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  • ross1948 15:02 on November 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC’s Enforcers Shameless? Change That! 

    Just been reading about UK Pravda’s debt collectors…



    ….in yet another article about public anger directed at the tax-funded propaganda channel, and was interested to learn that they use a company called Capita.

    Capita Business Services Ltd

    Administration and enforcement of the TV Licence fee.

    Their wikipedia entry is fascinating.

    There’s more info to be found via this business reference –


    Far from being in any way embarrassed by their role as BBC’s hired enforcers, their spokesperson is quoted in the Express as follows –

    Capita said its debt collection operations fell under the “essential services” category so were not suspended during lockdown“It is our current intention to continue to operate as we have been.”

    A company spokesman said: “We are operating in line with Government guidance and have strict procedures in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of both our colleagues and our TV licence customers


    In what possible bad-dream-world is debt collection an ‘essential service?’

    If you share my curiosity about the answer to that question, you could use Capita’s contact form, to ask them…


    ..but they might not answer as fully as you like.



    You could join LinkedIn ( anybody can) and look them up, all their senior executives, and more if you choose, and ask every individual employed by Capita how they can morally justify their role as BBC enforcers.

  • ross1948 19:19 on October 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Congratulations, Ken Cuccinelli! DW’s Lefty Grouch Routed! 

    That’s a stupid question!’….


    Ken Cuccinelli official photo.jpg
    Senior Official Performing the Duties of the United States Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security

    If you don’t want me to answer questions, I’m not sure why I’m sitting here.’

    That ill-mannered old grouch Tim Sebastian…



    ….is surely due for compulsory retirement soon, after his typically cack-handed, snarling, leftist ‘interview’ with Ken Cuccinelli, a prominent member of Donald Trump’s law enforcement team.

    It was hardly an interview in any normal sense.

    Except in DW’s alternative ideological universe…

    Smart Pole Hammers DW’s Ole Grumpy-Guts! 

    …as we have seen before with Sebastian The Crab, who has been bested time and again!

    One smear after another disguised as questions, till T.S.’s combative guest felt obliged to say the curmudgeonly inquisitor was – quote –

    ‘..acting like a spokesman for the Democratic National Committee!’

    Congratulations, Ken!

    You didn’t just put the grizzled DW bigot in his place. You chewed him up and spat him out.

    DO watch the show!


    You’ll enjoy seeing a rabid old left-media running-dog figuratively kenneled.



    What a pity the rest of the German tax-funded broadcasting channel don’t get the same kenneling….

    DW – German Bias Channel Welcomes US. Hate Group Ranter! 

    After AfD Surge, DW’s Comrade Crane Spews Bilious Bias! 


    Goff-Garbage! DW’s Pinko Yank Prattles On Pardons! 

    …for they richly deserve it!



    • Chris C 21:34 on October 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      This is every bit as enoyable as you say and after looking back through your other reports on how DW arranges ‘discussion’ programmes, Sebastian’s one of a kind, because if you call a programme ‘Conflict Zone,’ you need to have somebody in a position to fight back.
      Furthermore, you have to have somebody prominent, who will therefore be capable of giving as good as they get, or better, as Mr. Cucinelli did when he put Sebastian down.
      That’s why DW keep most of their panels, like that one on the AfD, carefully controlled, keeping AfD supporters out.
      These state broadcasters need to be, as somebody else said recently, democratised or privatised.


    • Ozzie Kander 12:19 on October 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I know nothing about Mr Cuccinelli but I took my imaginary hat off to him when the show ended.
      He was outstanding, never raised his voice, never rude, just refuted the leftwing lies that Sebastian kept vomiting at him.


  • ross1948 17:24 on July 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    DW’s Mystery Leftist ‘Antoine’ Wants To Bring ISIS Sows Home! 

    Whose game is Germany’s TFPC playing?

    DW went over the top today, the Tax-Funded Propaganda Channel  throwing a loaded dice in what must be deemed a winning bid to beat their rivals, like BBC, France24, CBC etc…in the bias game,,

    Their star, a mysterious sometime far-left activist, whose true identity DW obligingly concealed, oddly consented to appear on screen, using the pseudonym ‘Antoine.’


    Wer ist ‘Antoine!?’

    What’s he got to hide?

    Grandfathers are usually thought of as benign persons, despite the fact that many of history’s worst characters were grandfathers.

    So cute but facile decision, surely, by DW, to introduce “Antoine” as the grandfather of one of the brats stuck with their evil ISIS sow mothers, currently detained in a Kurdish camp.

    “Antoine’s” daughter turned apostate against the family’s agnostic tradition, converted to Islam, and scuttled off…




    ….like numerous other dirty French bitches, to adhere to evil in Mosul.

    But “Antoine’s” own background sounded as if it might be dodgy, to say the least.

    DW referred to his ‘trade union’ activism in ‘workers’ rights,’  no details at all, which makes me wonder if he has, or had, links to the notorious PCF, which we discussed a couple of years ago…

    Cuba Libre! – Collaborateur! Hollande Emulates Thorez! 

    ….the French Communist Party, or some other unsavoury marxist cabal.

    DW don’t know, or won’t tell us?

    Not much investigative journalism at DW!

    As for balance, there WAS a French Government spokesman allowed to be heard…


    ….for even less time than that allotted to a leftist lawyer, who, we were told, has represented numerous ‘alleged’ ISIS scum.

    She proceeded to argue that ‘their crime began in France so they should be tried there!’



    But the vermin LEFT France in order to reach the satanic ‘caliphate,’ so, while a taste for treason and terrorism undoubtedly motivated their departure, what ‘crimes’ did they commit until they had arrived in the rape-gang’s stronghold?

    That lawyer bint is full of sh-t!

    Still, the DW reporter, Lisa Louis, did tell the truth about surveys of French opinion…

    …which hugely supports keeping ISIS vermin out of France, and corralled in Mid- East detention.

    Which, in a democratic country, should settle the matter.


    I thought that was it, but DW suddenly hauled in a female named Rumyana Van Ark, who works for something called the ‘International Centre for Counter Terrorism!’

    Sounds promising, I hear you say?

    But we just got more stuff about how we should make things easier for the detainees.

    She even whined about the ‘deplorable’ conditions (boo-hoo!) which, she suggested, ‘can trigger further radicalisation,’ as if the mangy sows could get significantly more satanic than they already are!

    And not a word about stringing the b-stards up…



    ….which would solve the problem instantly!

    But then her ICCT is funded by the Dutch Government, which is subject to Brussels..



    …and thus would not be permitted, even if it wished, to continue funding any organisation that talked such good sense!

    • Chrissie Miles 19:53 on July 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I have had a look at that ICCT website and they get lots of funding from unnamed non governnent sources.
      Would it be fanciful to speculate on Sauron gold being involved?


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 20:08 on July 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      That is one strange story. This man wants to keep his name off the tv news but is more than happy to talk with his face fully visible?
      Do they think nobody in France watches DW?
      I have watched it from start to finish like you did, Ross, and his daughter wasn’t even one of those who can claim she was ‘forced’ to follow a jihadist husband.
      She does not deserve to be allowed back into France.
      She does not deserve to have custody of a child either, an unfit mother by anyone’s reckoning.
      The ‘grandfather’ needs to be investigated.
      He has something to hide!


  • ross1948 19:54 on June 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    TFPC Tarts, Not All Ugly As Emma, But Just As Biased! 

    TFPC = BBC

    Tax-Funded Propaganda Channel!

    Today’s noon ( Jakarta time) ‘news’ was as bad as ever, with their blonde bint, Karin Giannone, who, unusually for the nymphs of  ‘Newsnight’ …



    ….is quite pretty, failing totally to challenge the ‘expert’ American guest, nor identifying him as a leftist with a long record of seeking to censor views he dislikes.


    Hany Farid, an expert on digital forensics, speaks on deepfakes at the Palo Alto Networks Experience as part of events surrounding RSAC day three.

    Professor Hany Farid, of UCLA Berkeley


    No doubt the prof is expert in ‘digital forensics’ as we learn from his wikipedia entry, but if we read on, he’s been up to his neck in ‘counter-extremism!’

    Even apart from the clue that he works at the notorious  ‘University of California at Berkeley,’ his own words made it very clear he’s gleeful about Big Biz trying to get social media to silence resistance.

    The public has had enough….’ he ranted.

    It was time, he snarled, for Facebook to ‘gets its house in order!’

    Yes sir, Comrade Professor-Commissar, sir!

    From Unilever to Coca Cola…


    File:Coca cola 1-1-.jpg

    ( boycott, please)


    ….these multinational BLM running-dogs are refusing to advertise on Facebook until Zuckwit agrees to censor Trump and anyone who agrees with him.

    But you know all about that.

    What you don’t know – but will readily admit to expecting, surely – is that the BBC was fully aware of Fahrid’s fanatical approval of this censorship.

    Did Karen G of the BBC put it to him that millions of Americans support Trump’s tweets and comments – on everything from shooting looters (great idea!) to describing the Chinese Virus as a Chinese virus…


    China is Lying, Coronavirus started in Wuhan

    or Kung Flu?


    The leftist blonde compere was much more concerned if the plutocrats were serious or ‘virtue-signalling,’

    Did she even suggest that people outside the media ruling class and the plutocrat left might have a right to be seen and heard on social media?

    Not a word.

    Nor, of course, did she invite comment from anyone dissenting from the rich pinko push for suppression of dissent – unless you count Zuckwit, who deserves no sympathy for his plight…



    …for he was quoted as whining that he has done so much to quell the voices of resistance…why me, lord, why me?


    Komrade Karen then gave us five minutes of ‘racism’ whining by Asian-Americans, including a ‘rapper,’ naturally – why invite ‘rappers’ to talk when they can’t even sing? –  then she went off for tea.


    Super-Ugly, Super-Bigot appeared…

    BBC’s Beastly Begum-Symp – More Awful Than Maitlis? 

    ….that ghastly erstwhile posh-girl-independent-school lefty creepette Emma Barnett…yes, her..


    ..warmly glowing as the brother of George Floyd ranted, praising the fanatic Ellison ( see “Lawyers’ Committee?” BBC’s Leftist Embley Strikes Again!  ) as a ‘champion of civil rights.’

    Barnett led him along, asking if reference to GF’s criminal past was ‘racist.’

    The brother of course agreed.

    So another demand for truth to be suppressed…


    …that we should all stop reminding forgetful folks that neither Floyd, nor Brooks, nor that previous criminal whose death caused uproar, Eric Something-Or-Other, were good citizens.

    They were all blots on the social landscape.


    Haven’t we had enough of the guff?

    Then The Maitlis appeared.

    Unwilling to be turned to stone, I switched off, to bring in the washing.


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