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  • ross1948 20:56 on May 13, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘2000 MULES’ – A Box Office Hit? 

    Great to see that movie we plugged a few days ago is bringing in the crowds…

    If You Trust The Media, Ignore This! 


    …especially since so many media don’t want serious discussion of the issue!

     2000 Mules,” a new film by conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza, grossed over $1 million in its first 12 hours of online streaming over the weekend.

    The numbers are “good enough to put ‘2000 Mules’ in the estimated box office top ten for the weekend of May 6th to May 8th,” said the video platform Rumble in a statement. The movie documents claims of egregious election fraud during the 2020 presidential election



    One of my regular commenters said this week that I have got into the bad habit of just reposting stuff from other people’s sites.

    Guilty as charged!

    It’s just that I do have a life outside of the bloggosphere and occasionally it demands my attention.




    So I try to make sure my several hundred registered followers have something interesting, enraging or uplifting, to read when they wake up in the morning.



    But never fear, I pay heed to comments and will do my best to inform and entertain

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    Movie This Sunday? Zuckwit Exposed! 

    We did say Zuckwit went off to cause trouble elsewhere…

    …but now it’s your chance to see how much trouble he had already caused..

    What if the 2020 election was “rigged” in plain sight and through entirely legal means using $400 million dollars from Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan through the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI)?


    It’s not a freebie, but not expensive either.

    Bound to be worth watching!


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    Stop The Steal? Demand An Audit! 

    Given the very disturbing results of the Arizona investitation……..



    Multi-State Voter Fraud

    SIGN -> Demand An Unbiased Vote Audit!

    Discovered: countless dead people voted, untold hordes of Illegal Aliens

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    Which ‘Fixed’ Election Does Guardian Hack Mean? 

    The Guardian’s far-left attack-dog Simon Tisdall makes no effort to hide his hatred of Marine Le Pen and her patriot party…

    Contributor image for: Simon Tisdall

    The presidential election is his to lose. But the divisive forces of the far-right are on the march in a struggle that will resonate across Europe

    ‘Divisive?’ That’s the left’s buzz-word for anyone who won’t roll over, or kneel!

    Further down his diatribe he uses a variety of ugly pejoratives, but we don’t expect fair and balanced coverage from the leftist likes of  him.

    But if he’s going to refer to other countries’ ‘fixed’ elections, shouldn’t he at least give even one example?

    Was he thinkng of the Arizona revelations last month?


    Maricopa County audit flags 57k+ ballot issues in a state Biden won by fewer than 11k votes | 


    One day the whole truth will come out…

    …a day of reckoning indeed.

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    Did Biden Win? An Appeal To Our USA Readers! 

    I didn’t watch the tax-funded Australian propaganda channel’s ‘Big Lie’ garbage…


    Ready For Oz Tax-Funded Trumpophobic Hit-Job? 

    …but here’s more news  on that front…

    The Arizona Attorney General’s Office has determined that the County Board is in direct violation of State Law by failing to comply in this manner!

    If they don’t change course, the Board could lose up to $70 million in funding… Are they really going to give up TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars in order to keep Arizona, America and the world in the dark about the potential digital manipulation of our elections?!

    How about they instead stop withholding key information from the Audit Team, and stop their delay tactics and gaslighting!

    Help us send that message today – we demand they stop this obstruction ASAP!

    Thank you for staying in the loop…
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    The DC Aftermath – UK Pravda Outdoes Itself. 

     The BBC coverage of Belarus has been overtly sympathetic to the protesters, although no court in Belarus has been willing to hear evidence of electoral malpractice.


    The BBC coverage of the explosion of righteous anger in Washington DC has been uniformly hostile, even with ‘sombre mood music’ laid on while Biden, Plastic Pelosi…



    …Schumer and even VP Pence were talking.

    Uniformly hostile, and also littered with lies, such as that no evidence of electoral malpractice has been produced.




    The United States Supreme Court has cowered away from its duty to examine evidence, instead telling anyone still listening that even requests for intervention from, what was it, no less than twenty state attorney generals…



    …that they ‘lack standing’ to present evidence, to call for a fair hearing.

    That’s not justice but cowardice.

    Earlier today I tuned in briefly to America’s equivalent of the BBC…


    …and viewed Tweedledum aka Kermit aka Fredo frothing hypocritically about ‘violence….’ 

    Story image for chris cuomo antifa from RealClearPolitics

    Kermit Cuomo



    CNN – So Cuomo’s OK With Stoning US Troops?!? 

    CNN’s Chris Cuomo Defends Antifa: Attacks On Police, Journalists

    …with Tweedledee…

    CNN’s Far-Left Lemon Wants To ‘De-Program’ Voters He Dislikes! 

    Don Lemon at the 2018 Pulitzer Prizes.jpg

    “F*** White People!” But We Don’t Know If It’s Hate Crime? 

    …the Bitter Lemon, ranting about hate whilst looking as if he might have had a tiff last night with that other ‘man’ with whom he regularly has sex.


    But then to BBC’s Karin Giannone, about 4pm Jakarta time, harmonising with a Democrat, a flunkey named Amy Pope.  

    Poor Amy was fed so many lines….’incited by Trump’….’unfounded claims’…by Giannone…


    .TFPC Tarts, Not All Ugly As Emma, But Just As Biased

    ….yabba yabba yabba…

    ….that the American must have wondered why she had been invited, if her only purpose was to nod and agree with UK Pravda’s Trumpophobic blonde.

    Yet Amy did get in a demand that every senator and congressman must bow down and stop arguing!



    BBC’s K.G. then had a lovely chat with a nasty nonentity named Erik Ham, no pro-Trumper he, a far-leftist who took the opportunity to brand the President as an ‘Enemy of the State…’



    ….but admitted that the crowd who’d caught the world’s attention were ‘protesters without any weapons.’  

    He was criticising the legislature’s security but unintentionally refuting another, earlier, BBC lie, that an ‘armed mob’ was involved.


    Oh, and a final brief memo to Mike Pence, who said today that ‘violence never wins.’

    Oh yeah? 

    How come the communist BLM bitches are now starring in BBC specials, and making deals with Big Media?

    New Warner Bros Star? BLM’s Trained Marxist! 

    How come that racist far-left movement gets onto the cover of Vogue…

    BBC Delirious Over Vogue’s Exaltation Of Red Vermin! 

    …and how come Big Biz is pouring millions into compulsory ‘critical race theory’ brainwash programmes?

    Violence doesn’t win?’


    PS It got worse, a dumpy BBC cow came on after KG, with a real Republican lady named Jan and an greasy looking Dem.’ Dumpy constantly interrupted the Republican lady whenever she began to reply to the loaded questions. Rude to Jan but crawled to Greasy. Then after Dumpy, there was Lucy ;The Leftist’ Hopkins at 6pm, with some creepy ex-Ambassador insulting Trump, now with a raucous Australian geezer named Robertson, in Oxford, encouraging to do the same. Lousy Lucy kept blatting the UK Pravda line, ‘no evidence.’ etc . Now she’s got that little pinko Mariana Spring, also in Oxford, rabbiting about QANON. She needs to be investigated.
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    Fire The Walmart Weasel! 

    I don’t use Twitter, partly due to its boss, Dirty Dorsey….

    …and his dishonourable censorship policies.

    So I’m genuinely puzzled about how anyone can ‘mistakenly’ post a tweet?

    Walmart need to explain their absurd ‘apology!’

    It was a crystal-clear insult to Senator Hawley, a patriot we have praised before…..

    Hurray For Hawley! Fighting Geekstapo Censors! 

    ….who, seemingly alone among the 100 United States Senators…


    …is bravely standing up for Stop the Steal!

    Protest and Boycott Walmart 

    This is hardly the first time it has shown its true subversive colours!

    Was their ‘social member team member’ drunk?

    Not wearing his or her contact lenses?

    The tweet published earlier was mistakenly posted by a member of our social media team. We deleted the post and have no intention of commenting on the subject of certifying the electoral college. We apologize to Senator Hawley for this error and any confusion about our position.



    Gimme a break!

    It was deliberately posted, a message meant to be nasty, and whoever posted it is a committed leftist, who needs to be identified and dismissed…

     …and failure to do so means Walmart has decided to preserve the rotten apple in its big-biz barrel!

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    ‘Unsubstantiated?’ BBC Hacks With Nelson’s Eyes! 

    Without evidence?’



    Have you watched those videos, of people, to all intents and purposes perfectly normal people, ordinary citizens with stories of highly suspicious…



    …if not downright dishonest goings-on in respect of votes, or maybe ‘votes,’ that have made or could make, a difference in the USA’s election.


    If you have watched them, good.

    But it won’t have been on UK Pravda!



    Consider their ways!

    • Late on election night, many swing states stopped counting ballots. Observers were then removed from the counting facilities and counting CONTINUED without the observers
    • Statistically abnormal vote counts were the new normal when counting resumed. They were unusually large in size (hundreds of thousands) and had an unusually high (90 percent and above) Biden-to-Trump ratio.
    • Late arriving ballots were counted. In Pennsylvania, 23,000 absentee ballots have IMPOSSIBLE postal return dates and another 86,000 have such extraordinary return dates they raise serious questions
    • The failure to match signatures on mail-in ballots. The destruction of mail-in ballot envelopes, which must contain signatures
    • Historically low absentee ballot rejection rates despite the massive expansion of mail voting.
    • Missing votes. In Delaware County, Pennsylvania, 50,000 votes held on 47 USB cards are missing.
    • 20,312 people who no longer met residency requirements cast ballots in Georgia. Biden’s margin is 12,670 votes.
    • Invalid residential addresses. Record numbers of dead people voting. Ballots in pristine condition without creases, that is, they had not been mailed in envelopes as required by law.
    • In Georgia, Biden overtook Trump with 89 percent of the votes counted. For the next 53 batches of votes counted, Biden led Trump by the same exact 50.05 to 49.95 percent margin in every single batch
    • …..
    • NB – the BBC and other left media are headlinng the US Supreme Court’s refusal to consider the request by Texas to invalidate election result in four other states.
    • It is important to note that the ruling was NOT about the facts of the case but on the grounds that Texas did not have legal standing to bring the case.
    • UK Pravda’s woman in Washington, a bint named Nomia Iqbal, whom we have had cause to mention before….

      Debates! BBC’s Iqbal Claims, Without Evidence…. 

       …decided she knew better than two dissenting justices, dismissing their austere dissenting opinions as ‘quirky.’
    • .
    • Nomia Iqbal


    • I’m sure Justices Alito and Thomas will now go back to law school so they can iron out any quirkiness in their understanding of constitutional law!
    • Or they could just call in Comrade Iqbal as a private tutor!
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    Brussels Meddlers Out To Thwart ‘Stop The Steal?’ 

    That old bag Merkel has a notorious record of meddling…

    Fuhrerin Merkel Sticks Nose into France, Jackboot into Greece

    …and we know that her comrade-commissars who run the Brussels Empire believe they too have a collective right to dictate the affairs of sovereign nations, not just within their ‘European Project,’ but in Third World countries, like Indonesia…


    David Cameron shamed Britain by having his flunkey here prattle at Indonesians on behalf of Brussels ‘safeguard scum’ policy? UK’s JakartaRep Frantic to Save Terrorist Skins -A Neo-Colonialist Par Excellence!  


    …where I’m writing this on a sunny Jakarta afternoon..

    But to seek to swing the disputed US election is their most brazen move yet!


    ‘‘US president-elect Joe Biden’  – as the EU Observer wrongly calls him  – with EUSSR notables, including the Polish Turn-Coat Tusk


    EU leaders and officials have congratulated Joe Biden on his victory in US elections, in what looked like a coordinated effort to stop outgoing president Donald Trump from challenging the result. 

    The Irish and Lithuanian leaders led the way….


    How dare those Euro-Commissars undertake any such ‘effort’ to help the Big Tech-Media-Democrat Party…Geekstapo Ban ‘Stop The Steal’……while American patriots are still valiantly struggling to challenge voter fraud?

    As to Lithuania’s motives, who knows?

    But “Ireland’s?”

    ( by which they mean Eire – ‘Ireland’ is a geographical expression, not a country!

    Blood-Beast’s Buddy Biden Set To Seize Power?

    We know what’s going on there!

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    Geekstapo Ban ‘Stop The Steal’ – Fight Back! 

    When the enemies of free speech openly show their partisan Democrat Party True Colours…



    …by getting the geekstapo to ban resistance on Facebook and Twitter, the very least I can do is find a link for those interested in the fightback.

    Here you are!





    Voters across America — especially in Arizona — are finding that their vote was cancelled. ACU is tracking cases where voters had their vote stolen so we can #StopTheSteal.

    Has your vote been cancelled? Contact us!

    • Andy Bell 20:46 on November 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      We need all the help we can get, with Big Tech endorsing the Biden camp and their lies about there being ‘no evidence’ of election violations.


    • Barb Cassaln 08:53 on November 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      It’s so bad what these Twitter and Facebook censors are doing.
      Hushing up serious allegations of voter fraud is NOT acceptable in any democracy.
      The media are now calling Biden “President-Elect.’
      Nobody is President Elect until the Electoral College says so.
      Another big lie.


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