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    Cancel Krista, The Pro-Porn Pedagogue! 

    If any more proof were needed that some far-left teachers need to be dismissed from ( and never readmitted to)  all duties connected to public education…


    ….here’s Krista Tyler, an obnoxious bigot, just popped up in Texas, to clinch the argument.


    Krista Tyler speaks at a Leander ISD school board meeting.

    Nasty far-left ‘teacher’ Krista Tyler


    We have discussed the propensity of some ‘teachers’ to impose a pornographic syllabus on youngsters before.

    While porn does have a certain appeal for some adolescents, it always strikes me as odd when grown-ups still feel a need to watch dirty (aka ‘adult’) movies and read dirty books.

    But the books mentioned in the report are not exactly what one might call ‘normal’ porn, Playboy-style ‘boobz n bumz’ stuff….

    Nazis Go Nuts as Playboy Editor Freed – “Weird Porn Judge!” 

    …but rather revolting depravity, featuring same-sex activity and even pedophilia.

    Parents are not so much enitled but morally obliged to seek a cleansing.

    For this uppity Klutz Krista to rebuke such rightly indignant parents with a rude rhyming rant…

    ( the cow can’t even compose a euphonious poem!)

    ….surely shows that she has no grasp of her role as a servant and should be sent to look for work in a more suitable environment.


    Read her semi-coherent rhyming tantrum  in the linked report.


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    Can Texas Get Back To Normal? 

    Before Back-Stab Biden can turn his arguably impaired mind towards castrating the Supreme Court…

    Biden’s Supreme Court Packers Pack Up


    … here’s a petition from NOM which Americans who reject the imposition of homo-weddings should sign.

    The position taken by Rep. James White in Texas has strong legal support.



    In fact, after the Obergefell ruling came down in 2015, over sixty of our nation’s most prominent legal scholars issued an opinion advising that states should not regard the ruling as binding on them, but rather only binding on the litigants involved.

    Naturally, Big Tech is now suppressing this legal opinion, but you can read it here.
    Attorney General Paxton is a strong conservative and so far has never buckled to pressure from the left, but many GOP elected officials around the country have cowardly avoided challenging the LGBT agenda, especially when it comes to defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. That’s why this petition effort is so important.
    Attorney General Paxton needs to hear from the grassroots that we will stand behind him if he issues the ruling that Rep. White has requested and that prominent legal scholars have advised.

    By signing this petition, an email will be sent in your name to Attorney General Paxton urging him to stand for restoring marriage in the great state of Texas.  Please sign the petition today.

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    Sackur, BBC’s Democrat Hit-Man! 

    It is now clear that you guys are out to suppress the votes of people who are not Republicans! ‘


    Who said that?







    CNN’s Kermit ‘Frodo’ Cuomo?

    None of the above!

    UK Pravda’s Stephen Sackur, in his HardTalk show!

    Sackur’s leftist bias – the very different way he handles dodgy BLM types… 


    Stephen Sackur, Journalist & Presenter (17167554681) (cropped).jpg


    Hard Talk? Hard To Stomach! BBC’s Sackur Softballs BLM Nasty 

    …compared to his harsh approach to those averse to UK Pravda’s left-lib ideology, is a given.

    But even I was surprised at how he’d so totally dropped the pretence…



    …that his role is to interview his guests, rigorous but fair questions…



    …and now parrots partisan war-cries that one might fairly expect from Democrats in Washington DC or their media running dogs at CNN.

    Sackur’s shape-shifter switch to become  purveyor of the Big Lie about ‘voter suppression’ is a disgraceful breach of the BBC’s charter obligation to impartiality.

    His antics were on display at 10.50am ( Jakarta time) today, when his guest was Texas State Senator Bryan Hughes (GOP)


    The ostensible topic was the new abortion law there, but Sackur turned the show into an all-out onslaught on Texas’ conservative record.

    Senator Hughes had obviously heard about the left grip on Britain’s tax-funded state broadcasting outfit.

    He parried the BBC hack’s thrust with civil, cheerful ease!

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    Lone Star State Confronts GeekStasi! 

    Texas is called the Lone Star State…

    ….but let’s hope the admirable Texan legislators won’t be alone in taking a stand against evil.

    By evil, I refer to many so-called ‘social media’ but need to single out Zuckwit’s Faecesbook flunkeys, after their recent declaration of war, not just, as always, on the right of conservatives to express right-of-centre views…


    Facebook ‘Oversight’ Board – Left From The Get-Go!.

    ..but also, incredibly, even on irrefutable scientific truths…

    Zuckwit’s Geek-Stasi Makes War On Science! 

    …which make transfreaks and their rabid left fans uncomfortable! 

    Good on Texas!

    But would it not be a welcome sign of at least a little bit of residual conservatism in the UK ‘Conservative’ Party….

    ….if even ONE Tory MP at Westminster set forth a Private Member’s Bill along the same lines? 

    Don’t hold your breath!

    Read more

    And if you do read more, follow up the additional link exposing another major Enemy Within…



    …and check out what a diligent investigator has just this week said…about Google having internally launched an initiative to portray the United States as a “system of white supremacy…”

    Time to…

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    Mass Resistance Reminds Us – Big Biz Is The Enemy! 

    Mass Resistance continues to do an excellent job.

    I pass on a chunk of their latest and hope many more good people will flock to their banner of resistance!

    Texas MassResistance activists up against Corporate America – fighting to pass important “Save James” legislation at the State House.
    Goal: To stop ghoulish “gender clinics” from mutilating and sterilizing children in “sex-change” procedures. A big money-maker for clinics and pharma industry. Public hearings coming up this week. More
    Outside the entrance to the infamous “gender clinic” at Children’s Hospital in Dallas. These gruesome “medical” procedures on children must stop!
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    Shame – Far-Left Outlaws Truth In ‘Alamo’ City! 

    While most people throughout the English-speaking world have heard of the Alamo, where Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie and nearly 200 other patriot heroes laid down their lives, massacred by the huge Mexican army of General Santa Anna…


    …perhaps fewer outside of the USA are aware that the famous siege took place at the city of San Antonio.

    And last week the sicko leftists who now run the city council there betrayed the freedoms those martyrs died for by declaring that truth is ‘hate speech.

    The PC klutzes voted through a –

    ‘…resolution declaring coronavirus-related terms such as the “Chinese virus” and “Kung Flu Virus” to be hate speech.’

    As we all know that the Chinese Virus plaguing wherever we are in the world did indeed originate from Red China, what else would we call it?

    It’s good to know that most Americans, unlike those ignoramuses, do understand whence the virus came, according to a new polll …

    … 73% of respondents said the Chinese government was responsible. Broken down by political party lines, 80% of Republicans said China was to blame, compared to 71% of Democrats…

    It would be interesting to know how Brits and Canadians and other nations who have suffered multiple deaths and terrible economic damage feel about this.

    Australia is certainly showing some backbone!

    Would it not be a fine idea if all the Western allies, and any others, like Indonesia, where I live, and which also has good reason to beware the Beijing bully regime…

    Indonesia said on Wednesday it rejected China’s claims over a disputed part of the South China Sea as “having no legal basis”, after two days earlier protesting to Beijing over the presence of a Chinese coastguard vessel in its territorial waters.https://www.reuters.com/article/us-indonesia-china-southchinasea/indonesia-rejects-chinas-claims-over-south-china-sea-idUSKBN1Z01RE

    …got together and demanded reparations?

    Red China is a blot on the global landscape. It should be isolated and prosecuted!

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    Behold The Leering Face Of Far-Left Hate! 

    This leering jackanapes needs to be fired from her position.

    Her self-serving ‘apology?

    Had the vixen’s bloodthirsty hate-rant not been spotted and spread around the media, would any expression of remorse have been heard?


    Melonnie Hicks


    Read the full story and decide if you agree with me, that her rabid left-bigot snout ought to be slapped away from the tax-trough.

    View image on Twitter
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    God Bless America – A Lesson In How To Curb Crimmigrants! 

    An inspirational report in The Guardian?

    Not that uncommon, actually, because that far-left haunt of the elite frequently produces stories meant to induce feelings of shock-horror in its readership….


    ….which thus gladden the hearts of us common folk who care about our country.

    This week’s Guardian glad tidings emanate from ‘Dilley family detention center in Texas,’ which I’m sure is as unfamiliar to you as it is to me, but one thing’s for sure!

    Somebody in that obscure corner of the Lone Star State is doing something right…


    …because the “vital first step in the asylum-seeking process has nearly been extinguished at the largest immigrant family detention center in the country….

    …though let’s not pop the champagne immediately, because that result is only according to a lawsuit, which whines, in typical pinko pro-crimmigrant manner, that “since mid-July the number of women and children who pass the first interview necessary to apply for asylum has dropped from 97% of applicants to fewer than 10%.”


    Compare that to the ludicrous state of affairs in most European countries – I don’t have the figures to hand but we know that any amount of lying can be got away with…

    Migrant crisis: One-third of refugees ‘lying about being Syrian’

    ….much as has been the case in Australia, and elsewhere…

    Swiss Tell Fakers – If You Go Home, Stay Home! 


    Like Canada’s Tamils, ‘German’ Syrians Exposed -‘Fake Refugees!’ 

    like those Tamils in Canada, fleeing ‘dreadful’ Sri Lanka – then going home for vacations.

    Despicable people!

    ….but what exactly is this first step?


    It’s the ‘Credible Fear’ Test!

    Would-be immigrants must pass the credible fear interview to present their asylum case in immigration court.

    If they don’t, the good news is that ‘they can be deported in days!


    The test is not difficult – the illegals just have to spin a good yarn that convinces the interviewers they’re not lying in their teeth about why they really, really, really don’t want to go back where they belong.


    It seems the interviewers have got wise to the ratbags and have them tell their tales more than once, to different listeners – keeping to the same script twice or thrice can be too much, presumably, for the wannabe parasites to manage!

    But – and here’s the less cheering part of the story – sticky-beak lawyers have got in on the act, doing all they can to prevent the lawless ( but alas not lawyer-less!) aliens being booted back to whence they came.

    Deportations have been blocked, for the moment.

    Does ANYBODY like lawyers?

    They may not all be as revolting as that German we looked at a while back…

    German Leftist Lawyer – “Rapist Refugees Don’t DeserveDeportation!” 

    …but that famous Robin Williams anecdote springs to mind whenever I come across one!

    • He was talking about the reasons why research laboratories were allegedly contemplating using lawyers instead of rats.
    • RAT-facebook
    •  The lab assistants were becoming very attached to their little rats. This emotional involvement was interfering with the research being conducted.
    • No such attachment could form for a lawyer…AND   …. There are some things even a rat won’t do!

    Anyway, read the whole story and hope for the best – American courts are often awful, but thanks to Donald Trump, the uppermost level of the judiciary is vastly improved.

    Initial reports of the DACA hearing at the Supreme Court are encouraging.

    Daca: US Supreme Court seems to back Trump on key immigration case

    The BBC musta hated having to publish that!

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      Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
      Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

      The part that was a comedy when the immigrant “fears for his life” to become a part of his new country, becomes settled, and then “takes a vacation” back to the country he feared. That should be cause to give him a permanent vacation back to where he came from.



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    Chemical Castration Of A 7-Year-Old Boy? Stop This Evil! 

    Funny how so much of the ‘mainstream’ (i.e. rotten) media have been ignoring this outrage!

    I have given it some attention and feel bound to give it more, if only to include the petition everybody should sign.


    Stop Press

    Seems the protests are not going unheard – a bit of good news this morning, but the issue by no means resolved.


    Keep raising Hell!

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    Tags: , bullying bureaucrats, child Protective Services, Drake Pardo, gagged, parents’ right, , Texas,   

    What D’You Think? Have Your Say, Since His Parents Can’t! 

    I don’t know enough about this case to form a definitive opinion.

    But surely one sentence in the AFA appeal below is particularly alarming.




    If the relevant authorities are acting in good faith, WHY have the boy’s parents been ‘put under a gag order and threatened with jail time if they spoke to the media or publicized their situation.’

    When know-all bureaucrats are so afraid of the whole story getting out, something surely stinks!




    Apparatchiks rarely know best.

    Please read on, and watch the video, and then take whatever action you think fit.




    Drake Pardo, an autistic 4-year-old with severe medical issues, including long-standing eating problems, was being raised by loving parents in Texas until June 20 of this year.

    It was on this date that Child Protect Services showed up with armed police officers and forcibly removed Drake from his parents and his home.

    This shocking removal came after Drake’s parents took him to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, for treatment following an incident in which the child nearly choked to death. Per medical advice, Drake’s parents requested the insertion of a feeding tube.

    One of the doctors at the medical center did a partial review of Drake’s medical file and reported the family to Child Protective Services for seeking, what the hospital believed to be, unnecessary medical treatment for their child. This doctor had never once seen Drake nor given him any type of medical care. The doctor had also never spoken to Daniel and Ashley, Drake’s parents, yet now they were considered to be medically abusive parents.

    Urge Texas Governor Greg Abbott to intervene!

    Also, having never spoken to the family, met Drake, nor conferred with a doctor who did have first-hand knowledge of Drake’s medical condition, CPS ripped Drake away from his parents. He has been in foster care for the past nine weeks where he currently remains.

    Daniel and Ashley were also put under a gag order and threatened with jail time if they spoke to the media or publicized their situation.

    Ashley and Daniel can’t speak up for their son. Drake can’t speak up for himself, and the state of Texas won’t speak up for Drake. In fact, it’s the state that kidnapped him!

    Watch this short video from the Texas Home School Coalition for the full story.

    Drake’s case has been appealed to the highest court in the state. Both the Bible and the Supreme Court have declared that directing a child’s upbringing is the responsibility of parents, not the government. Somebody needs to tell that to the Supreme Court of Texas before another family gets ripped apart!


    Fortunately, Texas Governor Greg Abbott is in a position of authority to help bring Drake home.

    Please sign our petition to Governor Abbott and urge him to do everything within his power to see Drake is freed and immediately returned to his parents.

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