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    Target Boycott Going Well – Step Up the Pressure! 

    Again, I’m happy to forward this appeal from AFA, asking Americans to keep up the pressure on Target.
    The huge boycott campaign over Target’s disgusting policy of allowing ‘transgender’ men into women’s rest-rooms, heedless of the danger thus unleashed, the danger of pervert molestation, has mobilised massive numbers of decent Americans against the company.

    Wednesday, March 1, 2017]


    AFA Target boycott crashes corporate earnings


    AFA’s 1.4 million supporters are dealing a crippling blow to Target over their dangerous bathroom policy. The Target boycott, launched in April 2016, is causing a significant drop in foot traffic to the store.

    Effects of the boycott are clear in Target’s financial report released February 28. The report indicated a dramatic drop in Target’s sales and earnings during October, November, and December. This bad news for Target resulted in the company’s stock value dropping 13 percent on the day of the report.

    Together we are making an unprecedented financial impact on a corporation whose policy is to allow men to use women’s restrooms and dressing rooms. Target’s decision is unacceptable for families, and their dangerous and misguided policy continues to put women and children in harm’s way.

    Target, however, remains willfully blind to the link between the boycott and financial loss, but this blindness should not persist. Investors will hardly allow a politically correct bathroom policy based on a minority opinion to sink Target’s profits further. Target investors must be aware that a strong majority of Americans believe the use of restrooms and dressing rooms should be linked to a person’s biological sex. We must keep the pressure on Target.

    This is why it is urgent the Target boycott reach 1.5 million signers by the end of April…. 

    Support AFA’s social media campaign to reach 1.5 million

    Here’s what AFA is asking you to do:

    ▶ SIGN – If you haven’t already, sign the boycott pledge today.

    ▶ SHARE – Ask family, friends, and church members to sign the pledge. One effective strategy is to voice your concerns politely, but firmly on Target’s Facebook page and other social media sites. Please use #BoycottTarget.

    Well done, AFA!


    Keep up the good work!

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    Sessions OK! An Appeal All Americans Should Support! 

    American Family Association
    Here’s an appeal just in from AFA, which I simply pass on for good people to support!
    Attorney General Sessions needs to hear from you

    Thursday, February 16, 2017



    In August, Judge Reed O’Connor of the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Texas blocked President Barack Obama’s transgender bathroom directive. The Obama Administration appealed that decision to the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans.

    The good news is that, over the weekend, Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice withdrew the appellate motion filed by the Obama administration.

    This means that Judge O’Connor’s ruling will likely stand. This is a victory for our children’s safety and the rule of law.

    Thank Attorney General Sessions for this action to protect our children’s privacy and safety.

    Related to this radical attempt by the Obama administration is the retail chain Target’s decision last April. Target announced it was allowing men who felt like women into female restrooms and changing facilities. Target’s policy undermines the privacy and safety of women and children. Men don’t belong in the same changing area as women.

    For this reason, AFA launched the #BoycottTarget campaign which has been immensely successful by garnering nearly 1.5 million signatures of individuals who will no longer be shopping at Target until they reverse this misguided policy.

    This recent action by the Department of Justice sends a signal that policies like Target’s should not be pushed on American families, much less America’s children. The #BoycottTarget movement is making a difference.

    We must let Attorney General Sessions know that we appreciate his department’s actions.

    Your effort in signing this petition will not go unnoticed. We must speak up if we are going to protect our children.


    Thank Attorney General Jeff Sessions for withdrawing from President Obama’s transgender bathroom directive.



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    Target’s ‘Trans-Gender’ Lunacy- The Fight Goes On! 

    American Family Association

     Asked to spread news of the on-going fight to thwart the gaystapo agenda, I am happy to oblige. 




    Last May, AFA delivered over 1 million petition signatures to Target Stores headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. On your behalf, I personally met face-to-face with Target executives, urging them to end AFA’s boycott of the company by protecting women and children in their stores.

    Unfortunately, Target didn’t respond to our concerns. Now, I’m ready to deliver another half-million, but I’ll need your help!

    We are very close to reaching our next goal of 1.5 million signatures. You can see how close we are here. Please help us get the remaining signatures we need!

    Once we reach the 1.5 million signature mark, AFA will personally deliver the additional 500,000 petitions to Target’s headquarters.

    As a result of Target’s continued and dangerous policy of allowing men to use women’s dressing and restrooms, women and children have become targets of sexual assault inside its stores.

    Target would do well to read U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor’s recent ruling, putting a halt to President Obama’s directive which would have allowed boys to use girls’ locker and bathrooms in public schools. In his ruling, Judge O’Connor said, “separation from members of the opposite sex, those whose bodies possessed a different anatomical structure, was needed to ensure personal privacy.”

    Target’s policy does nothing to insure its customer’s personal privacy or protection from those who would take advantage of the rule to conduct sexual criminal activity. And according to an article on cnsnews.com, there are over 840,000 registered sex offenders in the United States who could take advantage of Target’s unbridled policy.

    Please help us reach the 1.5 million signature goal today!


    1. If you haven’t already, sign the pledge to boycott Target.

    2. Forward this email to everyone on your email list. Be sure to use the social media tags below to let your friends know you’ve signed the pledge and are encouraging them to join the boycott too!

    3. Let Target know you have signed the pledge by calling your local store manager here. If you don’t have a Target store nearby, post your comment on Target’s Facebook page here.

    Sign the Boycott Pledge NOW!


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    Obama’s Transgender Agenda – More Reasons to BOYCOTT TARGET! 

    And Target still panders to Obama’s transgender agenda, despite mounting evidence of the danger to American women and girls.

    As ever, I’m happy to relay this message from AFA!




    The overwhelming evidence continues to pile up against Target’s policy to allow men into women’s restrooms and dressing rooms it its stores.

    Target says, “[W]e welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity. …Everyone deserves to feel like they belong.”

    This means a man can simply say he “feels like a woman today” and enter the women’s restroom…even if young girls or women are already in there. Target’s policy is exactly how sexual predators get access to their victims. And the proof keeps mounting.

    Clearly, Target’s dangerous policy poses a threat to wives and daughters. Over 1.4 million people have pledged to boycott Target stores until protecting women and children is a priority.

    Here are 10 examples that show Target should immediately rescind their dangerous policy and keep men out of women’s bathrooms and dressing rooms.

    1. Man wanted for taking photos inside Target changing room
    2. Transgender woman caught filming in Target changing room
    3. Man seen reaching under stall with phone in Target dressing room
    4. ‘Peeping Tom’ reported in Target dressing room
    5. Teen girl reports dressing room peeper at Target
    6. Police Looking for Target Peeper
    7. Target peeping Tom pleads guilty
    8. Man Arrested for Taking Photos of Woman in Target Bathroom
    9. Peeping tom caught filming women in Brentwood Target dressing rooms
    10. ‘Peeping Tom’ took pics of people in Target bathroom


    1. Help Target understand the problem. Copy and paste this link (http://bit.ly/2d9KvWV) of 10 examples to Target’s Facebook page.

    2. Sign the #BoycottTarget pledge. Encourage family and friends to sign the pledge, too.
    3. Share the boycott information on social media and be sure to use #BoycottTarget

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