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    No Trafalgar Square For HM? But Vile Savage Exalted? 

    No Room For HM?

    London Has Truly Fallen!

    No room for Queen Elizabeth II statue on Trafalgar Square’s Fourth Plinth, rules Sadiq Khan

    London Mayor says existing schedule of temporary modern art commissions will continue with work depicting anti-colonialist revolt

    Fourth Plinth
    Evil savage Chilembwe

    The Mayor of London is certainly unspeakable……


    But no more offensive than a geezer named Samson Kambalu.

    Samson Kambalu with his plinth design, Antelope

    Mr Kambalu’s work depicts John Chilembwe, the anti-colonialist pastor who led a 1915 revolt against British rule in Nyasaland, now Malawi.  https://www.telegraph.co.uk/royal-family/2022/09/28/no-room-queen-elizabeth-statue-trafalgar-squares-fourth-plinth/


    Chilembewe was a filthy savage.

    No photo description available.

    Well done, Save Our Statues!

    But …

    …Mr Khan said the work would “encourage discussion about the fight for freedom and equality.”

    And it’s not going to get better any time soon. .

    The commission that is set to follow Kambalu’s work, created by the artist Teresa Margolles, depicts the faces of 850 transgender people…



    That’s just nauseating.

    Works are chosen by the Fourth Plinth Commission, appointed by the Mayor’s office…. 

       the winning proposal is approved by the Mayor and funded by the Great London Authority at a cost of £140,000, plus a £30,000 artist’s fee. There is a new artwork roughly every two years.

    That money comes, of course…

    …from the public purse

      the Fourth Plinth scheme, which is one of the most prominent public commissions in the world and has generated controversy over the quality of the artworks erected.

    In recent years, these have included a fly-like drone perched on a sculpture depicting an ice cream cone, a golden rocking horse and a giant blue rooster.

    Heather Phillipson's sculpture The End has previously occupied the Fourth Plinth
    Heather Phillipson’s sculpture The End

    The scheme was first proposed in 1994 by Prue Leith, then chairman of the Royal Society of Art…

     Greater London Authority then took over the project….

    … Ms Leith said she would prefer to see the Fourth Plinth scheme continue, adding: “It’s really important that the contemporary stuff stays in the square. Each sculpture has had its fans and its detractors. Even if you hate what’s there, you know it’s coming down next year.”

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    Tories Break Their Long Silence 

    When we read a Tory leadership candidate say-

    What’s the point in stopping the bulldozers in the green belt if we allow leftwing agitators to take a bulldozer to our history, our traditions and our fundamental values?

    “Whether it’s pulling down statues of historic figures, replacing the school curriculum with anti-British propaganda or rewriting the English language so we can’t even use words like ‘man’, ‘woman’ or ‘mother’ without being told we’re offending someone?”

    …we want to give three cheers….

    ….until we remind ourselves that the speaker, who happens to be Rishi Sunak, who happened to have been a senior member of the same government whose ‘Schools Minister…. ‘


    Schools Minister Robin Walker (pictured) said new plans will include diversity in a 'meaningful, rather than tokenistic' way

    Tory Minister Robin Walker wants school history bastardised – ‘meaningful’ diversity

    ….a shameless, sell-out Tory jerk, namely Robin Walker, boasted of how the government’s “new plans WILL INCLUDE DIVERSITY in a “MEANINGFUL, RATHER THAN TOKENISTIC’ way…

    Who’s Worse, Woko-Walker Or Braying Bousted? 

    Yet Sunak did not denounce Woko-Walker then, so how can we trust him now?

    And when Sunak witters about how he will ‘review the 2010 Equality Act and associated guidance to make clear that “sex means biological sex”…

    …..but not repeal that meritless law…

    TranStasi Schooling – UK Court To Rule

    …and that he’ll ‘put guidance on relationships and sex education on to a statutory footing to ensure children are “shielded from inappropriate material…


    …while we know he was a key Cabinet Minister during parental protests in the Midlands…

    Birmingham Brain-Wash – Another Judges V People Confrontation!

    Why Has That Vixen Not Been Fired

    …all the while silent, no solidarity with the victims of wokery…


    ….why would anyone trust him today?

    PS  Same goes for Truss’s sudden public concern about school toilets.

    No More Freako Grovelling 

    ..and not just school toilets, but all toilets, and chsnging rooms..

    • Nick NorthWest 06:08 on July 31, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Never trust a lying Tory.
      All this woke sh*t has taken root with Tories in power.
      They could have stepped in and stopped it if they wanted to but never did.


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    Connolly Street, Belfast? Why Not Jean McConville Street? 

    Women, labour, the working class, Irish and ethnic groups, are invisible in the city centre. That needs to change. We want to change Castle Street to James Connolly Street as a start…”


    That’s the declaration of continuous culture war heard from an ex-councillor named McVeigh, whose party affiliation is very oddly omitted from Belfast Live’s report.

    Could it be he’s the very same fellow described as a ‘former IRA bomber” in a more candid part of the Ulster media?


    Obviously renaming a well-known street after a man infamously part of the 1916 republican insurrection, whose statues grace both Dublin and, regrettably, a disloyal district of West Belfast..


    The statue of James Connolly, Irish republican socialist leader, in Dublin

    … is offensive to loyal British people in any British city.

    But let’s consider the other categories carefully.


    McVeigh suggests Mary Ann McCracken, who is listed in wikipedia as a ‘supporter of the United Irishmen.’

    No thanks!

    Apart from anything else, that organisation’s name is surely irredeemably sexist  – not ‘Irishpersons! – and since we are told we must judge olden-times notables by modern standards, that must exclude McCracken.

    Might it not be more locally relevant to name a street after Jean McConville, a humble Belfast woman murdered by the IRA…


    Cast-Iron Calls Obama – Let’s Get Adams Off the Hook! 

    …a foul crime defended by Sinn Fein’s Mitchel McLaughlin.

    In January 2005, McLaughlin declared that the ‘killing of McConville was not a crime, saying that she had been executed as a spy in a war situation..’

    Why not rename the Falls Road after Jean McConville?


    A constant reminder of what Sinn Fein is all about.

    Mr. Speaker, Sir – You’re the Scum of the Earth! 



    Ethnic minorities?

    If we want to go down that road, why use McVeigh’s weird suggestion of Frederick Douglass, an American who had nothing at all to do with Ulster?

    If there’s to be a road renamed to honour a black man, better by far to choose one of those listed below.


    Black lives murdered by terrorists: Top rown from left: Pte Eustace Handley; Kingsman Marcel James Doglay; Gnr Errol Gordon; Gnr Anthony Brian Abbott Middle row: Pte Lynford Pryce; L/Cpl Grenville Winstone; Pte Anthony Carlos Harrison; L/Cpl Paul Garrett Bottom row: Julius Stephen; Abayoni (Max) Olorunda

    Black lives murdered by terrorists: Top rown from left: Pte Eustace Handley; Kingsman Marcel James Doglay; Gnr Errol Gordon; Gnr Anthony Brian Abbott Middle row: Pte Lynford Pryce; L/Cpl Grenville Winstone; Pte Anthony Carlos Harrison; L/Cpl Paul Garrett Bottom row: Julius Stephen; Abayoni (Max) Olorunda



    And what about ‘labour and the working class?’

    Might we not consider Johnny McQuade, a working-class hero who served the community tirelessly all his life?


    Johnny McQuade

    Just a few random thoughts on a plan surely put forward as a provocation by a man who wants to see Ulster amalgamated with an alien and hostile republic, which would undoubtedly abet his desire for cultural revisionism.


    • Billy King 23:04 on July 31, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      That is brilliant, Ross.
      The IRA want to turn our country into a wee tail of the Eire dog.
      We don’t want their history or their language here. Eire’s where it belongs.
      We belong to HM The Queen and to nobody else!


    • Colum 03:01 on August 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      They shouldnt be renaming streets at all.
      Its just playtime politics for people with nothing better to do,


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    OK! I Confess! I Have Never Met Karl Marx! 

    Last week I suggested that if monuments to bad people are to be removed, then that evil old brute in London ought to be top of the list!

    Just A Thought! Why Not Topple THIS Monument? 


    Hitler-Haus Faces Blitz – How About Satan’s Lair in London? 

    Today, amidst all the gloomy news, not least that from the US Supreme Court, I laughed aloud at the sheer ignorance of a London ‘activist’ named Lorraine Jones.



    Admittedly, there’s no obvious reason why this woman might be expected to know anything, but since she was apparently born and brought up in Britain…



    ….you might think that, like every REAL Brit, she’d have heard of Britain’s most illustrious national hero, Sir Winston Churchill.

    Think again!

    Asked about the calls heard from the evil BLM rabble, for the removal of Churchill’s statue fom its place of honour in London, the ignoramus repliedas follows!

    I’ve heard many arguments on both sides,” Jones responded. “Some say that he’s a racist, some say that he’s a hero. I HAVEN’T PERSONALLY MET HIM, but what I would say is that that question of whether he should remain should be put to the community.”

    ( my capitalisation)


    Churchill’s Funeral, London, 1965

    Churchill, the former British Prime Minister who led the U.K. to victory in World War II, died in 1965.


    So, just to clarify my own position, although I have met many Marxists, and although I am no longer a youth, I never, EVER, met Karl Marx….

    …who went to face eternal Hellfire in 1883!



    • Keith Milner 08:52 on June 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      As I said to Captain Cook when he landed…


    • Vanessa Reilly 18:23 on June 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Are you sure you never met him?
      The way you disparage his ideology, it almost sounds personal.
      Seriously, though, what an ignorant woman! She doesn’t know Churchill is dead but very probably she could run off the names of a dozen criminals who died because they were resisting arrest or making a run for it!


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    Good For Glasgow – British Resistance Rising! 

    It was very encouraging to read that the good people in Glasgow are stepping up to defend their British heritage.



    Glasgow has a ‘statue’ history, with that of King William III having had, so I’m told, to be moved from its original site at Glasgow Cross to a little park near Glasgow Cathedral, to avoid desecration by disloyal elements.

    Unfortunately, the disloyal element has grown, both in numbers and in audacity, as we have noted…

    IRA Chants Affront Glasgow – Ban ‘Enemy Within’ Parades! 

    IRA Murder-Gang Fans March In British City? Stop Them! 

    So all power to the Loyalist Defence League there who are ready to protect statues of notables.

    ..a video posted on the Twitter page of the LDL said: “Across the UK we have had far-left thugs violently defacing our war memorials/cenotaphs.

    In some cases they’ve daubed graffiti upon the statues and even pulled them down.



    These war memorials and monuments have been built to remember and respect the many people who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in maintaining the very same liberties, justice and freedom that these thugs claim they’re fighting for when in reality they are just using it as an excuse to riot, thieve and assault.”

    Well said!

    Mind you, there are some statues that do bring the city into disrepute, like that of the evil old Spanish Communist, Dolores Ibarruri.



    That hag would be none the worse for a prolonged dunk in the Clyde!

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    BBC News? Embley’s Morning Propaganda Show! 

    BBC’s Embley is on this blog far more often than one would like him to be…

    Again, BBC Serves Up A Hate-Trump Breakfast! 


    More BBC Breakfast Bias, Starring Anti-Trump Embley Again!  


    …but until he learns to be an honest journalist – Judgement Day, perhaps? – we must continue to monitor the leftist jerk.

    Embley’s Morning Propaganda Show, aka the ‘BBC News,’ was as loaded a dice as I’ve ever seen thrown, much time devoted to Andrew Cuomo’s rant about irresponsibility, which those of us aware of Cuomo’s record


    Eight sex offenders — three of which were convicted of raping children — have been released from a jail in New York as a part of Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s statewide initiative to decrease prison populations over fear of spreading the coronavirus. Read more

    …take with a pinch or ten of salt.

    Kermit Cuomo’s Bigot Big Bro Plumbs New Discriminatory Depths! 

    Embley, needless to say, had not one pro-Trump American voice on air to  to contradict Cuomo’s hysterical outburst, a tribute to the UK tax-funded channel’s vetting system, again.

    And inevitably, President Trump’s entirely rational speculation about that dodgy old git who hit the deck in Buffalo was snidely dismissed as a ‘conspiracy theory.’

    Except that –


    New details are emerging in the story of Martin Gugino, suggesting he was an anarchist and a possible member of radical left-wing groups like Antifa.

    Even other protesters that day said they thought he was trying to provoke the police. https://www.oann.com/new-details-suggest-martin-gugino-was-intentionally-provoking-police/

    Then along came a woman nobody in Britain, and few non-leftist Americans, would have heard of – Ms. Jennvine Wong, from yet another of those obscure cabals that the BBC uses to augment its Hate-Trump resources, a bunch calling itself the ‘Cop Accountability Project.’

    At 8.10am on Wednesday morning, she yelped that NYPD were ‘still brutally arresting protestors.

    For fun?

    Or were the ‘protestors’ breaking the law?

    The latter, methinks!

    Then on to Oxford, a rabble ranting against Cecil Rhodes’ statue, interviews with whiners from Botswana and Germany.


    What right have they to stick their noses into British controversies?

    NOBODY who likes the statue was given a chance to speak.

    Of course – it’s BBC.

    And off to Scotland, another statue targetted by disgusting BLM bigots, and THEN mention made of similar moves against memorials to a man long honoured as a national hero…


    …Sir Francis Drake, the famous sailor who ‘singed the King of Spain’s beard’ by a daring raid at Cadiz.

    Oh, and Nelson and Gladstone and some 60 more..


    These red scum are out to erase every hero who stars in British history, and the BBC’s idea of ‘balance…’

    …is to have some timid toad who reckons non-violent erasure of British history is preferable to hoodlum vandalism as seen in Bristol!

    But Embley could hardly wait to get back to his main propaganda theme, that funeral, where America’s worst race-baiter Al Sharpton, was a ‘star’ speaker.’

    Naklitta Foxx, given free rein to issue what Embley eagerly called a ‘rallying cry,’ told us more about the deceased’s background.

    But she didn’t know much and was honest enough to say so, before a rant about laws the Houston mayor was ‘trying to get passed’ –  about ‘police brutality,’

    And then Embley’s special request – give us a few lines of ‘we shall overcome…’

    No break from propaganda even when just before 9am, we had the Sports’ section, more clowns unburdening themselves on vandalising statues, like some barely articulate geezer named Genge, whose opinions are no more worthy of inclusion than the garbage collectors we mentioned yesterday.

    Today’s BBC ‘News’ Included A VERY Offensive Li!! 

    Then, some other BBC, for no good reason,introduced a retrospect on a man named Diallo, shot dead years ago in NYC.

    A totally one-sided wallow with no police spkesman, nobody giving the other side of the story – and there is another side –

    Diallo had recently filed a wildly false application for political asylum, claiming to be a Mauritanian victim of torture orphaned by the government security forces.

    In fact, he was a Guinean with two well-off and living parents. He had reason, therefore, not to welcome encounters with authorities.https://www.city-journal.org/html/diallo-truth-diallo-falsehood-12011.html

    • Mel Henderson 22:22 on June 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I could see no reason for the BBC to produce that Diallo programme, about something that happened years ago, except to stir up even more ill-feeling against police.
      Like most people I had never heard anything about Diallo but thanks to you, we know he was another lying crimmigrant.
      No wonder the BBC censored the truth out,


    • Petra Malley 23:14 on June 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Embley had one of them sing to him?
      That’s insane.
      There has been no objective reporting on the American situation this month, nor last.
      They invite all these leftist guests, let them rant and smother any opposite opinions, of which there are many.
      It is building up, and I do feel we are entering what our enemies call the ‘pre-revolutionary’ stage.
      If they don’t come up against very determined resistance, and I’m praying they soon will, we will be, as they say, ‘done for.’


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    Hey, Dumbos, Winnipeg AIN’T In Pakistan! 

    Despite the silly example of that statue of Obummer as a little squirt in Menteng, Jakarta, which I have managed to avoid seeing no matter how often I pass nearby the park in which it was inexplicably erected…

    Menteng’s Squirt Statue


    …its existence is probably less annoying than the recent opening of a park dedicated to a Pakistani politician in Manitoba.


    Related image


    That pathetic clown Andrew Scheer, who is Canada’s ‘Conservative’ Party leader, has publicly distanced himself from one of the few Tories there with the guts to denounce  multicultural claptrap, Maxime Bernier.


    Related image

    EDITORIAL: Maxime Bernier tweet hardly warrants outrage


    Without the guts to say what he thinks about the actual issue, Scheer disowned Bernier, weaseling that the MP “holds no official role in caucus and does not speak for the Conservative Party of Canada on any issue.”

    Hasil gambar untuk scheer the rebel

    Weasel Scheer


    Scheer is an equivocating weasel, as we have noted before now, on other issues!

    Conservative leader’s free speech pledge wouldn’t apply in U of T ..

    As in the UK, it sounds like real conservatives need to start a new party.

    I only found out about the Winnipeg nonsense thanks to True North Initiative, which becomes more interesting, and inspirational, the more I read what Candice Malcolm writes about.

    Canada has a proud history worth defending

    While anti-Canadian activists removed a tribute to our first leader on the West Coast…


    BC’s shame

    ….a group of pro-Pakistani activists, including Liberal MP Iqra Khalid, created a new tribute to a different founding father. Jinnah Park was inaugurated in Winnipeg earlier this year, paying homage to the founding leader of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

    Why are foreign leaders who oversaw war and bloodshed being celebrated in Canada, while our own great and peaceful leaders are targeted and smeared?

    Canadians shouldn’t let those who hate our country – or are simply confused by cultural relativism – drive the political agenda.

    Check out my latest column!

    • Arnold 13:23 on August 23, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      What next?
      Replace all the statues of Canada’s heroes with foreign politicians most Canadians never heard of.
      With Turdo in power, I would not be surprised if our war memorials are next on the hit-list.
      Replaced with memorials to ISIS terrorists, or Taliban, killed by our allies?


    • Marty N 17:09 on August 23, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Scheer sh-t, that is all we get from this guy.
      Bring back Harper.
      I had a few grouses about him but he was basically on our side. I mean the Canada side, not on everybody elses side like Turdo.


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    Get Ready! Einstein Statues To Be Toppled? 

    We haven’t heard much in the news recently of statues of heroes being hauled down in response to tantrums by whining millennial morons.

    Last year there were numerous examples of anti-history vandalism, or threats thereof…

    New Statue Target For The Scum – CHURCHILL? 


    …in various countries, from the United Kingdom…Ontario Teachers Talk Tripe On Sir John A MacDonald …to Canada, and of course all over the USA, perhaps the land most seriously afflicted by the mental illness called, illogically, the ‘progressive’ ideology .


    Hasil gambar untuk durham statue confederateCommunists Are The Traitors, NOT Confederates! 


    The villainous persons whose contribution to their countries’ achievements had to be repudiated included Canada’s first PM, though curiously, while Britain’s Winston Churchill was named as a candidate for demolition, nothing was heard about the London monument to the source of the world’s vilest ideology.


    Hitler-Haus Faces Blitz – How About Satan’s Lair in London? 


    Far from it. As if to highlight left-liberal double standards, some disgraceful Germans erected a brand-new idol before which fans of tyranny may worship.

    Next Week, To Germany’s Shame, Hitler Statue Unveiled

    But now we have a new shock-horror revelation – in The Guardian, so it must be heeded! – and it’s all about Albert Einstein, who has been found posthumously guilty of ‘xenophobia!’

    Gambar terkait

    Einstein’s travel diaries reveal ‘shocking’ xenophobia


    Travel is said to broaden the mind, but anyone who has heard Brits come home from the Costa del Sol complaining that ‘the Germans’ rise early and hog all the best spots…


    Hasil gambar untuk hotel pool bikini girl sunrise

    Is she German? Who cares?!?!


    …around the hotel pool knows that ain’t necessarily so!

    Much the same goes for sport.

    The large number of young men who support their national teams by journeying to foreign lands and bashing other young men who support other national teams…



    …..are not exactly persuasive evidence of the mind-broadening effects of foreign travel.

    Einstein certainly did evince some disturbing attitudes, such as when he pleaded for mercy for the notorious Rosenbergs, convicted communists traitors – Case closed: The Rosenbergs were Soviet spies – Los Angeles Times – a plea that mercifully fell on deaf ears, since the two red swine were duly executed.

    But on one of his trips to pre-Communist China, he came out with the following words, which if you or I were to echo them in, say, modern Britain, about certain ‘ethnic minorities’ there, would quickly land us in the clammy hands of Theresa May’s thought-police.

    “It would be a pity if these Chinese supplant all other races. For the likes of us the mere thought is unspeakably dreary.”

    As for the Japanese?

    The “intellectual needs of this nation seem to be weaker than their artistic ones – natural disposition?”

    https://www.theguardian.com/books/2018/jun/12/einsteins-travel-diaries-reveal-shocking-xenophobia .’

    Having made friends here in Jakarta with people of both Japanese and Chinese ethnicity, I’d say Einstein was wrong.

    But are there calls now for Einstein’s monuments to be toppled?

    One hopes not, for inaccurate perceptions of other races’ qualities has nothing to do with why he was, and still is, honoured with statues.

    Einstein’s distinction rests on his intellectual prowess.

    Just as Captain Cook’s role in the history of The Lucky Country is honoured not for what he thought about Aborigines but for his great voyage of exploration which resulted in the discovery of what was previously regarded as Terra Incognita.

    Hasil gambar untuk terra incognita

    Australia plans Captain Cook monument for anniversary.

    However, I suspect a double standard will continue to be operated by bad elements in Oz, and Britain, and Canada, and the USA.

    Because the ‘anti-statue’ movement is NOT composed of those concerned with right or wrong, but of cultural marxists, and their stupid dupes, ever-eager to undermine national pride and appreciation of their nations’ glories.

    • Keith Milner 12:23 on June 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I have never seen any Einstein statues here in Australia but there probably are some. It would be pathetic to knock them down for what he said about Asians. It is just not relevant.
      The same goes for Captain Cook. Without him there would be no Sydney or Melbourne or Brisbane. There would be no Australia. He deserves his statues.
      All this historical vandalism as you call it is completely pointless.
      Like re-naming Ayer’s Rock. If a minority wants to call it something else, they can but in school we learned it was Ayer’s Rock and so it is


    • Ben Baniek 13:03 on June 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      You don’t have to be an Einstein to figure out that those retarded liberal millennials are America’s big problem!


    • Mort 15:13 on June 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      The morons are still making waves about statues and you do well to remind us of their idiocy, ‘useful idiots,‘ as Lenin categorized them.
      All the ‘greats’ have made mistakes and Einstein’s major one was his habit of giving communists the benefit of the doubt.
      As you say, his scientific brilliance got him his statues and neither his ‘xenophobia’ nor his political short-sightedness should be made an excuse for taking the statues down.


    • Des Lang 12:02 on June 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Once again the Cook story is wrong Facts : He was never a captain, he didn’t discover Australia ( he was using Dutch maps) and was not the first English to arrive in Australia.


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    Tearing Down USA – American Liberal Talks Sense On Antifa Red Nazis! 

    In January, we launched a fiery verbal attack on a left-liberal American academic, after he made what seemed to us a very bizarre comment about President Trump’s immigration policies.

    Wicked America! ‘We Kept Out Communists!’ 

    Gambar terkait

    His name? Alan Dershowitz.

    At that time, we had hard words to say on his suggestion that it was somehow wrong for the USA to have kept out Communists in the 1950s.

    As our post seven months ago put it, why on earth shouldn’t America, or any sane country, do all in its power ‘to exclude evil people addicted to an evil supranational ideology?’

     As Trump is trying now to do.

    But fair’s fair.

    If you have a go at somebody who talks nonsense, it is only honest to offer a pat on the back when he or she starts talking sense.

    And what could be more sensible than this?

    “Do not glorify the violent people who are now tearing down the statues,” he said. “Many of these people, not all of them, many of these people are trying to tear down America.


    =Hasil gambar untuk durham statue confederate


    “Antifa is a radical anti-American, anti-free market, communist, socialist, hard, hard left censorial organization that tries to stop speakers on campuses from speaking.” 



    “They use violence. And just because they’re opposed to fascism and to some of these monuments shouldn’t make them heroes of the liberals.”   http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/aug/22/alan-dershowitz-violent-antifa-movement-is-trying-/

    “I’m a liberal, and I think it’s the obligation of liberals to speak out against the hard left radicals just like it’s the obligation of conservatives to speak out against the extremism of the hard right,” he added.

    Well said!

    Donald Trump has condemned those ‘hard right’ groups AND the vicious thugs of Antifa, and it’s precisely that even-handed approach that has got the media creeps in a frenzy.

    The ‘hard right’ in America is insignificant. We here have derided the KKK in the past by comparing them to local IslamoNazi gangs.


    • kkkflying Racist KKK

    fpikkk Islamist FPI


    The sickos of CNN  – and the rest of the Media Democrat party –  nevertheless keep trying to promote moral equivalence between the miniscule ‘hard right’ and the ever-growing menace of red nazi violence –



    – which we saw again in Arizona this week, their outrageous attack on the police outside the President’s rally..

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    Who’s Next? Joan of Arc Statue Vandalised! 

    A most bizarre development in the war on statues being waged by BLM racists and red nazi Antifa thugs.

    Pj media reported last week that an equestrian statue in New Orleans was vandalised, sprayed with the bigot-left slogan “Tear It Down.”


    Jeanne d’Arc


    It’s Joan of Arc who was thus maltreated!

    I seem to recall seeing that statue when I visited the city many years ago and found it historically interesting but in no way objectionable..

    So why has it been defaced?

    PJ Media cannot find anyone to explain why Joan would be seen as objectionable, but although she is a feature of French history, not American – though New Orleans was once ruled by France, until the Louisiana Purchase in the early 19th century – she nevertheless exemplifies patriotism.

    And that’s something loathed by the cultural marxists behind the current campaign.

    Or there’s another explanation, touched on by a New Orleans local who runs the Joan of Arc carnival parade.

    “Surely, people realize she’s not related to American history.”


    Given the moronic demeanour and utterances of so many millennials, I rather think the ‘people’ we saw in Durham, North Carolina…


    Hasil gambar untuk durham statue confederate

    Communists Are The Traitors, NOT Confederates! 

    …and their counterparts in New Orleans, ARE unaware of Joan’s antecedents, as they are unaware of, because indifferent to, many aspects of history, except their own self-perceived importance therein.

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