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    Leftist Steinmeier Gets CDU Support, Against CDU MP! 

    Germany’s President Steinmeier is sufficiently endowed with far left arrogance to have joined in the global Anti-Trump jihad….



    A Very Bad Pick for President – Not Trump, Steinmeier!

    Sticky-Beak Steinmeier Tells Yanks How To Vote! 

    …and his record on other matters speaks loudly to his ideological leftery, on crimmigrants, and on the EUSSR…

    Dummkopf! Pinko German’s Amnesia on Poland 

    ….back when he was Foreign Minister.

    So you’d think the CDU party, which, prior to the noisome reign of Mama Stasi Merkel…



    …was deemed ‘conservative,’ would baulk at supporting his bid for another presidential term.

    But far from it!

    Instead of seizing an opportunity to distance themselves from the gruesome Merkel legacy…



    …even though there’s a member of their own party running against him, a patriotic CDU man named Max Otte…


    Max Otte, centre, with AfD patriot leaders

    ...the fake-conservatives have responded by suspending Max Otte from the party until further notice.

    The CDU establishment are furious because, rather than let the Bundestag in-crowd, the parties in the ruling coalition, shuffle Steinmeyer back into a role he relishes and uses to advance his leftist Weltanschauung…

    ….the AfD patriot party has nominated Otte.

    ‘CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak said after the meeting that Otte’s AfD candidacy would “seriously damage” the conservative party and required “immediate intervention.” ‘

    Courageously, Otte made it clear that he planned to accept the nomination and that he did not intend to voluntarily give up his CDU membership as the party had demanded.” 


    Ziemiak, like Mama Stasi and her acolytes, has stuck obstinately to the childish 2018 CDU resolution to “in no way work together with the AfD!”

    Ziemiak might almost have been stamping his little foot as he ranted that “whoever, as a Christian Democrat, accepts a nomination for the office of president from the AfD is violating the values of the CDU and has no place in our party!


    ‘The Values of the CDU!?!’

    If They Were Your Daughters? Merkel’s Never-Ending Evil 

    Ask Merkel’s victims what those ‘values’ might be!

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    Deja Vous – Dublin-Berlin – Dirty Double-Act… 

    From The Guardian, yesterday –

    Germany says it will stand in ‘full solidarity’ with Ireland over Brexit



    Ooops!  Wrong photograph!


    Irish president Michael Higgins (left) and his German counterpart, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, in Berlin.


    • Billy King 19:04 on July 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I like it!
      The old enemy, always looking to make the most of Britain’s problems.
      And I don’t mean Germany.


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    Seehofer – Running Scared? Or A New Himmler? 

    It’s only a few weeks till Bavaria’s state election, and Mama Stasi’s coalition chums, the CSU, are worried sick.


    Hence the vicious outburst from Seehofer, her CSU interior Minister, who has recently tried to look like a true defender of Germans against the migrant menace.

    Now he’s invented a new ‘menace,’ which can be defined as the parliamentary Opposition doing its job.


    According to Seehofer, the Alternative for Germany, the patriot party are ‘turning against the state!’



    Seehofer with Mama Stasi

    ”Seehofer said he is “shocked” by the party’s “emotional outbursts” during discussions about the national budget in parliament earlier this week….”

    I’d have thought there were a lot more things to be ‘shocked’ about…

    If They Were Your DaughtersMerkel’s Never-Ending Evil 

    …in the country misruled by Mama Stasi.

    But it seems the AfD’s perfectly legitimate request for a ‘discussion of the budget of German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier’ was what had stricken Seehofer’s newly sensitive soul.

    Steinmeier is a poisonous president, not content to be the figure-head the constitutional rules expect of him ( the chancellor is head of government, the president is head of state, akin to the relationship of prime minister and monarch in the UK, Canada or NZ or Oz)

    His intrusions have not only been into domestic politics but also extended to meddling in America’s.




    Sticky-Beak Steinmeier Tells Yanks How To Vote! 

    What had drawn the AfD’s concern was that Steinmeier had ‘promoted’ an ‘anti-racism event’ in Chemnitz where ‘texts glorifying violence were sung…”.


    But red rant-songs are no big deal for Seehofer. It’s the parliamentary opposition raising questions about the far-left fest that’s got him worked up.

    ”They’re turning against the state,” he vented!

    And he went on to denounce the AFD as ‘dangerous!’


    What next?

    Every time the Opposition takes a stand and actually OPPOSES the regime, will such readiness to fulfil their responsibilities lead this authoritarian ass soon to demand a ban?

    Don’t think I am hyperbolising.

    Parties have beeen banned before, like the genuinely dangerous KPD – the Communists – and in neighbouring Holland, one of the largest parties was dissolved by leftist judges for daring to affront the ruling multicult ideology.

    In Germany, this arrogant Interior Minister may well be contemplating the example to be found in another German regime…


    merkel v poles

    …which we have compared before, on other issues, to Merkel’s.

    About eighty years ago, there was another interior minister in Berlin, who also thought that opposition in parliament, or anywhere, was a phenomenon that was ‘against the state’ and had to be dealt with.


    Germany Himmler Letters

    Heinrich Himmler

    That other Interior Minister, Heinrich Himmler, was not notably averse to categorising non-violent, legal, parliamentary opposition to his boss’s agenda as ‘dangerous.’

    That was usually a prelude to a jack-boot operation, which ended with the opposition in camps or prisons.

    That would fit easily with Merkel’s record of collaboration with the red gestapo, the Stasi…


     Mama Stasi – Am I Unfair To Merkel?

    Did Kim Philby Advise Merkel On Treason Skills? 


    …during her younger days in the dear old DDR.

    Or am I being unduly alarmist?

    Is Seehofer’s outlandish shrilling merely a desperate tactic to defame the party which he sees as a threat to his CSU’s long domination of Bavaria – where voters look like swinging behind the AfD and further destabilising the Coalition in Berlin?

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    Trump-Hater Sticky-Beak Steinmeier Escapes Interference! 

    A poor sort of president Germany has gotten, Sticky-Beak Steinmeier (but not entirely a surprise, as we said last year  https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2016/11/14/a-very-bad-pick-for-president-not-trump-steinmeyer/)…


    steinmeier-im-gespraech-mit-bundeskanzlerin-merkel- Steinmeier


    He disgracefully exceeded his remit by arrogant intrusion in last year’s American election, his spokeswoman declaring that Mama Stasi Merkel’s Foreign Minister was “not neutral” on whether the Republican candidate is fit to occupy the Oval Office…” 


    • It’s a mark of President Trump’s restraint and civility that yesterday he declined to respond in kind.

    • As we see it, The Donald would have been absolutely entitled to draw attention to how frightening Germany is today for women and girls…

      If They Were Your Daughters? Merkel’s Never-Ending Evil 

    • …or even speculated on what could become of Germany if the supine CDU/SPD coalition does not start getting rid of the crimmigrant horde.

    • But such tit-for-tat interference would have been rude, ignorant and insolent, the sort of infantile behaviour that we must no doubt expect from a Steinmeier Presidency.

    • The post is largely ceremonial, which is just as well, since his Socialist Party is infamously hostile to democracy.

      Hitler’s SPD Heirs – ‘Media Must Gag Critics of Crimmigration!’ ….

    • Even so, God help Germany.

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    Cur Kerry’s Hypocrisy! Remember Obama’s Brexit Rant? 

    Secretary of State John Kerry criticized President-elect Donald Trump in a Monday interview on CNN, saying it was “inappropriate” for Trump to “be stepping in to the politics of other countries in a quite direct manner.”




    On Sunday, Trump called German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s refugee policy “catastrophic” in an interview with Germany’s Bild newspaper.

     Kerry responded to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour


    How dare this flunkey spout such hypocritical garbage?

    Possibly to please his interviewer, CNN’s far-left Amanpour, yes…


    Gambar terkait

    Amanpour Calls For Media Jihad Against Trump | Daily Wire

    …but did he, even for a moment, consider how loud his hypocrisy would echo around the globe, where his awful master’s endless intrusion into other countries’ affairs –Barack Obama hails Angela Merkel over handling of refugees  – has not been forgotten nor forgiven…

    Well Said, Nigel – But Action Needed! Mass UK Anti-Obama Protests! 


    22 Apr 2016 – Obama’s ‘Brexit’ Plea. The American president, in a joint news conference with U.K. prime minister, delivered a robust defense of Britain’s EU membership…Obama Says the EU ‘Magnifies’ Britain’s Influence – The Atlantic

    …not least in the United Kingdom!

    And please recall Mama Stasi Merkel’s Foreign Minister too, who blatantly ranted for Obama during the recent election…




    Sticky-Beak Steinmeier Tells Yanks How To Vote! 

    Did Kerry rebuke Steinmeier for “stepping in to the politics of other countries in a quite direct manner?”

    In fact, of course, The Donald’s observations on the catastrophic consequences of Mama Stasi’s importation of the alien horde will be widely applauded…

    Predators and Child Molestors


    ….not least by the German women and girls who have been raped and molested by primitive savages.


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    A Very Bad Pick for President – Not Trump, Steinmeier! 

    So Mama Stasi Merkel has decided to back a member of the socialist SPD in the German Presidential election next year—

    Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier!


    Hasil gambar untuk german foreign minister

    • Frank-Walter Steinmeier
    • ======
    • “He is of the opinion that it is frightening, if you follow Trump’s remarks, what could become of this world if Trump actually became president…”
    • ========
    •  – so said Steinmeier’s spokeswoman, a while ago, and it’s tempting to paraphrase those words and throw them back in Steinmeier’s teeth.
    • Frightening?
    • Both he and his party are no friends to European nations that value their identity and/or sovereignty.  Nor even are they friends to Germany itself.
    • —–
    • Jackboot


    We are well aware of the SPD’s enmity towards democracy…

    .   Germany’s Red NazisSPD Urge Gestapo Tactics On Opposition!

    …but what about Steinmeier himself?

    This bullying brute has made it clear he wants to sling Merkel’s alien albatross around the necks of every other country in the EUSSR….


    ……………….cowardly crimmigrants


    …regardless of the fact that Merkel never even consulted the unfortunate lands that stood in the phoney refugees‘ path, before throwing open the borders of Germany and thus starting the crimmigrant stampede.

    Steinmeier’s SPD cares more about shutting down debate on the issue then helping beleaguered Germans…

    Hitler’s SPD Heirs – ‘Media Must Gag Critics of Crimmigration!’ ….

    …. and he himself entirely endorses her unfair and irresponsible agenda, demanding ‘a fair distribution of refugees.’

    Nobody forced the government in Berlin to open up their borders to this tsunami, so how come it’s ‘fair’ to unload them onto blameless neighbours like Poland or the Czech Republic?



    Those two countries, and many others nearby, remember all too well how ‘fair’  were Merkel and Steinmeier’s predecessors! 

    He hates it when people, or peoples, use their democratic rights to organise resistance to his various grand designs. He’s featured in our blog before, talking about the perils of his opponents using constitutional means-

    “We have got Eurosceptics getting together in parties, getting more public attention and while Europe is in a crisis that doesn’t make our work any easier,” he said…

    And Steinmeier is SO ignorant – the rise of Eurosceptic groups such as the UK Independence Party hampers the cooperation that has kept the continent at peace for decades...history has shown that when European countries do not have close relations, military conflict can arise..

    Dummkopf! Pinko German’s Amnesia on Poland 

    • —————As I said quite some time ago…
    • Well, we can remember when old Adolf decided he wanted closer relations with Poles and Czechs, and then Dutch, Belgians, French and others.
    • My Grandpa certainly remembered the Kaiser’s attempt, even if Herr Steinmeier chooses to forget!


    grandpa in France

    That’s Grandpa, on the right, of course!

    • jerry Jerman 20:43 on November 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      He does look and sound frightening. But Germans don’t get to vote for him, no popular vote at all, just as they do not have any right to a referendum, on anything.
      Germany has very little democracy that’s not under the control of party machines.And the press is not free.


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    Sticky-Beak Steinmeier Tells Yanks How To Vote! 

    A restful day is in order, after my first few beers last night since my return to Jakarta, and another wee session tomorrow, a send-off for one of the many foreigners who are leaving this dear city for the cold climate of Europe.

    But time to look in that direction, to Merkelstan…




    If you eagerly collaborate with the worst leader Western Europe has produced since Adolf Hitler, it might seem the height of hubris to be telling another country’s electorate whom to choose as their head of state.


    steinmeier-im-gespraech-mit-bundeskanzlerin-merkel- Steinmeier


    Yet that’s exactly what Mama Stasi Merkel’s Foreign Minister Steinmeier has had the gall to do, with his venomous attack on Donald Trump.

    This from the man, please note, who was not long ago flexing his arrogant muscles to demand ‘a fair distribution of refugees’  – the alien horde whom Merkel blithely summoned into Europe.

    Please remember too that nobody forced the government in Berlin to open up their borders to this tsunami…


    • merkel danger
    • —————–
    • Merkel did not consult her own electorate when she flouted even her EU-approved ‘asylum’ agreement, so it’s her problem, not France’s nor Denmark’s nor Poland’s, nor any other nation’s.
    • —————-
    • raperefs
    • ————————-
    • Yet her Socialist comrade castigated the citizens of all those other countries for their disinclination to unleash the ‘refugee’ pack on their wives and daughters.

    “We have got Eurosceptics getting together in parties, getting more public attention and while Europe is in a crisis that doesn’t make our work any easier,” he said…Dummkopf! Pinko German’s Amnesia on Poland 

    Now Steinmeier has declared he “is not neutral” on whether the Republican candidate is fit to occupy the Oval Office,” says his spokeswoman.

    • trump
    • “He is of the opinion that it is frightening, if you follow Trump’s remarks, what could become of this world if Trump actually became president,” she said.


    We already know what has become of Steinmeier’s OWN country thanks to his Fuhrerin!


    I am not uncritical of The Donald.

    But as with the Brexit campaign, given the alternative to a Trump presidency, I see no point in making waves, not the way that simpering Senator Collins has, or Klutz Kasich.

    If the alternative to DT is hoary old Hillary Clinton, squawking nightly in her quest to ensure fellatio becomes once more an aspect of White House life..


    • b2afe-freepussy


    …and corruption the essence of American government, I can see no other practical option except to hope Trump wins.

    On the fundamental issue of the border, he has given a commitment to build that wall, and to remove the crimmigrant horde from the USA.

    So no wonder Mama’s mouthy minion is beside himself, flouting every standard of diplomatic propriety, grossly intruding in a foreign power’s internal affairs.  



    • However, this is par for the EurocRat course.
    • They flagrantly took the side of Cameron’s clique in the Brexit vote, and Liar Juncker infamously railed against Herr Hofer in Austria’s presidential election (where a promising re-run is now under way!)

    I wonder if Obama’s Ambassador in Berlin has made representations to the German Foreign Office about this latest Steinmeier sticky-beaking?

    Probably not.

    And if by some miracle there were to be a diplomatic protest lodged against this latest display of the ‘Tomorrow Belongs To Me’ mind-set, Mama would coddle her snarly hit-man.

    No protection from insults or abuse for a popular candidate in a democratic ally.

    That sort of solidarity is only available to sectarian autocrats like Mama’s big pal Erdogan.

    ‘Merkel threw me to a despot’: German comedian fights back…

    As for Trump’s campaign, I doubt he’ll even notice Steinmeier’s slings and arrows – with the rotten American media slanting all their output against him, even making a fuss about a joke into a major issue for days, while Crooked Clinton…
    (let’s stop saying “Hillary’ – it’s sexist, this use of given names for women candidates but surnames for men…I almost said ‘Christian’ names, but I doubt she’s any more Christian than Obama, both intent on helping the gaystapo war down religious liberty -just read this linked story!

    …while Crooked Clinton, probably the most corrupt aspirant to the White House ever…

    Clinton Cash Clique, Campaigning for Crimmigrants! 

     … gets marginal attention, at best, to her manifold evils.

    She hardly needs a Steinmeier, who, unwittingly, paid The Donald a great compliment a week or so ago, likening the New Yorker to the best sort of British AND German patriots, saying he had much in common with “fear-mongers” in Germany’s right-wing populist AfD party as well as advocates of Britain’s exit from the EU.


    Good company to keep!

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    Mama Unleashes Apocalypse, Urges Others – “End Blame Games!” 

    apocalypse-30 Europe…end of days?


    If Europe does finally sink into a new Dark Age  – and it looks entirely possible these days – its last defenders will die cursing Angela Merkel, the sometime Communist Youth bint who invited an alien horde into the heart of Christendom.


    merkel   Traitor     –  totally bad

    mandy  Whore – not bad at all!


    • Germany has urged EU states to end blame games on the migrant crisis…

    Well, as a much less amoral woman, Mandy Rice-Davis, might have said –

    ‘She would, wouldn’t she?’  

    Nobody is as much to blame as Merkel for the madness that has smashed asunder the defences which the brave Hungarians strove to maintain.


    • steinmeier-im-gespraech-mit-bundeskanzlerin-merkel- Steinmeier

    ‘Ve care about European peoples..oooh, maybe about zis much!’


    Her flunkey, Steinmeier, now has the nerve to tell the other nations under the yoke of the EUSSR just to pipe down and follow orders.

    “Europe has no right to be divided [when] facing such a challenge..”

    A quaintly old-fashioned Teutonic vocabulary on display there, surely –

    ‘divided’ = ‘in disagreement mit Deutschand

    – just a little too scarily reminiscent of that exemplified during the years when his predecessor, Von Ribbentrop, was busily serving Papa Adolf, as diligently as this arrogant lackey serves Mama Merkel.

    Same with ‘rights!


    • merkel

    Mama, like Papa, decrees what other nations have the right to do! 

    And Steinmeier makes the parallel even clearer with his next apocalyptic warning.



    Do as Berlin says to do, or..

    “We won’t be able to fulfill our mission…”

    What ‘mission‘ might that be? 


    • Gary Enders 09:44 on September 8, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      She boasted about her ‘mission’ yesterday, that the invasion ‘will change Germany.’
      All that stasi training wasn’t wasted.


    • Ilse K 10:53 on December 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      You have been warning us against Merkel and her Lugenpresse for a long time and I marvel at how fine you say things.
      Thank you from all of us German people who want to save our country.
      We sincerely need a hero like Klaus von Stauffenberg to lead our resistance.


  • ross1948 22:51 on August 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Asylum’ Quotas – Will Cameron Buckle to Brussels Bullies? 


    Another go at quotas!

     That’s the threat from EuroCommissar Johannes Hahn, quoted today –  

    “We will have another go at quotas. I hope that in the light of the most recent developments now there is a readiness among all the 28 (member states) to agree on this,” he said.


    And if they don’t?

    Why should the UK, or Denmark, or Poland, for example, be punished for the folly of Merkel, who has rightly been denounced as a traitor by decent Germans for her schemes to allow no less than EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND aliens to latch onto benefit largesse this year alone!


    steinmeier-im-gespraech-mit-bundeskanzlerin-merkel- Steinmeier


    How dare her Foreign Minister, Steinmeier, demand ‘a fair distribution of refugees’  – nobody forced the government in Berlin to open up their borders to this tsunami.

    And no mistake, they are actively encouraging the influx, witness their unilateral abrogation of the agreement reached in Dublin to require wannabe ‘asylum’ bludgers to register in the land they arrive in.

    Sure, Dublin makes life tough on Italy and Greece, but the answer is not to hang the ‘asylum’ albatross round the necks of every other European nation.

    What’s needed is fast and furious repatriation. These economic migrants (a charitable description) should be given prompt U-turn orders and marched back aboard vessels to return them to Libya or Turkey, whose dereliction of border control duty has caused the nightmare.

    Yet Steinmeyer hates it when people, or peoples, use their democratic rights to oganise resistance to his various grand designs. He’s featured in our blog before, talking about the perils of his opponents using constitutional means-,“We have got Eurosceptics getting together in parties, getting more public attention and while Europe is in a crisis that doesn’t make our work any easier,” he said…

    Dummkopf! Pinko German’s Amnesia on Poland 

    Not one of the good Germans I write about below!

    Now he bleats that his ‘fair deal’ is needed to ensure support in countries taking in the bulk of migrants.


    • send-them-back
    • ==============
    • This reveals the truth, that support is in short supply, as more and more small cities and towns are exposed to the realty of primitives, unwanted barabarous people imposed on them by Merkel’s minions.

    Far from heeding her own people’s protests, the Communist-reared Red Angela shows her true authoritarian colours, arrogantly telling then that their ‘xenophobia’ (i.e. patriotism) will not be ‘tolerated!’

    Have you been to Germany?

    I have, from my hitch-hking teens to just before I came here to Jakarta, one joyous memory being a stroll trough the re-opened Brandenburg Gate, after East Germany was liberated from alien rule.


    The Germans were mostly most friendly to me, hospitable to foreigners who came to appreciate German customs, cuisine and way of life.

    The rabble pouring in now do neither.

    They may not all be sectarian primtives, but plenty are German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-PestSyrian Ingrates! 

    THAT’S what Germans are objecting to, ungrateful intolerant aliens, and this is patriotic indignation is what Merkel can’t ‘tolerate.’ 


    • Jackboot
    • ============
    • Intolerance is the badge of all her cultural marxist tribe.

    Next door, Austrians too are suffering, Vienna seeking to avoid public outrage…Vienna Dons Jackboots to Crush Austrian Resistance! by shuffling them off to Slovakia, where the regime is similarly indifferent to its own citizens’ feelings on the issue.Small Slovak Town Teaches Obameron A Democracy Lesson 

    Instead of emulating the Hungarians, who are taking serious, sensible action, the Austrian foreign minister, has denounced them for self-defence by individual measures and their own initiatives.

    By coincidence, as I type, I’ve got the BBC on again, my own peculiar form of masochism, and their 10pm news has some pinko on, interviewed by an uncritical slob who never confronts him once, as the guy whines that walls, fences etc. are the problem – if we didn’t try to stop them pouring in, they wouldn’t use smugglers!


    • HomeInvasion_DVDCover_Thumbnail__71142_zoomBBC EU flag
    • ================================
    • Right, just run up the white flag.

    If householders didn’t put locks on their doors, poor old house-breakers wouldn’t have to use force and violence, or damage the doors, to get in to rob and steal!

    Good grief!.


    “It won’t work and above all it threatens our European idea of having open borders and with that proper security at the EU’s outer borders.”

    Who wants open borders?

    Brits don’t. Caneron used to tell us he didn’t either, but now he’s bobbed down in his farcical ‘re-negotiation’ with Brussels, after they told him to play nice and just forget it.

    So what will he do in the face of that Merkel flunkey’s shrill demand for him to take part in the ‘fair deal,’ in solving a hideous problem created entirely by Merkel herself, the open door policy which has seen her country inundated?




    Going on past form, he will knuckle under.

    Instead of telling Merkel and Co. what he should tell them, to —

    keep-calm-and-shove-it-up-your-ass , Liebchen!


    Cameron will buckle to Brussels and let them allocate a ‘fair share’ of the frauds and fanatics to top up the number of disloyal savages already in the UK.

    Despite the murderous assaults aimed at Brits passing through Calias, he is still allowing any scumbag who oozes through the Chunnel to stay in Britain at vast cost to the public purse.

    Had he even a square inch of backbone, he’d be loading them up and shipping them out…


    …but everyone knows that’s not happening.



    • Chaz 07:27 on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Of course he will buckle, he always has. His renego is in tatters before it even gets going, He let Brussels take border control off the table as soon as they told him to. You are right, not a bit of of backbone to be seen.
      We can’t trust this man, even the Calais mob are let stay if they get across the Channel. What kind of message does that send to the rest of them.
      There’s to be a big demo next month if his police don’t ban it. I will be there, even though I have never demonstrated in my life. .
      We HAVE to do something.
      We owe it to our family members who held off invaders of Britain in the past but we mostly owe it to our children, if we want there to be a Britain for them to live in..


    • Matthias 08:07 on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      It is good you make us remember Angela Merkel was part of DDR apparat. This can explain her intolerance of dissent, so people should also remember the anti-Hitler resistance who were not silent as the country was in danger.
      In the Soviet Zone time, Germans had no choices, only to do what foreigners said they must. Now again it is happening, how to speak, think, wear clothes, no offending people who come from outside.
      Nie wieder, never again. Thank you for your friendly support.


    • Freda 11:43 on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      The Germans are protesting now but we need to make this Europe-wide, and that means in Britain too. Their fight is ours.
      The Merkel Mad Cow Disease has infected almost all government leaders.
      If they were in tune with their people and not with Brussels, and pushed the illegals back from our shores instead of giving them free navy transport, this terrible situation would never have happened.


    • Bill Grentz 14:15 on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      The truth is that Germany has made a fool of itself, hoist by its own petard, in the old saying. Merkel has a very great deal to answer for and now she thinks Cameron will help her out.
      The tragedy is, she’s probably right. He is not exactly working hard at expulsion of illegals.
      He is a liberal so can’t be relied on to put British interests first if there’s an external organisation he can bow to.


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