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  • ross1948 09:40 on February 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    All Set For Unlawful Sexual Intercourse On Thursday? 

    Di CFD, Warga Surabaya Antusias Tanda Tangani Tolak Valentine Day


    Hari Zina International!

    International Day of Unlawful Sexual Intercourse!

    Yes, that is what that bizarre Indonesian banner seriously  insists is the meaning of V-Day!

    Me and my pals, when we were adolescents scribbling SWALK on the back of envelopes…

    Image result for swalk

    …must have missed out somehow!

    • Santi 12:36 on February 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      So stupid these fanatic people. Valentine is just for fun but I think they hate fun.
      I will have nice lunch with special friend on 14 February.
      Holding hands maybe but in Aceh maybe get whipping for that.
      Backward is a good word for them.


    • Patti Jimley 13:32 on February 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      So this Thursday is gonna be a real global warming day!
      Those crazy men in the picture must be truly hung up on sex.
      They never had a date with a girl they liked, when they were in high school, never gave her flowers or a box of chocolates without planning ‘unlawful sexual intercourse?’
      Were they never 14 years old?
      What a miserable life they have been led through.

      I feel so sorry for them.


    • Kezia 14:06 on February 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      These people are what is wrong with our country.
      It is humiliating for Indonesia that their banner is now seen around the world on your blog but I do not blame you. You tell the truth so often about our problems with extremism.
      Even if I will send you a Valentine card by email, I am not interested in any USI on Thursday or any other day.


    • Lucy Blytmann 15:30 on February 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      When we were 14, Patti, and when our boy-friends were 14, unlawful sexual intercourse was not on the cards.
      It is probably not much different now, despite all the depraved rubbish on tv and social media.
      What must not be overlooked however is that we were brought up in countries where women of all ages were respected and normal men did not see young girls as sexual prey.
      In certain cultures unfortunately women are objects provided to serve men and age is no barrier.
      We have read more than enough news stories about migrants, including so-called ‘unaccompanied minors,’ sexually assaulting females, including children, in civilised countries ill-advised enough to let them in. Look at Ross’s post about the ‘Young Women in Denmark,’ and many others on his blog about the general issue of alien addiction to pedophilia.
      The equation of Valentine’s Day with sexual intercourse reflects that brand of thinking.
      You sould expect no better from the products of a sexist society


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 16:13 on February 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Uptights, killjoys, all those true words you have used before about these kind of sadsacks, but this time you skipped them and mostly let the photograph speak for itself, with the translation to make us laugh even harder.
      The guy in the middle looks like he could be somebody’s grandaddy.
      Poor grandkids,wherever they are!


    • JazPen 22:59 on February 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Well said, Santi.
      It’s idiotic to say that Valentines have anything to do with unlawful sex. The day is about flirting and fun.
      I hope you enjoy your lunch-date.


    • Astuti 14:45 on February 13, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      My friends are joining me at a bar in Kuningan tomorrow. We will sing and maybe dance but do not expect any USI to happen.
      Only very stupid people think the Valentine celebration = immorality.


  • ross1948 10:43 on February 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Jakarta SWALK Horror! Valentines “Could Lead To Kisses…!” 

    Ayo, S.W.A.L.K!

    Those were the letters which one would scrawl on the back of the envelope in which Valentine cards were lovingly placed – back in the day, back in the Old Country.  

    • ooooooooooooooo
    • In those days, a card was seen as sufficient proof of true love, and given the fact that it was ‘sealed with a loving kiss,’ the recipient would see no need for any gift as further evidence of devotion.


    tutty-alawiyah-ok Tuty


    Nor does Tuty Alawiyah, top lady gun of the Islamist MUI, the Indonesian Council of ‘Scholars!’     She is seriously hostile to Valentine presents.

    Fair enough, love needs no fancy expensive tokens to prove itself.

    But surely, though, a few chocs and flowers never go amiss!


    Tuty has deep, dark suspicions – “The purpose of presents might be negative, it could lead to kisses and other things,” Tuty said.    


    Other things?  Like what? Holding hands? A cuddle? OMG!

    And what the hell is wrong with kisses!

    Negative? That’s a weird take on the world.

    Guess she liked her Silver Queen choc gift!    Red Alert! Rampant Adultery Looms In East Java! 

    Could lead to kisses?        That’s the whole darned point, Tuty!  

    • Jackie T 11:39 on February 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Tuty can relax. No card from me this year.
      But seriously what plant are these people on.
      I read in one of the Jakarta newspapers, this was six years ago,maybe more, that one of their ‘scholars’ was horrified by the filthy foreigner habit of taking off clothes before making love.
      How did he find out? In his scholarly texts, I suppose.
      I laughed for days about that.
      But they are VERY backward.



    • Santi 12:09 on February 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Very funny, Ross, and very true how these MUI always hate the day of love.
      Every year, same stupid stories in our newspapers, fanatics who think women so very lower than men, why can Tuty be any part of this council? She thinks that kissing is so bad, what will she say to MUI men who want FGM?
      SWALK to you tomorrow.


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