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    Won’t Reveal, Won’t Resign – Rutte The Rotter… 



    The Netherlands PM, Mark Rutte, exemplifies how mediocrity is no barrier to exaltation if a politician only keeps in with the in-crowd on matters of multicult and crimmigration.

    We have spotlighted Rutte the Rotter more than once…

    …so many shortcomings, hard to choose the most offensive, but perhaps that was when he turned his coat on the issue of Christmas celebrations.

    Rotten Rutte’s Grovelling U-Turn!


    Howeve, his latest stunt, which is not connected to ideology but to his personal character flaws…

    Prime minister denies lying but won’t reveal who warned him about Omtzigt comment

    … has to be read carefully to get the full measure of the man’s duplicity.

    Even his left-liberal collabs in the Dutch parliament were repelled, but somehow, despite all that’s reporter, he is back in his job.

    Poor Holland!

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    Rutte The Rotter Likes It Both Ways! 

    We know the Dutch PM is a lousy left-groveller without respect for his country’s Christian cultural traditions….

    Rotten Rutte’s Grovelling U-Turn!


    …but now he has reached a new low…



    ….by ‘accepting responsibility’ for his rabid tax-bureaucrats who have ruined many lives by making wrongful demands on innocent citizens.

    Rutte has resigned.

    Quite correct, the honourable thing!



    But then he didn’t.


    He’s staying on till at least March.
    There’s a general election then, so The Netherlands needs a government till that happens.
    Hence it needs a PM.

    But surely not the PM forced to quit over a reign of terror…

    …conducted by his swinish civil servants.

    A member of his party untainted by the scandal could take over for a couple of months.

    But Rutte thinks he’s indispensible, simply the best…



    ….as he’s made clear in the past…

    Rotten Rutte Targets Dutch Democracy! 

    …so he won’t stand for that.
    What an arrogant scumbag he is!

    • Agnes Presster 10:16 pm on January 16, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Left or right, anybody with a grasp of what public duty means should be condemning how Rutte is clinging to power.


  • ross1948 8:35 pm on June 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Holland’s Folly – 1000 Illegals AWOL ! 

    Dutch authorities have expressed serious concern over the “disappearance” of more than 1,000 Nigerian asylum seekers in the country…some persons have returned to Nigeria or moved to Italy, “at least 961 disappeared without a trace”.

    Well, that’s tough on Italy!

    One of the ‘benefits’ of the EUSSR’s beloved Schengen system of open borders, I guess!

    But it’s pretty damn tough on the Dutch, too!



    They used to have quite a nice little country, but now, with an alien horde prowling among them, maybe not so much.

    Although the report is about Nigerians…

    … I bet there are thousands more from other Third World zones  also on the prowl.



    Moreover, when we read the whole report carefully, it seems that these Nigerians are in fact NOT ‘asylum-seekers!’

    They were, but on examination of their claims, they were rejected.

    So the term ‘fake-refugees’ would be a lot more accurate.



    With no conceivable right to be in The Netherlands, their presence is surely illegal…

    ….so they should have been kept under lock and key until deportation.




    What the Hell is going on?

    The person to ask is Ankie Broekers-Knol, the politician in the Rutte government responsible for these matters.


    Ankie Broekers-Knol Senate of Poland.jpg

    …Nigerians have very little chance of being granted asylum here in the Netherlands. Once their application is rejected, they’re out in the Dutch streets, or drifting through Europe,” Broekers-Knol had said  


    For God’s sake!

    ‘Out on the Dutch streets?’

    Nobody knows where they are and what happened to them,” the report added…

    Hey, Ankie! Who let ‘em out?

    Why are they not confined in special quarters convenient to Schiphol or some other airport?

    Speaking on the agreement, the minister for migration in the Netherlands said the country will focus on building capacity and securing its borders.

    Building Deportation Detention Centres would be a good start.


    Something along the lines of Indonesia’s top-security Nusakambangam, perhaps?

    As for “securing borders“ – if the Dutch weren’t in Schengen, the borders would not be so porous that their errant illegals end up in Italy –  and fewer fake-refugees would be getting in.

  • ross1948 8:45 pm on June 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Rotten Rutte’s Grovelling U-Turn! No Black Piet? Or White Xmas? 

    What a spineless dork that Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is!

    Although just a few years ago, in 2013, to be precise, he dismissed the dimwit din about Black Piet…

    Black Pete, who is presented in colonial attire with a black face and large red lips, is celebrated as part of Dutch Christmas.   https://euobserver.com/tickers/130050

    …with the casual indifference that such uppity pinko flatulence surely deserves…

    Hasil gambar untuk merkel rutte

    Rutte with Mama Stasi Merkel – two of a kind? Rotten Rutte Targets Dutch Democracy! 

    Black Piet is black and I can’t do much about that!


    Now, all at once, after a BLM rabble clamored in Holland’s streets this week, Rutte has suddenly veered sharp left and started dissing the fun Dutch traditional Christmas figure, ‘usually portrayed by white people in black face paint wearing frizzy wigs and red lipstick.’


    Rutte’s excuse – “he had met many people, including “small children, who said ‘I feel terribly discriminated [against] because Pete is black…” – is just pathetic.

    Malevolent ‘Dutch’ Multicultists Target Kids’ Christmas Fun! 

    What odd ‘small children’ he must mingle with! Normal ‘small children’ don’t use words like ‘discrimination unless primed by pinko elders!

    The blame for any kid’s unease rests squarely on the race-obsessed ranters in the so-called ‘NGOs’ and the establishment media…

    Black Piet OK! Parasite State Media V Dutch Xmas Fun! 

    = kids_alone01

    We reported some  years ago how Dutch left extremists waged their heroic multicult war on little children.

    Intolerant Leftists Disrupt Dutch Kids’ Party 



    …and even insolent UN sticky-beaks..

    Zwarte Piet ‘contravenes UN rights of the child’ says children’s ombudsman – DutchNews.nl……



    …but refused to respect, never mind accept, the customs and culture of the country they chose freely to move to.

    Easy solution?

    If they don’t like what they find, then sod off back out!.

    “I expect in a few years there will be no more Black Piets,” Rotten Rutte declares!


    Stuff that!

    Even the BBC admits most Dutch people like Black Piet, so the whiners should shut up or go home.

    But before they would ever consider the logical and honourable solution to their killjoy vexation, they will probably prefer a ‘Second Front’ in their race-obsessed war on Dutch Christmases…

    …a ban on songs like ‘White Christmas!’

  • ross1948 8:03 pm on July 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: confiscation of white farms, , , Mandela communist, racist ANC, , The Netherlands,   

    Mandela’s Racist Heirs Target White Farmers – Dutch Speak Up! 

    Refreshing news out of The Netherlands, where MPs this month approved a resolution which condemned the current racist ‘expropriation without compensation’ scheme being pursued by the South African government.


    “….both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the African Charter of Human Rights forbid arbitrary deprivation of property, especially on the basis of skin color…”

    Quite true, but it’s rare indeed we have a European country taking a clear anti-racist stand against racism directed against people of European descent.

    Image result for anti-white racism


    The resolution specifically references ‘the intended expropriation of white farmers in South Africa…’


    And better still, it got passed by a grand alliance of parties, only the worst leftist elements taking the side of the racist regime in Pretoria.

    The Dutch Second Chamber, comparable to the Lower House in the UK, passed the motion by 86 votes for and 64 votes against.

    Those in favour were PM Mark Rutte’s VVD, the Christian Democrats, Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party, Thierry Baudet’s Forum for Democracy, Plus50 ( a senior citizens’ party) plus the ‘conservative’ Protestant SGP and the liberal Christian Union.

     The Dutch parliament is the first Western legislative assembly to have censured the African National Congress (ANC) in this way.


    About time!

    It was becoming fairly obvious, after the disgusting glorification of that evil old hag Winnie (the Witch) Mandela…


    ——–Doubters may like to read what was published in a leftist media source-   https://www.nytimes.com/1997/12/04/world/winnie-mandela-s-ex-bodyguard-tells-of-killings-she-ordered.html=

    …that the political heirs of the Communist Nelson Mandela…

    South African Communist Party Claims Mandela Was On Their Central Committee! 



    http://www.sacp.org.za/main.php?ID=4151    “At his arrest in August 1962, Nelson Mandela was not only a member of the then underground South African Communist Party, but was also a member of our Party’s Central Committee.

    To us as South African communists, Cde [Comrade] Mandela shall forever symbolize the monumental contribution of the SACP in our liberation struggle.

    …are reverting to the basically racist agenda of the ANC.

    South Africa’s ANC defends Kill the Boer song | Reuters   https://www.reuters.com/…/ozatp-safrica-racism.


    It may be that this strategy is purely a matter of grubbing about for cheap votes…

    The expropriation without confiscation amendment may not be finalized before parliamentary election scheduled to be held in May next year. The ANC is using the land reform to whip up public support before the ballot.

     …or perhaps racism is engrained in the ANC’s DNA.

    Turning successful farming land over to those with no claim to it was what turned prosperous Rhodesia into disastrous Zimbabwe. That story is one of the modern world’s greatest tragedies.

    Murder, Mayhem, Massacre – Come to Sunny Zimbabwe! UN Hails Mugabe 

    Or again, it may be that the ruling ANC has plans to ensure any land ‘legally’ stolen from honest and hard-working farmers is taken over not, as in Rhodesia, by savages ( ‘war veterans,’ so-called) but by ANC-collaborating business interests who do know how to run agricultural enterprises, albeit on land they’ve no right to.

    ‘They eat money’: how Mandela’s political heirs grow rich off corruption

    Apr 16, 2018 – Corruption has enriched A.N.C. leaders and their business allies — black and white South Africans, as well as foreigners.                                        https://www.nytimes.com/…/south-africa-corruption-jacob-zuma-african-national-congre...

    Whichever, the whole ‘grand design’ is indefensible, unless you Australian readers want to hand over the splendid achievements of modern Australia to the descendants of the Aborigines.


    …which might be problematical, given controversies over such descent…




    …or in North America, unless all those plutocrat notables of the Media-Democrat party in the USA, like this leftist loudmouth….


    “I was brought up in a country that relished fear-based religion, corrupt government and an entire white population living on stolen property that they murdered for and that is passed on from generation to generation.”  

    This from the multi-millionaire owner of a mansion in Malibu, among other pleasant property so far unrestored to descendants of the Red Indian ‘owners.’. Exclusion Order for Pinko Penn, Enemy of Self-Determination? 


    ….. intend to restore the lands on which their mansions stand, ever so grandly, to the dispossessed Red Indians, the aboriginal inhabitants of North America!

    • Mack the Knife 8:18 pm on July 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I was hoping you’d get around to what’s going on in South Africa but not a bad idea to have chosen the Dutch wake-up call as a peg to hang your battle-flag on.
      If Rutte’s liberal lefties can admit the truth about ANC racism, then we have to hope the protests will spread and grow.


    • Gary Closse 10:55 pm on July 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, Mandela was a Communist, and not only a Communist but a liar who kept his Communism under wraps for years.
      Despite his subversive and deceitful ways, his story is still taught in schools as if he is some heroic figure.
      Compared to his homicidal wife, maybe he was, but that’s not saying much.
      What is it with the education system in our country that they don’t put real heroes up for admiration.


    • Vicki S 11:18 pm on July 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      It was so sad what was done to the Rhodesians, especially after all the sacrifices they made for Britain during World War 2.
      Even the ANC must think twice before they ruin a large part of their economy by going down the Zimbabwe road.


  • ross1948 11:17 pm on March 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Gokman Tanis, , , The Netherlands, , Utrecht   

    Nasty News, Curious Questions, From ‘Diverse’ Utrecht! 

    The ‘breaking news’ from Holland began with bare details, so one of the international channels available here in Indonesia had some lady on to tell us ‘a little about Utrecht.’


    Related image

    Another nice, old, once-Dutch city, now ‘diverse…’


    A brief general outline of the city followed, but as soon as we heard that it was ‘diverse’ I sensed what the whole story would reveal.

    Now we know that the police are hunting for some ‘Turkish-origin’ inhabitant of The Netherlands, and while we wait and hope that no further innocent lives are lost and hope too that whoever the gunman may be, he is shot dead by police and thus no waste of money on a trial and prison arises from this murderous atrocity…


    Image result for utrecht turkish terrorist

    Gokman Tanis (born in Turkey)

    BBC Turkish quoted an anonymous businessperson as saying.“He was arrested over suspected links to the ISIL a few years ago and then released,”  http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/turkish-suspect-of-utrecht-shooting-was-arrested-over-links-to-isil-report-141990


    …we have a picture of somebody who may be able to help police enquiries…


    …and we have a question.

    No, not the obvious one, like why an ISIS suspect was not instantly deported.

    No, I prefer a more general query.

    Why have so many Turks (oh, and BTW, Moroccans too ) gotten residence rights in a country with which neither Turkey nor Morocco have any historical or cultural connection?

    • Fiona F 11:40 pm on March 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Very much to the heart of the issue, your stress on the ‘diverse’ character of the city.
      It is bafflng why media and political reporting always tries to present ‘diversity’ as a plus.
      To most of us, of course, a homogeneous society is almost bound to be less unstable than a place where the native people find themselves facing mass immigration by aliens, and in particular aliens whose ‘values’ are incompatible,


    • Edward Lamont 11:59 pm on March 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t for a moment imagine the Dutch Government will do anything sbout the migrant menace.
      They might, though, announce plans to fix their gun laws.


    • Yopi Beven 12:27 am on March 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      On the latest news, the police have captured that Turk.
      Regardless, your questions are still very relevant, and your comments on ‘diversity’ are well made.
      Diversity is a problem, not a boon, unless the ‘diverse’ cultures are long part of a country, like in Indonesia, for example.
      When foreigners decide to settle in an established nation state, they need to remember whose country they are coming to and treat their hosts with respect.
      When in Rome, etc.


  • ross1948 1:00 am on June 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Wooden Shoes Good, Bag-heads Bad – Bravo, Holland! 

    Nice one, The Netherlands!


    Following on from the French ban on the ugly alien head-shroud, and don’t forget the Belgians, now Dutch legislators have imposed a ban…



    ….not complete enough…

    Dutch parliament approves partial burqa ban in public places 

    …but it’s a start, on the burka.

    We’d like to think Britain would follow suit, but given Theresa the Appeaser’s enthusiasm for shariah law, I suppose we have to wait a while.

  • ross1948 7:55 pm on May 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , , , , sectarian alien rabble, The Netherlands, Turkish elections   

    Arrogant Erdolf Menaces Austria And Holland 

    Erdolf is at it again.

    The aggressive Turk tyrant has told European countries they’d better let his henchmen wage political war on their territory – or they will “pay a price.”

    So far only two nations in Europe have expressed unwillingness to submit to Turk trespass, to have the Islamist dictator’s latest bid to entrench his power….


    “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” 


    ... or, as The Local’s stilted English has it, ‘not look warmly to any possible campaigning on their soil by Turkish politicians.‘ 

    Austria and The Netherlands had best beware!

    Admirably, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said in Vienna last week that Turkish campaign events would “not be welcome” and would not be allowed.


    Similarly – and less expected but equally welcome – Holland’s PM Rutte chimed in.

    They are Turkish elections, so the campaign should remain in Turkey,” he said, warning that any campaigning by Turkish politicians could cause public disorder in the Netherlands.

    Arrogant Erdolf has challenged the right of both governments to say who gets to do what within their sovereign borders. He has even declared that he would ‘address a crowd of 10-11,000 at a meeting of an international organisation,’ without specifying in which country this harangue would occur.


    Gambar terkait

    Cheeky Celik


    His equally arrogant flunkey, “Turkey’s EU Affairs Minister,” Omer Celik, went totally OTT, ranting that the Dutch and Austrians were helping the spread of racist political movements hostile to European Union values.” https://www.thelocal.at/20180422/turkeys-erdogan-chides-austria-over-election-campaigning

    Brussels’ idea of ‘values’ certainly provokes hostility among millions of Europeans, but that’s not the point, is it?

    Cheeky Celik should be slapped down hard. What – if anything – alien sectarian gangs like Erdolf’s are allowed to do in Austria or Holland is of course nobody’s business but the Austrians and Dutch.

    Austrians have seen the Enemy Within before, as when the FPO patriot party’s Herr Hofer noted that –

    “…we must also reflect on what is happening: 5,000 Turks – and that is an effective strength of a brigade – took to our streets, well organized and with flags, just within hours.”.  https://www.rt.com/news/355920-hofer-suspend-naturalization-turks/




    What WILL be interesting is whether Mama Stasi Merkel takes a firm stand in Germany.

    Will she have the guts to ban Erdolf’s sectarian rabble-rousers from spreading their poison?

    PS – A little research indicates that Erdolf’s intended rally may be that planned for Bosnia

     The media in Bosnia-Herzegovina has confirmed that the venue where the event is to take place has already been booked…


    Given what we have recently reported about Bosnia’s slide into shariah…


    ‘Arabs Go Home,’ Says Brave Bosnian Muslim Girl! 

    …perhaps this is not surprising.

    But it will be alarming to that increasingly primitive country’s neighbours, which were once enslaved by Turkey…

    Our Enemy, Erdogan, Claims Mosul – What Next – Vienna? 

    Turkey’s New Maps Are Reclaiming the Ottoman Empire – Foreign Policy

    ….and have no doubt taken careful note of Erdogan’s nostalgia for Ottoman expansionism.

    • Petra Malley 11:28 pm on May 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Why is this country still receiving billions from Brussels? Erdogan is an enemy of our countries, our cultures and our freedoms. His shariah ideology is a knife aimed at all of us.
      Instead of dishing out money hand over fist, European governments should work together, as sovereign NATO allies, not through Juncker, to expel Erdogan from NATO and put punitive economic sanctions into effect.
      Until he learns that it is not his place to issue threats and until he uses his armed forces to seal off beaches, rivers and borders to stop illegals invading his neighbours (and he would have plenty of soldiers available for this if he pulled his expeditionary force out of Kurdish land) he should be given pariah status.
      I know you have floated these ideas yourself but the worse he gets, the more receptive governments may be to sensible policies.


  • ross1948 12:04 am on March 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Amsterdam, HTIB, , PFLP, , , The Netherlands, Turkish immigrants   

    Terror-Hag Deported – But Not By The Dutch! 

    Lots of reports in Israeli media about how a notorious Arab terrorist, who somehow was allowed into Holland  and invited to speak at several events, had her invitations cancelled after a public outcry and parliamentary questions from Geert Wilder’s patriot party.


    Hasil gambar untuk rasmea odeh

    The horrid hag and the young men she murdered – deported, yes, but from the USA, not from Holland!



    But not very much to be found in Western media.

    How odd…maybe!

    labor association for Turkish immigrants, called  HTIB, backed out of giving a platform to the murderous hag Rasmea Odeh last month.

    Turns out the HITB felt the heat because they’ve been getting funded by the Dutch Government!

    Why, Dutch tax-payers might ask.

    But more curious still is the case of a church in Amsterdam.


    Hasil gambar untuk nassau kerk amsterdam


    Why on earth had Nassau Church ever even thought to give this blood-stained monster, invited into Holland by two fanatic red  gangs, Revolutionaire Eenheid (‘Revolutionary Unity’) and a Filipino far-left organisation called Anakbayan-Europe, any opportunity to spread her poison?

    It seems the church accepted the booking without realising the hoary beast was the scheduled speaker.

    One might also ask the Dutch Government why reds from The Philippines have been allowed to operate in Holland!

    Incredibly, reading the report in, we learn not only that Odeh should have served a life sentence yet got out of prison when Israel did a prisoner swap…

    …, but that, she subsequently obtained her U.S. immigrant visa in 1994 and her citizenship in 2004.


    True but as an indication of the sheer pathetic laxity of border controls in those days, she lied her way to citizenship by failing to disclose her arrest and convictions in the bombings.   https://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/242498

    And nobody noticed!

    Caught at last, the sly sow was deported (to Jordan) last year.



    Pity Trump hasn’t overseen a lot more deportations, but I suppose we’re lucky some liberal ‘American’ judge didn’t jump in to save her slimy ass.

    But let’s leave that aside and ask instead why this undesirable alien, a lying terrorist scumbag, was allowed to enter The Netherlands.

  • ross1948 7:36 pm on March 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Brussels propaganda unit 'EU vs Disinfo, Dutch MPs, , , The Netherlands   

    Dutch Democracy V Brussels Propaganda Machine! 

    Minister under pressure over EU fake news debunkers…

    Good to hear that not just the patriot party but a majority of Dutch MPs are pushing Home Affairs Minister Kasja Ollongren to put pressure on Brussels.

    This comes after the EuroCommissars’ propaganda website, ‘EU vs Disinfo,’ smeared three popular Dutch media; there will be a parliamentary vote on Tuesday.


    Gambar terkait

    Disinfo? Like smearing Dutch magazines!


    The victims of the EUSSR smear – that they were spreading fake news – are demanding that the Brussels anti-disinformation task force fess up and tell the truth – or face a fine of €20,000 a day.

    No doubt the Brussels parasites who run the disreputable site deserve to be fined.



    ….there’s no way the dirty rats would ever have to put their hands in their own pockets to pay the fines!

    They’d simply get Brussels to bail them out and Brussels has no money of its own.



    The EU is just a giant warthog that survives by letting its snout soak up funds from every tax-payer in every nation subject to their supranational control.

    In other words, if the victimised Dutch media win justice, then Dutch tax-payers would pay the fines…

    …along with Brits (because May has dragged her feet for a year or more without implementing the will of the British people) and Germans, and French, etc.

    The EUObs article usefully tells us that the culprits are hirelings of the EU’s external action service East Stratcom Task Force…



    …and THAT is directed by none other than Red Fed Mogherini, unrepentant communist and sometime Facebook friend of a notorious terrorist.

    The slimers under her command have already bottled out by taking two of their Dutch targets’ names off their list of ‘villains’  – although the demand for formal rectification remains outstanding.

    I gather the Dutch MPs are giving their Europhiliac PM an ultimatum, to get the Brussels gang disabled, and if he doesn’t, then they’ll step up action to bring this nasty little gang to heel.

    Minister Ollongren admits that ‘They [the EU officials] should not be taking the place of independent journalism.’

    But inexplicably, she maintains that the organisation has a useful role in the fight against fake news…


    If she wants to take down dirty media…


    Hasil gambar untuk ina maria reize


    ‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ –BBC 


    …she could do worse than look at the gross abuse of state-funded media bias by Holland’s allies Germany, France and the UK.

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