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  • ross1948 12:51 on December 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    New ‘Blasphemy’ Trial Set To Embarrass Indonesia? 

    The conviction and imprisonment of Jakarta’s best governor for years for the mediaeval ‘crime’ of ‘blasphemy’ certainly blighted Indonesia’s reputation across the civilised world.

    It wasn’t just the process in the court but the vile sectarian hatred that made its presence felt, fanatics of all ages...

    Ramadhan In Jakarta -‘Kill Ahok,’ Sing Parading Child-Bigots!

    ….shaming their country and their creed…



    The protesters, most of whom were men dressed in white Muslim attire, were heard yelling, “We want a Muslim governor,” “Burn Ahok!” and “Kafir!”   http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2016/10/14/thousands-hard-liners    

    Slouching Towards Shariah, Indonesia Jails Ahok

    …inciting vicious violence, taking their cue from Islamist notables like the FPI ‘grand imam’ Habib Rizieq…


    …who in all seriousness suggested that quoting a verse merited the death penalty.

    One might have thought the damage inflicted on Indonesia’s good name would have deterred even Islamist zealots from a repeat performance.

    Or not.

    Once appeasement claims one victim, its slavering appetite merely grows.

    Hence last week I noticed the Friday traffic was worse than usual, and that may have been caused by the ‘Alumni Association or PA 212 and the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI)’ who assembled a mob of their fans to  hold a demonstration in front of the Criminal Investigation Police HQ.


    The rabble were howling about cases of alleged blasphemy by Sukmawati Soekarnoputri and Ahmad Muwafiq alias Gus Muwafiq.

    This nonsense has been going on for more than a year and we have covered it already..

    Blasphemy’ Traffic Jams, Again? Jakarta’s Latest Fanatic Friday! 

    …and as we reported then, the uptights are still banging on about a poem written and recited by Sukmawati, one of the late President Sukarno’s daughters.

    She was back then reduced to tears, publicly remorseful, though no rational person could see anything wrong with what she had done.


    Now, after a perfectly inoffensive speech last month- she allegedly compared Prophet Muhammad and Indonesian first President Soekarno as she asked who was the most meritorious figure for the country’s independence – the hounds are once more baying.

    As then, the latest caterwauling comes from the gang calling itself PA212 , ( 212 alumni brotherhood) the very same that cheer-led the sectarian witch-hunt against Ahok!

    The head of the 212 alumni brotherhood or PA 212, Slamet Maarif, said he had studied the context and content of the speech delivered by Sukmawati, comparing Prophet Muhammad with her father, Soekarno. He assessed that the remark was a blasphemy.


    I suppose the next thing will be that mob shuffling a few kilometres – though they will likely, as usual, insist ludicrously on calling it a ‘long march’ – completely indifferent to the traffic chaos their extremist antics cause, howling for a trial.

    Sad, really, and sadder still if the authorities give these ranters the prosecution they desire so deeply.

    President Sukarno, a figure still much-revered by many Indonesians, must be turning in his grave.

    He was a Muslim, as of course is his daughter, but he understood that this archipelago was and is a land of many creeds and never sought to enthrone religious bigotry.


  • ross1948 05:30 on April 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Blasphemy’ Traffic Jams, Again? Jakarta’s Latest Fanatic Friday! 

    Poor Jakarta commuters!

    Once more fanatic Islamists are going to quite needlessly screw up the streets of the capital tomorrow, to protest about ‘poetry!’


    Our traffic jam conditions here are on most days pretty bad, often absolutely hellish…



    …so it’s bad enough they have chosen to ignore the obvious sensible day to do their thing, Sunday, when disruption to normal people’s lives would be minimised.

    But to stage their extremist antics about a poem written and recited by Sukmawati, one of the late President Sukarno’s daughters?

    The perpetrators of the parade plan are known as the PA212 , ( 212 alumni brotherhood)  and although the route is short – though they will likely insist ludicrously on calling it a ‘long march’ – it runs smack-dab through the heart of the city.


    Istiqlal Mosque


    For local readers, I offer Tempo magazine’s description of the route – from Istiqlal Mosque to Mabes POLRI (National Police HQ)


    Mabes Polri


    One of their spokesmen tried to justify the massive inconvenience to thousands of innocent people.

    “This rally aims to support Police investigating the blasphemy case, whoever the doer is.” https://en.tempo.co/read/news/2018/04/04/055917299/212-Alumni-to-Stage-Rally-Against-Sukmawatis-Poetry

    Exactly how thousands of sectarians shrilling their hate for ‘blasphemy’ can be interpreted as giving ‘support’ to the police is beyond rational man’s comprehension.


    Western countries got over these ‘blasphemy’ hang-ups a LONG time ago.


    But rationality hardly comes into this.

    The so-called ‘blasphemy’ charge arises because the poem mentioned Islamic sharia law, veil, and the sound of adhan [prayer call].


    Gambar terkait

    Sadly, Sukmawati, who is herself a Muslim,  has ‘voiced her regret’ for her words, which were read out at Indonesia Fashion Week.

    “I am sorry to Muslim communities especially to those feeling offended by the poetry,” she said, weeping…

    Millions of Muslims here in Indonesia share normal people everywhere’s disgust at the frequent savageries carried out under Aceh Province’s shariah law…

    Aceh’s Mad Mullah – ‘Dancing is EVIL – It Involves Body Movements!’ 

    ..with masked brutes publicly flogging little girls…


    The Sharia Hell of Aceh!


    ….and millions of Indonesian Muslim women go around like normal women – no scarf, no veil.

    BTW, I hear that some uptights got fretty because there was a suggestion that the Javanese hair-bun enhanced girls’ looks more than a head-scarf…

     Sukmawati also said that women with bun were pretier than women with veil… 


    (that link is to Republika, one of the foremost Islamic media here, and reading it is alarming – and I don’t mean just the spelling and grammar errors!)



    Women in Java never used to be ashamed of their hair!


    …since when has stating the obvious been a cause for offence? 

    As for the ‘call to prayer’ – here are a few of the reports we’ve posted about that phenomenon.

    Turn It Down! Ex VP Urges Volume Control for Noisy Indonesian Mosques 


    Aceh – Muslim Seeks Quieter Mosques, Bullied Into Silence, after ‘Death Threats!’ 


    So what’s all the fuss about?

    It seems to me that this is just another step in what we used to refer to as ‘Creeping Shariah’ – or Arabisation – a relentless drive to drag Indonesia away from her pluralist traditions…

    ….by using the ‘Blasphemy Law’  – imagine any country in the 21st Century having such a law – and is honestly not surprising after the jailing of Jakarta’s Governor Ahok merely for quoting a Koranic verse.

    But we’ve said all that before.

    Creeping Shariah,’ Warns Prof. Muhammed, As Jakarta Dims! 

    Kasihan, Jakarta, Sayangku – What A Pity, Beloved City! 

    Get Your Tickets Soon – Jakarta Shariah Tourism Boom? 

    Bigot Ban Hurts Jakarta Business – CreepingShariah Continues! 

    Just feel a bit of sympathy, wherever you are, for the misery intended by those sectarian zealots against all the sane citizens who just want tomorrow to go about their legitimate business. 

    • JazPen 10:31 on April 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      All too true, Ross.
      Sometimes I wonder f this is the same country I arrived in years ago.
      Indonesia is going downhill fast.


    • Santi 10:37 on April 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Good Ross! Why must she apologise for anything she wants to say?
      Indonesia is still a democratic republic and we must be free to speak


    • Wulan 11:30 on April 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Java ladies always have looked nice with the hair and the kebaya and we do look more pretty.
      Why we must cover up like the poor Iran and Arab Saudi women.

      I am sorry my english is not so good but I think it is better than Republika, yes?


    • Jim in Jakarta 11:58 on April 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      My sentiments exactly, Ross.
      I would like to discuss it over a beer but it will have to be soon.
      If their Prohibition Act gets passed we may both be in prison.


    • Kezia 12:18 on April 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you Ross for letting the people in other countries know how bad life in Indonesia is becoming.

      These jihadist marchers do not believe in the right of other people to free speech.
      Like Ahok before, now Sukmawati may be put in jail for her poem,and why?
      Because these fanatics do not like what she says.

      She is the daughter of our country’s Founding Father.
      What chances will there be for little people like me or my friends who like freedom to speak freely if the jihadists can do all this to her and make her offer an apology for telling the truth.

      It is all so sad. I hope you never leave us but at the least you as a foreigner can do that.
      Where can we go to be free, because this is our home?


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