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    Brit Street-Parties Or Nuremberg Rallies? 

    As patriots across the UK gear up for their local weekend Brexit street-parties…

    June 18/19 – Brexit Street-Parties – As Mandy Sings On! 

    …a nauseating pinko jerkess named Dawn Foster has emitted a geyser of verbal diarrhoea  – an attack on…yes, you guessed it, street-parties!


    Would you invite THAT to YOUR street party?


    The rant was directed at the Queen’s Birthday last weekend but clearly she’ll go even nuttier at Brexit gigs.

    It was published, almost needless to say, in that grottiest of left-lib rags, the Guardian. I missed it last week but now I’ve caught up with its spittle-flecked drivel’

    So I give you an extract or two from Desperate Dawn’s diatribe, which denounces last week’s little local celebrations of the HM’s 90th Birthday as no less than…

     ‘a front for a middle-class nationalism…’


    Subversive monarch incites dangerous nationalist partisans
    •  The cretinous cow’s piece was headed – 
    ‘The Queen’s birthday has unleashed a pernicious new patriotism’
    as if Freaky Foster, who I’ll bet is herself as middle-class as they come, somehow had any interest in some mysterious ‘old patriotism!’
    Her sort of decadents always despise and denigrate those who have and show pride in their country.
    Reading on, methinks she’s arguably got a chance of pleading insanity – somehow having a cake and a fizzy drink with your neighbours celebrates the cruelty of austerity…’
    Indeed, it gets more and more delusional, driven perhaps by some trauma the wretched creature suffered in childhood.
    Nationalism now has two faces: that of the far right, signified by a certain sort of caricature of a football supporter and England flags, and now the middle-class right, posh enough to wear chinos while raising a glass to “her maj” in front of a Union Jack.
    The two aren’t entirely separate: the former is openly racist, the latter a frequent apologist for the British empire.
    Well, in fact, the British Empire was a force for good.
    But even were it not, what fizzy drinks and cakes have to do with the issue is beyond me.
    And you, probably.
    But such is the calibre of the Guardian editor that Freaky gets acres of newsprint to spew her demented crap in all directions!
    And this despite, or is it because of, the wally’s inability to express herself in plain English, which used to be a requirement for journos.
    Get a load of this gibberish as she tries again to define street parties –  these performative pastiches of community.
    Like, what?
    But it’s her hatred of patriotism that blazes most brightly.
    When people refer to the “blitz spirit” and say we should heed lessons from how Britain used to be, they usually mean two things: when it comes to austerity, suck it up; and Britain was better when it more resembled a monoculture.’
    Well, ‘austerity?’
    Her Guardian pay-masters are fanatic pro-Brussels propagandists, and if the UK is facing ‘austerity,’ saving the billions leeched by the EuroCommissars might help.
    And it goes without saying that of course a homogeneous society coerced into becoming multicultural is going to be worse than it was when it was homogeneous.
    And it was coercion.
    Nobody ever gave Brits a referendum on whether or how their monoculture should be demolished.
    Here’s another chunk of vomit. 
    Its practitioners have a tendency to suggest people have been too harsh when criticising our colonial history. Several years ago they would have been laughed out of the building…
    That gives us some insight into the intolerance that’s the essence of Freaky Foster.
    Anyone who dissents from her cultural marxist distaste for Britain’s glorious achievements is not to be treated with respect, offered reasoned criticism, or debated, but instead mocked, jeered and hounded.  
    What a rotten little bitch she is!
    Perfect school bully material.
    And that’s a possible explanation for her animosity towards folks sitting down to relish a big day in their nation’s history.
    Perhaps street parties with trusted friends and neighbours are the only place they nowadays feel free to say what they think about the crimes committed against their country by the Enemy Within, of which this woman is such an archetypal example. .
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    June 18/19 – Brexit Street-Parties – As Mandy Sings On! 

    No sooner do we post on UKIP’s singing star

    International Women’s Day Music – Mandy Boylett, Roro Fitriah, Dolly Parton! 

    than she releases another song!



    ‘Lets Start the Party!”

    Her pro-liberty lyrics are brilliantly timed as a prelude to this weekend’s Freedom Festival, when Brexit street parties are being held all over the UK.

    From leave EU- 

    A classic British street party on one of the final days before a vote that promises to change the course of British history – what could be more delightful? 

    There are only eleven momentous days to go before we charge to the polling stations.

    And with a handy weekend breaking up that period we at Leave.EU encourage you all to make the most of it, by organising your own street or garden parties throughout the country.


    If you would like to organise your own Leave.EU Street Party, please respond with the following details:

    Location of party:
    Start Time:

    Email: action@leave.eu or tag us @leaveEUofficial #LeaveEU

    We look forward to hearing from your area.

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