor, the unrepentant terrorist William Ayers.




    • David 08:19 on March 10, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Best photo I’ve ever seen of Guevara. shame we can’t dig him up & execute him again, along with many of those cretins that buy the t shirt, espouse his superiority. He was also a racist, must stick in the craw of the commie lovers.


  • ross1948 12:10 on February 1, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Banned In The USA! Stars and Stripes Case – Union Jack Next? 

    Hard to believe, but so is much of the news!

    And you Brits should pay attention to the implications of this update on an American news story.



    A couple of craven school bosses in California caved in to racist thug students who might turn violent at the sight of their country’s flag!

    The pusillanimous pair are Live Oak High School’s Principal Nick Boden and Assistant Principal Miguel Rodriguez, who ordered patriotic teens to turn their flag-themed shirts inside out or remove them.  



    Nick Boden Principal Live Oak High School Boden

    Miguel Rodriguez Live Oak High SchoolRodriguez


    The Stars and Stripes outlawed due to hoodlum bigotry?

    Surely the proper course of action for responsible school administrators, who claimed to be acting out of concern that Mexican students might retaliate with violence, would be to turf out the disloyal louts, not the good kids.  

    The real American students went to court, but lost. Now their lawyers are hoping the Supreme Court will take the case and defend decent Americans from intimidation.

    Good Luck!



    And British readers should not dismiss this as none of their concern – there are bound to be objections soon enough from the UK’s Enemy Within about the Christian crosses that comprise the Union Jack! 

    It’s happened in Switzerland already!

    Islamist Flag Demands Make Swiss – and Ross – Cross! 



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