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  • ross1948 20:03 on September 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Turdo Turns The Tap Back On – More Mexican Crimmigration? 

    Up till 2009, an astounding number of ‘asylum’ parasites were pouring into Canada from Mexico, until Harper’s Tory Government turned off the tap by changing the rules.

    It worked.

    • illegalimmigrationimage


    Although plenty of other undesirables are still getting through, at least that lot got put in their place, which was, is, and always should be, OUTSIDE of Canada.

    Now, alas, just like his malignant, unlamented father, Justin Turdeau aims to foul up the Dominion anew, by re-opening the flood-gates.


    JustinTrudeau Turdo the Weirdo

    He has just promised to remove visa requirements for Mexican citizens coming to Canada.Trudeau Promises To Remove Visa Requirement For Mexican Citizens

    Amazingly, this folly is touted as a means to smooth relations with Mexico, as if Canada needs the goodwill of a country which can’t even control its own murderous mafia.

    Mexico is energetically exporting hundreds of thousands of undesirables into its neighbour, the USA, although to be fair, that outrageous tsunami is happening with the gleeful collaboration of the Anti-American Obama.

    Harper must make migration, in all its forms, a key issue.

    • Stephen-Harper-Biography-02 Harper
    • A policy similar to Australia’s might make sense, deportation for those convicted of all but the most minimal crimes.

    But he would have to be prepared to back it up with use of the ‘notwithstanding clause,’ otherwise the court clowns would use Turdo Senior’s Charter to thwart sensible moves.


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    Kicking Canada – Media Cover-Up on Crimmigrant ‘Captain’ Scandal? 

    It was all very odd, really, the worldwide media orchestration of that Bodrum drowning story, an outstanding example of selective indignation…




    …no similar ‘going-viral’ for horrors like the brutal gang-rape unpunished by Swedish authorities, or any of the other shocking crimmigrant stories…

    Robbery and Kidnap Now? Ingrate ‘Asylum’ Savages Amok in Sicily! 

    Crimmigrant Rape Gangs Get Green Light in Sweden

    German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates!

    …which should have ignited universal indignation against lunatic multicult migration policies.


    • turk-MMAP-md
    • ———————
    • And now we have another scandal, similarly ignored by much of the media!
    • Two Iraqi illegals who were on that boat out of Bodrum, on the Turkish coast, have told the world that the father who caused his own son’s death was no mere irresponsible crimmigrant, more concerned with getting at other countries’ welfare benefits than the safety of his own family, but the ‘captain’ of the boat that sank.

    It’s frankly astounding how little condemnation there has been of this man, whose deliberate choice illegally to leave a safe country, purely for perceived material advantage, led to the death of his son.

    You can read about the latest chapter here http://news.nationalpost.com/news/world/alan-kurdis-father-worked-with-human-smuggler-and-captained-boat-that-capsized-survivor-says  on the very reputable website of Canada’s National Post, but not on many other media sites.

    Why’s that, I wonder?

    Probably because Canada is in the throes of an election campaign, with two of the main parties gone overboard on the crimmigrant issue, ready to throw open the flood-gates to alien rabble, by throwing out a smart rule imposed by Harper’s Government to thwart fraudulent wannabe bludgers. The Liberals and NDP socialists are competing for the support of the horde of enemy aliens already constituting the Dominion’s Enemy Within.


    JustinTrudeau Liberal Leader Justin Turdeau

    And also because that same crimmigrant ‘captain’ has been snarling at Canada, perhaps – unusually for a crimmigrant – feeling a pang of conscience, after his greed caused his own child’s death, and now seeking to assuage his own shame by kicking capriciously at any handy target.

    Why on earth would Canada think fit to take him, since he and his family were already on safe soil in Turkey?


    What’s really bad, though, is how Justin Turdeau and Thomas Mulcair have latched onto the crisis to exploit as an election issue, grubbing for pro-crimmigrant votes.

  • ross1948 15:16 on June 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Mexigration – Canada’s Turdo Outdoing Obama? 

    If Canadians are actually listening to what Justin Trudeau says, then my concerns expressed earlier this week, that he has a chance of becoming Prime Minister, are surely being allayed.

    Kathleen Wynne truddownload Turdo – gaily galloping, Gadarene-Style


    But again, despite my patriotic prejudices, I have to acknowledge that American voters are neither more nor less attentive than Canucks to speechifying, and the former twice voted for The Manchurian.


    Mention of Obama brings me to the point of this post, the Mexican migration menace.


    • obama-illegal-immigration-policy
    • ————————–
    • The White House Charlatan is seriously toiling to maintain his standing as Worst President Ever, that news last week – about extending his crimmigrant amnesty to alien felons behind bars – surely unbeatable in terms of rank irresponsibility. Obama amnesty reaches illegals in prisons, jails …
    • ……………………….

    But Turdo Junior is striving manfully to outdo Obama, witness his demented declaration that if elected prime minister he would allow travellers from Mexico to come to Canada without a visa.


    As a bright gal named Candice Malcolm observes in the Sun, if Canada were to scrap the visa requirement for Mexican visitors, anyone from Mexico could simply show up at our doorstep without prior warning.


    • illegalimmigrationimage
    • ———————————————–
    • I do wonder if an irate Obama rang Turdo after that news, complaining that little Justin was pilfering parasites that he, Obama, had intended to cram into the USA.
    • Because for your average shiftless Mexican welfare bum, Canada has a lot to offer.

    Candice reminds us how, if foreign low-lifes can ooze into Ontario, their greedy snouts will instantly be afforded access to welfare and healthcare services above and beyond what most Canadians receive, including full dental coverage.


    • a22ee-snoutsintrough
    • …………………………….
    • And even in the other provinces, yummy benefits are on offer, not least to ‘asylum’ parasites who have never contributed anything to the Dominion. This aspect is relevant, as in 2008, nearly 10,000 Mexicans claimed to be refugees and asked Canada for asylum. About 90% of those asylum claimants from were eventually found to be bogus, requiring deportations on Canada’s dime.  http://www.torontosun.com/2015/06/26/mexican-visa-requirement-a-must .

    The article notes that in 2009 a visa was introduced, and by 2013 the number of Mexican asylum seekers went down to just 84, most of which were accepted as legitimate refugees.

    Maybe – Canadian immigration, in the past, let tons of garbage through – how did the Khadr tribe arrive, after all? And all those filthy Tamil ingrates?

    ‘Poor, Persecuted’Tamils? Out with Them, Canada! 


    • tamiltraffic
    • Toronto- ‘legitimate’ Tamil ‘refugees’ engage in mass havoc, to punish the land that took them in


    • But save that issue, who are ‘legitimate refugees,‘ for another day.
    • ——-
    • Trying to round up those 10,000 liars must have cost millions. With undesirable aliens, it’s not just sending out a cop or two to pick ’em up and chain ’em to an airplane seat.

    There’s an entire industry grown-up (since Turdo SENIOR’s time) consisting of agitprop outfits that fawn over alien intruders, and of vile lawyers who get sleek – but still slimy – from court/tribunal law-fare on behalf of such unwanted and unwelcome swine.

    Who pays them? NOT the swine! 

    Now there’s a thought.

    If Turdo opens the gates wide, and disables what defences Harper and Co. have managed to insert into Canadian immigration, if it becomes SO easy to gate-crash the country and batten on its resources, how are the legal lice going to bleed the tax-payers?



    http://www.torontosun.com/2015/06/26/mexican-visa-requirement-a-must .

    • bryan 09:12 on July 2, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Even if he had better ideas, he is so obviously a lightweight , not a fit and proper leader for a country that takes itself seriously


  • ross1948 11:28 on February 10, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Ontario's Yummy Pinko Jumps Ship – But Who Grieves For Eve's Exit? 

    It’s sad that in Ontario, that Canadian Province filled with happy memories, for me at least, the women in politics these days tend not to be the sort that might inspire me.


    • Kathleen Wynne truddownload

    Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, with Justin Turdeau at ‘gay’ knees-up


    • The Provincial Premier is not only a Liberal (political turn-off) but also a lesbian (enough said!) Some of the other females conspicuous in previous reports hold even less appeal.  

    Take this one (please take her, as far away as possible!)


    NDP Member of Provincial Parliament Cheri DiNovo Has Ontario Lost its Mind AND Its Freedoms? 


    But occasionally you get one gal who can fit into the RRA category of a ‘Yummy!’

    Like Eve Adams, the Conservative MP who has just baled out of the Tory Party, denouncing those with whom she’s worked and campaigned for some considerable time, insults galore, in the most abusive language!

    Ontario MP Eve Adams joins Liberals, calls Tories ‘fear-mongers and bullies’

    Not all conservatives are lovely (as my mirror confirms!)…and not all lovelies are conservatives.

    But it always helps when words flow from a form and face which make words interesting not only to hear but to watch as well.


    • eve adams3495_07688c7390
    • And Eve is a looker!
    • ———-
    • But suddenly she has quit the Conservative Party (which is only ‘conservative’ in the vaguest sense – less demented than Turdeau’s Grits) and signed up with those Liberals!
    • —————-
    • Fair enough – if the theory and practice of whatever passes for ideology among Stephen Harper’s flock no longer command her allegiance, she’s right (or left) to quit his ranks.
    • Stephen-Harper-Biography-02 PM Harper
    • And she’s quite right to do what those break-away Tory MPs in Britain did, when they switched to UKIP…

      Good Morning, Britannia! Awake At Last! Now On To Rochester! 

    • Resign the seat she holds (in Brampton) and fight a by-election under her new colours.
    • ——
    • 3c1b1-get_real_big


    • OOOOPS!
    • She’s not going to?
    • Scared stiff that too many voters are fully aware of her real reasons for giving aid and comfort to the enemy – and believe me, Turdeau and Co  are enemies to all that remains of decent Canada – to seek endorsement from the people who entrusted their votes to her last time round? 
    • Real reasons?
    • Canadian readers will know all about that, but for others, here’s a link –

    Tom’s take: Monday’s tawdry tale of ambition and betrayal

    No wonder Harper’s not waxing lachrymose at the loss of his lovely!


  • ross1948 10:13 on November 8, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    'The Zero-Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act' – Canada Tells It Like it Is! 

    Words decent Canadians – and not just Canadians – have waited for years to hear!

    No nauseating multicult manure from the current Canadian Government. We have a Parliamentary Bill officially designated The Zero-Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act!


    Chris Alexander

    Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Chris Alexander, explained: “Honour-based killings are nothing more than murders. We will be working through this bill to make sure such killings are considered the murders that we know them to be.”

    Hurray for Alexander, and Harper, who as PM must take credit too, for the title of this legislation, which identifies the primitive garbage brought into Canada by undesirable aliens as barbarism.


    Everyone disgusted by barbarism will also welcome new immigration rules designed to exclude polygamous savages from bringing their Dark Age customs to Canada. If it passes, it will exclude immigrants in polygamous or forced marriages, making it a crime punishable by up to five years in prison to even participate knowingly in a forced marriage or one involving an under aged person.


    • enemy-within
    • ——————-
    • Astonishingly, voices are already being raised against the outbreak of sanity, which, according to LSN, is responding to the notorious Shafia case, in which an Afghan immigrant teamed up with his second, polygamous wife and son, in 2012, to murder his two daughters for adopting “Western” values, along with his legal wife for supporting them.

    What’s not to like about civilisation fighting back?




    Deepa Mattoo, who works with the South Asian Legal Clinic in Ontario, produced a classic multicult whine.

    “This has no sensitivity to the feelings of certain communities already here in hundreds of thousands.”

    Sod that!

    If there are any communities, of any creed or colour, anywhere in Canada, so ‘sensitive’ that they’ll get into a fret about this bill, then tell them to get the hell out of the civilised world and retrace their steps to whatever sty they emerged from.

    They don’t belong.

    “It’s sad as hell. It is totally ‘othering’ of immigrants,” rails Ms. Mattoo.

    Well, no, it’s not! Immigrants from civilised countries ( and immigrants from uncivilised countries who wish to escape their homelands’  barbarism) will not be ‘othered.

    Others may be saddened that they cannot migrate to Canada without carrying vile nonsense in what passes for their minds – they can ease their grief easily – just GO HOME! 



    • Arnold 12:37 on November 8, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Thank God somebody sees these people for what they really are. ABC -Anything But Canadian.

      That Miss Mattoo should be ashamed of herself, going on about how we must be ‘sensitive’ to foreigners who say they want to live and work and be citizens here but still get upset about these barbaric (a better word I cannot think of ) rituals they should be glad to get away from.
      Like you say, if they wont disown filthy habits, there is no welcome mat for them in Canada.

      You have a good record here Ross, and it is good to read that the Harper Government is now saying the same things and acting on them,


    • Vojo 10:41 on November 10, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I agree with you again, Ross, this is a law a long time coming! Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are finally recognizing that multiculturalism is flawed: not all cultures are inherently equal as multiculturalism would have it.

      Instead of watering down multiculturalism we should perhaps totally review it and consider getting rid of this destructive creed, if that’s what it is.


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