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  • ross1948 08:15 on August 5, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    A Warteg Contest? Wanna Win Perkedel Kentang? 

    I see that Now! Jakarta magazine is again holding its annual ‘best dining out’ competition, by which their readers can nominate restaurants, cafes, bars etc., which they consider the finest  in town.



    I append below the link which takes you to it.


    Even the simple act of entering gives you a chance to win a voucher, so why not?

    But whilst there are an enormous range of categories, places offering Thai, Chinese, Italian etc, and of course Indonesian cuisine, and the range includes Live Music Venues, and Sports Bars, there appears to be no separate category of warungs/wartegs.



    Those little eateries could, I suppose, be designated Indonesian restos, but they’re not, really. They’re in a class of their own!

    More  to the point, they probably have more customers than all the other categories put together.

    You can eat your fill of well-cooked and tasty local dishes…



     perkedel kentang, telor puyuh, tempe, tahu, pare and nasi putih –use Google to identify them for yourselves!


    …for under Rp.20,000  – and that includes an iced tea!

    So should I try to stage my own competition for this seemingly neglected but extremely popular group?

    No, not me, because I’d need to nominate my own fave place, and then it would cease to be my sort of place, full of locals at lunchtime but a haven of peace and quiet where I can lounge in the arvo with a book, a cigarette and a Rp.3000 coffee, chatting idly to the owner and staff.

    But some Indonesian blogger should consider the idea!


  • ross1948 13:40 on June 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Makan Enak Di Warteg! Resep Pare – A New Culinary Joy! 



    Just about to head off to the warteg for a slightly late lunch.

    Although I have long been a fan of that little eatery’s cuisine, the perkadel, tahu, tempe and cap cay, a streak of adventurousness recently motivated me to try pare...



    ….well, not really; the cap cay was all gone when I got there, and my old Mum always urged me to include at least a bit of veg in my meals.

    Since it is my frequent habit to refer to my eating outings, and some of you have no idea what’s on the menu, I figured it was only fair to provide a recipe.

    But you’ll need Google Translate to unlock the secrets. I have absolutely no cooking skills beyond boiling spuds and frying bacon n eggs! 

    Resep Tumis Pare Teri Dan Tips Agar Tidak Pahit …

  • ross1948 00:23 on March 31, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Makan Mewah di Jakarta? $1.50? Haute Cuisine a la Warteg! 



    One dollar and fifty cents!

    Taken this past day, at 2pm, in my favourite warteg, the location of which I keep to myself, as I like to relax there and ponder plans, etc., with only the cheery chatter of the three teenage waitresses in the backgound, which never bothers me. They are delightful young ladies from Tegal, in Central Java.

    That’s all it costs, and it both fills you up and tastes excellent.

    The rice you will recognise.

    The egg, one of about four or five per portion requested, is telur puyuh – quail eggs, of which my doctor friend says I should beware, packed with cholestoral – yummy!

    BTW, did I spell cholerster-whatsit right? Not a word I use or think about often.

    To the forefront, my nod towards healthy eating.

    I usually order some veg, often cap cay( pronounced chap chy) just in case my Mother is peering over her window-box on the Elysian Fields – one doesn’t forget the adjurations which reverberated around childhood meals!

    • Food_Glorious_Food
    • On the left, those two big chunky things are tahu. Their cousin on the right is tempe – one finds two sorts in most wartegs, the juicy and the dry. I alternate, depending if I am having those juicy telur.   Comparison between Tahu and Tempe | We LOVE English

    As already said, I won’t divulge my warteg’s whereabouts, but it is difficult in Jakarta not to find similar eateries in almost every neighbourhood.  

    Oya – my meal, and that price, included es teh manis, sweet iced tea!


    • JazPen 10:01 on March 31, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, these places are good value. There are two or three near where I live in South Jakarta. I think one is even cheaper than yours!


    • Ati 10:41 on March 31, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Hey Ross. We are in the warteg now, eating lunch. We all like this, reading your warteg story and wish you may come here again soon. Never any other foreign people come eat here with us here at back of Benhil, but many good place to eat. .
      We have very good perkadel today, I know you like them best.
      Holiday on Friday for Easter. Everyone is very happy.


    • Bored Expat 12:10 on March 31, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Do you never get bored hanging around your kampong dumps?
      Your dining tastes give a few clues why you are so ignorant, if you only talk to uneducated Indonesians who think like you that warteg ‘cuisine’ is edible.
      I wouldn’t eat in those rat-infested shacks if you paid me $150!


      • Santi 14:33 on April 1, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Mister Bored,
        I think you are not so bored. You are what we say in Bahasa Indonesia SOMBONG which is like very arrogant.
        First you can know that many friends and even also my manager likes to eat in warteg2 every day, like we do today and we like the cooking very much.

        We are not uneducated. We have high school, higher school and universities graduates. Many of us speak English or other foreign language.
        It is also very true that many of the people in the warteg2 truly are uneducated also, same like you say. Cleaners of the streets and diggers from projects come in for coffee and snack. We see nothing is wrong about that. Why do you?
        Are you very royal that you cannot be relax with poor people?


        • Bored Expat 12:11 on April 2, 2015 Permalink

          Sorry, Santi, nothing personal.
          I make a good salary here and I like to spend it on good quality restaurant food and I am able to live in good quality housing, not in kampongs.
          If you like your warteg, that’s up to you. I have never been in one and am not really interested in trying it.

          This blog’s conservatism may chime in with yours but it is intensely offensive to people of a liberal persuasion, a throw-back, out of step with the modern Western world, which has a much more sophisticated approach to life than he is capable of..
          . .


    • Priyanto 14:59 on March 31, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I like this very much.
      We are always very excited when we have visitor from the other country saying good things about Indonesia and our food.
      You should try more different foods from the other provinces too. There may be thousand of cooking ways in every island so you can be busy eating for many years.
      Thank you and you are welcome.


    • Wulan J 15:21 on March 31, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      The food you show in the photograph looks like it is very delicious. I am also a lover of warteg eatings, and wish you can come to where we eat in the evening time.
      We all gather together after working all day long and share our story. Interesting for somebody who is writing about how it is in Indonesia.
      I give you the address eventhough it is in East Jakarta quiet far from where I think you have your house.


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