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  • ross1948 00:01 on July 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Merkel Wants Bin Laden Brute Back, To Ensure His Safety! 

    What a despicable woman Mama Stasi Merkel truly is!



    • Peter Fedorzcuk 12:30 on July 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      She must be crazy, some say, but since she operates in a very calculated way, the alternative, that she knows what she’s doing and is a danger to her country, this must be a very big worry to Germans.


    • Hugh Lomas 14:57 on July 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      She is a woman without heart or soul, never a care about the victims of all the ferocious migrants she welcomed into Germany.
      Now she does her utmost to make sure this man isn’t made to suffer for jihadist misdeeds?


    • Orion 18:46 on July 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Maybe they should send Merkel to Tunisia and give her a camel to cross the Sahara….LOL


  • ross1948 18:24 on July 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Get Real, France! Free The Cop, Shoot The Riot Scum! 

    Nantes, till a week ago, to me, was just a name from history books, with a personal relevance.

    In 1685, the King of France revoked the Edict of Nantes, that guarantee of liberty which had allowed my Protestant Huguenot ancestors to live in peace.

    To avoid massacres and mayhem…


    Gambar terkait


    …Charles De Azeley, my great-great (x 6 or 7, I think) grandfather, took his family into exile, along with thousands of others, real refugees, not the whining, often barbarous ingrates who infest too many European cities these days.

    “Attacks Now A Daily Routine..:” So DyeThat Blonde Hair

    How Many Evil ‘Aid Workers’ Covered Up Calais Rape

    Paris migrants gang rape and gag teen at Eiffel Tower

    Calais Women ‘Take Turns Staying Awake In Case Someone Attacks!’   


    My own forebears chose to settle in Ulster.



    …and within a generation became proud Britons.

    But as for modern Nantes? I knew nothing of the city, although it’s been in the news from time to time in recent years…Nantes van attack: Dozens injured after man shouting ‘Allahu Akbar …but had to read about it in every corner of the media last week – it’s not entirely populated with proud French folk!


    Hasil gambar untuk nantes riots


    Vile alien savages have been running amok, after a policeman did France a favour by taking out a ‘young man,’ as Deutsche Welle, delicately put it .

    In fact it was a thug, Aboubakar F, wanted for theft and membership in criminal gangs…

    The cur was also on the wanted list for robbery since June 15.

    He was also previously known to police as he committed about a dozen offenses, including a gang robbery, burglary and criminal conspiracy…his vehicle was also allegedly used in drug trafficking. 


    DW did admit that the lawless mayhem erupted in ‘sensitive’ areas.

    Hasil gambar untuk sensitive urban zones


    Inexplicably, French officialdom uses that adjective to describe banlieue neighbourhoods infested with aliens and their offspring – offspring likely born in France but irredeemably alien in their mentality and allegiance.

    There’s nothing remotely ’sensitive’ about savages, so presumably some wet bureaucrat selected the word to dissimulate, to distort real French people’s perception of the lairs of their Enemy Within…

    ‘State Of Siege’ In Carcassonne’s “Sensitive” Zone! 

    …the NO-GO areas…

     Sensitive Urban Zones (zones urbaines sensibles, ZUS)   https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/12362/france-macron-no-go-zones

    Incredibly, a local top cop aped that London buffoon who inanely described the welcome demise of a home-invading ‘traveller’ brute a ‘tragedy…’ 

    London’s Terrible Top Cop – Fire That F-Wit Mackey! 

    ..by summing up the Nantes incident – “One of his colleagues then fired, hitting the young man who unfortunately died…” 



    Cars and school burn in Nantes during third night of riots

    Incredibly, again, the officer who shot the swine, a policeman who surely deserves a civic reception for exceptional service to the community….

    …., or a medal, or promotion…



    …is now facing prosecution!

    …while the judiciary is reflecting the Un-French Constitutional Court’s slack indifference to law enforcement…

    Rogue Judges In Paris, Aiding And Abetting Illegals! 

    ..by unleashing barbarous hoodlums within days of their capture!

    On Friday, three men were given suspended prison sentences for violence committed against police two days earlier…   https://www.npr.org/2018/07/06/626629209/nights-of-unrest-torched-cars-after-fatal-police-shooting-in-nantes-france

    So persecute the policeman, give a green light to dirty thugs?


    The Nantes riots spread to Paris, where the slain 22-year-old grew up, after youths threw Molotov cocktails at police and set dumpsters alight early on Thursday.

    Taking that cop into custody is disgraceful, and makes a mockery of the government ‘vow’ earlier this year – a crackdown on urban violence after a shocking video emerged of a policewoman being beaten by a crowd in a Paris suburb on New Year’s Eve. 

    The police should be issued machine guns and orders to use them.


    But that’s a short-term solution.

    Time for France to think big.

    A new Edict Of Nantes but for all the Republique Francaise, imposing military occupation of these areas, subdue the swine engaged in mayhem, saturation sweeping to catch and detain all illegals for deportation, internment also for known agitators whether alien or not…



    …and confinement of every known sympathiser with alien dogmas that instruct their followers to offer allegiance to ideology rather than to France.

    • Diana 19:01 on July 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Why are they not shooting these criminals?
      Why use that policeman as a scapegoat when he did the community a favour?
      The dead man was a known criminal, not just some person walking home from work who got in the way.
      We know our judges here are not worth the money they are paid (from our taxes) but how can any French court let rioters who are guilty of violence against police just go home or back out rioting?
      It is a very bad state of affairs and I hope the good people in Nantes do something about it.


    • Poul R 20:05 on July 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      What you say is only what anyone with common sense says, but the powers that be in most of Europe have no more use for common sense than they have any concern for us common people whose lives and way of life have been put under threat by their stupid migrant policies.


    • Mort 21:13 on July 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      If the French had done as you advise the first time there was banlieue unrest years ago, they would not be having all this trouble now.
      Best thing for rioters anywhere, any time, is an iron fist.


  • ross1948 18:12 on June 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Belatedly, Germans Bounce Beastly Bludger ‘Bodyguard!’ 

    Having echoed the indignation of all decent Germans that an alien identified as the sometime ‘bodyguard’ of the satanic Bin Laden…

    Merkel’s Terror Guest, Shielded By Journo Jerks! .


    Didn’t do a very good job of body-guarding that, did he?


    …had been enjoying years as a welfare bum in the city of Bochum, I am now pleased to report that the sponging savage IS to be deported, or so it’s claimed.

    Ridiculously, previous failures to do so were justified by the fact the swine might risk appropriate punishment in his native Tunisia…


    Hasil gambar untuk bodyguard bin laden Germany

    “…poor little Sami doesn’t want to go home, because, he whines, there’s a threat of torture in his country of origin.”

    Germany Ensures Jihadist Scum Don’t Get What’s Coming To Them! 

    …and just as ludicrous too is their reason for expelling the evil creature now, that Tunisia currently has a ‘moratorium’ on capital punishment.

    Typical moronically Merkelite mewling!

    To be fair, to some extent, her wet judges have had their hands tied by the degenerates on the European Court, who will go to any lengths to safeguard scum.


    Let illegal migrants go free, EU court orders..

    The sooner Germany, and all other European nations, repudiate the upstarts in Strasbourg, the better.

    Let’s hope once the beast arrives, the ‘moratorium’ expires, and that that he expires soon after!

    Meanwhile, it might be no bad thing if the German cops began detaining for deportation all those Salafists and other sectarian savages currently subject to mere ‘observation…’

    Hinder Dangerous Jihadists? OMG…That’s ”Hardline!” 

    ….observation that proved SO effective in the case of that other Tunisian pig….

     – –

    ….whose attack on the Berlin Christmas market added more innocent victims to Mama Stasi’s ever-growing tally.


    • Manfried 19:58 on June 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I hope before he is put out, that Merkel will be also put out.
      You say a cat has nine lives but always this devil woman escapes political justice.
      Her days must be numbered by the power of the people.
      Long live AfD!


    • Jerry Jerman 21:30 on June 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I am feeling down today because that ‘EU Summit’ has let Merkel skate on the thin ice again by not blaming her for her crimes against Germany and all the crimes against Germans her savages have done.
      It is good if the talk about secure centers for the illegals will mean what it says but already the left ‘ngo’ gang is singing the same old protest songs about “rights.”
      If the centers are under control of governments in Italy or Hungary, secure they would be. If they are under EU control, like Frontex, they will be like the Club Med for the savages.


    • Hannelor 23:35 on June 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Now let them remove the others hundreds of thousands who are not loyal to our country.


  • ross1948 22:00 on June 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    HAD To Be A EuroNews Headline! Invaders = ‘Victims!’ 

    If you or I see a big sign across a busy street saying ‘Freebies Galore’ and we consequently rush into fast on-coming traffic to satisfy our greed for gratis goodies…


    Gambar terkait

    Victims? Hardly.


    …would passers-by say that somebody else is to blame for any injuries sustained as a result of such irresponsible self-aggrandising actions?

    Migrants risk their lives to try to cross the mountains undetected….a number of migrants have died recently in their attempted crossing into France.

    Victims? Hardly.


    Yet get this headline from perhaps the most irredeemably pro-crimmigrant state-subsidised example of the garbage media.


    Migrants: Victims of divisions within the EU?

    It’s not as if EuroNews is unaware of how most Europeans in most countries feel about illegals. Their bleeding-heart bleat includes a recognition of the realities in France and Italy.

    Unwanted and shunned by both countries…

    …they then present people-smugglers as some sort of heroes, as if illegitimately usurping government authority is commendable.



    they have to rely on volunteers who step in for the authorities and, by doing so, risk fines and even prison for helping out.

    ‘Step in for the authorities?’

    A neat little word-play to avoid the truth, that people-smuggling and frontier violation are serious crimes.

    Unfortunately, the French courts, who could, if their magistrates had an ounce of guts or patriotism, put the lousy leftist creeps behind bars, are as pusillanimous as many judges in YOUR country…


    Gambar terkait


    …with that foul creature Cedric Herrou still roaming free, to do his dirty work.


    In France, As In America, Judges Betray Their Country 

    Nothing can be done, immediately, about EuroNews, where bigoted leftism is the staple diet…

    EuroNews Pinko Hackette Drops All Pretence of Objectivity! 

    ‘Perhaps Understandably?’ Anti-Europe EuroNews Spews On! 

    Dog-Collared Appeasement-Monkeys and EuroNewsBias, Again! 

    Euronews’ Or Eurabian Pravda? Anti-UKIP, Anti-USA – Brazen Bias! 

    …at least until enough citizens in enough countries kick their greedy snouts off the tax-trough.


    But that border must be sealed against lawless aliens.

    It is ridiculous that it has been left to a brave band of young patriot to take defensive action against illegal incursions.


    Hasil gambar untuk romain espino GI

    Bravo, Mes Enfants! Young Patriots V Crimmigrants! 


    So what measures are appropriate to mountainous terrain?

    Mine-fields? Electrified fences?  Or simply more policing, with officers equipped with live ammo, and authorised to use it?

    It’s for France to determine, but surely the French deserve to be protected from the avaricious swarm?

    • Roy Manley 00:27 on June 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I never would want to watch that Euronews after all I read about it here.
      It’s not right they should be getting public money. It’s bad enough with the government taking our money and handing it to the BBC without the EU taking more and giving it to Euronews
      How do we get these monkeys off our backs?


    • Penny 02:44 on June 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Any illegal trying to sneak into any country by avoiding border control points have nobody but themselves to blame if they come to grief. They are not victims and why should anybody feel sorry for them?
      Anybody French who helps them invade France is just a traitor.
      I know you criticised courts in England for not giving aiders and abetters enough time in prison but at least they get some time. Those French traitors get away with fines that their rich supporters probably pay anyway.
      Macron should fire the judges but he is as bad as they are.
      What a shame Marine didn’t win.


  • ross1948 22:40 on March 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Klutz Court Tells Danes – Don’t Deport Dirty Pakistani Thug? 

    If there’s a notorious foreign gangster in your country, then the obvious thing to do is to send him back to his own country, right?

    If there are some who say he’s not a gangster, not a problem, then you put it to a court, and see what the verdict is.



    But there can be no serious argument that if he’s beyond a shadow of a doubt a dangerous undesirable, found guilty of heinous offences, then out he goes.

    But supposing the courts, the judges in whom all citizens have long placed their trust, declare that no matter how evil he may be, he gets to stay in your country?

    That’s the position Danes are in today, after a series of shameful rulings, from one court after another, have ruled that a savage alien scumbag named Shuaib Khan…


    • …a PAKISTANI CITIZEN, with a ‘history of convictions for serious violent offences,‘ can only be sentenced to  ‘suspended deportation.’

    On being searched by a police officer in July 2017, Khan said to another group member “remember his face”, while also telling the officer to “mind your back” and encouraging other gang members to take photos of him.

    Incredibly, the same shower of court klutzes who ‘suspended’ the slug’ deportation also cut his sentence for the threat from three months to a mere 60 days.


     ‘a history of convictions for serious violent offences…’

    No photo available, incredibly, so use your imagination


    Incredibly too, the ghastly alien’s attorney has this to say –  the threats made by his client did not constitute a basis for expulsion…


    There should be NO need or any basis, nor for court hearings of any sort.

    The brute is not Danish and should therefore have no right to be in Denmark, not if Danes don’t want him there. Only Danes have that right, anyone else’s presence logically and morally dependent on Danes’ approval.

    This Shuaib creep would be better off with some cop’s stray bullet in his head. maybe during a raid on the gang’s lair…


     Hasil gambar untuk stray shot


    …but if that happened, needless to say, the imbecilic ‘rights’ lobbies would be up in arms. ese


    • Petra 00:26 on March 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      We naturally expect courts to protect citizens and when judges set out to protect non-citizens of bad character it can only be described as reprehensible..
      But this defies any legal or logical explanation.
      On what possible grounds can a Pakistani have any right to be in Denmark, and on what possible grounds can the Danes be denied the right to expel him?
      It’s their country!
      Not his.


      • Mick Torrance 16:40 on March 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Xactly what I was for saying, Petra, but you say it better.


  • ross1948 08:39 on April 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Asylum’ Rapists, Swedish Judges – Another Outrage – Where’s Da Media? 

    As you know, I try to use left-liberal media sources whenever possible. This is NOT because I like them, but simply for the reason that, if I use sources whose ideological tone is similar to my own, it’s just being repetitious and makes the news we cover less convincing.

    If, on the contrary, I take stories from, for example, pro-crimmigrant media, like the Guardian, or The Local or CNN, leftists denials are largely obviated.


    Sometimes, however, I need to use ‘right-wing’ media, because NOBODY else carries horrific news that people need to know.

    So today I read Breitbart, and recoiled in shocked dismay at –

    A – the vile savagery of another two ‘asylum-seekers’ in Sweden..

    B – the disgusting, pathetic, slap-on-the-wrist sentences handed down to the ‘asylum’ savages…


    C the paucity of coverage in other media

    I checked the pigs’ names via Google and ONLY Breitbart, MRCTV, Heat Street and one (Hungarian) blog –https://888.hu/article-csak-nehany-evet-kapott-miutan-eroszakolt-es-agykarosodasig-vert-sved-fiatalokat -appear to have the story. The blog also had a photo of one of the pigs. And there’s a German language source – http://www.freiezeiten.net/brutale-gewalt-und-vergewaltigung-als-jugendliche-zwei-afrikaner-zur-party-einladen

    None of the so-called mainstream media!

    This outrageous crime and equally outrageous sentencing should have saturation coverage.



    African Migrants Brutally Rape Swedish Teen, Leave Male Friend with Brain Damage

    Here’s the final paragraph – I leave you to use the link to read the full nauseating tale –

    the court sentenced Mwangi to just two-and-a-half years for his crimes, despite his having raped another woman in May 2016.

    The government will attempt to deport him afterwards – although he will be allowed to return to the country after ten years, and judges have prevented other European countries, such as the United Kingdom, from following through on deporting criminal migrants after their sentences in the past.

    Jarara, who has a string of previous convictions for crimes including theft, serious bodily injury, and resisting arrest, was given a slightly longer sentence – three years – but he will not be deported.      http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/04/14/african-migrants-brutally-rape-swedish-teen-leave-male-friend-brain-damage/

    These two vile swine deserve to die. In my view they deserve to die painfully. They scarcely qualify as human beings.



    But Sweden, even if its legislators wanted to (which, being addicted to the toxic liberalism which has more or less ruined their country, they don’t) cannot execute filth like Mwangi and Jarara, because Brussels won’t let them.

    So life sentences? No, the Swedish judicial benches are infested with robed scum, who place little or no value on Swedish life and care even less about the violation of Swedish girls. This case is hardly a one-off.

    So why will they not at least expel these vermin, back to maraud in their own countries?

    Again, those courts.

    My immediate reaction was that if those judges had any conscience at all, they’d wake up today and hang themselves for handing down such pitiful ‘punishments.

    Gambar terkaitSweden’s elite

    If it’s Swedish law that’s at fault, the law-makers who leave it unreformed should be tried for treason.


    Heat Street adds more on the case –

    There is a third defendant in the case, a 25-year-old Iranian immigrant with Swedish citizenship. He’s being tried for filming the rape and not reporting it to the police. In addition, he also being charged with defamation as he livestreamed the ordeal on Facebook. Because he’s a Swedish citizen, he cannot be deported….https://heatst.com/life/asylum-seekers-who-allegedly-broadcasted-rape-on-facebook-wont-be-deported-from-sweden/

    • Mort 14:48 on April 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      You’re right about the media black-out, if that is not considered a ‘racist’ word in our enlightened age!
      I just checked Google too, and not a word in other media except those you found.

      But there was another Breitbart report on another asylum rapist which was also not covered by many other media. http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/03/22/sweden-asylum-seeker-forced-10-year-old-watch-porn-raping/

      I I wonder how many criminal asylum rapists don’t get reported, thanks to police and media in Sweden being so dedicated to cover up what these ‘refugees’ do to their hosts.. .


  • ross1948 20:00 on April 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    After YEARS of Violent Crime, Swiss FINALLY Expel Evil Afghan! 

    How refreshing, in the wake of those idiotic, unpatriotic judicial rulings in the UK (Brexit) and the USA ( executive orders) …



    …to read that a court in the Swiss canton of Fribourg has confirmed the deportation of a vile Afghan thug.

    But looking at the glad tidings in The Leftal – sorry, The Local – that pro-crimmigrant part of the European media seems not to share the delight which such news must bring to normal people.

    Otherwise, why does its interesting report instead focus on the fact that the obnoxious recidivist rogue….

    -as a minor, the young man was three times convicted of violent offences, behaviour that continued into adulthood and led to a three-year prison sentence in 2010.
    A year after being released he reoffended and was handed another two-year sentence.
    Ruling on the man’s appeal against his deportation, the cantonal court said there was a high risk that he would reoffend, based on the speed of his previous reoffending, his aggressive behaviour in prison and the opinion of a psychiatrist.

    .….a clearly incorrigible 27-year-old hoodlum, has lived in Switzerland since the age of two!

    Should we feel sorry for the ratbag?

    Surely, on the contrary, all the more reason for the long-suffering Swiss to kick the lout out! He’s been brought up, after all, not exposed to the backward codes of whence he came, but in a civilised environment, in a country where violent crime is unacceptable.

    He’s got no excuse!

    Under Swiss law a refugee can be deported even after many years in Switzerland if he is deemed a threat to security or public order.

    Quite right!

    And who cares if the defendant said he had no relationship with Afghanistan, that he didn’t know the language or the country’s customs.



    Poor young savage!

    He’d best start learning!

    It appears that his origins…from an ethnic minority, also formed part of his argument against his deportation. 

    Who gives a tinker’s cuss if his tribal identity get him into trouble?


    • ==

    He’s an anti-social swine and if he gets shot as soon as he steps off the plane, the world would be none the worse for his sudden absence.

    In any case, if there are any of my readers who inexplicably suffer from bleeding-heart syndrome -unlikely!…



    …the Swiss migration office…said it found no reason to think the man would be treated inhumanely if he returned to Afghanistan…

    Actually, the report is not without merit, because it reminds us that it’s not only refugees who can be deported from Switzerland for committing crimes.

    This year a new law came into force which allows the deportation of any foreigner who commits a serious crime warranting at least a three-year sentence, such as murder, rape, violent acts, armed robbery and drug trafficking.

    Gambar terkait

    Would it not be a matter of pride to live in land where such common sense prevails? Such a bracing difference from the rotten ‘rights’ hogwash…

    Kicking Out The Grooming Pigs – Ten Years Hence? 

    Britannia Dolorosa – Sceptred Isle Now Garbage Dump – Thanks to ‘Human Rights Act’ 

    …which has brought British courts to dispense injustice after injustice when Brits suffer evil at the hands of aliens!  

    Moreover, Brits must envy the Swiss, living in a land where they can use democratic channels to thwart destructive liberalism, because that admirable law came to pass PURELY due to the Swiss democratic system….

    ….after the Swiss public approved a popular initiative on the subject in a 2010 referendum.

    Alas, there are still, in the Alpine confederation, some tendencies among politicians to treat the electorate with disdain, because we also read that, despite the clear expression of citizens’ will, the government deemed that the courts should have the power to make exceptions…


    ….if the expulsion puts the foreigner in a dangerous situation or if a reason for the person to stay outweighs the public interest for expelling them.


    What arrogance!


    If there are aliens put at risk by deportation, they should not have rendered themselves liable to deportation.

  • ross1948 13:29 on February 14, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Norwegians – Soon a Minority in Norway? 

    Laptop playing up badly, so I will post this while it seems briefly to be working as it should.

    Then I am going out to savour the sunshine once again.


    One  might like to say Norwegians have brought this on themselves.


    Even when an undesirable alien is known to be evil…

    C’mon, Norway! Send Satanic Sectarian Krekar To His Death! 

    …the Government has not deported the swine.

    Admittedly, some political leaders in Oslo are quite sensible –

    Norway ‘Does A Trump’ – So Much For Dissing The Donald! 

      – but one of the big problems in Norway, as in America, is the courts’ refusal to put loyalty to the country before allegiance to decadent ‘human rights’ clap-trap –


    Empty Threats, But Cameron Will Cower From Crim-Loving Court


     – subservient as they are to the robed clowns of the European Court.

    But Norway could pass legislation tomorrow to disentangle her destiny from that subversive outfit. And Norway is not a province of the Evil EU Empire, which toils to save the skins of scum.  .       UK’s Jakarta Rep Frantic to Save Terrorist Skins -A Neo-Colonialist Par Excellence!  –

    As could the UK  – Theresa May did say that she wants to withdraw from European interference in British justice…


    • TheresaMay_1685363c

    Theresa May refuses to ditch European court

    • oooooooooooooo

    …but then ratted, Cameron-style, on her declared intention.

    But the UK does not – yet – face such a horrific prospect as Norway does.

    Read on! 




    Last week, a government report predicted that migration could shatter Norway’s generous welfare state.


    • a22ee-snoutsintrough
    • ===
    • Well, that could be resolved, by restricting welfare to real Norwegians, cutting out all the phoney ‘refugees.’.
    • But get this!
    • As if that was not enough, a renowned researcher suggested ethnic Norwegians were about to become a minority in their own country.

    • https://sputniknews.com/europe/201702071050418342-norwegians-minority-migration/
    • ———————-
    • Hell, we knew Sweden was so far down the tube that it will take  miracles to extricate itself from multicult oblivion.
    • ——
    • multicult3
    • ——-
    • But Norway too?
    • Yup!
    • Listen to Research Director at the Norwegian Nobel Institute Asle Toje…
    • …….

    .Gambar terkait


    …who predicts that ethnic Norwegians will become a minority in their own country if alarming demographic trends continue… arguing that peak immigration figures from 2015 may become the new norm.

    So it’s a maybe.

    Small comfort to Norwegians, UNLESS their government cracks down and starts kicking aliens out, in LARGE numbers.

    Sad to say, Toje prefers the naive notion that that proliferating Norwegian culture and Norwegian values among newcomers was key to achieving successful integration.

    Yes, no doubt, for some.

    But not for anyone who clings to a ‘culture’ from cess-pool societies that insist on head-shrouding women, or where ‘apostates’ and ‘blasphemers’ are at risk of murder.


    • Behead-Prophet
    • ——
    • Toje must surely see the need to excise such intolerable elements. And as we read on, it seems he appreciates the problem.
    • Norway should prioritize asylum seekers that had more potential for integrating with Norwegian society..
    • ——-
    • OK, if Norwegians can find many.
    • But then he has us scratching our heads again, because he holds up Canada as an example of an immigration-reliant country that had started “handpicking” newcomers.
    • WHAT?
    • Canada, aka Turdostan, was once a happy, harmonious homogeneous country. It had two cultures, Anglophone and Francophone, which often clashed, but its immigration policy precluded multicult.
    • Then along came Pierre Turdo, who wrecked that…Canada’s Enemy Within – Will Turdeau “Have To Look at The Root Causes?” 
    • trudeau-salute-w220Turdo Senior
    • ——————————–
    • …and now there’s his cute little son, Justin Turdo, whose importation of primitives via the so-called ‘refugee’ programme has inflicted misery across the Dominion.

    Canada’s Girls Fall Prey To Turdo’s ‘Refugee’ Sex-Predators! 


    In terms of hard facts, the article tells us that the proportion of ‘immigrants’ among Norway’s population has quadrupled in a quarter of a century, till now it’s over SIXTEEN PERCENT!

    And the most optimistic prediction is that within the next thirty years, it’ll be nearly 25%.

    That’s unless Norwegians do something about it.

    If they don’t, all I can say is that I’m glad I went travelling in the 1970s, and thus was able to see a Norwegian Norway, which was rather nice.

    • Rod Connelly 21:33 on February 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Dunno bout Norway nor Canada, Ross, but you go to some cities in England and you will see we English are not so much a minority but almost extinct.
      If you complain about this or just point out in public whats happened, the cops will be after you like lightning. Love your country is hate-speech.


    • Desmond D 20:49 on February 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      You are telling the truth, Rod. Same as Ross, and there are not that many that dare do that these days.

      I lived in London when I was a nipper in the early sixties and it was safe for anyone of any age to walk around at night and we liked our local copper.

      I have not been back for a while but the last time I didn’t recognise the place, no English people in our old street and when I went in our old pub the landlord warned me not to stay long as the locals didn’t like ‘outsiders.’

      It’s been like that for years, the cops don’t brave the streets much at night unless theyre in their cars.


  • ross1948 23:43 on February 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , , , stupid courts,   

    In France, As In America, Judges Betray Their Country 

    An appalling verdict just announced in France, where that mangy ‘farmer,’ Cedric Herrou, a creep who boasts of aiding and abetting illegal aliens, got a ‘suspended fine’ for disgraceful crimes.  Suspended 3000 euro fine for Frenchman sheltering illegal migrants
    Ludicrously, leftist Euronews says the convict is a ‘local hero!’

    Oh yeah?

    Among reds and ratbags, no doubt, but decent French folk must despise his crimmigrant-collaboration story .

    We’ve covered it  previously.

    Collaborateur! But No Justice Likely In Hollande’s France 

    While the French court deserves condemnation for not putting the swine behind bars, I suppose at least they found him guilty, for what it’s worth.

    Somewhat different from those ‘so-called’ judges in the USA…



    …who will reap one hell of a whirlwind, if – God Forbid- any new Islamist terror atrocity is inflicted on innocent Americas by evil-doers from the lands named in President Trump’s Executive Order.   .-



    Although I suppose the rotten media might seek to get round proper reporting of such a horrid possibility by taking a leaf out of Obama’s Fort Hood book…




    ….re-defining sectarian mass-murder as ‘workplace violence’ rather than terrorism.   

    • Diana 23:51 on February 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Not just in France, but in our United Kingdom too Ross.
      We will never forget the role of those judges who obstructed our Brexit.


    • Pamela 23:59 on February 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Why are so many judges not on our side but on that of our enemies?
      We have had the same problem in Britain, with the Brexit case
      .There should be a method of removing them if they render perverse decisions.


  • ross1948 22:24 on October 4, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Allex, , , , , , , Kardashian, , , stupid courts   

    In France Today, Democracy’s ‘A Threat To Public Order!’ 

    While far too much attention is given to that meaningless Kardashian woman’s problems…

    Kanyedashian – Who The Hell Cares? 

    …I direct your attention instead to real and appalling news from La Belle France, the suppression of French freedoms arising from the failure of the government in Paris to deport the Calais crimmigrants.

    It’s beginning to resemble how the French were treated during the Nazi WW2 Occupation.


    • Jackboot
    • ————
    • Villagers in Allex, a small community in Southern France, were due to vote on Francois Hollande’s phoney ‘refugee’ dispersal scheme this week.’

    • —-
    • Hollande

      The Merkel puppet in the Elysee Palace wants to take the pressure of ‘migrant’ mayhem off Calais.

    • Great?

    • No, because he is sending batches of the trouble-makers to defenceless towns all over France…


    Would you want fifty of these moving in next door?

    …instead of sending them back to whence they illegally entered France!

    In Allex the Mayor and his villagers had rallied to resist this outrageous diktat policy, not by violent protest but by organising a referendum.

    But suddenly one of the Socialist President’s administrative flunkeys ruled that any such democratic exercise was out of order.  


    • Marcel 13:14 on October 5, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Hollande may in some way be said to be very much like Petain’s Vichy regime, dancing to the Fuhrer’s tune.
      But I think at least Petain was doing what he did to protect what part of France he could from total Nazi Occupation.
      With Hollande, his government openly treats the French as second-class in their own country, illegal immigrants the priority, and now will not let the little town be heard against his authoritarianism.


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