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  • ross1948 15:14 on January 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Update On The Girl – If Thais Send Her Back, Boycott Thailand! 

    Saudi Arabia is of course a cess-pool of Islamist intolerance.




    Christians and adherents of other religions are not allowed to build houses of worship, as far as I know, and are certainly not free to preach in public or proselytise – seeking to convert others to their creeds, which ought to be a basic right in every country, is VERY dangerous.




    So if people escape from the desert dungeon kingdom, there should be no question of forcing them back, unless they are villains out to replace Saudi shariah despotism with something worse, marxism, or an even more fanatical form of sectarianism.

    Those latter ‘isms’ can hardly be applied to the teenage lass trapped in a Thai hotel room.

    “Screaming And Begging For Help?” Let This Girl Go! 

    Rahaf Mohammed Mutlaq Alqunun


    We had a short sharp blog-burst when the story broke, reminding you of a previous case, but as we have read more on what’s behind her plight, the case for saving her from repatriation is even stronger than we first thought.It’s not just a ‘family matter’ at all.




    Saudi woman who renounced Islam detained on her way to Australia


    I’m not sure what properly constitutes a ‘human right,’ a term debased by idiot judges and millennial morons in recent years, ever twisting the concept to bring it into disrepute among normal people.

    But if there is one thing every man and woman of goodwill must surely agree on, it has to be the right to convert to, or from, any religion, or not to adhere to any creed at all.

    The Saudis do NOT agree, and, like many primitive and savage persons, not only in the Arabian Peninsula but elsewhere, believe that using one’s God-given brain to decide for yourself how to worship God,  or even whether to worship God, is a capital crime.

    Such a belief puts them beyond the pale of civilisation.


    If Thailand surrenders the girl to the Saudis’ sectarian bigot cruelty, then Thailand is not a place I would willingly spend any time at all.

    I hope other people think so too.

    • JazPan 15:53 on January 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I have never had much interest in going to Thailand anyway, but I agree with you, if Thailand ships her back to Saudi, there needs to be backlash.


    • Barnaby 16:29 on January 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I spent a while in Bangkok and in Jakarta and Bangkok totally lacks the charm that Jakarta for all its faults does have.
      So you do not have to persuade me to stay away from the place.
      Incidentally, I just heard on the news that the Thais are now showing a little sense, that Rahaf will not be forced out.
      You make a good case against Saudi Arabia, though, all the things you say are true and it would be very wrong if that young lady is sent back there, very wrong too to punish people for leaving whatever religion.
      Killing people for converting is a terrible sin against God. He can sort out sinners for Himself.
      Even if you are an atheist it is a sin, against reason.


    • Jim in Jakarta 17:12 on January 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      That’s a good point you make, about the way ‘human rights’ have been transformed from things most of us would think were good to almost anything that some fool dreams up.
      I saw on tv today, just after I read your words, that Estonia has declared that ‘internet access’ is a ‘human right’ and inserted that idiocy into its constitution!
      Internet access is fun and useful. Nothing more.


    • Charlie Deedes 18:48 on January 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Hear hear, Ross, and I’m pleased that you inserted those cautionary words about marxists and fanatics. You could have added barbarians.

      This young Arab lady is highly unlikely to be any kind of risk to Australia.

      That cannot be said about the African gangs now terrorising Melbourne, or the Islamists who enjoyed all the benefits of living in a civilised Western country and then joined its deadly enemies.
      Selectivity in admitting ‘asylum’ seekers is essential.


  • ross1948 13:54 on February 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Brain-Dead Brit Gets Bum’s Rush – Wise Thais! 

    Lazy day today, and the sun’s gone behind clouds, so getting up to date with both serious news and reports of an odd nature, and they don’t come much odder than this silly cow…




    … denied entry to Thailand when a border check revealed pages missing from her passport.


    rainy day special

    We all do foolish things after a few jars too many – I once spent some time looking for my raincoat when about to leave a party until a sweet young thing pointed out I was already wearing it!

    But Faye Wilson had used pages from her passport to wipe herself after having a drunken piddle!


    • idiot
    • “We were walking from one bar to the next and we must have been desperate for a wee and obviously didn’t have any toilet roll.

    “We decided it would be a good idea to use my passport, which is obviously really stupid. It was maybe two or three pages. I was a bit drunk so didn’t even think about the consequences.”

    Really stupid?

    She may qualify if there’s a prize for Understatement of the Year.

    The Thais were quite right. 

    • Carlton 15:16 on February 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I detest almost all the views you vent here and can find no reason why I read it every Sunday, except that it inspires me to send donations to wothwhile causes that I’m sure you would call ‘pinko agitprop outfits.’
      Recently, you published some comments that criticised your own ‘agitpropaganda’, so I’m going to try and see if you are in a mood to publish this.
      Your insults that you pour on the refugees are shocking and shameful. If some of them behave badly, that’s not surprising. A proportion of all population groups will be criminal.and it is terribly unfair to tar them all with the same brush.
      You argue against women being forced to wear religious clothing but you are prepared to support governments that force them not to wear religious clothing. Where’s the freedom in that?
      You are EXTREMELY anti-Europe, a Brexit supporter, then you talk incessantly about how important it is to defend Europe against the poor migrants.
      Inconsistent, don’t you see?
      Finally, with all due respect, I see from this post, and others, that you are not a man to refuse a drink, and I would like to ask you if you write your most inflammatory rants under the influence of alcohol? I ask seriously, because sometimes you almost make sense, at other times you resemble a madman raving in a padded cell.


      • ross1948 00:55 on February 15, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Hello, Carlton. It’s past midnight here, so I will only reply briefly – and soberly!
        I may be mad sometimes, but in the American sense of angry, not the British sense of crazy, though what Western governments do does tend to drive one crazy.
        Of course I am pro-European, and always urge solidarity with patriots in every European nstion. That is consistent with being against the (anti-) European Union, which abhors traditional European values and is guilty of encouraging the invasion of Europe.
        Burkas? On security gorunds alone, they should be banned. Headscarfing is sad, because it detracts from women’s good looks, but I have not argued for a ban on it, just said it is not at all a religious obligation.
        Crimmigrants? The great majority of those pouring into Europe are crimmigrants. They are illegal immigrants, for a start, most are liars, and the sex-predators and terrorists among them should be taken out. Naturally, there are some real refugees, whom I have acknowledged from time to time, but the disgusting ingratitude, complaining, recalcitrance we so often observe makes it clear that the whiners are not in the least genuine. If they really were ‘desperately fleeing for their lives,’ they’d be grateful for anything they’re given.
        Drink? I rarely drink at home. And I don’t post on the blog elsewhere, except in unusual circumstances, like when I’m out of town. Any less coherent posts can probably be attributed to composing them early in the morning, when I am never at my best.
        Feel free to comment against me. I’m quite happy to receive and publish criticism, except from certain pseudonymmous slobs whose style I recognise and automatically delete. like one sad queer last week whose whole point appeared to be that I wasn’t good-looking.
        Maybe he was drunk when he sent it.


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