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  • ross1948 15:00 on January 1, 2023 Permalink | Reply
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    New Year Knighthood? I’d Send It Back! 

    Matthew Rycroft, permanent secretary at the Home Office, has been knighted

    Award for Matthew Rycroft comes as number of illegal crossings hits record high


    Frankly, if that were the sum total of Rycroft’s alleged shortcomings, I would hesitate to condemn him.

    A lot of his underlings are far-left, pro-crimmigrant ratbags.

    More Proof! Enemy Within = Pro-Crimmigrant Unions

    It can’t be easy controlling a government department infested with the Enemy Within.

    But what was Rycroft doing when he should have been slapping down a misfit….

    …or better still booting out ALL the frolicking freaks whose profligate antics forced the Home Secretary herself to step in?


    • Edward Lamont 17:23 on January 2, 2023 Permalink | Reply

      I expect the OBEs will be replaced soon enough, renamed the Order of Inclusive Diversity.
      Anything that inspires us to be proud of our history is due for erasure.


  • ross1948 18:00 on December 21, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Another Albanian Britain Could Do Without!. 


    Please note I have nothing against Albanians…..

    ….having written more than once on behalf of the majority who were wronged for decades…



    …by the evil marxist regime of Enver Hoxha…

    Albania Could Do With a Royal Restoration! 

    …and then again by the rats who rigged the referendum that robbed them of their monarchy.

    But the current problem with Albanian gangsters…

    Albanian Illegals – Don’t Spruce, Just Flog! 

    …is another matter, and now we hear from a character whose nattering reminds me of that good old movie…


    The Nutty Professor (1962 poster).jpg

    The Nutty Professor…

    …though Lea Ypi is a lot prettier than the late Jerry Lewis.

    This odd woman gets acres of space in the ghastly Guardian to write about a tortoise she spotted scuttling across the border between her own country and Greece.

    Around the same time, undocumented Albanians travelling to Britain were the subject of a vicious verbal attack by the home secretary, Suella Braverman.. ‘

    .Oh, wow.

    How dare any MP speak up for Britain?

    Open season still on Suella…

    Suella Braverman

    At least when the first undesirables started demands to silence her.

    Honest MP Told – “Don’t Ever MentionCultural Marxism Again!” 

    …they were British undesirables!

    Who does this Albanian bint, whose English is fluent but who prefers to use Wokish, as in ‘undocumented‘ for the correct description, illegal…


    …yes, who does she think she is?

    ‘They were labelled as invaders, even though what they had done was ultimately no different from the tortoise: crossing a border.’




    For sheer bone-headed stupidity, surely, Lefty Lea’s comment is hard to beat.


    Not one tortoise has been accused of any of the vile crimes proven against ‘asylum’ aliens.…

    Another Lonely ‘Unaccompanied Child?


    Another Poor Eritrean, Fleeing War?


    filthy savage indeed!

    Rapes 12-Year-Old Boy – Deportation ‘A Possibility?’ 

    Hell, why should we dignify her drivel by calling her out?

    Of course she works at the LSE, a notorious source of leftery…

    Academics demand apology from LSE over ‘hostile environment for gender-critical staff and studentshttps:/

    …but if she is Albanian, not British, she has some nerve sticking her nose into UK politics…


    ‘We Albanians are just the latest scapegoats for Britain’s failing ideological project…’
    Lea Ypi
    Lea Ypi

    ….not to mention her use of ‘arguments’ one might expect from a retard.

  • ross1948 15:00 on December 12, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Your Job’s ‘Unpalatable?’ Just Quit! 


    The Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) has told the Home Secretary that the government’s approach to reducing the number of small boat crossings was compounding a sense of misery among Home Office staff…



    ….with policies such as the hostile environment making their jobs “deeply unpalatable in a variety of ways”.  https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/dec/11/home-office-staff-call-for-unpalatable-small-boats-deal-to-be-scrapped


    Suella’s not likely to reply with the same two-word exhortation I’d use, but she’s forthright enough.

    Suella Braverman


    …..so let’s hope she responds to these Enemy Within vermin with a festive…



    …and a request for their immediate resignation, so the pro-crimmigrant swine can be replaced by patriotic Brits, ASAP.

    • Noreen Paterson 18:12 on December 12, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Even the Tory Party members don’t trust their leaders any longer


  • ross1948 15:05 on November 9, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Jellyfish Jenrick Has To Go! 

    We used to talk about Jellyfish Johnson….


    Stonewall’s fave PM? Jellyfish Trapped In A Fairy Circle


    …but now a new, arguably slimier, specimen has arisen.


    Communities secretary Robert Jenrick

    He owns two £2m homes in London, one of which is a £2.5m townhouse less than a mile from the Houses of Parliament. He also owns Eye Manor, a Grade I listed building in Herefordshire which he purchased for £1.1 million in 2009.    wikipedia

    Lots of room for undesirable aliens.


    …Robert Jenrick, who stabbed Suella in the back last week, ‘when asked if he would characterise the situation...’


    ….meaning her accurate description of the Channel crimmigrant tsunami as an ‘invasion…’


    in the same way, told Sky News:

    …apparently standing up in the Commons, but in the reality of politics…


    ….crawling on his ample belly to the pro-crimmigrant lobby…


    In a job like mine, you have to choose your words very carefully..”

    Yes – if you’re on the make, don’t dare tell truths the elite disfavour!

    Suella Braverman

    Honest MP Told – “Don’t Ever MentionCultural Marxism Again!” 


    We heard that previous warning from Enemy Within elements, also aimed at Suella!


    “And I would never demonise people coming to this country in pursuit of a better life.” https://news.sky.com/story/robert-jenrick-rejects-suella-bravermans-invasion-claim-and-says-i-would-never-demonise-people-12735478

    To talk thus of those vile aliens who violate British borders, queue-jumpers spouting lies…


    …about fleeing horrors, when they’re taking a day-trip from France?

    The man is a fool or a knave!

    And IMHO, he’s no fool!

    A demo outside his Newark Conservative office might be a splendid idea….



    Write to us
    :Newark Conservatives, 29a London Road, Newark-on-Trent, NG24 1TN admin@newarkconservatives.com

    Or an email, urging deselection.

  • ross1948 18:00 on November 7, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Suella And The Civil Service Mind-Set! 

    It was about 3.30pm, Jakarta time, 6th November, and I had the tv on while typing up a wee bit of blog, but was tempted to turn it off…



    …when the BBC leftist Ros Atkins began one of his regular propaganda slots.

    He soon got into a nasty snarl about how Donald Trump and the Republican Party were ‘detached from reality…’

    Mango cut open on a wooden board

    …but I was busily peeling and eating a mango, so was unwilling to use my soggy fingers on the remote.

    Which turned out to be a good thing, because I got to see a bad thing…


    …a former top civil servant spouting pro-crimmigrant piffle.

    The geezer’s name was, is, Sir David Mornington, who….



    …according to wikipedia, has been described as “something more akin to James Bond than a top civil servant” – and we read too that his nickname in a previous job was ‘the smiling assassin’.

    He is also described as ‘extremely charming’, ‘civilised and urbane’ – and a ‘tough nut

    He got his final knighthood from Cast-Iron Cameron’s government in 2011 but continued to hold powerful positions.

    Normington certainly showed he feels no gratitude towards the Tories by telling Red Ros…


    …that he thinks Suella’s description of boat-loads of young aliens of military age aiming to get ashore illegally as an ‘invasion…’

    ….WAS WRONG, that it was, wait for it!

    Yes, Suella! It IS An Invasion

    Suella Braverman


    …a ‘misjudgement,‘ on Suella’s part, to use that word!

    Maybe Normington has a hang-up about the immigration issue.

    Illegitimate and unauthorised attempts have allegedly been made to exploit Normington’s reputation by improperly using his name to sponsor or lend credibility to entry clearance and visa applications by foreign nationals seeking to come to the United Kingdom.[14]

    But what should concern honest Brits is  – how many current ‘civil servants’ share this mandarin’s discomfort, distaste, even, when they hear a patriot in Parliament tell the truth…



    ….about a clear and present danger to the realm.

  • ross1948 09:15 on November 4, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    R U A Patriot? Then This Türk’s Your Enemy! 

    If you are a patriot, especially, today, a British patriot, then yes, this Türk’s a deadly enemy!

    NO, I’m not talking about Erdogan again….

    BBC Radio 3 And Turkey’s Evil Empire 

    …but about an Austrian, this arrogant un-elected Austrian ass…


    Before being appointed Hight Commissioner for Human Rights , Volker Türk served as NHCR’s Assistant High Commissioner for Protection.
    Yet another ratbag sticky-beak!
    New UN ‘Hight Commissioner for Human Rights’ Volker Türk


    …Volkar Türk by name, who has only held his high and mighty UN post for less than a fortnight, taking over where Red Bat Bachelet left off…

    Will UN Red Bat Retire To Beijing? 

    . .but has already opted to engage in insolent and offensve intrusion into British politics, taking the enemy side as the UK grapples with an unprecedented crimmigrant tsunami.

    The agency he runs has long been hostile…

    Rossella Pagliuchi-Lor, Undesirable UNHCR Alien

    UN Sticky-Beaks Weigh Into Austrian Election.

    …to people in civilised countries ( even his own country, Austria, please note) who put up resistance to the UN agenda.

    Horrible Herr Türk has spent most of his adult life employed as a UN flunkey….



    …rising up the lucrative greasy pole, drawing fat salaries, like all UN flunkeys, squeezed from YOUR taxes…



    …but no sooner has he reached the top than he lunges viciously at Britain’s much-beloved Suella Braverman.

    Her spot-on definition of the lawless Channel tsunami as an invasion, a truth welcomed across the land…

    Yes, Suella! It IS An Invasion! 

    Suella Braverman  Honest MP Told – “Don’t Ever MentionCultural Marxism Again!” 

    ….enraged the Schweinhund.

    He responded by denouncing Suella’s accurate description as “horrible” and “dehumanising”.

    Volker Türk, who became UN high commissioner for human rights two weeks ago, said such terms were not appropriate.

    “We will really have to work very strongly (so) that it doesn’t poison … issues that are about human beings,” he said.


    The UK Government should declare him Persona Non Grata..



    …and stop all payments that fund the United Nations!

    PS – Incidentally, all the available social media entries have almost nothing to say on his personal life – is there something the rest of us should know?

  • ross1948 18:25 on November 2, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Hey, Rishi? Go To Dover, Not Cop27! 

    I just heard on UK Pravda that there is ‘delight’ at the UN over Rishi Sunak’s spineless u-turn on that climate gabble-fest in the Middle East.


    Rishi Sunak has been told he should re-consider his decision to snub Cop 27 next week (Picture: Getty / Metro)


    Sunak has plenty of underlings,  both ministers and bureaucrats, who could go on his behalf, if he thinks he has to kow-tow to the UN.



    In fact I believe there are plenty on their way already, at tax-payers expense…..


    …a nice wee break at Sharm El Shaikh!

    Would it not be SO much better if the UK’s PM showed up at Dover instead?

    Flanked by his excellent Home Secretary….

    Suella Braverman  Honest MP Told – “Don’t Ever MentionCultural Marxism Again!” 

    …who deserves all the support decent people can provide, and by top cops and military officers…


    …he could take a stand for the nation, against the invasion  – solidarity with Brits menaced by crimmigrant violence…

    Proven Right, But No Sense Of Triumph 

    …declaring that all illegal crossings will henceforth be turned back by force…

    ..(not by that Border Farce Force!)

    ..and that any alien parasites who make it to the shore…

    …will be interned, on bread and water diets, until deportation.

    Oh, and..

    Incidentally, did you see the text news at the bottom of the UK Pravda screen at around 2pm Jakarta time today?

    BBC was quoting an anonymous illegal alien, that his place of confinement was ”like a zoo..  ”



    ….and I had to laugh…

    …because, given the reports of violence by inmates…

    . …one is tempted to smile at the crimmigrant’s whine and hope that he and his ilk are still there.

    Wild brutes belong in a zoo, unless….



    …they can be returned to their natural habitat


  • ross1948 12:20 on November 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Yes, Suella! It IS An Invasion! 

    Noon news, UK Pravda, Suella Braverman ‘under pressure,’ for telling it like it is…



    ..describing the hordes (40,000 just this year) of aliens, primitives and parasites pretending to be ‘refugees…’

    ( from France? Get real!)

    …as ‘AN INVASION!’



    The vermin elements in British public life have long been determined to silence Suella.

    Suella Braverman  Honest MP Told – “Don’t Ever MentionCultural Marxism Again!” 

    She deserves all the support decent people can provide.

  • ross1948 15:07 on October 30, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Maybe Send Rudd To Rwanda? 

    Remember that highly forgettable pinko creep ‘conservative’ Amber Rudd…



    ‘Children,’ according to Amber Rudd

    .Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks Not Carried Out!

    …who went so far left that she finally, after disgracing herself so badly that she had to quit as Home Secretary ( one of the worst ever, apart from maybe Theresa May!)..


    Official portrait of Amber Rudd crop 2.jpg

    Rudd the Ranter

    ..and then quit the Tory Party too?

    Well, for some reason she got invited onto the normally quite perspicacious GB News, where she vented volubly, ranting that plans to despatch a pack of crimmigrants to Rwanda were “brutal” and “impractical…”..

    Rabid Rudd even took a side-swipe at the current Home Secretary, describing as “extraordinary” how the patriotic Suella Braverman…

    • whom patriots of all parties admire…

    Suella Braverman  Honest MP Told – “Don’t Ever MentionCultural Marxism Again!” 

    …and whom the Enemy Within has long been out to get –

    …had proclaimed her “dream” to see a plane take off for Rwanda.


    If only a hundred planes packed with ‘asylum’ parasites…


    …were taking off daily!

    Rudd should shut her gabbling gob!

    Her own term at the Home Office was no dream but a nightmare for decent Brits who had to watch sturdy young aliens..


    Another of Amber’s ‘children!’


    …clearly of an age to bear arms, welcomed as ‘children.’

    However, while researching her career, I did come across something (almost) to her credit!

    It seems she called the repulsive Diane Abbott….


    …..yes, Corbyn’s fat ex…


    …a ‘coloured woman!’

    Which, of course, Abbott is.

    But Abbott freaked out, stamped her dainty trotter, threw a tantrum…because…

    Wait for it…

    Rudd didn’t call her a ‘woman of colour!’


    But alas, instead of telling the Labour shrew to grow up, Rudd backed down.

    No grit!

  • ross1948 16:45 on October 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Guardian-Reading, Tofu-Eating Wokerati’ 

    Home Secretary Suella Braverman reeled off a long list of people she dislikes, including the “Guardian-reading, tofu-eating wokerati”.

    What’s not to like about….

    Suella Braverman, a Home Secretary who understands the evil forces at work! Honest MP Told – “Don’t Ever MentionCultural Marxism Again!” 


    • Pamela 00:29 on October 20, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      And now she’s gone, the only conservative in the Tory cabinet, as we watch Hunt’s liberal coup proceed.
      The Tores are finished.


    • Petra Malley 00:47 on October 20, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      She has no sooner earned your kind words than she has been forced out over a trivial technicality
      She was the only member of the present government who showed anything like commitment to stopping the illegals. Britain is run by politicians whose loyalties are not with the British people.


    • Mack The Knife 06:16 on October 20, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      One good minister, and they force her out of office. Tories are useless.


    • Fiona 07:02 on October 20, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      All the high hopes we had of her, dashed for no good reason.
      Her reason for leaving the Home Office is unconvincing. More will come out about this.


    • JazPen 08:48 on October 20, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      I expect you will have something more to say about this lady today.
      Right now, I’m picturing all those wokerati with their tofu breakfasts, drooling over their copies of the Guardian.
      Not a pretty picture.


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