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  • ross1948 08:53 on September 30, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Unrest in Indonesia – The BIG Issue? 

    Having lived in Jakarta or thereabouts for more than two decades, I have come to love the city, despite it’s frustrations, notably the traffic…



    ..but I still use public transport, which has certainly improved over the years…



    …with the TransJakarta buses a big improvement on those old kopajas.

    The bonus from using buses is that I get to talk to lots of local people and often see the same folks on the same buses they use every day to work or college.

    One such is an undergrad guy, who likes to talk politics.

    He used to say he was only interested in the subject academically, but he was impressed that I had once been a student anti-communist activist.

    Like most Indonesians, he understands how evil communism is.

    However, this month has changed him.

    He just told me today that he had joined the turbulent demo last week!


    Because he likes freedom.

    Much media coverage has concerned the benighted moves to jail those ‘guilty’ of extra-marital sex…

    …which has been happening for thousands of years in every country but seems to get uptight old (and younger) windbags here terribly steamed up.


    Especially when they’re caught!

    Far worse, in my view, is the ‘blasphemy’ nonsense – various Western media have mentioned this as a cause of the rowdy unrest, but I cannot pin-point any specific alteration planned.

    As if the law were not already quite oppressive enough, as shown by the imprisonment of Jakarta’s best-ever governor, Ahok, two years ago, merely for quoting a verse.



    Slouching Towards Shariah, Indonesia Jails Ahok

    Some malevolents even wanted to have him executed!

    There’s also an imbecilic clause about insulting the head of state.

    And there are issues about the campaign against corruption, which is at least as offensive to decent people as the Brussels/Strasbourg rip-offs are to the subjects of the EUSSR…..

    “I’m Interested In…”“Oh No You’re Not,” Say Strasbourg Slugs! 


    Brussels Lush Again – Your Taxes Pay For This Bum’s Booze! 

    …which are not oftimes reported here, although local scandals are!

    Beef Scandal – Islamist Fanatic Luthfi Jailed ‘Till the Cows Come Home!’ 

    I offer you a link with more details on the demo and the reasons.


    So which did my commuter-pal object to most?

    Not the so-called ban on ‘free-sex’ – ‘but you foreigners must beware,’ he laughed!

    Nor the ‘blasphemy’ blather. ‘It will make no difference,’ he said, ‘Ahok never blasphemed but they jailed him anyway!’

    Nor even the corruption issue. With a ruling class like ours, he shook his head sadly, corruption will never end.


    My bus buddy wants to be free to insult heads of state.



    Not that he especially dislikes President Jokowi  – in fact he says the incumbent is ‘not a bad guy.’

    But he savours what he reads about life in the West, where EVERYBODY insults every politician every day!


    If They Were Your Daughters? Merkel’s Never-Ending Evil 

    And with good reason, I had to admit!







    • JazPen 11:18 on September 30, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      A fair summary but I have to hand it to you, Ross, you manage to hammer away at your preffered targets of every kind even when talking about here.

      I hear the traffic is turning bad again today because of students doing their demos again.
      You staying home?


      • ross1948 14:34 on September 30, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        I wish I had stayed home, JazPen. I got another book from that little shop in Pasar Festival, and eventually got the 6A to change at Monas. We passed through Sarinah, a stop there, then at Bank Indonesia were told it was going no further and we had to return to Sarinah.
        Clever, ya?
        From Sarinah, we had a long and winding mystery tour via Cideng’s back streets then instead of going down to Grogol via Tomang, we all got taken back to Harmoni, which we passed without stopping and took the route past RS Sundel Bolong!
        Capek dech!


    • Wulan 15:12 on September 30, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Oh Ross, you make me laugh when you say RS Sundel Bolong.
      The halte busway name is RS Sumber Waras.
      The sundelbolong is a dangerous ghost with a hole in her back.
      But you know that, ya, very funny hehehe. I laugh like kuntilanak.


  • ross1948 21:30 on December 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Parisian Piglets And Other Gallic Brats! 

    I haven’t yet commented on the Yellow Vest phenomenon, simply because I’m observing its development.

    Obviously it would be tres bon to see Le Muppet ousted…

    macron bankerUntitled-23


    …but at the same time, it looks like Antifa Red Nazis have attached themselves to respectable protesters and are out to injure or even kill cops doing their duty.




    However, the BBC last night featured spoilt brats, whom it described as ‘students’ – though its full report revealed the young louts were merely schoolchildren!

    Spoilt brats, ’striking,’ ’blockading’ their schools, and even setting up road-blocks!

    AND burning cars, for God’s sake!

    Seven teenagers were arrested after riot police were called to the Jean-Pierre Timbaud high school in Aubervilliers in the northern Paris suburbs where a car was overturned and bins were set alight.


    And what sort of penalties will be imposed?

    We know French courts are often weak and gutless.

     In France, As In America, Judges Betray Their Country 

    Enough is enough.

    Those squealing Aussie piglets we wrote about a few days ago…

    Brats Demonstrate…Their Ill-Disciplined Irresponsibility! 

    ….seem to have gone unpunished for their truancy. France should show more sense.

    If these callow clowns refuse to attend their classes, and use the time that such indiscipline affords them to engage in lawless mayhem, they should be at once expelled  – and prevented ever sitting any exam for academic qualifications.

    • Jeanne 22:20 on December 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Macron has bowed to the protest people. So there is no reason for more violence. If there is more trouble on our streets, we will know it is the left gangsters as you say.
      I agree with you, the children who participated in breaking laws must be punished by exclusion from the schools they blockaded.
      They do not deserve free education and it is better they are put to work on repairing and cleaning the communities that have been damaged.


  • ross1948 08:18 on June 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Racist Tantrums At Evergeen College – Expel The Brats! 

    Yeah, a visitor on the way here, so must get some strong black covfefe down my throat…


    Switching from my usual brand in solidarity with The Donald!


    …then scan the news for today’s brunchtime bloggery.

    So how about this?

    This mob, of approximately 200 students, was then allowed to take control of the campus, after the administration ordered campus police to stand down..

    That’s part of an excellent article in spiked.com, which I noticed today and it is appalling to read what happened in a place called Evergreen State College, in Washington ( the state, not DC) in the USA.

    You can read it for yourselves here. http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/bret-weinstein-and-the-cowardice-of-college-leaders/



    Or just watch the video!

    Evergreen State College Students Demand Professor Leave Campus On No White People Day, He Refused


    But the questions that occur to me are –

    A  – does this dump get federal funding, and if so when will it be cut off?


    B – has the dump got any admission standards at all, and if so, when will they be raised, to exclude cretinous hooligans incapable of debate (‘This is not a discussion,’ the rabble ranted) who seek to impose educational apartheid in the 21st Century?


    • Mort 00:14 on June 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I like the way you time your publication of posts, Ross, burning the midnight oil. Do you schedule them in advance or stay up late? Whichever it is, it is ideal time for me to look through what you have produced, as i always take an hour about now to read the news..
      This is a shocking case and the ‘brats’ should be expelled.
      Even so, it’s older brats too who need to be removed from this college, a whole raft of academics demanding an investigation, not of the sub-standard students but of that poor liberal professor who so unusually cares about principles. Here’s the link to bring you up to date on the situation.


    • Larry Schneider 12:13 on July 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Hey there, have you seen the new news from that Evergreen kindercollege?
      I’m sending you a link.There’s some very sick puppies managed to enrol in that place, and they won’t get healthy while the bums in charge are still in charge.
      But the state where its located, Washington, is a very mentally unhealthy place, maybe because its up there near Canada.
      I was reading about Turdeau and his plans to reward the terrorist Khadr for murdering one of our American soldiers. What is wrong with Canadians that they put a man like that in as prime minister?
      I know, we had Obama in for eight years, so i should not criticize Canada..
      Even so, we got a good President now, so I hope the Canadians will follow our example.
      You have a nice day.


  • ross1948 16:46 on February 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Java Killjoys Ban Valentines! Why? ‘Non-Compliance!’ 

    Told you so!

    Less than 24 hours ago, we posted on the cultural marxist war on Valentines in the USA. We mentioned the annual killjoy-fest here in Indonesia…

    Valentine Wars Back Again – But Not Just in Indonesia! 

    ..and sure enough, an uptight eruption has just been reported from the fine city of Malang, East Java!

    Metrotvnews.com tells us that Malang’s Education Department has issued a diktat prohibiting students from elementary to secondary level from celebrating the festival of love next week.

    The ban is contained in the Circular (SE) Number 421.3 / 0452 / 35.73.307 / 2016 – but the reasoning is as laugh-provoking as some of the cards on sale in every city mall. Valentines do not comply with the moral values, religion, and culture of the Indonesian nation, both inside and outside the school.

    NB – so not only are these wowsers out to fatwa in-school activities, but they seem to think they can dictate what kids do at home or out on the town.

    And how blatantly sectarian – Valentine, as a Christian saint, may be unpalatable to fanatic Muslims – though not to normal Muslims who know it’s just a bit of fun.

    ‘Reject Valentine Day’s Heathen Culture!’


    But this decree applies to all schools, not just Islamic ones. Who do they think they are, these sticky-beak bureaucrats?

    With sublime arrogance, the letter also advises parents to keep an eye on sons and daughters not to do negative things that can harm themselves.

    Yeah, right – as if normal mums and dads neglect that duty any day of their lives! 

    “We hope the schools actively monitor their students,” said Head of Education Department, Zubaidah.

    She’d have done well in the Stasi!

    Zubaidah with the Diktat!


    And she’s a vindictive old besom (I say ‘old’ but those awful head-scarves do tend to make women look older than they really are!)

     Zubaidah also asked schools to impose sanctions if their students are caught celebrating Valentine’s Day. http://jatim.metrotvnews.com/read/2016/02/06/480439/pemerintah-malang-larang-siswa-rayakan-valentine

    What a mean woman!

  • ross1948 22:33 on November 8, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Minnesota Morons – Expel These Academic Ignoramuses! 

    We have covered moronism in academia in various countries. Here’s this week’s example.


    …anti-Israel extremists stormed into a lecture at the University of Minnesota in a disgusting display of academic bigotry against Israelis. 
    Israeli scholar Moshe Halbertal, a professor at both New York University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, was scheduled to give a presentation on the ethics of war. He helped write the Israel Defense Forces’ code of ethics and is a well-respected academic.
    Protesters systematically stood up one by one and repeatedly yelled anti-Israel slogans for over half an hour. When someone was removed from the hall by university police, another started chanting, making it impossible for Halbertal’s talk to proceed. The police were eventually forced to lock the doors to prevent more protests.
    Protesters even called for the annihilation of Israel — chanting “from sea to sea, Palestine will be free” — a reference to the creation of a Palestinian state across all of Israel and the murder or expulsion of over six million Jews.
    The University of Minnesota cannot allow such hate-filled demonstrations to take place on its campus.
    Thank you for your support.
  • ross1948 22:46 on May 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Will Brussels Shrill for the Butchers of That Bengali Blogger? 

    Another innocent blogger has been brutally murdered by filthy savages.
    Third atheist blogger killed in Bangladesh knife attack
    This killing comes only a month or so after the previous such vile violence.
    That previous cowardly murder was carried out, allegedly, ludicrously, by swine described as ‘religious students’ in many media, on whose behalf the EUSSR may soon be bleating.
    Note that familiar blend of vacuity and evil in their faces
    It seems those two admitted their guilt. 
    Their victim apparently sent them into tantrum mode by criticising Islam.

    Washiqur Rahman…was apparently targeted for his writings about Islam….he opposed what he called irrational religious belief…

    Rahman had apparently expressed solidarity on Facebook with Avijit Roy, the Bangladeshi-American blogger who was hacked to death Feb. 27 in Dhaka for “crime[s] against Islam.”   

    Bangladeshi Blogger Hacked To Death; 2 Students Arrested

    I have yet to hear any sane person – several savages, yes but no sane, civilised human being – argue that criticising ANY religion should be grounds for murder.
    Nor should it be in any way a punishable offence.
    But leave that aside for now,
    In Bangladesh, vile murder of this sort still means that any sectarian pigs convicted could be, rightly, put to death.
    Of course there’s no guarantee of that, unfortunately, as some of the security forces are infected with the poisonous ideology that motivated the scum in the photo.  
    Rafida Ahmed, the injured wife of the slain blogger Roy, recently accused elements of the local police of standing by idly while her husband was butchered. “While Avijit and I were being ruthlessly attacked, the local police stood close by and did not act.”   http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/worldviews/wp/2015/03/30/islamists-hack-another-blogger-to-death-in-bangladesh/
    Unpleasant echoes of that case in Afghanistan Farkhunda – Mob Murder Bigots To Hang – Despite Brussels’ Objections!   and also the Cikeusik Pogrom, here in Indonesia, when cops stood aside and let Sunni savages martyr three innocent Ahmadis.  http://www.liveleak.com/view?
    However, we shall see.
    But what about David Cameron?oEUSSR-Flag


    What is not in doubt, alas, is that if any vile terrorist is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to have slaughtered any innocent person, in Bengal or anywhere in the world, and is sentenced to the right and proper penalty, then David Cameron will order his Foreign Office flunkeys to fan out to save them.



    He is a sicko of course, but he will himself be acting on the orders of sicko degenerates in Brussels, who – as always –  will be up there on the world stage, hysterically seeking to save the swine’s skin.

    The EUSSR never met a condemned killer it didn’t want to save.

    • Mick Arness 12:13 on May 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      They are opposed to capital punishment but are total hypocrites about what volume they protest at.
      Bali Bombers, VERY quiet, but the drug-smugglers, much noisier.


  • ross1948 00:34 on May 3, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Ayo, Indonesia – Boikot Swinburne, Kecuali Si Bego Dipecat! 

    I see a media storm is breaking over that overbearing ass in Melbourne. 


    •   University of Swinburne’s Dr. Julian Oldmeadow


    No wonder – it’s been much of the day since I heard of his infantile tantrum and I’m still simmering. His bullying of young students will fuel the xenophobes in Indonesia, who never need much fuelling, but still welcome new opportunities to exacerbate tensions.

    It’s easy to bark back at the clown Oldmeadow. All bloggers bark, but how about some PRACTICAL steps in response?

    So I’ve been thinking.

    Having read what he surely doesn’t believe anyone will see as a meaningful apology – it’s riddled with an evidently engrained determination to push his own prejudice down everyone else’s throat – it seems to me that his employers should be faced with a clear choice.

    Stop trying to get their paws on the big bucks they earn by recruitment of Indonesian students …


    Show Swinburne is serious about welcoming young people from this rather nice country by dismissing the bully and hiring somebody more tolerant of other points of view.

    So how about sending them a message? Email contacts galore here- http://www.swinburne.edu.au/contacts-campuses/contact/

    Just say what you think of Oldmeadow, tell them they should fire the fool, and advise them that Indonesians do not enrol in foreign colleges to be treated like lepers by jumped-up babblers.


    Not that Swinburne is the only culprit.

    One of my commenters has brought my attention to the Australian Catholic University’s sudden establishment of ‘scholarships,’ to honour the dead drug-smugglers. Surely a novel concept of ‘martyrdom’  – even PM Abbott has expressed puzzlement over the Papal lapdogs’ Pablovian performance.

    And in fact the Catholic clowns in charge there are quite blatant in their intention to use the ‘scholarships’ as a means of indoctrination of young Indonesians into the left-lib absurdity that the death penalty itself is unacceptable.

    • Vice-Chancellor Professor Greg Craven Craven

    …the university’s vice-chancellor, Prof Greg Craven, said in a statement “in a small but symbolic way, the writing by Indonesian students on the sanctity of life would be an ongoing contribution toward the eventual abolition of the death penalty in Indonesia…”

    Muddying the waters again.

    The dead drug-smugglers – one issue. Capital punishment in general – another, separate issue.

    How many Catholic Australians, like decent Australians of all faiths and none, rejoiced, like me and most expats in Jakarta, when those Bali Bomb swine were put to death?

    Of course the death penalty is perfectly in order for heinous crimes like terrorist murder, among other things.

    These self-righteous college crack-pots need to be put in their place. Which is NOT in the political arena. 


    • Ernie 01:23 on May 3, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I used to teach Indonesians too in the 1990s and a lot of them were so keen to go to Australia for their further education. Today’s crop of school-leavers must be having a few second thoughts about which country they want to spend three or four years in.
      Australia doesn’t benefit from making enemies of the best and brightest who will sooner or later be influential members of Indonesian society. As for that Catholic University, they ought to examine their consciences if they think gimmicks like these drug-smuggler scholarships are what a religious institution shoold be doing.


    • Siska juniti 09:36 on May 5, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      My friend wants to study in Melbourne. I tell her never to Swinburne until Oldmeadow is gone from that place.
      Is good to see you get suport for this, I read in Bali blog too they want the bad teacher fired.


    • Oei Im Seng 02:00 on November 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I am an Indonesian currently studying at TAFE in a rural area in Victoria because my relative lives there and I experience discrimination when I was studying for my Diploma due to the executions conducted by the Indonesian government to the Australian citizens.
      The lecturer just didn’t mark my work, until the very last week when I told her, it is the last week of our meeting and I thank her in such a way that she marked my work at the end of the day.
      The mark was relatively low because my answers are filled with complex words and phrases while my Vietnamese classmate got a distinction for answers that are of low quality.
      Nevertheless, I don’t complain and now I move on to a better and tolerant rural place for my Adv Dip. But, I sometimes experience discrimination by some elderly people.
      I now regret choosing Australia as a destination to have my higher education.


      • ross1948 14:40 on November 14, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Sorry to hear about that, sir.
        Those leftwing academics are the most vindictive of people, in Australia and everywhere.
        We covered that case you commented on and I have personally assured many Indonesian friends that most Australians are not as stupid or nasty as the leftist lecturers.


  • ross1948 12:38 on May 2, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Arogansi Dosen Melbourne – Dasar Bego Diskriminator! 

    What a bloody disgrace!

     TRIBUN-TIMUR.COM is probably not the only Indonesia media source reporting that some A-hole academic in Melbourne punished innocent Indonesian students to assuage his inordinate anger after the drug-smugglers were executed last week.


    •  Oldmeadow
    • =========

    When I was teaching English in Jakarta, I taught many young people who hoped to continue their education in Australia. Since I was their teacher, it was not my place to impose my political or religious views on them.


    But sometimes we’d stage a debate for older teens, and it was very clear they were for the most part pleasant and fair-minded youngsters, excellent ambassadors for their country, uncontaminated with the fanatic drivel that afflicts the undesirable minority here.

    It’s exactly that sort of student who got kicked in the teeth by obnoxious Oldmeadow’s spiteful outburst.

    “…I would like to express grief, sadness, anger as an Australian and human being. I choose to do so by (a) stating my objections in the class, and (b) to say that I would ask for Indonesian students to not attend my class.”




    Shame on this arrogant bego!

    Frankly, I’d not have believed this story to be genuine, but I checked out overseas media and sure enough, it’s true. The clown has since been shamed into an equivocating apology, but if Swinburne University wishes to preserve its reputation, he needs to be dismissed.  

    A spokeswoman for Swinburne told Daily Mail Australia the university ‘treats all student complaints seriously and is formally investigating this matter.’


    We must wait and see.



    Meantime, Indonesian readers please note, DECENT Australians are as disgusted as I am by Oldmeadow.http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/deaths-reaction-way-over-the-top/

    • Andriyono 14:20 on May 2, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you for this.
      We are all very sad when we see this crazy man so mean to Indonesia students.
      I am also wishing for the university to fire him from his job.
      Teachers must never make the politics in the class room.
      But same like you say. I know many Australia people are very kind to the students studying there from here.


    • Santi 16:18 on May 2, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      This stupid man is not normal Australian. I work before with some Australian people, they are always polite people who want to help Indonesia.
      Yes, true to say Oldmeadow is bego banget. Big fool who cannot respect the young students who do no wrong with him. .


    • JazPen 16:49 on May 2, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Good afternoon to you, Ross. I saw this on another newspaper and knew you would be livid and would be saying so in your usual way.Well done! Bego is a great word to describe Oldmeandow.
      I cant see that anyone in his right mind will disagree with you except the Catholic begos in another Australian university who are setting up scholarships to memorialise the two drug smugglers.
      Some Australians need to get a grip.
      I am taking a week off just to defy the begos who want us all to boycott Bali, .


    • Prita 17:48 on May 2, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Good Ross.
      Doctor Oldmeadow is so cruel to the students who pay so much money to study in his class in Australia.
      The drug men have been guilty, May be they get too much punishment. Big question.

      The students in Oldmeadow university are innocent. It is true they get too much punishment.No question.

      In Australia some university idea about justice is very mixed up I think.


    • Wulan 19:54 on May 2, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I think like Andriyono.
      The Oldmeadow is very bad teacher.
      My teacher was Australian and he never like that, always kind to me and to all student no matter where they come from.
      Indonesia student there in Swinburne must better move home or find good university in Australia with nice teachers..


      • Pandu 20:12 on May 2, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Oldmeadow makes me very very angry.He should not work as teacher anywhere if he can do horrible thing like that to his students.
        I will directly to Swinburne Principal because many comment to them will make them serious for punishment against Oldmeadow.


    • Expatiation 13:01 on May 3, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      He was quite entitled to exclude whoever he wished from his class and he was quite right to be horrified by what Indonesia had done to those young men.
      If he made even one Indonesian think again about the mindless support they have been giving to their hero Jokowi, then Dr. Oldmeadow did something useful.

      Your own mindless defence of this country is boring. I interpret your postings to conclude you are past retirement age.
      So why don’t you act your age!
      All you seem to do is have your ‘visitors’ round, from Blok M I suppose, then go out to drinking parties. Stopping in between these edifying activities for a quick rant on this childishly conservative blog.

      Still, there isn’t much interesting to do here, I grant you.
      I can hardly wait till it’s time to leave and shake the dust of Jakarta off my shoes forever.


      • ross1948 16:22 on May 3, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        As Dr. Johnson said about another city, ‘tired of Jakarta, tired of life.’
        I honestly feel sorry for anyone who finds our fine city boring.

        You don’t have visitors? (mine come here from all over town, BTW)
        You don’t like a drink?
        Again, another quote comes to mind, about your obvious potential for immortality – ‘ how can a man die, if he’s never lived.’


    • Sandy 08:19 on May 4, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t like your politics, not one little bit, but you are right about Jakarta and Expati is wasting his life if he can’t enjoy it here.
      I haven’t been here as long as you but I love the city and the way things never go as anyone back home would expect. Bored is as bored does, and in Jakarta nobody has any excuse to be bored.


    • Heni 09:51 on May 4, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Expatiation, you suffer so long here in Indonesia why? We do not force you to come here.
      Most bule, same like Ross, when I meet, say they like Jakarta very much, except traffic.
      You talk like Oldmeadow, hate to Indonesia, mean to us..


  • ross1948 08:57 on February 15, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    F— You Too, Sydney Morons! Riot ‘Students’ Need Language Lessons! 

    I’ve been impelled to look through Oz news today after a most peculiar euronews item last night, which depicted a bunch of foul-mouthed morons trying to force their way into a building to which they clearly had no right of access.

    When police prevented them, the cameras focused on the spoilt brats wailing about their consequent discomfort.

    • ———–


    • The euronews footage, imbecilically, was accompanied by the words ‘No Comment,’ so viewers were left to figure out what the heck was going on.
    • Which is how I’ve spent the last thirty minutes or more, working on the basis of the only substantial clue the stupid tv channel provided, the New South Wales police uniforms, which I recognised from my frequent visits to the ( increasingly very arguably ) Lucky Country!


    • University student Anna Amelia (2nd from left) and Bridget Holly ( 4th</li><br /><br /><br /><br />
</ul><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>from left,blue hair) are comforted by friends after being pepper<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
sprayed by NSW police when University students storm the Sydney<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Masonic Centre on Goulburn street, where Education Minister<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Christopher Pyne was giving a speech. The students were protesting<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
against the governments higher education reforms. 13th February,2015.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Photo Kate Geraghty</p><br /><br /><br /><br />
    • ========================================
      • Turns out the wailers were ‘students’ – evidently without qualifications in civics or civility – protesting about some new education reforms, and the meeting was a lecture, to which they’d indeed not been invited, by Australia’s Education Minister, Christopher Pyne.

      Even the lefty SMH had to report the truth, that police acted to keep the students from storming the building. The protest had up to then been peaceful. Chants rang out such as, “Chris Pyne,  f— you, we deserve a future too.”


      Well, actually, they DON’T deserve a future in subsidised higher education, if that’s how they behave. 

      Students are of course entitled to march and stage protest meetings, assuming their home-work assignments are up-to-date!

      They’re not entitled to barge into whatever private property they choose, nor to disrupt other people’s meetings.  

    • They are not above the law. 
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