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    Guardian Garbage – Grenfell’s About How UK ‘Fails Migrants!’ 

    It’s already been noted here  – Corbyn’s Comrades Exploit Charred Flesh – How About THIS? –  how the Left-Liberal shrills are exploiting the Grenfell Fire in the most unscrupulous manner.

    But it -as usual these days – gets worse, with, inevitably, The Guardian trying now to haul the tragedy onto its pro-crimmigrant bandwagon.

    On the north Kensington streets, the truth of multicultural London is apparent – there is no cheaper life than that of a poor refugee

    Yup, believe it or not, some pinko alien scribbler named Nesrine Malik…



    She’s a Sudanese writer and commentator who lives in London. She is a former private equity investor – not short of a few quid, then, but maybe short of logical deductive powers…


    If she detests Britain and Brits that much, Sudan is still out there, surely waiting for somebody with ‘private equity investment’ skills!

    After I started writing this, it struck me that her name was familiar, and sure enough, thar she blows, last year…braying anti-monarchy hogwash!

    As I said that the time,

    • Nutty Nesrine said she has a ‘real problem’ with the monarchy…so why doesn’t she p-ss off back to Sudan with its even nuttier president, since most Brits are very happy with both their monarch and the royal institution?

    Dateline BBC and Obama – Leading Questions, Slanted Panel 

    Nasty Nesrine decided to turn thirty deaths into an excuse to churn out damned insolent propaganda, because – wait for it –

    …it was impossible to look at them and not see the obvious: they were, overwhelmingly, Arab, Muslim or African.

    That may be true, but this bint is not one for too much truth…

    …she actually criticises more responsible parts of the media for digging up details on how the fire may have started…

    …with pictures of, and unnecessary detail about, an “Ethiopian taxi driver” in whose flat it alleges the fire started.

    So SHE decides what detail we’re allowed to learn?

    No matter. According to Miss Nesrine Malik…

      Grenfell shows just how Britain fails migrants !

    What a piece of pure cheek.

    If the British Government went on a recruitment drive to attract brilliant foreigners with prized talents to set up shop in the United Kingdom, promising them a special deal, with huge rewards…

    …then reneged on the deal, yes, THAT would certainly be something this Sudanese bint  ( not that it’s any of her bloody business!) could declare as a shocking example of

    just how Britain fails migrants!

    But if we examine all she rabbits on about, there’s not a shred of evidence that a single solitary one of the residents in Grenfell, dead or alive, ever fell into such a category.

    They came to the homeland of the British people, of their own choice, probably, in the case of those case of those referred to as ‘asylum’-seekers’ or ‘refugees,’ after passing through other countries whose benefit systems weren’t as juicy as the UK’s.

    So HOW THE HELL could Britain FAIL them.

    It’s not Britain’s burden to do this or that for them.

    It’s THEIR duty NOT to fail Britain, by indolence, or criminality, or, like Moaning Minnie Malik, to whine about conditions.



    If they don’t like what they find when they arrive in somebody else’s country, then the remedy is in their own hands.


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    A Glance At Guardian Shows Us – DUP Offers A Good Deal of Sense! 


    There must be a lot of people on the British mainland who have never gone across the water to visit that small corner of the British Isles that’s the homeland of the Ulster nation.


    Hasil gambar untuk Ulster

    I went lots of times back in the days when I lived and worked in the UK, and enjoyed all my travels among those fine, friendly folk. It wasn’t just a geographical outing to go there.



    Better to say it was a refreshing cultural experience, to be among people where real British values, degraded and distorted almost beyond recognition in London and other metropolitan, cosmopolitan centres, still held sway.

    That’s not to say that Ulster’s Democratic Unionist Party is an exemplar of all that’s wonderful. It isn’t.

    But compared to most of the decadent drones who run the UK media and the deadbeats in Westminster…



    …their elected representatives are a grand bunch, and to have them in a position to provide checks and balances can be nothing other than a good thing.

    The Guardian published some details on the DUP MPs, meant, no doubt, to be a source of shock and horror to left-liberals.

    Gambar terkait

    But what’s reported offers ample reassurance to those of us who shudder at the way May has advanced some of the worst Tories – Damien Green the most obvious example – in her post-election reshuffle.

    I provide the link below, but to brighten the day of true conservatives in England, Scotland and Wales, here’s a little bit about the men and women to whom we must look to keep the flag flying in the fight against dark forces.

    Arlene Foster…the daughter of a part-time policeman who was shot by the IRA when she was a young girl. She was almost killed herself when the IRA blew up her school bus in 1988 – a reminder of how Sinn Fein/IRA shared the moral turpitude of the Palestinian terrorists with whom they’ve oft declared their solidarity.



    Arlene showed a perceptive grasp of history when she snubbed Eire’s official centenary celebrations of the 1916 Easter Rising against British rule because, she said, it was “an attack on democracy.”




    Good to make Brits remember the ever-ready sympathy of the alien republic with Britain’s enemies, like De Valera/Hitler, or that swine Haughey’s efforts during the Falklands Liberation War.–

    Eire’s bigotedly anti-British Defence Minister branded Britain as the aggressor, a crude and ignorant jibe…Dublin’s entire foreign policy was based on imposing foreign rule on a British community…Falklands Pride, Yes, but Reflect on EU Back-Stabbing 

    Then there’s Ian Paisley Jnr.

    I didn’t always like what his famous father said or did, most of all the Reverend’s u-turn on sharing power with the SF/IRA murder-gang…



    …but his son deserves loud applause for his stand for decency. The Guardian tells us he neatly defined homo ‘marriage’ as “immoral, offensive and obnoxious.”  




    And top marks for his call for republican terrorists to be shot on sight, after a 2008 Republican attack on a police patrol.

    And if we knew only that Jeffrey Donaldson MP had served as the late great Enoch Powell’s election agent…

     …then that alone would be powerful reason to be cheerful.

    However, the Guardian’s hack takes the opportunity to slur the Ulster Defence Regiment, which was, as Robert Booth admits,  part of the British army…

    But in the alternative universe inhabited by the Guardian…

     Booth provides republican ‘view’


    …we are told the UDR was viewed as a locally recruited Protestant militia, feared by  Catholics.   https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/jun/11/dup-whos-who-party-members-prop-up-tories-theresa-may

    Viewed by whom? Catholics?

    Catholics loyal to Queen and County had nothing to fear from the UDR.


    Gambar terkait


    Indeed, when it was established, the UDR tried to recruit Catholics  – the regiment began with Catholic recruits accounting for 18% of membership – (wikipedia)

    – but SF/IRA intimidation, targetting Catholic UDR personnel, whittled this down to a tiny percentage.

    Donaldson too, like Paisley Junior, has good personal values, as when he talked about the ‘queer cake’ case.

    Gaystapo Wins in Ulster – A Dark Day for Freedom, Decency and Logic! 

    He admirably compared the perverts’ demand that Christian bakers make their wedding cake to asking for a cake in a Catholic area celebrating the Shankill Butchers, a murderous loyalist gang.

    Nigel Dodds, DUP Commons leader, is another who has personally been targeted by republican terror, while Sammy Wilson MP…


    Hasil gambar untuk sammy Wilson MP


    …whom we have suggested as good ministerial material  –

    Time For Counter-Revolution – Sammy Wilson for Education Secretary! 

      – is especially detested by the Climate Panic pack.

    He once told the media – “I think in 20 years’ time we will look back at this whole climate change debate and ask ourselves how on earth were we ever conned into spending the billions of pounds which are going into this.”

    I hadn’t heard anything really of Paul Girvan but the quote in the Guardian had me almost cheering, here at the laptop.

    “I have no problem with the burning of a tricolour on top of a bonfire, let’s be honest … that’s the flag of a foreign country as far as I am concerned.”

    Not much of interest about the others, but let’s not close without what the Guardian seems to regard as a reprehensible quote from Gregory Campbell, MP for East Londonderry East.

    We’ve heard of him before! Ulster’s Terrorist Republican Minority – A Joke Begets a DEATH THREAT! 



     “We will never forsake the blue skies of freedom for the grey mists of the Irish Republic.”



    Theresa May says she’s a Conservative and Unionist.

    She should publicly echo Mr. Campbell’s words today!


    Gambar terkait

    • William Johnston 10:57 pm on June 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      A lot of sense from the DUP, you’re right, and it’s good to see somebody trying to tell the English voters that our folk might be useful to have in high places.
      I think what has shaken us up here in Ulster is just how much the English Left ( and that includes Tories enough too) hate us for beleiving in things that all England believed in within living memory.
      It’s not us who have let down British values.

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    Cuba’s Hell On Earth, Thriving Thanks To Brussels! 

    Every so often, even the left-lib media produce something that serves a useful purpose.


    Gambar terkait


    For example, the Guardian, whose editorial views on most issues are execrable, has a piece on a new book by a Brit who spent some tine in one of the Castro dictatorship’s hellish prisons.


    No need to repeat what most readers know about the evil of communism and the specific nightmare experienced by the people of Cuba – we’ve written of that before.

    Obama Lies To The Last – ‘The Cuban People?’ 

    Will Obama’s Baseball Buddy Send Back The Cop-Killers? 

    As Castro Goons Drag Women To Jail, Slimer Smiles At Tyranny! 

    Is Castro-Symp Sanders Wilfully Ignorant? 


    But one part in particular struck me as alarming, that being the UK Foreign Office’s callous indifference to his plight –

    And the reasons why!

    While we wait eagerly for Article 50 to be triggered, it’s worth noting that deliverance from that foul supranational body is not only a self-interested move but a moral cleansing.


    …. the FCO had made a decision not to “rock the boat” with the Cuban authorities, focusing instead on what was seen as the bigger prize of a potential rapprochement between all EU governments and Raúl Castro.   https://www.theguardian.com/global/2017/mar/19/life-in-a-cuban-jail-for-a-british-man

    The hypocrisy of the Euro-Commissars!

    Busily punishing Israel for its settlement policies, lecturing Indonesia on why it shouldn’t shoot sectarian terrorists –    UK’s Jakarta Rep Frantic to Save Terrorist Skins -A Neo-Colonialist Par Excellence!  – – scolding Poland – yes, Poland, its own member state – about absurd ‘breaches of the rule of law…’

     Deutsche WelleMerkel’s Media Lap-Dog Snarls At Poland 


    …yet eagerly pursuing ‘rapprochement‘ with the vilest tyranny in the Western hemisphere.


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    Get A Grip, UKIP! They Aim To DESTROY You! 

    Up quite early today, another fine, sunny Jakarta Monday, as there’s a most welcome visitor due this morning, and another one expected late arvo.


    After my half-dozen coffees, I need to focus again on The Old Country, where that paragon of pinko prejudice, The Guardian, has been salivating some more over UKIP’s failure to capture Stoke in that bye-election.

    As Guardian rants go, this is only averagely spectacular, with various inane insults pouring forth –   obsessive hatemongers is a prime example.

    The fundamentally anti-democratic mentality that resides in whatever passes for a brain in their scribbler of choice…

    Paul Mason

    …a geezer named Paul Mason, is shown by the headline…

    Stoke shows how to destroy Ukip – split the alienated voters and hardcore racists – …

    …not defeat, please note, but ‘DESTROY’ the patriot party, should be taken seriously.

    These media leftists are out to deprive British voters of the ONLY alternative to left-liberal rule, to re-yoke patriot dissenters to the rotten establishment…it is essential to offer the mass of Ukip voters a route back to mainstream politics, whether of the Labour or Tory kind…



    sod that


    The Guardian hack babbles about UKIP activists’ social media output, blazing with imagery – both real and fake – of migrant riots in France and Sweden.

    Unless given specific instances of fake imagery, I can’t comment on it, but the actual crimmigrant riots are hardly fake.

    Migrant crisis: Riot in Bulgaria’s largest refugee centre – BBC News

    Sweden probes riot in mainly immigrant Stockholm suburb – BBC New

    Riot at Italian refugee center: Migrants start fires & staff held hostage


    Violent Riots at Migrant Camp on Chios, Greece – Greek Reporter

    French riot police in battle with Calais migrants, in pictures – Telegraph

    Yeah, even the BBC, as left-liberal as it gets, as well as many other media, covered the REAL riots by ingrate savages.

    Who needs ‘fakes’ when crimmigrants so graciously provide real examples!?!

    Or skip the riots, just consider some of the demos we have witnessed…




    …clear indications that a lot of ‘migrants,’ and their off-spring, are unfit to live in any civilised country. The views expressed in those placards should NOT be tolerated.

    They are incitement to murder.

    But no  – it’s UKIP supporters, according to this ranter, who are the villains who want a war with tolerance…




    Tolerance should not be extended to backward brutes who want to behead others for holding and expressing (or even only drawing!) opinions.




    Tolerating wickedness is plain stupid.

    Tolerance towards ‘migrants’ who can’t adapt to Western society, who bring, from benighted lands, all their evil attitudes – towards free speech…


    …and towards women…




    …and towards pedophilia..

    Migrant Pedophilia – ‘Our Traditions Are Hard To Break!’ 

    …is at best misguided, at worst malignant.


    Oh, and Mason accuses UKIP supporters of also being eager to make war on modernity.


    We know what the modern world looks like. We know very well that, well within living memory, Western societies had problems of course but rested on shared values.

    We have to recognise that those real values have been eroded and are being replaced by what creatures like Mason term ‘progressive’ values.’

    But that’s largely down to the denial of democratic decision-making.

    referndmlet peole vote

    The Con/Lab/Lib in-crowd NEVER afforded the British people a fair say via referenda on so many issues, immigration, capital and corporal punishment, so-called ‘gay’ marriage…

    …while the relentless indoctrination, at every level of education, continues to this day, pressed forward by the EUSSR.



    .… the report states that the aim is twofold: it is to develop “a sense of belonging to the EU and acceptance of multicultural and multiethnic societies!” 

    Bravo, Gilles! French MEP Exposes NEW EUSSR School Brainwashing! 


    But even Mason is obliged implicitly to acknowledge that half the country has shown enough strength of character not to have had their minds poisoned.

    His final paragraph bemoans those villainous millions who have declared war on the values of the progressive half of society.

    That’s the half (plus+ plus, actually!) that voted for independence, defying the might of the forces of darkness.

    And that’s the half that UKIP’s notables need to think about before they continue their quarrelsome capering.

    Way over here in Indonesia, there’s precious little I can do about their antics, except to say to Nigel, and Aaron, and Paul and Douglas...


    Hasil gambar untuk get your act together


    Together, we can achieve the needful counter-revolution.

    The stakes are too high for petty squabbling.

    • Jose 5:48 pm on March 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      One hundred percent agree.
      Ukip is needed and needs to be up for the fight, united.

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    Lugenpresse? Fake News? Leftist Guardian Stands Accused! 

    We often use the Guardian as a source, to deflect facile jibes from leftists who claim we conservative bloggers rely on each other when we report news that the Lugenpresse prefers to ignore.

    Indeed, it must have choked the ‘national broadcaster’ –  aka anti-national broadcaster –  to have reported on those Sudanese welfare bums we mentioned earlier today.

    Brunswick Bludgers – Sudanese Snouts In The Public Purse! 


    But now we need to look again at the Guardian as a useful source.

    After the Guardian published allegations that Berlin’s police physically assaulted a terror suspect, the police have accused the newspaper of making up quotes.

    “The story is completely without basis and we were enraged as we read it…

    So said a spokesman for Berlin Police.

    The Guardian’s bias is nothing new, their habitual references to patriot parties as ‘far-right’ whilst rarely, if ever, applying the far more accurate ‘far-left’ to parties like the Greens or even the Left Party…




    ….which is a direct descendant of the quisling cabal that misruled East Germany for nearly half a century as servile apparatchiks of the Soviet Occupation forces.

    But let’s move on.

    Naveed B, the man concerned, contradicts the Guardian.

     “I was neither beaten nor badly treated.”


    A police spokesperson told FAZ that B. told them that a professional translator was not present at the interview with the Guardian, only an acquaintance who could speak a bit of his language.

    He accused the British newspaper of putting words into his mouth, police claim.

    Unfortunately, the Berlin Police have announced that they would not take the case any further. “This has already wasted enough of our time, but it has nothing to do with quality journalism.”  https://www.thelocal.de/20161230/berlin-police-reject-claim-they-beat-terror-suspect

    Nor has anything from the left-lib media got much to do with quality journalism.


    • liberal-media-bias

    Their constant and corrosive slanting of news makes a mockery of what were once the principles of journalism.

    We need more people like Trump in power, or, in Germany…


    Hasil gambar untuk afd


    …the AfD, who make no secret of their contempt for the Fourth Estate, or, as the Germans say, the Lugenpresse – The Lying Media!


    • Todd Tait 4:11 am on January 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Oh yes the media lies and even when it isn’t lying it is twisting the news to suit its own bias, or suppressing the news like that horrible German state broadcasting woman you show us every few weeks who wanted to cover up the rape of a poor German girl by one of Merkel’s so-called ‘refugees.’

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