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    P.M. Recognises Ulster’s Rights – Murder-Gangster Rages! 

    Interesting to hear Martin McGuinness still raving against Brexit  –

    “We refuse to be dragged from Europe!”   https://euobserver.com/tickers/135339

    • mcguinness_ira_0_img_assist_custom-360x203
    • ————-
    • McGuinness’s republican murder gang has plenty of experience in ‘dragging’ – dragging innocent people from their homes and vehicles at dead of night, to maim and murder them in typical terrorist fashion.


    The gunmen, who were hiding in hedges, ordered the workers to leave the van and then questioned them about their religion. After allowing the Catholic worker to flee, the IRA unit then opened fire on the Protestant workers. 

    Man arrested over 1976 Kingsmills murders

    But perhaps his outburst was provoked because he, like many people who loathe him and his evil cause, read carefully what the Prime Minister said at the Conservative Party Conference.


    Mural, Shankill Parade, off Shankill Road.

    • “I will never allow divisive nationalists to undermine the precious union between the four nations of our United Kingdom.”

    Theresa May used those welcome words at the weekend when speaking about her Brexit strategy.

    This clear recognition that Ulster is NOT part of some mythical ‘Irish’ nation, that Ulster is every bit a nation in its own right, thus entitled to self-determination, is great to hear, not least because it underlines what we have always said…

    The Somme, The On-Going Threat…and A Dominion of Ulster? 

     …that if, in years to come, that nation finds itself a minority within its current borders, that would be no excuse for handing over Ulster for annexation by its expansionist enemies in Dublin.

    If there’s a demographic problem, it must be solved by redrawing the frontier – repartition – to ensure that, within a smaller territory, the Ulster people still have their own homeland!  

    This is no new idea!



    And Mrs. May should use those words again, next time some yapping traitor cur from the Sinn Fein/IRA pack –  or their SDLP running dogs at Stormont  – seeks to undermine Ulster people’s rights as equal citizens within the UK.

    Plenty of examples – think of the vehicle license plates affront.

    editorial image


    When Union Flags were authorised for the plates, the then Transport Minister, Clare Perry, said: “People in this country rightly take pride in our national flag which is why I am delighted it will now be displayed on British driving licences.”

    But she took no action on the exclusion from this right of British patriots in Ulster, who were denied equal rights because of “particular sensitivities surrounding [national] symbols” 


    In other words, pandering yet again to disloyal vermin whose allegiance is to a foreign flag in an alien republic.


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    Theresa Shakes Hands With Murder! 

    The gunmen, who were hiding in hedges, ordered the workers to leave the van and then questioned them about their religion. After allowing the Catholic worker to flee, the IRA unit then opened fire on the Protestant workers. Man arrested over 1976 Kingsmills murders


    That’s one of the most important paragraphs in the Guardian’s report on an arrest made this week, long years after the crime concerned was committed.

    I refer to Kingsmill.


    Kingsmill – Parades Commission Panders to Terrorist Sympathisers

    That repulsive sectarian slaughter exposed for all to see the sort of ‘United Ireland’ envisaged by the republican gangs operating under orders from the Sinn Fein/IRA murder machine.

    And in our recent comments column we have seen that the disloyals in British Ulster still wave their enemy flag with as much hateful vigour as ever.

    One of our readers asked why I cut such a specimen so much slack, and now you have my reason, to show the many people across the globe who still are unclear on the Ulster issue EXACTLY what our enemies are all about…


    … absolute contempt for self-determination and a relish for ethnic cleansing. 

    But they have since had their treason elevated to ‘parity of esteem’ with decent Ulsterfolk whose allegiance to Queen and Country withstood all the terrorist onslaughts.

    Those imprisoned for such atrocities were turned loose and by a perversion of democracy now sit around the governing tables at Stormont.

    Amid all the rhetoric we hear from Theresa May about a different kind of mind-set in what used to be called the ‘Conservative and Unionist Party,’ there’s not a word about any return to the honourable time when loyalty was reciprocated.

    May’s continued commitment to the dirty deal we always refer to as the Bad Friday Agreement was exemplified in this photo…



    May and Murder. 

    Sinn Fein/IRA were aware of the investigation. The delegation told Downing Street that they would not attend talks without McGuinness and that he would not attend if the threat of prosecution hung over him. As a result, John Major’s government ordered that the relevant files should be ‘disappeared’. Which they duly were.’  http://blogs.spectator.co.uk/douglas-murray/2014/04/truth-lies-and-martin-mcguinness/

    She has shown herself more than willing to continue the pact with evil which her Labour counterpart BLiar sealed with McGuinness’s comrade Blood-Beast Adams.

    Remember them? 

    Blair Finally To Answer For Aiding and Abetting Terrorism? 


    Terror Gang Leader Adams, Complicit in Child Molesting – ‘A Man Sent by God?’   

    So, you say, no surprise?

    The extension of that ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ amnesty to all the foul fiends of the IRA ‘Arrest Downey Now!’ Ulster’s Jim Demands Justice! was an integral part of the outcome of that act of appeasement.

    Hence our question today must be –  what will befall any republican vermin charged, tried and convicted of the Kingsmill ethnic cleaning crime?

    The entire satanic logic of Bad Friday dictates that those who served the cause of Sinn Fein/IRA must go free.

    So what does May have to say to McGuinness about that?


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    UK’s ‘Al-Qaeda Kid’ – Did BBC Interview Lord Haw-Haw’s Mum? 



    A 19-year-old British jihadi has been killed in a US airstrike in Syria, according to reports. The man, from Brighton, East Sussex, is thought to have been fighting for al Nusra, an affiliate group of al Qaeda, in Aleppo, The Guardian reported. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/briton-19-killed-syria-airstrike-reports-162901517.html#Eq6ku1E




    Okay, congratulations to the USAF.

    But I do wish the media would get it right. Maybe he was from Brighton. Maybe he was born in the UK.

    But he’s NOT British in any meaningful sense.

    As has oftimes been noted, if a pregnant sow gives birth in a stable, its litter will still be piglets, not foals.


    Khadr-attending-a-hearing-at-Guantanamo-Bay Killer Khadr


    Any more than Killer Khadr is Canadian. Canada Stands Tall, Obama Skulks, On Compensation for Khadr’s Victims 

    They COULD have given their loyalty to the lands they were born in. Instead they accepted all the benefits thereof, but then chose to cleave to barbarism. Such people are lower than vermin.

    It’s always heartening to hear of their extermination, because they have repudiated the allegiance due to their countries.  They are, at best, enemy aliens –  at worst, they are traitors.  

    So how come we heard some twits on Sky News earlier today noting almost sadly that the terrorist mentioned above ‘looked such a nice, pleasant’ boy?

    Take away the masks of those ISIS scum in the beheading videos, or the cowardly swine in our Aceh photo…




    …and they  might look ‘nice, pleasant boys!

    Evil people do not invariably possess hideous faces. Catching and killing them would be a lot simpler, were that the case. And…

     ‘Nice, normal’ terrorist?

    Why the heck did the BBC feel the need to give the deceased devil’s mother the opportunity to tell us all what a perfectly normal young fellow he was?

    One expects that from any mother, but what she thinks is not what we should think. Nobody forced him to serve evil. He had the same access we all have, surely, to the truth about the satanic cause he joined. 

    If he really had been a nice normal British boy, who fancied a military career, he’d have signed up to serve his own Queen and Country.


    Did the BBC afford the same gracious facility to the mother of William Joyce, Lord Haw-Haw, the traitor,  hanged in 1945?


    Second Raid Gallery Lord Haw-Haw


    No discernible moral distinction between the two, except that presumably the hanged man regarded himself, misguidedly, as a patriot, unlike the fanatic who gladly gave his allegiance to an alien, and monstrous, supranational ideology.

    One hopes there will be many more ‘Jihad Johns’ reported KIA in the weeks to come – let’s not lament their well-deserved deaths

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