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  • ross1948 18:00 on March 9, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Is There Anything Worn Under The Kilt? 


    That used to be a joke question, eliciting the answer –

    ‘No, it’s all in perfect working order!’

    No joke now, with the Telegraoh report –

    Scotland to be one of the easiest places on Earth for teenagers to change gender


    The socialist SNP separatists…


    ..are behind this sicko agenda.

    Scots, in my experience, are down-to-earth, mostly very decent folk.

    How can they allow this party to impose such degenerate design on their society?

    • Morag Alexander 23:04 on March 9, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      What’s happening in Scotland is beyond a joke. The SNP and their allies haven’t a clue about what’s right and wrong I hear them speaking with Scottish accents but it’s like they live on another planet..
      Some MSPs argue with them but it’s a crusade we need
      It’s time Protestants and Catholics put aside the old bitterness and got down to fighting for a return to the values that all us Scots used to believe in.
      I believe a lot still do, but are scared to say so.


  • ross1948 16:45 on August 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Scots Can’t Burn Witches At The Stake, Alas! 

    Burning at the stake is illegal so we cannot call for Sturgeon to suffer such a fate.



    Yet in a healthier age, angry parents would not be blamed were they to set upon the far-left separatist ‘First Minister” Of Scotland – along with all those in the Scottish ‘Parliament’ who endorse her regime’s plan…



    … to permit 4-year-olds to ‘choose’ maladjustment in the matter of ‘gender. ‘

    For pity’s sake, we don’t let 4-year-olds choose their dessert!

    Read it, and its invocations of UN agencies and the Soros court in Strasbourg, and please note…

    Mrs. May Set To Poison Tots’ Minds 

    ….how it also uses the Theresa May’s Tory ‘equality’ legislation.

    Parents, needless to say, are not permitted to disallow such perversion of their children’s ‘sexual identity.’

    • Media around the world have reported this outrage against decency.

    Here’s part of a report from one major Canadian newspaper.

    One section of the guidance says children simply need to tell others informally that they want to use a different name, and it won’t be formally recorded on their record.

    It also says staff should ask if their family is aware they are considering changing their gender identity, but it does not suggest parents should be contacted.

    Students will be permitted to choose which washroom and change room to use in both primary and secondary schools, and it is also recommended that books featuring the transgender community should be added to the curriculum….



    My God!

    Brussels Wants Kids Exposed To Porn? 

    This is a stunning reminder of how wise are the Hungarians, facing the Fourth Reich’s fury because they dare to safeguard children!


    ….Students will be permitted to choose which washroom and change room to use in both primary and secondary schools, and it is also recommended that books featuring the transgender community should be added to the curriculum.


    • Tam Birnie 18:13 on August 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Makes me furious, and my kids are grown up. What’s wrong with parents whose children are facing this sick plan.


  • ross1948 01:34 on April 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Fight Child Abuse – Oppose Trans-Freak Agenda! 

    Not sure how many readers I have in Alabama, but this deserves support!
    Please forward this to your family and friends.

    The Alabama Senate recently passed SB10, the Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act. The bill would prohibit the use of medical procedures or prescription drugs to alter the appearance of a child’s gender or to delay puberty.

    This common-sense legislation is now before the Alabama House of Representatives.

    Reports indicate House Speaker Mac McCutchen (R) and Rules Committee Chairman Mike Jones (R) are being pressured by radical, social regressives like the Southern Poverty Law Center, Human Rights Campaign, and large corporations to kill this bill.


    Contact Speaker McCutchen and Chairman Jones today!
    Politely say, “I urge the Speaker/Chairman to bring Senate Bill 10 up for a vote”
    Speaker McCutchen: 334-261-0505
    Chairman Jones: 334-261-0573


    After making these calls, send an email urging your legislator to vote for this common-sense legislation to protect the children of Alabama.

    Please share this message with your friends and family in Alabama.

    If SPLC is on the other side….


    … all the more reason to unite and fight those evil swine!

  • ross1948 22:08 on April 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Pro-Freak Tammen Fumes – Hoogland Goes Free! 

    Want to see a picture of what’s wrong with the Dominion of Canada?

    No, not more pretty pix of Justin ‘Pretty Boy’ Turdo surrounded by his sycophantic supporters!


    I think most readers around the world know what that creep looks like.

    No, today, something rather different.

    Look no further, here’s British Columbia Judge Michael Tammen, who, in a saner world, would be prosecuted for crimes against justice and humanity, but alas, he won’t be.


    Justice Michael Tammen yelled at Rob Hoogland for calling his daughter a “she,” but recently released a man convicted of murder pending an appeal of the conviction! https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/free-from-gag-order-dad-tells-how-judges-forced-transgender-insanity-on-daughter


    We have written about Rob Hoogland before and made our views clear, but it’s time to update.


    ‘The important thing at this point is that Rob has said everything he needs to say – and we have a great deal of that safely posted on MassResistance.’


    As we reported, during Justice Tammen’s closing remarks on March 19, he was extremely irate that MassResistance had posted court papers, hospital communications, and other documents that proved Hoogland’s claims about what was being done to his daughter –


    My insert here –

    • plus my capital letters!

    – and the government was trying to hide.

    We also posted video interviews with Rob where he described in detail what had happened.

    Since our website is outside of the jurisdiction of the Canadian courts, Judge Tammen had threatened that unless we took all that material down, he would take retribution on Rob and give him a harsher sentence.


    Read the rest, and see if you agree with me…

    What a jackboot judge that SOB Tammen truly is!

    • Vic Marsh 20:49 on April 12, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Hoogland is a hero and a martyr.
      Tammen is a sh-t that should be flogged in public.

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